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"Can I talk to you?" Ana says as she approaches Sean and Angela.



He nods and follows her upstairs and into her bedroom.

"I hate fighting with you" she says immediately after she closes the door.

"Ditto kiddo" he smiles trying to lighten the mood.

"You were kind of a jerk"

"I know. I'm sorry" he says rubbing a hand behind his neck. He did feel bad for how he had reamed out Ana, twice. But they were things she needed to hear even if he shouldn't have said them.

"So was I"

"Yeah, you were too" he chuckles.

"Christian is lucky to have a friend like you" she pauses for a second. "So am I"

"I shouldn't have said those things about you guys being too intense... People would kill for the relationship you guys have. It was shitty of me to say"

She bites her bottom lip to prevent the tears from forming as she recalls his overly critical analysis of her relationship. "Thank you"

"You and Christian are like family, Banans... I just want what's best for you both. But, I really don't want to get in the middle of your fights anymore"

She smiles sadly. "You're like the kid caught in the middle of their parent's argument" she giggles.

He wraps an arm around her. "So we're good?"

"Yeah we're good"

"Alright let's head downstairs... you think your man has killed Kate's brother yet?"


"Ana!" Her eyes shoot up to look into the eyes of the man that she had been seeing over the last month since she returned to school. Her therapist.

"Hi Dr. Frank!" She jumps up and scurries into his office before plopping down on his couch like she does every week. Henry Frank was a man that reminded her of her grandfather. Smart as a tack. Strong. Will give you the kick in the ass you need even when you think you don't need it.

He stands at the door holding it open as he looks at her. "Weren't we expecting a guest this session?"

"He's running a little late, his practice is running late."

He closes the door and makes his way over to his chair across from her. "I see"

"But I'm glad he's not here yet, Dr. Frank I want to talk about what I emailed you about"

"Not about your grandmother? How are you by the way?"

"Not great, cried twice this morning already. But I'm handling it. And I want to get to that obviously. But I want us to talk about what happened between us last week... And I feel like you may need to referee this conversation"

"Ana, I'm a grief counselor not a relationship... referee" he says as he looks at her from over his glasses.

"Dr. Frank... I haven't really been able to understand why he behaved that way. He doesn't really understand either. You're a doctor of psychology... sure you specialized in grief but surely you can shed some insight? Please?" She pleads giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

"That doesn't work on me, Ana"

She rolls her eyes. "Okay, but that clearly didn't help me in my grieving" she says.

"Ana you're reaching. I know more than I care to about your relationship with this young man and I'm fairly certain that what happened last week did not hinder your healing process"

"Doesn't mean I liked it!"

"Did you tell him that?"

"No... that's where you come in!"

"Why haven't you told him, you've been very clear from the beginning that you both have an open and honest relationship"

"We are... I just..." she looks out the window and sighs. "I want to make him happy, I would do anything to do that"

"Even being unhappy yourself?"

"I'm not unhappy per se, I'm confused... I... I don't know. Does that make me desperate? That I want to please him even if I'm not completely happy doing so?"

"Not necessarily. Many people would call that selfless which is extremely important in a healthy relationship"

There's a knock on the door causing her to jump even though she knows exactly who it is. Dr. Frank opens the door and in comes Christian and just like that she feels her heart race. How is it possible that he still has this effect on you? She smiles at him as he leans down to peck her cheek. "Sorry I'm late"

"Christian, I presume?" Dr. Frank asks as he holds his hand out for him to shake.

"Yes sir, it's nice to meet you"

"Ana speaks very highly of you, I'm glad I can put a face with the name. I'm happy you were able to join us today."

"Of course" he takes a seat on the couch next to Ana and pulls her hands into his. "You alright?" he asks her curiously, wondering if she had already started talking about the gravity of this day.

"Christian, I am not sure what Ana has divulged to you about our sessions but as this is your first time in this room, I have to say that anything said within these four walls should not be repeated under any circumstances unless stated otherwise by my patient Ana"

"Of course, I would never. She knows that"

"It's just a disclaimer, Christian. I didn't think otherwise" He pauses for a beat and takes in the body language between the two. Their hands were interlaced which didn't shock him, but it was his thumb that was stroking her hand almost absent-mindedly that struck him. He wasn't a relationship counselor but he knew a couple in love from a mile away. When most men enter a room with another man they like to assert their dominance, make their presence known. The fact that he went straight to Ana, before he shook his hand spoke volumes. "Christian, do you know why you're here?"

"Ana asked me to. She said that she might need me here, and that you had asked to meet me as well"

"I see. Why do you think she would need you here?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe for support?"

"Would you call yourself supportive of her?"

"Of course"

"Do you think she would?"

"I hope so"

She smiles. "He is" she turns her gaze to him. "You know you are" she smiles. "You've been great at helping me get through this."

"Christian" Dr. Frank interjects. "Have you ever lost anyone close to you?"

"Ummm I guess you could say that" he begins to move his foot nervously, not liking the spotlight being put on him.

"You guess?" Dr. Frank asks.

"My mother died when I was young"

"How young?"


"Do you think you've dealt with that? I've found that those that lose parents at a young age rarely deal with the grief as they're too young to even understand the magnitude of death. Especially for those that barely remember their parents"

"I dealt with it fine. I'm confused, I thought this was about Ana."

"Oh it is. But Ana has stressed the importance of you in her life, and I'm just wondering a bit about you as well. You are undoubtedly the most influential relationship Ana has. Everything you do or say effects her."

"I know, but I'm not sure what that has to do with today"

"Christian, Ana has brought something to my attention that she would like to discuss with you. Now, I am sure you're going to feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but this is an open forum and I want you to be able to discuss how you feel freely"

"Okay...?" he hesitates, feeling like an unbelievably huge bomb is about to be dropped on him.

"Ana you have the floor" Dr. Frank nods and Ana nods back.

"I wanted to talk to you here, with my therapist because I wanted him to make sense of everything going on in my head right now. I want to understand so bad why... why last week had to happen" she says staring at him nervously. She averts her eyes when realization hits him at exactly what she's referring to.

"You told him?" he says with wide eyes.

"Yes" she says softly.

He goes to say something but immediately closes it. He's silent for a moment. "Why?"

"I... It was unsettling and I felt a bit upset. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me"

"I meant why didn't you come to me?"

"I don't know" she says softly. "When we talked right after, you didn't really understand why. And you were so worried about how I felt, I didn't want you to think I was mad at you"

"Are you?"

"Mad is the wrong word. Confused, hurt, a little... worried?"

"Worried? About what?"

"That you're going to need that every time I piss you off"

He looks at her. "I won't"

"You say that now"

"I don't need that. I need you"

"You needed it then. Why? Make me understand"

"I don't know Ana... it just felt right"

"THAT felt right?!" she stands up and begins to pace the floor. "Really? Because it didn't for me. That has never been what our sex life is like"

"Ana do you really want to do this here?" he asks looking at Dr. Frank.

"Yeah I do. I want him to be able to shed some light onto what the hell that was"

"Ana you said you were fine, that it was fine"

"I LIED. It wasn't what you did that I have the problem with. Christian you didn't hurt me, be serious. But the fact that you felt that you needed that because I went out the night before and my phone died is unreal" she pauses and takes a deep breath. "I understand you were upset and angry, I got that. And I'm so sorry. But... how you handled it is not okay... It wasn't you! In the moment, I was caught off guard and just wanted us to be okay, and for you to talk to me. So I let you..." she trails off. "It just wasn't how we've ever worked things out. Do you want to know why you felt fine? Because we TALKED about everything afterwards."


"No, don't Ana me. You... do you have any idea how I've felt the last week?"

"No, because you haven't talked to me!" he snaps.

"Like I'm walking on eggshells. Like if I cross this arbitrary line it's going to take you right back there again"

"Okay, Ana you're on a roll right now, but I would like to give Christian a chance to say something" Dr. Frank interjects. "Christian, how did you feel when Ana was in your mind- missing"

"I'm not really interested in going there"

"Going where exactly"

"To the place my head went that night"

"Christian, maybe this will shed some light on why you reacted the way that you did."

He sighs. "Ana come here please" he says patting the seat down next to him so she could stop pacing. She sits next to him and he brushes the hair behind her shoulder an intimate gesture not lost on Dr. Frank or Ana. "I hadn't heard from you in hours and that's not like us. We are constantly talking, and for me to text you and not hear back... It was odd. I knew then something was wrong but I ignored the feeling. When you texted me from Kate's phone, I felt better but still felt a nagging feeling. I just wanted to talk to you or see you." He rubs his face. "Sean and Angela were home at this point and I just couldn't stop thinking about where you were. Sean tried everything to keep my mind off you. But I was antsy but I hadn't had anything to drink. I started thinking the worst. That you had been roofied again. That someone had touched you, hurt you. But I knew you were at the dance house, worst case scenario one of the girls would call me or Angela. And I knew you were with Kate... though she isn't the most responsible, I know you two look out for each other when you're together. But then I went to the dance house and you weren't there... I'm not asking that you check in with me or ask me before you go somewhere else, but I found it odd that you didn't even mention to me that you were leaving. So then my mind went to there being someone else... and that's when I lost it. I don't even remember how much I drank-"

"Christian you couldn't have possibly thought..."

"Ana let him finish" Dr. Frank interrupts.

"I know baby, I know" he says stroking her cheek knowing that the tears are not far behind.

"I knew then too. But then I thought well if it's not that, then something happened. Something is wrong. I almost wanted to believe that you were with someone else, at least then I would know you were safe. It would have killed me, but not as much as something happening to you" She lowers her head and puts them in her hands. She grabs a few tissues from the box sitting on the coffee table in front of them and wipes her eyes. "I called the hospital and girls from the team, Melissa wasn't picking up her phone... I felt out of control. Like there was nothing I could do. I felt helpless. I've told you before that I've lost a woman close to me once before, and that I couldn't bare to lose you too" he raises his eyebrows and sighs. "I guess you were right" he says looking at Dr. Frank.

"Explain how you felt when you saw she was okay"

"Relieved first and foremost. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder. If you remember, I couldn't even look at you or say anything at first. I felt so stunned and knew that I would explode the second I opened my mouth. Either I would be yelling or we would have ended up giving Sean a show" he chuckles. "Sean beat me to the yelling. And then you were on your knees in front of me with tears in your eyes and I felt myself calming down enough to talk. I had had so much to drink and it was almost 5 am at that point and I knew that I didn't want to get into it too much. I was just happy you were safe. But then you told me you went over the bridge to the med school and I saw red. Ana" he shakes his head. "My mother died of a drug overdose. Yes it was self induced but then you were roofied. I still remember exactly what you looked like when we found you in that frat house down to what you were wearing. Kate had moved you out of your own vomit but it was in your hair and on your clothes, and I cleaned all of that off of you. I... I checked your pulse Ana. Your pulse. You were out cold, we tried everything to wake you up and finally I called the hospital. You're young and beautiful beyond words, you're a bit naive. That's a dangerous combination. You see the best in everyone and you definitely see the world through rose colored glasses which isn't a bad thing necessarily. But I worry about you. And I definitely worry about you in a party across town with people you don't know. They could have put anything in your drink. Done anything to you... The next morning, I felt angry at you for making me feel that way. For taking me back to a place where I felt helpless. If something would have happen to you that night, I wouldn't have known more than likely until it was too late. That haunts me. But it also made me realize that I can't protect you from everything. That you're 19 and hard headed as hell" he smiles a sad smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

"Christian, why didn't you just tell me that?" she says as the tears continue to fall.

"It took me till just now to actually organize all of those thoughts, Ana"

"What were you trying to accomplish from your actions the day after?" Dr. Frank inquires.

"I wanted to make you feel helpless. After feeling so out of control I just wanted something I knew I could control. Immediately I thought I wanted to just spank you, but in my head it wasn't enough. When I've spanked you before it's been playful and I was angry, I didn't want you to think I was okay with what happened because I wasn't. Ana... I'm sorry I did that to you. I'm sorry you hated it-"

"I didn't hate it. Just how it was presented."

"I'm sorry" he says looking up at her with tears glazing over his eyes. "Please don't hate me"

"I don't hate you, Christian." She whispers. "If I did we wouldn't be here billing my father 200 dollars an hour talking about this" she laughs trying to lighten the mood. "I... I don't want to do that again."

"Never" he shakes his head. "I should have talked to you... baby I'm sorry" he says quietly.

"Talk to me. Even if you yell" she smiles. "We have to talk to each other."

"I know"

She's silent for a moment. "Christian, in all honesty do you think that I would ever cheat on you?"

"What? No"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I know what we have, and I know how you feel about me"

"Then why do you let other guys rile you up so easily?"


"There's something else... Well... Dr. Frank... your theory?"

He clears his throat. "Well Ana has expressed that sometimes you feel a bit uncomfortable with the male attention she receives when she's made it more than clear that she is faithful to you. Many men that often feel possessive over their signifcant others use control mechanisms to remind them who exactly they belong to so to speak. I have a feeling that night you were exercising that."

Christian widens his eyes and stares at her. "I'm not saying that I dislike your possessiveness. I actually find it quite hot. But I just feel sometimes..." she says quietly.

He interrupts. "Oh for the love of God, is this about last night? Ethan was absolutely hitting on you. And male attention? Dr. Frank, Ana is unbelievably gorgeous and walks around Harvard campus with her head in the clouds as every guy that passes her breaks his neck for a second look."

"He's exaggerating" she says rolling her eyes at Dr. Frank. She turns back to Christian "And I wasn't really talking about last night. I don't know what was wrong with him, but Kate and I had a long talk this morning after he left... I think he was just drunk or... ."

"Screw drunk, and Ana as your boyfriend, I think I was well within my rights to set him straight."

"What happened exactly?" Dr. Frank asks.

"This guy that she's known forever came to town in hopes of seducing her by throwing me under the bus" Christian says with an eyeroll.


As soon as Ana returned to the party after her conversation with Sean, Christian was by her instantly. "You guys all better?"

"Yes much"

"Good" he says kissing her temple.

"Ana!" Ethan comes over to her with a beer in his hand. "Where did you run off to?"

"I've been here"

"Great, let's take a shot?"

"I've already had one too many. I'm good for now. I'm sure Kate is down for one"

"What is Kate down for?" Kate says as she bounces over.

"A shot" Ana giggles.

"Oh yes def! So did you and Sean kiss and makeup?"

"Wouldn't use that phrase, but we're good" she giggles. "Good"

"Makeup over what?" Ethan asks. Kate gives him the monumentally short version and Ethan looks at Ana curiously. "Seriously?"

"Seriously what?"

"Seriously he was actually mad at you over that?"

"He was sticking up for his friend, I get that"

"Ana, it was a mistake. It happens" he shrugs. "It seems like it was blown a bit out of proportion"

"That's what I said!" Kate exclaims as she pours two shots of tequila.

Christian who had stepped away to talk to someone but was still within earshot comes back. "Well no one asked what it seemed like to you"

"Whoa dude, I was just making an observation. Just seemed like you guys didn't really cut her any slack, that's all"

Ana bites her bottom lip. "Ethan it's fine, don't worry about it."

He shrugs. "Whatever"

Later that night, Christian was playing beer pong with Sean when Ana made a quick trip to the bathroom. As she exited her bathroom, she ran into Ethan who was coming out of Kate's room.

"Hey! Having fun?"

"I am!" She starts to head back downstairs when he calls her name. She turns around and looks at him. "Are you okay?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... like here in Boston... school and everything"

"Everything is great!"

"And Christian...? I mean... he treats you right?"

"Yes of course. He's amazing"

"He just seems a bit... intense and controlling"

"Ethan, I'm good I promise. Christian is wonderful and I'm very happy"

"I just don't think he handled that very well that's all. It sounds like-"

"Sounds like what exactly?" she hears from behind her and looks to the ceiling praying for divine intervention.

"Sounds like the beginnings of a somewhat... emotionally abusive relationship"

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!" Christian yells as he moves towards him but is stopped by her hand on his chest.

"I am just looking out for Ana"

"Really? Is that what you're doing?" He chuckles. "Because the way you've been eyeing her all night I'm pretty sure looking out for her is the last thing you're concerned with."

"Baby..." she says rubbing a hand down his face so that he'll look at her. She turns to face Ethan. "Ethan.. you're out of line. Christian is amazingly sweet and kind and would never hurt me. I can't even use Christian and abusive in the same sentence it's so ludicrous. I'm honestly mildly offended that you would even suggest that I would put myself in that kind of situation. You owe him an apology."


"Apologize or find a hotel to stay at" she says crossing her arms over her chest.

"I overstepped my boundaries, and I'm sorry. I really do worry about you Ana"

"You don't need to. She's not your concern. She's mine" Christian growls.


"How did you feel hearing him say that?"

"Terrible" Ana says. "Christian is very privy to my past. And I knew he was thinking a million things when he said that. Mostly how I was feeling. And if I was feeling that way"

"Do you feel that way?"

"Not at all" she says with wide eyes. "I meant what I said to Ethan and I said it again when we were in private."

"Anyone that knows Ana and myself know that I am unable to control Ana anymore than I can control the weather. I am possessive and overprotective when it comes to her and I won't apologize for that especially to some guy that spent the better part of the weekend undressing her with his eyes."

"Not true!"

He shoots her a look and rolls her eyes. "Sees the best in everyone" he says pointing at her while looking at Dr. Frank.

He chuckles and looks at them. "You two remind me of myself and my wife. Your banter is comfortable and familiar. One would think that you have been together for years. You even move in sync. It's like you're magnets. I've been studying your body language since you both sat down. Christian you immediately touch her the second you're within a close proximity. When she stood up and paced, you fidgeted with your hands, probably because she was not close enough to touch. When she sat down, you visibly relaxed. Ana I see a lot of women cry in this office. Sometimes when they're having a session with someone else their tears are almost like they're putting on a show for the other person's benefit. Yours were not. It was obvious by the way you tried to hide them. I have found someone that hides their tears from their significant other is someone trying to protect them from the pain they're feeling as one's crying spurs the other's pain. Ana says your parents feel that you are a bit intense. And in the hour we've shared together" he says looking at his watch. "I would have to agree. You are intense, but I don't see that as a bad thing. I think you have something extremely rare and real. And though you've spent a good part of this session working through some things the love for each other radiates off of you both."

Both of their mouths drop open at the very raw and real analysis of their relationship. "Wow" Ana says breaking the silence. "And you said you weren't a relationship counselor"

"I'm still a psychologist, Ana. It's basic human emotions 101." he smiles. "Christian, I don't necessarily think that it was wrong for you to express the way you felt that way. I would not suggest doing it again as you saw how it upset Ana. I just think that next time the talking should have came first instead of allowing that kind of behavior to do the talking for you. I know that you didn't forget once that whole time how much you loved Ana. Those things weren't done out of spite, I would guess. I assume you don't have one spiteful bone in your body where Ana is concerned."

"I would agree with that" Ana smiles.

"If you're together as long as you both think you will be, there are going to be tons of arguments. There may even be more instances similar to last weekend, or ones where you feel out of control. If at the time you feel you can't talk to Ana, try writing them down, or sending her an email. Getting your feelings out even in the moment can help alleviate tension and prevent you from keeping your feeelings bottled up. You two have built an open and honest relationship, but not communicating can ruin that fast."

"I understand."

"How about you Ana?"

"You got it, Doc"

He smiles. "Well the hour is up, we can go for another, but I do have a 3 o'clock. Would you want to come back later? We didn't even get into the importance of today"

"No...I... I think I'm okay. I'll just email you later, okay?" Ana asks.

"You sure?"

"Yes, and anything else we can talk about in Wednesday's session"

"Of course" he stands up and shakes Christian's hand. "It was good to meet you, Christian. You are welcome back anytime Ana wants or needs you here. Or if you would like to come on your own, that's okay as well"

"Thank you Dr. Frank."

"You take care of this one. Keep her out of trouble" he says nodding towards Ana.

He chuckles. "I'm trying"

"Okay enough you two" she says pushing Christian out of the door.

They're walking towards the car when she stops walking and pulls him into a hug. "Thank you for coming, I love you"

He wraps his arms around her and kisses the top of her head. "I love you more" he pulls her face to look at him and kisses her lightly. "I'm sorry about everything"

"Let's leave all that shit back in that office with Dr. Frank. No more apologies, okay?"

He nods. "I had no idea you felt that way" he says opening her car door for her. He had drove there separately so he leans through the driver's side window to talk to her.

"I'm sorry I didn't come to you. I just thought he could help... or get you to understand why you needed it"

"He's good"

"He's the best" she smiles.

"Can we talk about this over food? I'm starving" he asks.

"Yeah, I'll order pizza on the way."

"Great, meet you at your place."


An hour later, and Ana and Christian were eating pizza in her bed like they had done 100 times before. "How are you today anyway?"

She shrugs. "It's been hard. Had a few other things on my mind though so I haven't dwelled on it much. Broke down this morning... but nothing since."

"You've been doing so well. I am so proud of you"

"Thank you" she smiles.

"What... I mean last week... it didn't... I mean... I didn't even think about how insensitive I was being."

"Stop it. You doing that didn't throw a wrench in my healing process... at least that's what Dr. Frank said."

"Do you believe that?"

"I would believe Dr. Frank if he said the sky was purple. He's a genius. He knows what I'm feeling without me having to say it. A lot of my first few sessions were just of him telling me what I was feeling and how to work through it. He's very brilliant."

"He was great"

"I knew you would like him"

"I'm glad he's helping you heal"

"Thank you for making me see a counselor"

"You're welcome." he smiles.

"Maybe I should listen to you more often"

"You won't"

"Yeah... probably not" she giggles as he gives her narrowed eyed glare.

"Watch it Anastasia"

"Ooooh Anastasia. Am I in trouble?" she says shooting him a sexy smirk.

"No" he says with wide eyes. "No"

"Christian..." she says moving the plates out of the way so she can straddle his legs. "Just because I wasn't crazy about what you tried last week doesn't mean I don't like all of our playful stuff. I love when you spank me for rolling my eyes" she giggles.

"I'm... I'm just not ready for that yet"

She nods. "I love you" she whispers. "I love us. Everything about us. The good, the bad... there hasn't been anything too ugly yet I don't think" she smiles. "I went to Dr. Frank because I didn't want what happen to cause a rift in our relationship and I felt one forming"

He looks up at her with sad eyes. "I never want there to be anything like that between us"

"Me either"

"Thank you for... caring enough to do this"

"Of course I care" she wraps her arms around his neck and snuggles into his chest.

"Do you want to talk about your grandmother?" he asks after a few silent minutes. "I'm sorry we spent the whole session talking about my stupidity last week"

"Baby stop" she says sitting up and looking at him in the eyes. "No more"

He nods. "Okay"

"You know, my grandmother and I talked alot about you before she died."


"She talked about how handsome you were, how it was a shame she wouldn't be around to see how beautiful her great grand children would be" she smiles and he raises an eyebrow at her. "Not tomorrow" she finishes.

"Anything else?" he asks as he begins to stroke her arms up and down to comfort her as he is feeling her body language slowly change as she talks about her grandmother.

"That I should always support you. That it was obvious you had given my dad a run for his money as my number one fan." she laughs. "To be careful with your heart because it was obvious you had given it to me. To cherish it. To always be honest with you because she knew you trusted me. She told me if I ever hurt you she would kick my "bum" the next time she saw me, for being dumb" she giggles. "That goes like quadruple for you" At this point she is fighting the tears.

"Let it out, baby. It's okay" he pulls her back to his chest and she sobs until her tear ducts feel as if they're going to dry up. By the time she's finished, her mascara has run to her chin and his sweatshirt is wet and stained from her makeup.

He wipes her face before placing a kiss on her lips. "She told me to fight like hell for you and us. To never let you go because you loved me like no other. To do what I had to do for us to always be on the same page. To be okay. And when the time comes to put you before anything or anyone because you'll be the most important person in my life. Well you already are... but I guess she meant... when we're more than just boyfriend and girlfriend." She blushes a bright pink at the implication and looks away. "Today was me doing all of that. I'm doing exactly what she would have wanted me to do today"

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