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In the small town of Godric's hollow Lilly had always been known as a good girl, and the fact she wore nothing but flowery pink dresses didn't help her disprove anything. But the day that she came out of the girls' bathroom wearing something completely different it caused a lot of confusion. She was wearing a pair of black ripped skinny jeans tucked into a pair of grey wedge combat boots, a dark blue ribbed tank top with a grey skull on that showed off the sides of her black lace bra, and finally a black leather jacket slung over her shoulder. With Lilly's bright red hair braided down her back and her vibrant green eyes outlined in dark grey eyeliner she looked so different from normal that it was quite startling for everyone.

"Lilly!? What are you wearing? That looks nothing like what you usually wear." Alice, Lilly's best friend, asked. Lilly just smiled.

"I have an entire wardrobe full of stuff like this at home, I just never wear it to school because its easier to slip on a dress than a pair of skin tight skinny jeans. Today I don't have time to go home and change for my date at the concert in Hogsmead so I'm getting picked up here." just then there was the sound of a motorcycle pulling up in front of the school.

"And there is my ride now." Outside sat a teen wearing a black leather jacket over a white shirt and dark blue jeans tucked into a pair of well-worn biker boots, he didn't take off his helmet so Alice couldn't see his face just an amazing pair of baby blue eyes. Through those eyes Alice could see that he looked at Lilly like she was the only person that mattered in the world.

"Who exactly is that Lilly?" Alice questioned looking perplexed, "he doesn't go to school here and I've never seen in town before."

"That's James, my boyfriend of two years, we met about three years ago at a concert in Little Winging where he lives with his parents and his best friend who lives with them. He actually doesn't drive that bike all the time he has a truck but he's really proud of that bike because he and Sirius, that's the friend that lives with him, saved for two years so they could buy their bikes together. Sorry I can't stay too much longer, we've got a long ride ahead of us and we've got to get there before Sirius gets in a fight with someone."

"Why would he be getting in a fight with someone at a concert, and how are you so sure it will happen?"

"He's really unconfident when it comes to the relationship he's in right now so anytime a guy starts to talk to her he thinks she will leave him for the other guy even though she is completely in love with him and would never leave him. I know it will happen because someone always tries to talk to Marlene, that's Sirius' girlfriend's name, she's really recognizable seeing as her aunt, who she lives with, is really famous in the rock-and-roll world. I'd love to keep talking to you about all this but I've really got to go; I'll see you Monday in art class: we can talk then."

Lilly smiled and waved goodbye to Alice as she ran towards James. When she reached the bike she pecked James on the lips as he handed her a grey helmet, she then slipped the proffered helmet on, swung her leg over the back of the huge Harley, and then wrapped her arms around James as they rode off; leaving the entire school populous starring after them with wide eyes and slack jaws.

"Since when has Lilly been a badass!?" Alice's longtime boyfriend Frank asked surprised and a little awestruck.

"I don't know but they were right when they said that it's always the quite ones" Alice replied with a small grin and a laugh, as she pulled frank towards his car, "Now come on you've got to get me home so I can get ready for our date tonight."

"Yeah, ok. Maybe soon we can go on a double date with Lilly and her biker guy, what's his name? Do you know?"

"Yeah, she said it was James. You never know it could be a triple date James' best friend lives with him and has a girlfriend as well Lilly made it sound as if they do everything together."

"Well I can't wait to meet them all." Frank replied with a smile as he pecked Alice on the lips before opening the door for her to get into his car.

As they drove towards Alice's house Alice began to wonder how she never noticed that Lilly had gotten a boyfriend for two whole years she remembers her talking about an annoying guy who called himself J that had been horribly rude to her at a concert a couple of years ago but that couldn't be the same person could it? She would have to wait till Monday to find out the whole story. Until then all she had were more questions than answers.

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