AN: So i wrote this for school before i was really into fanfiction, but now i am and had like an ahaw moment and i was like "this is a fanfiction!" so yeah . Also i dont really write fanfiction that much so if it failed TELL ME! thank you.

Dear "Charlie",

I know you will never get this but i don't care. I just need a friend. Right now .So... i am the girl that started getting your letter. just to say you i was really scared when i started getting this letters. And i still think you may be so bored creep. But i real don't care who you are i just need someone to talk to. So first, some backstory . I don't have any friends. I used to but then some shit happened . That shit happened in one night. That night i lost everything my friend, the ability to talk and my virginity. Without a choice.
don don don

And the monster responsible is Andy evans.. So yeah i was rape,and yes i have no friends and yes my life sux and the only reason i have not killed my self is art. eird right i dont even remember signing up, but i guess i did . And you know what it is a cool class. My teacher is this cool hippie guy . On top of that he he only gave us one assignment ,pick something out of a broken globe ,then make art out of it . What did i get ,a heart, the sun .No a TREE. At first i thought it was really really lame and stupid. But now that tree mean alot to me . that tree is my life it mean every thing to me . I don't just see a tree, i see a soul .And that soul is telling ,me to talk .I know the old tree may have died, but it did not die in vain. Out of all this pain a new tree will grow and it will be more beautiful than any other tree .

Now i know i should tell someone. Now. I know other girls are in danger, including my ex best friend rachael (ray-shelley).Even though she is now a stuck up wannabe french girl. Buti will still save them from this monster . It maybe hard to talk, and i may think just can't talk. but i know this is bad so i must stop it and be brave like you so yeah i may be doomed but you "charlie"will help me stand up and speak. so maybe people may hate me .But what happened to me is not my fault (right?) . And i called the cop for a good reason and when i call this cops this time i will speak. I know i am scared but you can't be brave unless you are scared. And i like and new seed will spring out and do something i am so afraid of doing .Speak.