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When Lilly finally makes it to class I could tell she had been running. When she skids to a stop Mrs. Trelawney quips with a small smile, "Cutting it a little close aren't we Miss Evans?"

"Yea, I know. I just have to make it to semester when tardies start over."

"Yes, well at least you got here, get your stuff together and start working. The due date for this project is coming up soon, so hop to it." Trelawney says with a clap of her hands. While Lilly gathered all her stuff and caught her breath, I pretended not to notice how she kept giving me this look that said 'Please don't ask me too many questions and don't bombard me when I sit down' at first that was exactly what I was going to do but I thought it would be better to let her sit and calm down a bit before asking her anything. As Lilly sat down, the tardy bell rang and the class was soon filled with the sound of pencils on paper and paint brushes on canvas combined with the sound of Mrs. Trelawney's old radio playing soft 80's music. I decided that this was as good of a time as any to ask Lilly about James and how they met.

"Lilly are you going to tell me what happened or are you going to make me wait?"

"No, I'm just trying to figure out where to start."

"I find the beginning is usually the best place to start." I replied with a smirk. Lilly huffed out a laugh.

"Well it all started at the concert in Hogsmede three years ago that I went to with three of my cousins and my sister. Where this guy, who called himself J, kept following me around, hitting on me, and badgering me about why I had come to a concert all alone. Of course I wasn't actually alone but I had gotten separated from the rest of the group. Soon enough, I was completely lost in the crowd, trying to get away from, but still being followed by J. Then, this complete stranger puts his arm around my shoulder and says "There you are Babe I was starting to think that you'd been kidnapped, I was just about to go looking for you." Now I was freaking out wondering why this guy was acting all friendly with me when I had never met him before. I stayed quiet but smiled softly because at that moment this stranger looked like a better option than J."

"So, wait, let me get something strait. You let some random person get into your personal space and say you were his girlfriend, because this guy, J, was creeping you out? Really!?"

"Because J made me feel violated and I was really afraid that he would actually hurt me if I didn't get away from him. Plus, I couldn't find a security guard." The face Lilly wore left no doubt that she felt that it was true. "Anyway it turned out that J knew the stranger because he automatically backed off, stammering about how he was sorry and that he didn't know I was this guy's girl. The guy waved him off saying its fine and how J wouldn't have known because he likes to keep his regular life separate from his school life. Soon after that J left, and as soon as J was out of sight, the guy turns to me and introduces himself as James Potter and asked if he could walk me anywhere. After I introduced myself I admitted that I had no idea

where my friends were, but I did know where the car was so all I had to do was wait until the concert was over and head that way. Once I had explained everything, he invited me to watch the concert with him and said that he would walk me to my car after so I wasn't susceptible to being harassed by J again. I agreed, and we enjoyed the rest of the concert together."

"Did he ask you out after he walked you to the car?"

"No. We exchanged phone numbers and talked over the phone for about two weeks. Then, he asked me if I wanted to go to a movie with him. I said yes and that's how I came to have the greatest boyfriend ever. He treats me like I'm the most precious thing in the world, he's just amazing. I know I'm in love with him and he's in love with me."

"Well, I like him. As little as I have talked to him he sounds polite, caring, and also quite funny. I hope you two last. You seem like the prefect pair."

"Thanks! I hope we last as well. It already looks like we could be together forever but, first, we have to see if we can make it through the first year of college."

"Are your colleges not close by?"

"They are, but I just hope we can make time for each other in between studies, we are both very serious about our studies."

"Well good luck with that. Now I need you to tell me how Sirius and Marlene came into the picture."

Lilly laughed "It's actually a really funny story."

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