-The Princess in Green-

-Sequel Trailer-

There's a shadow that hangs over Tonias head. It has always been there since she was a baby, but she doesn't know why. She never met the man before in her life, but slowly, she's growing to resent that shadow...

It has been sixteen years since Luigi gave his life for his people. Tonia is now the crowned Princess of Sarasland and starting to despise the fact that she's still constantly compared to her father. Something, that she fears will never change.

But when the danger rises with each sunset; Tonia with her Uncle Mario are called to adventure; by the ruler of Underwhere herself. As a ghost of her fathers past has risen once again, ready to exact his vengeance on all who did him wrong.

It is up to Tonia and Mario to save the spirits of the afterlife and stop this great evil from destroying everything she loved, and everything Luigi had fought and died for.

Full story coming soon. Happy Waiting. :)