Tiberius blinked once, sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest, Digivice in hand. Lepumon sat beside him, kicking his legs lazily. The Digimon was trying to act less serious, but their time together has come to an end.

"The Crests are shattered...none of our Digivices are carrying Crests anymore...so..." Tiberius spoke, stating facts once more.

"Guess that's one of the many signs saying our journey is over..." Lepumon continued, sighing.

"One of the many..." Tiberius repeated. "Time is now synchronized with the Real World again...the Infinity Digimon threat has been neutralized...and by the looks of it, the Digivices only have enough juice for one more gate before not having any power left."

"Tiberius...let's not go like this...all this technical talk that you always like..." Lepumon interrupted. "Let's just say it straight..." Tiberius looked down at his Digimon, blinked once more, then lifted the Digimon up and hugged him tightly. A tear fell down his cheek.

"Lepumon...I'll always cherish the time we had together..." Tiberius told his Digimon partner.

"As will I..." Lepumon responded, holding the Digi-Destined tightly.

* * * * * *

Sora and Tao stood side by side, watching their Digimon chat with each other. The recent explosion signaled the end of the use of the Digi-Destined, and in turn transported the Digi-Destined with Digimon in the Real World to the Digital World.

The talking between Digimon only masked the sadness of the moment, even with all the cheerful moments they had.

"Guess...this is goodbye..." Tao spoke softly. Only Sora heard the boy spoke.

"It's never easy...but we all move on...there will be a time when they'll return..." Sora told the younger Digi-Destined. Harriermon and Biyomon stopped chatting, then headed over to their partners. Harriermon had a sad look in his eyes.

"Goodbye..." Harriermon forced out after a few minutes. That one word was even choked back. Tao sniffed lightly, placing a hand on the Digimon's head. The Digi-Destined nodded solemnly, then faced Biyomon.

"Take care of him...okay...?" Tao asked of the old Digimon. The petite pink bird gaze her affirmative.

"And you better take care of her for me," Sora told Harriermon. He gave her an affirmative. With no more words said, Human and Digimon separated, the two avian Digimon taking off.

"It's never easy..." Tao whispered, repeating what Sora told him.

* * * * * *

Mimi and Michael regarded the fourth generation Digi-Destined and his Digimon. Both already said goodbye to their partners, but they group waited for the third in their party to finish.

K.H. stood still on the edge of the lake. Kinoumon sat on his shoulder, and the two stood in silence for so long.

"So..." both spoke at the same time, cutting each other off upon hearing the other's voice.

"You first," they told each other at the same time again, getting sort giggled and chuckled from them.

"Alright, go," K.H. told his Digimon partner forcefully, but not angrily.

"I don't know..." Kinoumon finally admitted after a moment of silence. "It was just so awkward in the silence, and I just needed to say something...before we go..."

"You know...I was thinking the same thing..." K.H. admitted, looking towards the lake again. "Let's just say it...alright?"

"Goodbye..." both voices spoke at once.

* * * * * *

Shastina held Tigramon close to her chest for a long moment. She watched the pair of T.K. and Kari say goodbye to their Digimon from a distance.

"They had experience...we don't..." Shastina spoke, trying to calm the situation.

"We all have to start somewhere..." Tigramon replied, looking up at her partner. "And we should start now..."

"Yeah...I guess we should..." Shastina answered, letting the Digimon go. Tigramon leaped down, then stared at each other for a moment. They said nothing else, and Tigramon ran off, not wanting to say anything, as did her partner. Tigramon joined Gatomon and Patamon in the distance, as did Shastina join T.K. and Kari. Gatomon regarded Tigramon, then gave a thumbs up sign to Shastina.

"Please treat her well!" Shastina shouted to the leaving triplet.

"They're like sisters...don't worry..." Kari told Shastina, placing a hand on her shoulder. Shastina touched Kari's hand lightly, looking away and trying to hold back the tears.

* * * * * *

Yasmine and Botanimon watched Marc and Xemon silently. The first generation Digi-Destined already said farewell to her Digimon partner, and now waited for Marc to do the same.

"So...this is it then, pal..." Marc told Xemon. The dragon didn't respond at all, but Marc knew the Digimon was thinking the same.

"Well...we'll see each other again...just like Kari...T.K....and all of them..." Marc spoke, trying to release pressure in the situation. Xemon looked away, then stepped forward and took Marc's hand in a tight handshake.

"We'll meet again...and this handshake is a promise," the Digimon told his partner. Marc blinked in surprise, then forced a smile and nodded.

"Of course."

* * * * * *

Tao had one last visit to go to before he rejoined his group at the meeting spot. The Digi-Destined stood at the border of the Gateway of Death, where he acquired his weapon in the first place.

"Well...looks like I fulfilled that destiny...Drowsmon..." Tao spoke to the air, lifting his right hand and twisting the blade around. The Digi-Destined admired the blade for a moment, then drove the weapon into the ground at the edge of the location.

"May you rest in peace now, Drowsmon..."

Tao turned around, then was startled by the appearance of Shastina before him.

"How'd I figure you would be here before we left?" Shastina asked softly, stepping closer to Tao, then hugging him lightly.

"I had to put a Digimon's soul to rest," Tao whispered into her ear.

"So I've seen..." the female Digi-Destined answered. "This is goodbye to each other as well..."

"Yep..." Tao told her. The two exchanged looks for a moment, then pressed their lips together, cherishing what little time they had left together. It was unknown when they'll meet again.

* * * * * *

The circle of Digi-Destined grew to its limit when Shastina and Tao joined the group. Handshakes and good-byes were exchanged by the Digi-Destined, knowing full when some of them won't see each other again for a long time.

"Gennai says all we have to do is raise our Digivices and let the energy take us back home," Tiberius informed everyone. "If you have any last words, say them now, or forever hold your peace."

No one made a peep, though Marc could see Shastina and Tao exchange eye contact one last time.

"Alright, until our destiny meet again," Tiberius spoke, raising his Digivice. The other Digi-Destined followed, the circle surrounded in a pillar of light. In the next moment, the Digital World knew of Digi-Destined no longer.


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