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The Wise Mage

A Tale Based on the Four Wise Monkeys

Chapter 1


When this was done, the person nodded, and he felt, rather than saw, the presence smile. Slowly, the person looked up at Tom, without their hood falling, am let Voldemort see their face. The first thing Tom noticed was the lightning bolt shaped scar at the upper right of their forehead. Then, he saw their face.

The scar and the small build were the only remnants of Harry Potter.

The man in front of him, for no boy could be this way, was scary. His eyebrows and eyelashes had been plucked, and his head and face were shaven, so he was devoid of any hair from his collar up, and maybe, for all Tom knew, below that, too. Harry had scars on his scalp, as though the person cutting his hair off had not been very careful at all. However, worst of all, were his eyes and mouth. His eyelids had been stitched shut, with black thread, there was dried blood around his eyes, and it looked as though the sockets were hollow, as if there were no longer eyes behind his permanently closed eyelids. Tom would've wagered that if he pressed on the eyelid, his finger would have found no resistance except for the skin. His mouth was also stitched shut, with the same black thread, and his lips had been cut off. There was no red around his mouth, just skin, and black thread. There was also a long, jagged scar on his throat, from the top to the bottom. Where his ears had once been, Harry now had scars and stitches, as though his ears had been sliced off and the holes left sewn shut.

Tom looked down his robe, to see if there was any more visible damage. Harry, though he could not possibly have seen the movement, smiled slightly and held up his hands. Or, what had been his hands. They were now stumps, cut off at the wrists. Tom noted, with some interest, the long, jagged scars on the wrists, probably from a suicide attempt.

In short, Tom was shocked.

Making a quick, and hopefully wise, decision, Voldemort addressed his followers. "My Death Eaters, let me introduce you to a new ally, Lethe. He is to be afforded the same respect that you would give me. He shall handle any disrespect, and I have no doubts that he is capable."

Suddenly, the presence in his mind sent the image of a wicked grin, and Tom saw the grin reflected on Harry's face. "Thank you, Voldemort. I assure all of you that I am capable of…discipline." The malicious tone in which Harry had…said…thought?...the word "discipline" was unnerving, and sent shivers down the spines of some of the newer Death Eaters.

Harry still hadn't turned around, nor shown his new appearance to the Death Eaters, and did not appear as though he planned to. "Now," the voice rang in their minds, "I believe you were readying to assassinate Harry Potter?"

Voldemort looked at him, his questions in his eyes. Going out on a limb, he thought, 'How are we to assassinate you, if you are now my ally?'

"Simple," he heard, "bring me the muggles who live there. I have been waiting for this…opportunity…for a very long time. The wards will have collapsed by now, so it should be fairly easy. Just go in and portkey them out."

Voldemort nodded. "My followers, I have received information that the wards around the house have collapsed. You will go there and bring me everyone, whether the Potter brat is there or not. Lucius, you are in charge of organizing this. Dismissed."

There were loud CRACK!'s of Apparition following a loud chorus of "Yes, my lord."

"Now," Tom said. "I have questions." And he swept out of the room, leaving Harry to follow.

They walked through the halls of the manor, Harry managing to not look clumsy or bump into anything. They reached Voldemort's sitting room with ease after a short walk. The room was not overly large, just enough pace for 3 walls covered in books, a mahogany desk with a leather swivel chair behind it, and two armchairs in front, a fireplace, and two wingback chairs in front of it.

Tom sat down in one of the chairs near the fireplace, and Harry followed suit.

"So," Voldemort started. "How is it that you seem to know where you are going?"

Harry smirked at this, a knowing expression on his face. "The same way I speak and hear. I use my Natural Legilimency to hear and see from everyone's mind, if they're near me. I saw and heard everything that your Death Eaters saw and heard during the meeting. I can feel people all the way down in Little Hangleton. Definitely useful, not only for my…predicament, but also for missions and such."

Voldemort nodded. It made sense. "What exactly happened to you?"

Harry's face darkened considerably, his stitched lips etched into a frown. A pensieve appeared in front of Voldemort, and his eyes widened minutely at the display of such powerful wandless magic. A small sliver of memories made its way from Harry's head, as though attached to a wand, and into the bowl of memories. Taking the hint, Tom put his face into the bowl.

Dumbledore was standing over Harry, who was strapped to a metal table. It was a very bleak room, grey stone, presumably somewhere in Hogwarts's dungeons. "Well, my boy, I am afraid that I cannot allow your descent to the Dark side to continue any longer."

Harry's lips opened and began to move, his eyes frantic, and it was apparent that a silencing spell had been cast on him. "Now, my boy, I have decided to go along with a muggle idea for your…correction. I presume you have heard of the four wise monkeys?"

Getting no response from a wide-eyed Harry, Dumbledore continued. "It is very simple. There are four monkeys, each in a different pose, that represent four things: Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, do no evil. Now, since I cannot make it so you can be in the four poses, we will have to improvise." Dumbledore conjured a knife, needle, and black thread.

The memory ended there, and it was enough for Voldemort to gain the information he wanted.

"So, now that you know, could you please call Severus in? I would like to speak to him."

Voldemort nodded. Seconds later, the CRACK! of Apparition could be heard from the foyer, and the footsteps of someone coming their way.

Severus walked in to the room not long after, and Tom nodded at him, before sweeping from the room.

"Sit down, Severus," a presence, the one from the meeting, said into his mind.

Severus did as he had been bidden, and waiting silently. A few minutes later, he saw stumps rise form the cloaked figure in front of him, where his hands had once been, and take the hood down.

When it fell, Severus let out and uncontrolled gasp of surmise, a look of shock on his face.


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