Summary: What happened if someone found Alder and Dash's Jack-in-the-box in the place that Casper hide it? What if happened if Jack managed to hypnotized the whole school, and ready to rule the world, neither its the real world or the Underworld? Will Kibosh helps the trio (Casper, Mantha & Ra) and their new friend to save the world? OC warning just in case :D

Disclaimer: How many times I must say this .. -_- I don't own any of CSS characters .. But I wish, ONLY WISHED .. I WISH I OWN Casper, Mantha, Ra or Alder & Dash _ #slapped

-The Return of the Jack-in-the-Box

Chapter one

It was a sunny day, when Casper's gang having lunch in the Cafétaria/canteen. Until Ra began speaking while chewing his food.

"He-ey, Ca-s-per,"

"What's wrong, Ra? If you want to speak please swallow your food first if you don't want to get choked,"

The young ghost giggled, and the mummy quickly swallow his food .. WHOLE. Mantha & Casper widened their eyes when see this sight.

"What do you think what happened to the Jack-in-the-box at the school attic-"

Casper told Ra to shut up about it, the mummy and quickly shut his mouth. Mantha looking worried and whispered to the both.

"What if someone open it again?"

"What it is?"

A female voice was heard behind them. It was Crisant, who eavesdropping their conversation.

"Ooh, its nothing! I forgot that we must searching for something, bye!"

Mantha quickly dragged Casper & Ra away. Crisant crosses her hands and thoughts "Hmm ... I was a little bit suspicious of them.."

She decided to take a look to the school attic to find out about what are Ra talking about. But the thing that she don't know .. That her curiosity can lead the world into trouble .. And he didn't realize that someone was actually spying on her ; Thatch. "Interesting .. " The vampire talk to himself with a grin – He means to join Jack and rule the world.

In headmaster(s)'s office, Alder feels something bad going to happen.

"Uh, Dash? I have a bad feeling .."

Then Dash looked down to his brother and roll his eyes.

"Well, maybe it was just your feeling,"

But Alder getting even worried. What if something's bad happens? Only time can reveals it. Casper, Mantha and Ra wondering where Crisant Winter are, searching for her everywhere.

" Crisant~!" Ra calling out her name as loud as possible.

"What if she goes to the school attic?"

Casper started to panic. Mantha grab the two's hand.

" We should check it there now," And the trio runs to the attic as fast as possible.

Crisant found a box on a cupboard. But too bad that's too high for her. She thinks, and an idea popped from her brain. She stand on a chair, and finally can reach the colorful box.

"What's this?"

She said into herself. She don't know what it is because she's new to the Scare School.

She opens it slowly .. And ..


Thatch snatches the box from Crisant.

"Hey! I found it first, so its mine! You can't have it!"

She chases Thatch as fast as she can. The vampire turned into bat, and grins while brings the box with his feet.

"See you, loser!"

And he flew away through the window.

"Crisant!" Familiar voices was heard by the young Pontianak. She turned behind to see Casper, Mantha and Ra running to her. Casper quickly checking the cupboard, and he found that the Jack-in-the-box was gone.

"Oh no .." He said as he let out a panic sigh.

"Where are the Jack-in-the-box?"

The young female zombie glared at the girl beside her.

"Its Thatch! He took it away from me!" Crisant answered, a little scared of the glare that Mantha gave to her. Ra shook his head angrily at Crisant, and the three leave her alone in the school attic.

Thatch was in the empty lab. Open the box and let Jack out. The toy look at his surrounding, and Thatch of course. He smiled evilly because his own hypnotizing was not affecting him again.

" Are you the one that free me?" he asked the vampire.

"Of course! I want to be your friend, and together, we can rule the world!" Thatch laughed evilly.

The toy laughed as well. Prof. Burns enter the lab, surprised to see Thatch holding the Jack-in-the-Box.

"Thatch?! How did you get that?"

"Not your doubt!"

Jack jumps and stand in front of Thatch, starts hypnotizing the dragon. His eyes turns blue and spinning.

"Come with me .. Help me taking revenge .. "

Unfortunately Prof. Burns has been hypnotized.

"Must help Jack .. Taking revenge .. "

the dragon said below Jack's order. The Jack-in-the-Box toy laughed again.

"We're getting stronger .. With this dragon in our side,it will be very easy burning anything into ashes," he said again with an evil smile.

Casper's gang are looking for Thatch in the whole school, and they finally founds Thatch, with Jack and the hypnotized Thrudigree Burns.

"Thatch! You're really a betrayer!" Mantha growls angrily. Jack smiled evilly.

"Well well well. Its the zombie and the mummy, and you, ghost! You will pay for what you've done to me!" the Jack-in-the-box was about to hypnotize the three but someone dragged them away.

"What?!" The vampire and Jack said in unison. "Crisant?" the mummy seems very surprised of the girl who dragged him, Mantha & Casper.

"I'm sorry for what I've done. I don't know that the 'box' brings chaos to the school in the past," She said with a very guilty voice, and they four hides in Boy's dormitory.

"Yeah, you're saving us," Mantha said, a little panting. Wolfie & Mosshead was in the boys dormitory, a little surprised by what the four doing.

"What are you guys doing?" the Were-wolf asked the four, but before the Casper can explains, the door of the dorm turns hot.


Ra said, shivers in fear. The door was melted, and the one that make the door burned was – the hypnotized Prof. Burns. Jack & Thatch laughed evilly behind the dragon.

Casper, Crisant, Mantha, Ra, Wolfie & Mosshead scream in unison while the villains entering the dorm.

To be continued ..

Disclaimer: What will happened? Will Casper's gang, Wolfie and Mosshead escaped from Jack's hypnotizing? Or will they ended as Jack's minion? Yep, that's it for Chapter one. Please check back for my Grammar-errors .. Find out next in The Return of the Jack-in-the-box