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Anways, I've decided to change Maria's name to Ember because it sounds better for the summer seasonal's name. I may or may not change previous chapters.

Last chapter

Bunny was the first to speak. "Were doomed"

"Ok let's split up into two teams of two and one team of three, that way one of the three of us is with every team, since we've known Jack longer. The teams are North and Ember, Sandy and Jenny, and me Bunny and Tooth. Everyone pick a direction, and hope he doesn't almost start the next ice age. Again." Said Adam.

With that in mind, the three teams were off.

With Sandy and Jenny.

Since both of them could fly, and do so relatively quickly, Sandy and Jenny flew to the higher and farther away areas of the workshop. Following the trail of frost and destruction, the quickly found the room Jack had gone into. There eyes widened at Jack's 'idea' and quickly realized this was war. And they were screwed.

With Adam, Bunny, and Tooth.

"I think ah can smell the ankle bittah." Bunny said, sniffing the air. "He's near the attic on the other side a' the workshop."

With an impressed look from both Adam and Tooth, the group followed Bunny, who occasionally sniffed the air to keep them on track. Within a matter of minutes, they found the room Sandy and Jenny had found, gaping at the hugeness of it, with no hope of survival.

With Ember and North.

"Ve vill search downstair places. He vants us to go to attic, iz trick."

"He's functioning on pure sugar. He doesn't have the capacity to some up with something like that."

"Iz my vorkshop. I know places he likes to go."

"Predictable much? And anyways, I've known him longer, he'll hide in higher areas!"

As the heated argument between the two continued, the pair grew more and more anxious. Soon enough, the surprisingly strong elemental just lifted up the not-so-jolly man with a (completely manly) squeal of terror from said man. So, to the attic the went. And what they found... well, you read the last two sections, didn't you?

And that's all for tonight folks. Just kidding, I won't leave you with such a short chapter, even if it means giving up what would be an epic cliffy.

In the dreaded room.

Fourteen eyes stared up at the millions-nay, billions of snowballs aimed directly at their faces. And with an evil cackle and a crazy smirk, they rained down upon them all.

And then, just like that, It was all gone. sixteen eyes blinked. Ten in confusion. Two in sympathy. Two in fear. And Two more in pure, extreme, bloodcurdling rage.

"FROST!" Ember screeched. Jack barely had time to think before his spirit sister literally turned into flames in her fury. And so he did what anyone in that situation would do.

F. uck

E. verything

A. nd

R. UN.

Although for the record he flew. Ahh, technicalities.

Curses and pleads for mercy were heard ringing around the workshop. Then, as everyone found their way into the globe room, a loud thump was heard. As they walked in, they were greeted with the sight of an unconscious Winter spirit and his still very pissed older sister. After convincing her to not murder him, although she was very reluctant to do so, the three seasonals left, as they still had duties to preform and they knew Jacks sugar rush will have worn off by the time he woke up.

3 hours later

Blue eyes flickered open.

"Uuuuunnnngh. What happened?" Said the still drowsy Jack. "the last thing I remember was starting to eat a cookie"

After explaining to him the horrors that had occured, they all agreed to never, ever speak of this again. Thus, the great cookie incident was over

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