Bella's POV

I paced in my brother's kitchen waiting for Jasper and Alice to show up. The others were sitting at the table watching me.

"Bells, stop pacing. Vampires don't pace," Charlie said.

"Well, I do. This is an idiotic plan. It's not even much different than the last plan," I grumbled.

"Yeah, but Emo boy won't be around this time. And might I add, his involvement in the last plan was mostly your fault," Peter said before dodging the vase I picked up and aimed at his head. "Come on, sis, vampire, remember. It's not like that would've hurt."

"No, but it made me feel better just to do it," I said with a smirk before joining them at the table.

"You know I'm right. You're the one that purposely attracted the dumbass' attention," Peter said.

I huffed irritably, but it was true. I'd taken one look at Edward in that classroom and I could just tell he was a pansy. It was just too easy not to mess with him. All I really did was make him think I was human and that I was his singer. I just wanted to see what he would do. How was I supposed to know that would spark an obsession and make him think I was his mate? What kind of idiot didn't know the difference between a singer and mate? "Yeah, well, I didn't know he was a complete moron! Plus, let me point out, your plan didn't come into play until after I started screwing with him."

"Yeah, Eddie boy does take moron to a whole new level," Peter said with a grin.

"I thought it would be fun to mess with him, which it was. I've laughed so much in the last few months that I would've died if I were human, but the aggravation kind of made it not worth it, especially given the end result," I said.

"Well, he's out of the picture now," Peter said.

"Yeah, but Alice isn't. I hate her more than I hate Edward," I said. If Alice's bouncing annoying pixie self wasn't enough for me to hate her, the way she led Jasper around was.

"We feel your pain, honey," Char said.

Soon, we all heard a car drive up. "He's here. You know what to do, Bella," Charlie said.

"Yeah, yeah, act like a newbie," I said before standing up.

Peter, meanwhile went to the door to meet Jasper. The two hugged briefly. "Hey. Thanks for coming, Major."

"Of course," Jasper said after pulling away.

"Alice," Peter greeted.

"Peter," Alice said with a fake smile.

"Come on in, guys," Peter said before stepping aside to let them in.

Jasper's eyes locked with mine the second he walked inside. His mouth dropped open in shock. "Bella? How…? You're a vampire!"

I flashed to his side in an instant and gently took hold of his shoulders. "I'm sorry about this. The last thing I wanna do is manipulate you, but you're not ready to listen to me as I am. You've never met me before today, not have you met the other vampire here. We're strangers. You sense that I'm a newborn,"

Once I was done with Jasper, I did the same to Alice, only a whole lot less nicely. Then I was back by Charlie.

Jasper was quiet for a minute, as if coming out of a stupor, before turning to Peter. "Since when are you taking on newborns?"

"One time thing, Major. Chuck, here, is an old friend and he asked for my help, as he has no experience with newborns," Peter said.

I almost laughed. Peter was gonna pay for the 'Chuck' thing. Our father hated that nickname for his name and Peter knew it.

"You couldn't handle one newborn on your own?" Alice asked somewhat mockingly.

"Alice," Jasper growled.

"Let's see you try to take a newborn on, honey," Char said.

I growled, playing the part of a newborn. Although, I didn't really have to play at it. Alice was pissing me off. "Stop speaking of me as if I'm not here!"

Jasper approached me. "Calm down. My name's Jasper."

"Marie," I answered, giving him my middle name.

"Your eyes are a little dark. When's the last time you fed?" Jasper asked.

Of course my eyes were dark. I was in a room with Alice Cullen and she was already annoying me, treating my brother like dirt in his own home. Yeah, sure, I had a habit of nagging at Peter whenever possible, but I was his little sister. It was in the job description. "It's been a little while."

"How about we take you hunting?" Jasper asked.

I nodded. "Okay."

"Come on, honey, I'll give you something to change in. You're not exactly in hunting attire," Char said before ushering me out of the room.


Jasper's POV

"Thanks, Major. I could handle it myself, but I figured it would be less messy with you here too," Peter said.

"Sure. I needed to get away anyway," I said. For obvious reasons, I needed the hell away from the family. I was tired of their judgment. I was dealing with enough of my own judgment without theirs too. The only ones I didn't get that from were Emmett and Rosalie, which was why I wished I could've left Alice behind because she was just as bad.

"Jazzy, you're taking her to the forest, right?" Alice asked.

I watched Peter out of the corner of my eye roll his own eyes.

"Why would we do that? And what's up with your eyes?" Peter's friend, Chuck asked.

"Alice and Jasper don't drink from humans. They prefer animal blood," Peter explained.

"Why?" Chuck asked as if it were ridiculous.

"Because we don't enjoy murdering people," Alice sneered.

"But animals are okay. You know, people can be a lot more savage than animals," Chuck pointed out, making me want to laugh at the truth in that statement.

"Never a truer statement, my friend," Peter said with a laugh.

'I won't drink, Alice, but I'm not gonna force our lifestyle on someone else," I said firmly.

"But, Jazzy, it's wrong?" Alice protested.

"You don't have to come," I told her. I preferred she didn't, not just for myself, but because we would have a newborn with us and they were very volatile. Marie would be pick up on Alice' disgust and it would anger her, probably causing a fight.

Just then, the girls came back out changed. "We're ready, boys. Shall we go get some grub."

"Definitely," Peter said with a smile.

"I won't watch this," Alice said with a sick look on her face.

"Fine," I said before leading the way out of the house.