Opening the New Gate

Opening the New Gate

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung

Disclaimer: All Digimon and their characters (except for those introduced in this fic/series) do NOT belong to me. I do not have permission to use their characters, but it's a FanFic, so, who cares? =) This story line belongs to me and me alone. Please ask for permission if you wish to use it. Thanks. Now let's get onto reading!

Author's Note: Before you begin to read, I'd like to point out the fact that apparently, at the end of 02, each Human is supposed to gain a Digimon companion. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, this series will completely disregard it. So much for keeping with the official series. Heh.

They are the chosen. Chosen from a group of young ones. Chosen based on their traits and characteristics.

It is unknown who chose these children. Children of light, children of destiny. When the time comes, they will be called upon to save those who selected them.

Welcome to the Digital World, Digi-Destined.

* * * * * *

Tao yawned out loud, though not loud enough for the English teacher to hear him. Her back was turned to the students, writing something down on the blackboard as her lectured continued on and on.

"This is SO boring…" Tao thought, laying his head down on the table. Quickly, the young boy checked his watch, noticing there was only 5 minutes left in the period. He let out a soft cheer, but remembered on detail. "School time is slow regular time by four minutes," he groaned, flattening his face against the table.

"Only nine more minutes to go, Tao," the other boy whispered. Tao rotated his head to face his right, seeing Marc whispering to him that statement. He grinned, sitting back up straight so not to get caught by the teacher. Still, it was a nice thought.

"Only nine minutes of school left…" Tao whispered, smiling a bit. He also sat up right, running a hand through his black hair, which got messed up during his 'flattening'. With a quick rub, it was back to its regular flat state instead of sticking up everywhere. The thought of only nine, no, make that eight minutes left in class kept the student happy.

* * * * * *

"It's cold…" Tao chattered, pulling his winter jacket closer to his body. Of course it was cold, it was mid December, and in Canada, that generally means frostbite.

"Better to get average weather conditions then freaked out ones," Marc spoke, covering his blond hair with a small hat, somehow just big enough to fit over his ears.

"Well…I have to agree with you there…" Tao replied, remembering what happened eight years ago, about this time in the year, when somehow, the weather conditions changed. It was searing hot in the middle of December, enough to melt what little snow that fell a night back in a matter of mere hours. "That year was the craziest," Tao spoke out, tightening the straps of his backpack to make sure it was secure.

The two were a strange pair. Being as it may, one being of Chinese background while the other an American one. Even more so, was the fact Marc towered over Tao by at least a good five inches. The only plausible cause for these two to be friends is their distinct interest in mythical monsters.

"You coming over today?" Tao asked his taller companion, quickly stepping into the bus and depositing his money for the bus fare. Marc followed him in, paying as well.

"Sorry…I got a History project to finish for Monday…" Marc replied, holding onto one of the poles as the bus pushed off from the curb.

"Oh…" Tao spoke, disappointedly. He was looking forward for a positive reply. "Well, it's the weekend at least," Tao consolidated. "Two days of relaxation," he continued, smiling a bit. "School can be SOOOOOO boring…" Tao told Marc, for possibly the fiftieth this week. Tao had a tendency to repeat himself over and over again. Sort of insecurity so to say, believing no one will ever hear him the first time around.

"You still got homework you know," Marc told his comrade.

"Sure, BURST my bubble why don't you!" Tao protested, causing a short laugh from his taller friend.

"You've got time, just relax my friend," Marc told him, glancing out the window. The bus was stopped at an intersection, waiting for passengers to embark or disembark. "Hey, Tao, look familiar?" Marc asked, referring to the scene outside.

"Still haven't fixed it yet?" Tao asked, noticing the large crevices in the ground. Also eight years ago, there was an earthquake in this area, somehow emitting at this intersection. Very few people witnessed the event, but two noticed something creeping out of the earth in this area. "Good thing no one was in this building when it collapsed," Tao spoke, rubble still not cleaned up from that mess eight years. Despite the fact a 50-floor tower was toppled due to that occurrence, no one inside or around the building was seriously injured. Even to do this day, police and construction crews taped the area up.

"Maybe they're afraid that monster will show up again," Marc replied, lowering his voice.

"That thing with a drill on its nose?" Tao questioned, though it was possibly the ONLY monster they saw in real life. "…maybe we just imagined it that night…it was late…"

"Oh? I wouldn't be so sure, if it toppled that tower…" Marc replied cautiously, the bus starting to move from the intersection. The light turned green as the public transit continued on their schedule routine.

"No use worrying about it…not like it is going to happen again," Tao told his friend, slouching down against the pole. "My stop is next…I guess I'll be seeing you later Marc."

* * * * * *

Tao yawned lightly, stretching his arms out. "Stupid Law test…" he complained, eyes getting a bit blurry after reading four chapters of his textbook. "If those tests weren't so tough, I wouldn't need to study for them…" he muttered, laying his head down on the table. "It's only 5:00 P.M. on a Friday afternoon, and you're already studying like a workaholic," Tao told himself, saddened by such a fact. "How the hell does Gregory do so well on them…" he complained, leaning back against his chair.

His eyes quickly caught sight of a blinking icon on my computer screen. Wheeling over to the computer table on my chair, he double clicked on the icon, an ICQ message sent from a friend in New York.

"You're on early," he said, in bold black letters. Tao grinned a bit, seeing he was as intuitive as usual.

"Had nothing better to do. Wassup Nobie?" he typed as a reply, clicking the send button. The student glanced back at his Law textbook for a second, then knew he still had two days to work on it. An hour online won't hurt his studying.

"I'm working on a fic. Not sure if I'm clear enough on this section…" Nobie answered. Tao smiled, also noting how Nobie was always checking back with his stuff.

"Knowing you, it'll be fine," Tao typed quickly. "Of course, I wish I could write fics. The stuff I write is pretty dull…and I have to study for a Law test. *Sigh*" Tao sent the message, though seeing it fit to check his e-mail as well while he waited for a reply.

"Hey, what's this?" he asked, getting an unknown e-mail. There was a file attached to it as well. Of course, when the file automatically opened its self and installed into his hard drive, Tao got really freaked out.

"Law test?" Nobie replied, though Tao's thought weren't on the Internet chat program anymore.

"BRB Nobie…something came up…" Tao quickly sent, closing ICQ as well. It didn't take long for the self-extracting file to finish installing, placing a new shortcut onto Tao's desktop.

"Digital World…?" Tao asked. As if on cue, and as expected, the program opened by its self, opening a small map onto his screen on the left side. On the right side was a picture of rolling fields, a blue sky, and rising sun. Both map and screen were encased in a thick white border as part of their program. "What the heck?" he spoke, getting a better look at the new program. If it was a virus, it sure wasn't convincing enough to be one. For some reason, the teen pressed his hand against the picture, unsure of the purpose of such an action.

Tao disappeared in blinding flash, leaving behind an empty room with an active computer.

* * * * * *

"Wha? Where am I?" Tao exclaimed, unsure of the events that transpired moments ago. He remember first being in his own room, then, somehow, traveling through a 'tunnel' of sorts. Not an average tunnel, more of a tunnel of information. Somehow, with those brief moments, he ended up here.

The wind blew lightly through his black hair. The blades of grass leaned with the wind. The land was mostly flat, aside for some hills here and there. The sky was bright

blue, despite how the sun was only beginning to rise. Then it struck him.

"This is what I saw on my computer!" Tao exclaimed. He wasn't sure how, but somehow, he is now living what that program he got recreated. "But, how is that possible?" he asked, brushing his red vest.

"Red vest?" he spoke out, surprised. He wasn't wearing that before, especially with a white T-shirt underneath. Though the blue jeans looked familiar, he was pretty sure they weren't his either. "Well, no use complaining about it," he told himself, noting that the clothing seemed lighter, despite how much heavier they looked in comparison to his previous attire.

"Now…to figure out what the heck this place is," Tao thought, glancing left and right. After a short deliberation, he decided forward, hoping it may take him somewhere.

* * * * * *

"Well…I'm here…where ever here is…" Tao told himself softly. His travels took him into a forest. Whether entering the forest was a good idea or not was still a mystery to Tao.

After a fifteen minute walk through the forest, it felt like there was no end to the environment. The small foliage that initially started the area eventually grew into the large area known as the sea of trees. There didn't seem to be an end to the forest, and it began to worry Tao if he could ever get out.

A large roar echoed across the forested land, freezing Tao in his tracks. The ground vibrated softly. Thumps of large footsteps could be heard in the distance. Another roared ensued, followed by the distinct sound of cracking trees. The student remained still, unsure if advancing was a brilliant idea.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the voice screamed out, trailing through the air. Quickly, Tao stared upwards, only to be forcefully knocked onto the ground. "Oh…thank you for breaking my fall," whatever was screaming told Tao. The high school student opened his eyes, noticing a pink bird lying on him, with large blue eyes and a feather rising from her head.

"What?! What the heck?!" Tao yelled out, scaring the bird off his chest.

"What, you haven't seen a Digimon before?" the pink bird asked. "Then again, I haven't really seen any other humans for a while. Are you new here?" she asked casually.

"I…I guess you could say that…" Tao stammered. Having a pink bird fall out of the sky and begin to talk to him wasn't the first thought that came to his mind while exploring this place.

"Well, welcome to the Digital World," she told him. "I'm sorry for falling onto you like that. A Tyramon attacked me a while back, and with a little too much force, knocked me very far away. You may have heard him roaring somewhere farther in the forest." However she can act so casual was a question that kept recurring in Tao's mind. "Oh, by the way, my name is Biyomon."

"Um…nice to meet you Biyomon. I'm Tao," he responded. Noticing he was still lying on the ground, the teen decided to stand back up, wiping some of the mud off his back. "Digital World?" he asked, now a bit more curious.

"Yes, Digital World. Of course the others just call it the Digi-World, but I think we should leave this location before Tyramon decides to attack again," Biyomon suggested, flapping her wings to make sure they were still in working order. With a quick test, she rose into the air, flying away. With no where else to go, Tao saw it fit to follow.

"Better to follow someone who knows what is going on…" Tao concluded. "Biyomon seems nice. I don't think she means any harm at all." With those final thoughts, he sprinted to catch up with the pink bird.

* * * * * *

"So, let me get this straight…" Tao spoke, once the two slowed down to a walking pace. "This is a world inside a digital realm, which mimics my world in many senses. This world houses many monsters known as Digimon," Tao concluded, generalizing what the Digimon he encountered told him. The two left the premise of the forest, and hopefully, away from the Digimon known as Tyramon.

"Yep, that's right," Biyomon confirmed, somehow extremely happy even after meeting the side end of Tyramon's tail. "Of course the last time I saw a human was 3 years ago."

"What do you mean, 'last time'," Tao questioned, surprised that there have been visits prior to his own.

"The Digi-Portals have been closed for the last four years, but if you're here now, I might be able to see Sora again…" Biyomon answered, though her tone became weaker upon saying the name 'Sora'.

"But…if these 'Portals' were sealed for the last four years, why would they open now?" Tao asked. It didn't make sense for these portals to just open again. Even if Tao only understood this Digital World for about 4 minutes, he still had a feeling these gates wouldn't open without proper reason.

"Do you have a Digivice?" Biyomon asked, stopping. Tao, unsure of what the Digimon was asking him, only shrugged.

The roar the echoed across the plains scared both of them, forcing each to cover their ears with their hands/wings. Both Digimon and Human turned around to see what could cause such a roar, but it was quite obvious.

"It's Tyramon!!" Biyomon shouted, identifying the large dinosaur like Digimon lumbering towards them. The pink bird quickly took to the air, ready to confront the significantly larger Digimon.

"SPIRAL TWISTER!" she shouted, launching literally a spiral of green energy towards her foe. However, the attack did little more then scratch the brown dinosaur Digimon.

"This isn't working!!" Tao shouted, also noticing the ineffectiveness of Biyomon's attack. The student glanced around quickly, finally setting sights of a cave inside a nearby cliff side. "Biyomon, come on!" he yelled, make a break for the cave. After unleashing one more Spiral Twister to stall Tyramon, Biyomon followed.

"Tao, look out!!" Biyomon exclaimed. The student quickly glanced backwards, seeing the massive tail of the dinosaur fly right towards him.

"WAH!!" the teen screamed, diving into the cave entrance. The tail slammed against the side of the cliff, shaking the interior. Tyramon roared out again, frustrated his prey eluded the attack. Biyomon quickly flew into the cave as well when Tyramon's tail was not blocking her path anymore.

"Well…that will keep us safe for a bit…" Tao muttered, noticing how brightly lit the interior was, despite how little sunlight actually entered the cave. The pair slowly walked towards the interior, unsure of what to expect. Eventually, the two reached a large room, possibly big enough to hold Tyramon if he could get in. At the center of the domed cave, was a rock pedestal. A glittering on the pedestal caught the attention of both.

"What's that?" Biyomon asked, approaching the pedestal. Tao followed her, curious himself. On top of the pedestal sat a strange device, lying there, as if beckoning someone to take it.

Tao took the device from the pedestal. The item bottom half, despite being blunt and large, was easy to grip and snuggly lay in his closed hand. A blue border wrapped around the sides and bottom of this end. The upper half was much thinner then it's bottom counterpart, although wider as well. This half housed a display, possibly to show information. What information it may be baffled the holder.

"It looks like a Digivice," Biyomon commented. "Though I haven't seen one like that before."

"So, this is a Digivice then?" Tao questioned, examining the item. He didn't have much time to look, as the cave started to rumble. Small rocks began to crumble from the ceiling, become all too apparent of one thing: cave in. Without further encouragement, both ran back towards the entrance.

"You know, we will run back into Tyramon!" Biyomon shouted above the growl of splitting earth.

"Better to stand a chance then no chance at all!!" Tao responded, using his hands as a shield to protect his head from increasing larger boulders. He clipped the Digivice to the side of his jeans' pocket to protect it from any boulder large enough to smash it to pieces.

Within seconds, the two left the 'safety' of the cave, seeing Tyramon bashing his tail against the cliff side. If anything, evidence suggested that continuos smashing against the cliff side caused the cave to collapse.

Tyramon let out a roar of triumph, seeing his prey leaving their so-called sanctum. Again, Biyomon took to the sky, with no where to run, the only option was to fight. Tyramon seemed weakened though, expending some of his energy at collapsing the interior.

"SPIRAL TWISTER!" Biyomon shouted again, unleashing the emerald wind power. This time, it was quite apparent it hurt. The dinosaur winced in pain, stepping back a bit. Now angered, and with precision accuracy, his tail hit square home against Biyomon, slamming her into the cliff side, leaving her imprint on it.

"Biyomon!!" Tao shouted, just hearing the rock cracking made him wince. He caught the bird as she fell. Tyramon again roared in triumph, ready to finish the job.

"RUSHING WIND!" The voice came form no where, as did the attack. The only thing Tao saw was a small globe of energy surge directly towards Tyramon's feet. The ball of power opened up, expanding outwards in such speed that it knocked the Digimon over.

The source of the attack was another Digimon, who flew across the sky, circling the dinosaur as if it was the bird's prey. Tyramon, quickly recovered, trying to whack the other Digimon with his tail.

"GALE WING!" was what the bird yelled next, starting a dive bomb right towards Tyramon. His speed made it impossible to see what was coming, all you knew was he blasted past Tyramon. The only clue that happened was when the dinosaur roared in pain again. Unable to bear it anymore, Tyramon ran away, badly beaten. Sure that his job was down, the white bird descended towards Tao and Biyomon.

"Are you okay?" he asked, landing. On closer inspection, Tao noticed this Digimon was an eagle, a white eagle. There was a crimson band around his left talon.

"I'm okay…but I'm not sure about Biyomon here…" Tao whispered, glancing

down at the Digimon he held tightly in his arms.

"Harriermon…is this who you were waiting for?" Biyomon asked weakly, coughing. The eagle stared at Biyomon for a second, then nodded. "I'll be alright…just need a little rest."

"Tao…I presume," Harriermon asked. "My name is Harriermon. I guess we will be working together for a while."

"Working together?" Tao asked, dubious of what the eagle just implied.

"Of course. You are a Digi-Destined. You hold a Digivice. I waited for this moment for a long time," Harriermon answered.

There wasn't anymore time for questions. Tao's Digivice began to beep uncontrollably, the screen lighting up brightly. Tao glanced down at his Digivice, unsure of what was happening. Again, in a blinding flash, he disappeared as quickly as he came into the Digital World, leaving both Harriermon and Biyomon alone.

* * * * * *

"Am…am I back home?" Tao asked, quickly identifying his surroundings. "Yeah…I'm back home…" he told himself, lying on his bed. "Was it a dream?" he thought, removing the Digivice from his pocket. "How long was I in there?" he asked next, checking the time. The clock said 6:00 P.M. "Only an hour? Wait a minute this isn't my watch…" The watch was clearly of foreign origin, but somehow, the student knew it was related one way or the other to the Digital World. It was only a matter of time before he returned to that realm…


Completed: 11/01/00