Summary: Dumbledore thinks that Harry is turning dark. So, what does he do? Simple: Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, do no evil. Bash!Dumbles,Weasley,Hr Alive!Sirius, ignores HBP, begins before 7th year, HPLV SBRL FWGWDM BZNL SSLMNM PPLL - PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS

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The Wise Mage

A Tale Based on the Four Wise Monkeys



Lord Voldemort was sitting on his throne holding a meeting. This meeting was about the assassination they were going to attempt on the Potter brat during the summer, now that they knew where he stayed.

Currently, Voldemort was listening to Draco Malfoy's report on Potter during this past school year, his sixth. He noted with interest about the estrangement between the Golden Trio, and how Dumbledore didn't seem too keen on his Golden Brat anymore. Then, Draco mentioned how Potter had gone missing about a week before the end of the year, and hadn't been seen since.

Voldemort was contemplating this as the doors opened. A small figure began pushing through the crowd, attempting to get closer to Voldemort. The Dark Lord was getting ready to curse this person for interrupting his meeting, when he felt a presence in his mind. He panicked slightly, since his Occlumency shields had been up, and it should not have been possible for anything to have gotten inside his mind. That was when he heard a gasp from Severus and Lucius, and assumed that they had felt the presence behind their Occlumency barriers as well.

He heard the presence in his mind snicker. "You have no reason to be alarmed. I am a Natural Legilimens. Your Occlumency is fine," the presence said, and Voldemort knew he had heard that voice before. He just couldn't place it.

From the shocked looks on the faces of his Death Eaters, Voldemort knew that they could hear it, too.

"Who are you?" Voldemort asked aloud. He didn't want to curse his visitor just yet.

"Don't remember me, Tom?" the voice in his mind questioned. Suddenly, the small person, now in front of his throne, raised a hand, still covered by his robes, and waved at him. "Such a pity. And here I was, hoping that you would still be able to know who I was. Such a pity," the voice sighed.

"Who are you? Tell me before I curse you!" Tom shouted, filled with rage at the use of his filthy muggle name.

The voice in his head snickered once again. "Oh, Tom, are you really so naïve to think that you could curse me?" Another snicker.

Tom pointed his wand at the figure, now seated, at the base of his throne, and cast the Cruciatus. Just as it was about to make contact, the spell rebounded off an invisible barrier, and hit Voldemort. The Dark Lord nearly screamed at the pain and rage his own spell contained.

"Like I said, Tom, did you really think you could curse me? As it is, I would like to be on your side of this wretched war, so, therefore, I feel I should be in your good graces. I will show you who I am, so long as you swear not to attempt to knowingly harm or kill me, and I shall do the same for you."

Voldemort thought this out, as any Slytherin would. Though, his judgment was impeded with the amount of rage he felt. He nodded, and held up his wand, waiting for the small person to do so as well. Slowly, both of them took the oath in unison, so neither would be able to stop without being bound to it, and then harm or kill the other.

When this was done, the person nodded, and he felt, rather than saw, the presence smile. Slowly, the person looked up at Tom, without their hood falling, am let Voldemort see their face. The first thing Tom noticed was the lightning bolt shaped scar at the upper right of their forehead. Then, he saw their face.


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