"How long do I have to keep my eyes closed?" Rose asked sitting in the console.

"Not long!" The Doctor called out.

Rose sighed as she waited, wondering what surprise he had planned.

A minute later she heard the Doctor's footsteps approaching.

"Okay, open them!" He said excitedly.

She opened her eyes and was shocked to see the Doctor out of his brown suit and wearing a black leather jacket, dark sweater and black trousers.

"Well?" He said.

"Those are your clothes from your last regeneration." She realized.

The Doctor nodded.

"But why are you wearing them?" Rose asked.

He sat beside her and tilted her chin. "Because today's our anniversary; it's been one year since the first day we met." The Doctor gently kissed her.

Rose smiled. "You remembered." She said kissing his nose.

He lifted her to her feet. "Of course, how could I forget? I took your hand and said "Run." The Doctor playfully growled in her ear.

Rose giggled as he twirled her around in his arms.

Their lips met in a sweet kiss.

After the kiss she asked him, curiously. "Where did you get the clothes?"

"Oh, I always keep clothes from my past regenerations in case I decide I want to wear them again which is usually never." He admitted.

She couldn't help but notice how differently the clothes fit him.

"Something wrong?" He asked.

"No, it's just you look so different in that outfit, now." Rose commented.

He shrugged. "Yeah I know I look silly in this but I really wanted to wear the same outfit I wore when I met you."

Embracing him she grinned and said. "Who said I thought you looked silly?"

He smiled. "Yeah?"

She nodded. "Yes."

He grinned and pulled her closer.

"I got you something." The Doctor whispered.

A mischievous smile formed across her face. "You know what? I got you something too." Rose replied poking his chest.

"Let me give you mine first." He said dashing under the console.

The Doctor pulled out a small red velvet box and handed it to her.

Rose smiled as she opened it. There was a shiny TARDIS key inside.

She glanced at him puzzled. "But I already have a key."

The Doctor gazed into her eyes. "I know but this key is special." He said softly.

"How so?" She asked.

"Those times when we're apart and you're missing me just hold the key close to your heart and you'll feel my spirit with you." The Doctor explained.

"Really?" Rose replied.

"Try it." He said.

Rose held the key to her heart and immediately it felt like he was holding her. "I can actually feel you." She said amazed.

He smiled. "Do you like it?"

Rose nodded. "I love it! I'll cherish it forever." She hugged his neck.

"Now my turn." She said reaching into her pocket. Rose handed him a piece of paper.

The Doctor unfolded the paper and read it aloud. "Doctor, you had me at the word Run." I love you so much and you never have to worry because I'm not going anywhere. You're the only one I want."

He looked at her. "You mean it?"

She blushed as she nodded. "I love you, Doctor."

"I love you, too." The Doctor embraced her.

"So what's next?" Rose asked.

"I've got one more surprise." He grinned.

The Doctor snapped his fingers and the song "In the Mood" started playing.

Rose gawked at him. "That's the first song we ever danced to."

He nodded. "May I have this dance?" He asked.

"You may." She replied wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Just don't step on my feet again." She teased.

The Doctor playfully stuck his tongue out at her.

They embraced and began dancing together.

"Happy Anniversary, Rose Tyler." He whispered.

"Happy Anniversary, Doctor." Rose replied nuzzling his neck.

Long after the song had ended they stayed each other's arms the rest of the night.