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Ana sits on Kate's bed rifling through the latest edition of Vogue as Kate runs around her room like a chicken with her head cut off.

"Will you relax? We don't leave for two more days" Ana says not looking up from her magazine.

"Relax? You know packing makes me crazy, I'm definitely going to leave something" She stands in front of her closet and pulls out a dress. "Do I need this?"

She looks up to see her holding a long sleeved dress that no doubt would NOT be needed in the Bahamas. "Why in the world would you need that?"

"I don't know what if it's chilly inside of the resort... and we like go to dinner and I get cold?"

Ana chuckles to herself before closing the magazine. "Whatever you say"

"Have you started packing?" she asks putting her hands on her hips.

"No, mom I haven't" she says rolling her eyes. "I'll pack tomorrow"

"I want to go to the mall tomorrow, I need more bathing suits."

"Kate you have enough bathing suits for you, me and Angela for a week. What do you need more for?"

"I don't know... I just do" she says narrowing her eyes at her. "Don't judge me"

"Fine, I booked an appointment for a wax tomorrow, are you coming?"

"SHIT! I forgot about that" she says slapping her forehead. "And I definitely need one"

"Well it's a good thing, I booked you one." Ana giggles as she heads out of her room. She jogs down the stairs to see Sean and Angela studying at the kitchen table. Sean slams his book shut and stares at the ceiling.

"I'm not retaining anything right now, I just want to be on the beach drinking some fancy drink with an umbrella, oiling down my beach babe" he winks at Angela, causing her to giggle.

"I can't wait to get there. One week of no classes or practice; just sun, fun and my best friends" Ana claps her hands and smiles. Her smile falters when her front door opens and her very exasperated boyfriend walks in. She frowns when she takes in his tense appearance and immediately moves toward him. "Hi, what's wrong?"

"Yeah you look like shit, what's up?" Sean jokes before taking a swig of water. He immediately stops laughing when he sees the glare he earns from Christian. "I'll leave this one to you, Banans"

Ana rolls her eyes, before drawing a line across her throat indicating he needs to be quiet. She follows him upstairs to her room and shuts the door. "What happened?"

He rolls his eyes and sits in her desk chair before tapping his lap for her to sit on it. She sits slowly wary about what has him so upset.

"Promise not to get mad?"


"I can't leave Friday"

"What? Why?" she says pouting.

He groans and rubs a hand down his jaw. "Professor Bates needs me for a presentation"

"Are you kidding me right now? It's SPRING BREAK. Can't you take care of it when you get back?"

"This isn't really school, Ana. This is work. Which doesn't end it seems like and definitely not for spring break" he rolls his eyes referring to the amount of time and energy he's put into this internship the last year. "The presentation is Monday, and I have to help him prepare for it. He's counting on me, Ana"

"So when would you be able to fly down?"


"Tuesday? But we're leaving for the Bahamas this Friday afternoon?" she says feeling her eyes water.

"I know baby, I'm sorry"

"Well maybe I should-"

"No. Don't stay and wait for me. As much as I would love that, you should go and have fun. You've been looking forward to this for weeks now"

"I've been looking forward to going with you, Christian. It won't be fun without you"

"Sure it will, Kate and Angela and Mel will be there" he pauses and then he groans. "Actually that just sounds like a recipe for you to get into trouble" he jokes. "Aw don't give me that face" he says pushing her cheeks together in an effort to make her smile.

"I don't want to go without you" she whispers.

"I'll be there before you know it. And we'll still have Tuesday through Saturday together"

She looks down at her knotted fingers and nods. "Okay. I still think I should stay and fly out with you on Tuesday"

"I would love that" he says raising her chin to meet his gaze. "But I'm going to be so busy with preparing for this presentation... I don't want you to waste any of your vacation sitting here by yourself. If all of our friends weren't going I would agree but you'll be in this house by yourself, while everyone is gone."

She sighs because he did have a point, the idea of sitting at home and waiting for Christian to get home when he would no doubt pass out immediately due to the crazy hours he would be working didn't really appeal to her. "Fine" she looks down.

"This was the face I was trying to avoid" he says cupping her cheeks and pulling her gaze away from her fingers.

"I'm just disappointed" she pouts

"Me too baby" he says. He moves to get up and she stops him. "Hey where are you going?"

"I have to go back to work actually."

"At 5:30?" She asks looking at her watch.

"I have a lot of work to do baby" he cringes seeing the shattered look on her face.

"Oh... will you come back later?"

"Yes of course" he kisses her forehead and holds his hand out for her to take. They walk downstairs and he kisses her once more before he's gone. She leans up against the door and looks at Angela and Sean who obviously want to know what's wrong.

"He can't fly out with us Friday"

"What?" Sean asks with wide eyes. "Why?"

"Work" she shrugs. "Huge presentation on Monday"

"MONDAY? So what he can't come till after then?"


"I'm sorry Ana" Angela says sadly. "But... you're still going to come Friday with us right?"

She shrugs. "I guess so"

"No guessing, I don't want you staying here all alone pouting" Sean says.

"As opposed to me pouting at the resort?" Ana asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Well at least you'll be with us and you'll be on a beach" Sean shoots back.

"I guess. I'll let you guys get back to studying" she says before heading back upstairs.


"Let me know you made it safely, okay? And then turn your phone off so your dad doesn't kill you again for international texting. We get wifi at the resort, so we can talk there okay?" Ana nods as she stares at all of her friends excitedly pulling their stuff out of Christian's car. "Hey watch my car, dick!" He yells at Sean as he pulls his suitcase from Christian's trunk.

He flicks him off before taking another long sip from his "water bottle". "Stop hatin just because I get to start Spring Break now" he walks over to them and drapes an arm over Ana. "Don't worry I'll keep her out of trouble for you"

"I'm sure" he says rolling his eyes.

"Hey... we talked last night, she'll be fine" he jokes. "Hurry down man" he says slapping his back before catching up with Kate and Angela.

"You were talking about me?" she says narrowing her eyes at him.

"Just to make sure he's looking out for you until I get there. I had the same conversation with Elliott."

"I'll be fine" she says with a dramatic eye roll.

He raises an eyebrow at her. "Be careful, young lady"

"I will" she giggles.

"I'll be there before you know it"

"I love you" she whispers before leaning in to kiss him. She feels his tongue begging for entrance but knows she'll never leave if he does. He pinches her side playfully and she gasps allowing him entrance. This goes on for a few minutes before they hear a booming 'BANANA LET'S GO.' They pull apart and her pupils dilate.

"How dare you deny me access to this perfect little mouth" he kisses her once more. "I love you too"

She watches him get into his car and waves sadly. She watches him pull away when she senses someone next to her. "It's going to be fine, we'll have fun." She turns her attention next to her to see Kate. "Elliott isn't getting there until tomorrow so I'm right there with ya!"

"Thanks" she smiles before following her into the airport.

Christian was supposed to be next to her in the aisle seat but when he moved his ticket it opened it up to a random person. She rolls her eyes as she watches people walk by her to their seats and hopes no one annoying was coming to sit next to her. She looks at Kate who was already engrossed in a book she had bought from one of the ungodly expensive airport 'Hudson News' stands. "Maybe no one will sit here?"

She looks up and around to the almost full plane and blanches. "Doubt it, Steele. Sorry"

She scoffs and looks over across the aisle to see Sean, Angela and Christian and Sean's roommate John who was also on the rowing team. Melissa and two girls from the dance team, Sarah and Paige were behind them. Two guys from Sean's frat, Mitch and Carl, and one more guy from the rowing team Will, were seated behind Sean, Angela and John. "Banans, you okay?" Sean looks at her. "Do you want to switch seats and I can sit by the random person taking Christian's seat?"

"No it's okay. Thanks though" she smiles. Sometimes she wonders what she would do without Sean. He might be a pain in the ass sometimes, but he always looked out for her. Her attention is taken away from Sean when a guy stops by her seat. "I think this is me" he puts his carry- on suitcase above their seats and begins to sit down when Sean interjects.

"Actually, we definitely need to switch" Sean says shooting Ana a look after sizing up the young, preppy guy that may or may spend the next three hours flirting with his best friend's girl.

She puts a hand up to hush him as he sits down next to her. "How's it going" he asks.

"Good thanks, you?" She is looking at her phone waiting for Christian to text her back.

"Great, so glad I scored this last minute ticket. This flight with all my friends on it was booked as of two days ago"

She gives him a tight lipped smile. "You have my boyfriend to thank for that"

"Oh, was this his seat?"

She nods. "Yup"

"Where is he?"


"Oh shit, that's terrible. I assume this is your spring break as well?"


"Where do you go?"


"Oh, smart girl. I go to Northeastern"

"Cool" She feels the plane start to move and she wants nothing more than to be in Christian's arms right now. I wish you were here, baby. She doesn't want to take over the arm rest of the guy next to her but she desperately wants to grip them both. She feels her right hand being clasped with Kate's.

"It's going to be fine" she whispers. "Squeeze it if you need to, k?" She turns back to her book before shutting the window shade so Ana wouldn't have to see anything.

"Not a fan of flying?" she hears to the left of her.

She opens her eyes that had been closed since the plane started moving. "What was your first clue?" she chuckles.

He laughs. "I'm Nick by the way"

"Ana" she says through the deep breaths she's taking in through her nose and out through her mouth. "This is Kate" she says nodding towards her.

Kate holds up a hand to wave without looking up from her book. "I have to get through this chapter"

"How many of you are flying down there?"

"Us two, the three behind us, the three to the left of us and the three behind them." Nick looks over and notices Sean glaring at him.

"Big party"

"Yep" her breathing is interrupted by Sean.

"You okay over there?" He has the aisle seat so he didn't have to talk loudly, but loud enough for the point he was about to make to this Nick guy.

"Yes, I'm fine dad" Ana giggles.

"Okay... I have to report back to your boyfriend that I got you there in one piece."

She puts up a thumbs up when the plane starts to move faster. Before long they are in the air and she lets go of the breath she had been holding. She feels the plane drop a little and then finally level off and she sighs. "Hard part over" she says more to herself.

About halfway through the flight, after a Sprite and some peanuts to calm her nerves, Nick starts another conversation with her.

"So where you from, Harvard?"


"State? or DC"


"Cool I'm from-" he starts when one of his friends passes by.

"Oh shit, there you are. I was looking for you"

"Oh what's up, Matt. This is Ana and Kate. Guys, this is Matt" he says nodding towards him.

"Hi" they both say in unison.

"You guys on Spring Break too?" He asks

"Yep" Kate says.

"Nice, well maybe we should all meet up" he says before raising an eyebrow obviously at Nick.

"Or not" they hear from the other side of the plane.

Ana rolls her eyes. "Sean be nice" she says chuckling.

"Well alright then" Matt says. "I guess I'll see you when we land" he pats Nick's shoulder and then he's gone.

"Ignore Sean he's like my big brother" she chuckles.

"Just making sure, I'm protecting Christian's interests" he says narrowing his eyes at Nick. "If you want to do that whole get to know you thing that might turn into a drunken hookup, try the girls behind you. Those two are off limits" he says pointing at Ana and Kate.

"HEY!" Melissa interjects. "I heard that!"

"I meant you to!" Sean laughs as he sips the beer he got for the "international flight"

"Hey, I was just trying to be nice." He says looking at Sean. "I wasn't trying to hit on you, either of you." He says looking at Ana and Kate.

"Oh like Ana said, ignore him! We know that" Kate smiles. "Ana can I please open the window shade" she pleads

"Fine" she says.

"Okay don't look, I just want to take some pics"

They were beginning their descent to Nassau, Bahamas when Kate threw on a big floppy hat. "I can't wait to hit the fucking beach"

"I can't wait to hit the fucking bar" Sean says drinking his second drink of the flight.

"If you're going to be sloppy drunk tonight, I am NOT taking care of you" Kate says.

"Well it was nice meeting you, Ana" Nick says. "Maybe I'll see you around, or see you around Boston." He smiles. "Nice to meet you too, Kate" She's staring at the window taking pics of the clear blue water and waves him off without another glance.


"That guy totally wanted in your pants, Ana. It was written all over his face"

"He did not." They're walking through the resort to get to their rooms and everyone had split up at this point. Melissa, Paige and Sarah were in room and the four other guys booked two connecting rooms. Ana, Christian, Elliott, Kate, Sean and Angela opted for a three bedroom suite, that way everyone could meet there to pre-game and hangout.

They get to the bedroom and are immediately met with 2 bottles of champagne and a bottle of rum and daiquiri mix.

"Where did this come from?" Kate asks. She picks up the note and hands it to Ana. "It's for you"

Missing you already, have fun... but not too much.

Love you baby, see you soon


"Oh man does he know us. Let's pop this thing" Sean smiles.

"I'm going to go call him. I'll be back" she says before going to the bedroom she picked for her and Christian.


"Hi back. Are you at the resort?" He asks.

"Yep. Missing you"

"Got your text, so the flight wasn't to bad?"

"No could have been worse. I hate flying without you"

"You won't have to again" she can hear his smile through the phone.

"Okay good. Thank you for the Welcome to the Bahamas present"

"Of course, baby. Now have fun"

"I'll try"

"I'll be there as soon as I can"


"Of course. This place is a ghost town right now. There is no one here"

"I could be there with you"

"It's okay, alright? I am sleeping at your place tonight though"

"You are?"

"If I can't sleep next to you, I want to at least be near your scent"

She smiles. "I miss you"

"Miss you too"

The end of their conversation is interrupted by Sean. "Come on, Kate won't let me crack the champagne without you." She takes the phone from Ana. "Grey, get your ass down here"

He chuckles. "Take care of my girl okay?"

"You know I will" he says wrapping his free hand around her neck and giving her a playful noogie.

"Hey stop it!" she whines and pushes him away. "Bye Christian!" She yells before Sean hangs up.

"Look, I know you miss Christian. I do too, especially being the only guy in this suite right now" he chuckles. "But he'll be here soon, and he would want you to have fun"

"I know"

"So let's drink some and hit the pool, okay? Everyone is on their way up"

"Yeah okay. Just let me change"


"Thanks Seanny"

"Any time, Banans"


Christian knew the second he found out he was going to be at school till Monday it would be unbearable being away from Ana for so long. But being away from her while she was on spring break? Torture. After getting off the phone with her, he dove into his work and by the time he looked up again it was 10:30. Fuck I'm tired. He heads to his car and somehow gets home with his eyes half closed. He unlocks Ana's door and heads to her bedroom crashing on it and feeling his eyes close the second his head hits her pillow. He's awoken out of his deep sleep by his phone buzzing off the hook. He opens one eye to see Ana blowing him a kiss which is the picture that appears when she calls. "Baby are you okay?"

"Christian Grey! No... Sean get away from me, I'm talking to him first. Christian" he hears a loud noise and then hears Ana swear. "Sorry I dropped my phone... Hi honey!"

He chuckles and rubs his face. "Hey there, how much have you had to drink missy?"

"ALOTTTT. You know I never really had a pina colada before this trip, but these things are GOOD. I've had like 7 of them. And mannnn am I feelin good... No Kate this isn't Elliott, why would I have called Elliott? Go away"

"Where are you?"

"We are back in the room, we just got back in from going to this club on the resort. It was so fun"

He looks at his clock to see that it's 4 am. "Kinda late for you to be out, isn't it?"

"Well yeah... but everyone just felt so bad for me since you're not here, so they just kept giving me drinks and then you know. But how are you!? What are you doing?"

"Well" he chuckles. "I was sleeping"

"Oh shit, what time is it? Baby I'm sorry"

"No don't be" he yawns. "I'm glad you called"

"Me too, I miss you... no.. Sean.. stop.. hey!" he hears before he hears his best friend's voice.

"Let me tell you something, Christian. The next time you want me to watch out for Ana, don't ask. She's too small and sometimes I can't find her, and her and Kate are TROUBLE."

"Are not!" Christian hears from the background.

"Is everything okay?" he asks.

"Yeah she's fine, I'm basically her fucking bodyguard right now though. You would think every school in America is on spring break and every frat guy in a three mile radius is trying to get all up in Ana's shit"

"Don't tell him that!" he hears. He assumes she snatches the phone from Sean because now she's back on the phone. "That is not true." she slurs slightly.

"I'm not sure I believe you" he chuckles though he's so pissed he can't even think.

"Do you trust me?"

"Of course I do"

"Any guy that has approached me, I've shot them down before they even got their name out. You believe me right?"

"Yes, baby. I know"

"Kate thought I should put my ring on my left hand. So I did that, and then I just showed my ring"

He laughs. "Kate finally has a good idea"

She yawns and he can hear Kate talking to her. "Okay, honey I think I'm going to go to bed now."

"Okay, I love you"

"I love you too."

Of course guys would be hitting on Ana, I mean look at her. He turns on her bedside lamp and runs a hand over his face. I wonder how much trouble I would be in for leaving for the Bahamas now? He gets up to go to the bathroom when he accidentally knocks a few of her notebooks off her desk. He curses to himself as he kneels down to pick them up when something catches his eye. He cocks his head and smiles when he realizes he's looking at her signature written a few different ways to include his last name. Anastasia Grey, Anastasia Steele Grey, Anastasia Rose Grey, Anastasia Rose Steele Grey. The words written in bright purple ink are staring him in the face and he can feel himself getting harder by the minute. He takes a picture of it and despite the several suggestive pictures Ana's sent him over the past year and a half, he's never loved a picture more than this one.


Ana wakes up the next morning feeling like she can take on the world. Thank God for Advil and water. She hears Kate snoring softly next to her and smiles before getting up to brush her teeth. She checks her phone and sees a text from Christian a few hours ago, saying good morning and that he loves her. She smiles and heads into the common area to find Angela cooking and Sean sitting at the table drinking a mimosa.

"Starting early I see?"

"Yep, want one?" he asks pushing the champagne and orange juice towards her.

She pours herself a glass and takes a small sip. "What are you making Angela?"

"Enough bacon and eggs to feed an army"

"Need help?"

"Nope, I'm good. You stay there, you cook for me all the time"

"Will it be edible though?" She whispers to Sean.

"Hey I heard that! I can cook pretty well, I just don't have to with you around" Angela says sticking her tongue out.

After a day of laying out on the beach, banana boat riding, jet ski'ing, everyone was exhausted and needed a nap before going out. Ana climbed into bed with Kate and was out the second she turned on Legally Blonde that happened to be playing on E! Four hours later, she opened her eyes to find it dark with the TV playing faintly. She blinked her eyes open a few more times and turned her light on. She sees that she's alone but hears voices in the common area. She assumed Elliott already got here and is sad that she'll be sleeping alone the next few days. She opens the door and walks out to find everyone besides Kate and Elliott hanging out and drinking.

"There's Sleeping Beauty!" Mel smiles.

"I was sleeping so hard. Shit, I can't believe it's almost 10. When are we going out?"

"As soon as you get dressed and those two finish" Sean says referring to Kate and Elliott.

"When did El get here?" She asks before sitting down and taking a piece of cheese off the platter they had out.

"About an hour ago"

"Alright, well I'll go shower and get ready"

"Be quick, we want to be out of here by 11ish, so we can make it for some of power hour" Sean says. Power Hour which they learned yesterday was from 11-12 and allowed discounted drinks and shots. Needless to say, they all wanted that.

After a bit of pregaming, and a quick conversation with Christian, they were all heading out. The club was even more packed than the day before and although she had friends there that weren't with guys, Ana was beginning to feel a bit left out. The night before Melissa, Paige and Sarah hit it off with the Sean and Christian's friends so they had practically all paired off and were dancing on the dance floor. She was sitting at their table basically alone, as Sean and Angela were in their own little world and everyone else was on the dance floor. She didn't blame any of them. She was glad they were having fun. Elliott and Kate were no doubt simulating sex on the dance floor, so she wouldn't bother them, but maybe she should go find Mel.

"Sean" she yells over the loud music.

His ears perk up and he looks over at her. "What's up?"

"I'm going to go find Mel and the girls"

"Okay, I'll go with you"

"No, I'm totally fine! You stay"

"That is not a part of the rules" Sean jokes as he pulls Angela to stand. "I want to make sure you find them. This place is a madhouse"

She rolls her eyes as they follow her and they find her friends quickly enough. Mel was with one of the guys from Sean's frat, Mitch. And the other two were just dancing with the other three. "I'm good"

Pretty soon she was dancing in her own little space, finally getting in the mood to dance.

You're gone and I gotta stay
High all the time
To keep you off my mind
Ooh-Ooh, Ooh-Ooh
High all the time
To keep you off my mind
Ooh-Ooh, Ooh-Ooh
Spend my days locked in a haze
Trying to forget you babe
I fall back down
Gotta stay high all my life
To forget I'm missing you
Ooh-Ooh, Ooh-Ooh

She's got her eyes closed moving to the beat and getting lost in the words. Ugh, I miss you Christian... but you're never not on my mind. She feels a pair of hands around her waist causing her eyes to shoot open. She tries to move away when he doesn't let go.

"Hey, where are you going?"

"I... I don't really want to dance with anyone, I'm just with my friends."

"Oh come on" he says gripping her a little tighter.

"Seriously? Okay, stop."

She doesn't see a person but just feels a hand tugging her to the side and breathes a sigh of relief when she sees it's Kate. "You okay?"

"Yeah" she sighs. "Thanks."

"Come on let's go back to the table"

"Don't you want to dance?"

"Not without you, and you clearly can't be left alone out here without Christian" she jokes.

"Where's Elliott?"

"I sent him to get drinks for us, I saw you needed help but knew Elliott would blow it out of proportion if he saw some guy handling you like that. Where was Sean anyway? I thought he was on Ana patrol"

"He's with Angela, he shouldn't have to be 'on patrol' he's on vacation!"

They meet Elliott back at the table and they do a round of shots. "How you doin, Ana?"

She shrugs. "I miss your brother"

"Well that's obvious"

"I'm trying to make the best of it! It's hard when this is essentially a couples trip, or a hook up trip" she laughs referring to her friends and Sean and Christian's friends.

"Oh Ana, I didn't mean to leave you out... fuck I'm the worst" Kate says clasping her hand.

"No no you totally aren't. You're on vacation and you haven't seen Elliott in a while. You should be in your own little world. You planned this trip, you deserve this"

"But I planned this in part, so you would cheer up. You had such a shitty start to the year, I wanted to give you something to look forward to"

"I know, and you did. Thank you Kate" she smiles feeling the tears in her eyes. "Oh dammit" she laughs. "This is why we can't get sentimental when we drink"

Kate laughs and wraps a hand around her shoulder before making Elliott take a picture of them.


The next two days fly by and before she knows it, it's Monday. Christian will be here in less than 24 hours. She smiles to herself as she lays back on her beach chair. Kate is to the left of her engrossed in another trashy book, and Angela is to her right. The guys and Melissa were playing volleyball, and Sarah and Paige were in the water. This would all be perfect if just one other person was here. She sits up and puts her hair into a messy bun when her eyes are drawn to a guy walking down the beach from the resort. Damn that guy kind of looks like Christian. But he's not due here till tomorrow... unless? She raises her aviators above her eyes and squints and damn if that wasn't her guy. She squeals and throws her cover up over her knowing that her bikini is NOT meant for running. She hears Kate ask her where she's going but she doesn't stop until she's in his arms. "Hi!" she squeals as she wraps her legs around his waist and kissing him with all the passion she could muster. She feels his tongue rub against hers and then aggressively licking her as if he could devour her. She pulls away and moves his sunglasses to sit on his head. "You're early" she whispers before rubbing her nose against his.

"Bates left me off the hook, he said I had done so much to prepapre and he knew I was supposed to be on vacation, so he let me out of being there for the actual presentation so I could leave today instead of tomorrow." She's still in his arms as he's walking down the beach to her friends.

"I am so glad you're here! Now my vacation can really begin"

"Oh? It hasn't already? I have few drunk conversations rolling through my head right now and even more voicemails and texts to prove otherwise"

She plants a huge kiss on his lips before climbing out of his arms. "You know what I mean" He clasps her hands and kisses her knuckles gently.

"I'm sorry I'm late"

"You're here now, that's all that matters"

He rubs his finger over the ring that now sits on her left hand. "I could get used to this being here"

"I don't mind it"

He kisses her temple as he hears their friends chanting his name. "What the fuck, man. I thought you were coming tomorrow?" Sean asks as he tosses him a beer.

"I know, but I got let out early."

"Well I know someone is happy to see you" Elliott jokes.

"Yeah me!" Sean chuckles before wrapping him in a bear hug. Before she knew it, her hand was being ripped from his and all the guys were dragging him to the water. She laughs loudly when she notices them lift him and throw him into the water. They all walk up from the beach high fiving each other with a very drenched Christian following behind. She giggles when he approaches her.

"Something funny, Miss Steele?"

"You're all wet" she giggles.

"Is that so?" He rubs his face all over hers depsite her protests before picking her up getting her wet in the process.


He rolls his eyes as he pulls his shirt off. "Good thing I changed into my suit in the room." They're walking back towards her friends but they are still out of earshot.

She lets her eyes roam his body and then back up to his eyes. "Christian" she whispers as she stops him.

"Yes, Anastasia?" he asks shooting her a panty dropping grin.

"Can we go back to the room?"

"For...?" he asks raising an eyebrow

"For you to fuck me"

"Don't you want to stay and hangout with our friends?" he says innocently knowing he could explode at any second if he doesn't get inside of her.

"Not at the moment!"

"Besides I didn't even get a good look of you in what I can imagine to be a very tiny bikini" He says pulling at her cover up and looking down it. She pulls her cover up over her head and tosses it at him before strutting back to the water. His eyes widen to the size of saucers as he jogs after you. "This is what you've been prancing in around down here?" he growls in her ear. He smacks her behind and she squeals before he picks her up.

"Christian Grey, don't you dare!"

"Don't I dare what?"

"Throw me!"

"Oh? Is that a challenge?"

"Please don't throw me" she shoots him her best puppy dog eyes but knows that it won't work. She rolls her eyes and pulls her sunglasses off of her head and grips them tightly seconds before she hits the water. She resurfaces and shoots him a dirty look.

"Oops, you slipped" he chuckles.

"I'm going to get you back for that Christian Trevelyan Grey"

"I'm sure you will, Anastasia Rose Steele... or Grey?"

"What?" she asks feeling her cheeks get hot.

"I found your signatures in your Econ notebook"

"You went through my stuff?" she says putting her hands on her hips.

"You have no idea how much seeing my last name after your first turned me on"

She bites her bottom lip. "How much?"

"Enough to make me have to come before I went back to sleep" he says pulling her towards him and wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing the top of her head. They stopped and picked up her cover up that she had thrown at him and soon they're back to their friends.

"I can't believe you threw her!" Kate laughed.

"You wanna be next?" Christian asks.

"Not if you want to live to see tomorrow" she giggles. Elliott starts moving towards her and she puts a hand up. "Do not even think about it"

Elliott raises both eyebrows. "We'll get you when you least expect it."

She groans and goes back to her book.

Ana sits on her chair and Christian sits at the end of it. "Will you put some sunscreen on me?" she says fluttering her eyelashes. The guys had gone back to their game and Kate and Angela weren't paying attention.

"I know what you're trying to do"

"And what is that?" She lies on her stomach and unties her suit behind her while still lying face down.

"Anastasia" he whispers in her ear. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Avoiding tan lines?"

He ties her suit back together and smacks her ass playfully. "Get up"


"We'll be in the room" Christian nods at the guys who all begin cat calling and cheering causing Ana to roll her eyes.


"What else did you find while snooping through my stuff?" Ana asks as their on the elevator ascending to their room, the sexual tension crackling between them.

"Nothing. I wasn't looking for anything. I was half asleep and knocked your books over and that vibrant purple pen you love to write in caught my eye when I saw my last name."

"I was just... seeing how it would look"

"Were you practicing Miss Steele?" he asks boxing her in to a corner of the elevator.

"Maybe" she whispers.

"I like Anastasia Steele Grey"

"Me too"

"One day" he says before placing a kiss on her ring that is still sitting on her left hand.

She feels the goosebumps pop up all over her skin and she knows she won't be able to get naked fast enough. They were both still wet from the ocean so he pushed her into the walk-in shower. He pulls her hair down out of the bun that was now knotted and salty from the beach. He pushes it to the side as he kisses down her neck and onto her shoulder. "I could not get here fast enough" he whispers huskily into her ear.

"Mmmm" she replies feeling his hands tweak her nipples. "You've definitely been missed"

"I heard someone had a problem keeping their hands to themself last night?"

She frowns and spins around. "Who told you that?" He shoots her a look and she rolls her eyes. "Kate and Elliott have such big mouths, I was fine."

"Mine" he growls as he crushes her to him allowing her to feel his steel rod poke her in the stomach.

"Yours" she whispers back. He turns her back around so her back was to his front and squirts the body gel in his hands. He rubs his hands together and runs his hands along her shoulders and down her arms rubbing the strawberry scented gel into her skin.

"Just smelling this makes me hard."

She giggles and then moans when she feels him kneeding her bottom. He's on his knees washing her calves and her ankles when he tells her to turn around. Her breath hitches knowing what his face will be perfectly aligned with once she does so. She looks down at him and sees the salacious look he's giving her. As if he's completely forgotten about washing her, he pushes her onto the bench in the shower and spreads her legs. She feels his strong hands gripping her thighs as he buries his head between them.

"Fuck" she moans.

"You're so sweet, I love your pussy, Ana" he groans as he continues to lap at everything leaking out of her. She can feel herself nearing the edge already so she runs her fingers through his copper locks and begins to scratch his scalp illiciting a guttural moan out of him.

"Oh yes baby, right there" she whimpers. She feels the familiar feeling starting at the base of her spine and within seconds she's screaming his name as it rips through her every extremity. He continues his assault on her until she pushes him away. He pulls away but still sees her pussy contracting from the assault and his eyes widen as he takes in the sexy woman before him coming down from an orgasm he gave her. "Wow I've missed that" she says snapping him out of the trance he's in.

He straightens, though he's still on his knees. "I've missed doing that." he growls as he pulls her closer to him and kisses her. She can taste herself on his lips which turns her on even more.

"Fuck me" she breathes out.

He smiles before standing and pulling her to her feet as well. "Bend over, and put your hands on the bench"

She does as he says and feels him entering deeply from behind. "Oh my God" she breathes out when she feels him hit her g-spot.

"Fuck Ana, I'm not going to be able to last long like this" as he zeros his gaze onto her ass that is on display for him. He runs his hand down her spine and places a gentle smack on her behind causing her to moan. He grips her hips tightly and begins to push harder and harder into her.

"Harder" Ana whimpers out. Her legs are spread apart so she reaches between them to cup his balls and gives them a gentle squeeze.

"God damn, baby. Fuck!" he groans as he empties himself inside of her. He feels her pussy clenching around his cock trying to squeeze every last drop out of him. He pulls out of her and pulls her into his arms peppering her face with kisses. "I love you"

"I love you too, and I'm so glad you're here"

"Me too"

"Now the real fun can begin" she smiles, her eyes bright and shiny with lust, love and adoration.

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