He ran, ran as hard as he could to get home, why? Because if he didn't get there soon who knew what he would have to undergo. No one knew, no knew but himself, it's not that he couldn't tell anyone, it's that he wouldn't. His slightly unnatural hair flowed behind him as the wind whistled through his ears. His legs hurt, not from the running, he wasn't half bad at sports all though he failed to look the part miserably.

His eyes squinted against the pouring rain. Feet kicked at the hard pavement beneath them, as a result large droplets of rainwater flew up and around in random directions. His blue Domino uniform clung to his freezing form as it speed through the rapidly darkening streets.

Sighing slightly as he ducked under the small shelter that the ornate roof of his porch. His numb fingers fumbled for the key that he kept safe in his upper pocket. Drawing out the silver object he glanced at it, the minor amount of rain on the surface made it glint in the small lantern shaped light that hung by the door.

Shoving it almost roughly into the silver lock of the door he twisted it pushing the door open with a slight shove. Wincing he dumped his bag hurriedly in the hard wooden hallway that seemed to stretch before him before darting up the steps two at a time, his long legs easily making the stride. When he reached the top he stopped for a moment, glancing around the landing, wondering to the end and into his room.

Silvery white bangs stuck to his forehead blurring his vision slightly as he closed the door gently behind him. Large, innocent brown eyes starred at the floor, scared of what was to come and all ready wishing he was dead. It had happened so many times before and yet it still felt the same as ever it did, as it did in the beginning when it first happened.

As his vision was down the glow from underneath his shirt flew full blast into his eyes making him shut them tight. He starred at the inner part of his eyelids, black and multicoloured specks came in and out of his vision, swirling patterns gradually making themselves evident. When the slightly red colour faded he opened his eyes however much he didn't want to. He didn't want to go through with this again, he knew he didn't have to, but he did. Why? Even he wasn't sure to that.

When his eyes cracked themselves unwillingly open his gaze met with a pair of sneakers that where an exact match of his own. White socks ran underneath a pair of dark blue denim jeans, he had a pair like them, as did the person before him, obviously. "Well…" he said, not raising his gaze from the pure white trainers that lay confidently on the dark brown wooden floor of his room.

"Well what?" he could hear the anger in the sharp voice of the man in front; he still refused to make eye contact, why? Because it was forbidden, forbidden to look into the eyes of one superior to you.

"Master," he mumbled, there was one of two things coming next, a hard backhand or a nasty comment followed by a back hand, either way he'd wind up on the floor and everything would happen again, just like it always did.

"Say it so I can hear you, learn some respect Ryou," venom leaked from his voice at the last word, the name, the name of the boy that had just been brutally backhanded to the ground. Refusing to look up the white haired, Ryou pushed himself onto his hands and knees only to have a swift foot connect with his stomach. Leaning on one hand, holding himself with his left arm his right came around his waist as he coughed.

"Ph, weakling," was all that the other person said before dealing another kick to Ryou's already quivering arm, connecting squarely with his elbow. It didn't break, no, something else did, something that couldn't be repaired by a doctor. It broke heart as his elbow bent and he collapsed onto it, it didn't hurt as much as the last time, why? Because that was something he'd been trained to take, who trained him, his father? No, it wasn't his father but the people that he knew cared and knew he would never see again.

Ryou wasn't what he looked, to everyone around him he looked week and frail, he didn't join in with sports because he didn't want to be reminded of things that happened long ago. Things that happened with the people that had taught him just what friendship really was; when everything and everyone around him turned him down.

But that was long ago now, now he had to deal with something far worse than an alley way bully. Something whose anger and boredom had had five millennia to build up and now Ryou was there to take every punch. Did he want it? No, who in their right minds would, but he took it just the same. Why did he take it? He took it because of the person he was, caring and calm. He didn't want anyone around him to feel hurt and by letting this person use him as he did he hoped that eventually the anger would fade away.

That plan didn't seem to working though, but Ryou, being the calm person he was, was patient and waited, although the waiting took all of Ryou's heart and soul away from him. Shattering into a million pieces at every spiteful remark, every unwanted name, but he still took it because he was Ryou.

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