Author Note: This chapter has no beta and is self edited.

Suddenly in the silent room there was a ringing sound that had Hecate cocking her head to the side, as if she could hear words in the ringing and with a barely raised eyebrow, she looked at Amanda, before gesturing at the Goblet of Fire.

"Since you still have to compete in that thing and I have heard that they are making it so that you don't have to do finals, I have a list of books that I want you to look at in your extra time." With a wave of her hand Hecate had a paper in her hands, which she then gave to Amanda. "

Hecate then surprising Amanda pulled her in her arms for a quick hug, then just as quickly she let go. The Goddess of Magic turned toward the still frozen magic users and waved her hand, this caused them to be unfrozen.

"Let it be known if any of you besides Amanda talk to someone or inform someone about this in any way you will lose your magic, and Dumbledore, if you continue your manipulations then you will found yourself in a whole lot of trouble." Hecate told them glaring, she then turned toward Amanda. "And Amanda dear, I would advise you not to tell anyone also, though you can just be careful," and then with a wave of her hand everyone looked away and she was gone in a flash of light.

Amanda stared at the paper in her hands as her thoughts swirled around her head head in shock and a slight bit of confusion. What had Hecate ment about Dumbledore's manipulations, and was she really supposed to be the new goddess of magic at some point in the future. The future goddess of magic forced her thoughts to slow down and tried to think more rationally as everyone else collected themselves and Ludo Bagman got up from the floor.

Everyone jumped as the door leading to the Great Hall slammed open and Moody came in with his eye swirling in it's socket.

"Constant Vigilance" the (in Amanda's opinion) insane man screamed as he looked at all the people in the room. "I'm surprised that you people have not made a big enough racket that people could hear it on the other side of the door yet" Moody said in a suspicious tone.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and answered, "Yes, but we are adults here, so we all came to agreement that there is nothing that we could do about it, and Ludo here was just going to explain the first task."

There was an awkward pause of silence as everyone turned toward Ludo Bagman. Bagman stared back for a moment, then he made a slight oooh sound of understanding and turned to Crouch.

"Oh yes, instructions for their task," Bagman said as his face regained lost color from his fright and he started smiling. "Barty, want to do the honors?"

Mr. Crouch blinked as he came out of his thoughts, he then moved forward into the firelight so that Amanda could see that he looked ill, with dark shadows and a thin papery look that had not been there at the Quidditch World Cup.

"Your first task is designed to test your daring, so we are not going to be telling you what it is. Courage in the face of the unknown is an important quality in a wizard…. very important." the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation told the champions.

Crouch paused in order for that information to sink in then continued. "The champions are not permitted to ask for or accept help of any kind from their teacher to complete the tasks in the tournament. The champions will face the first challenge armed with only their wands. They will receive information about the second task when the first is over. Owing to the demanding and time-consuming nature of the tournament, the champions are exempted from end-of-year tests, and they do not have to attend class."

Mr. Crouch turned to look at Dumbledore.

"I think that's all, is it, Albus?"

"I think so," Dumbledore said as he looked at Crouch with mild concern. "Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay at Hogwarts tonight, Barty?"

"No, Dumbledore, I must get back to the Ministry. It is very busy,very difficult at moment… I've

left young Weatherby in charge… Very enthusiastic…. a little overenthusiastic, if truth be told."

"Professor Karkaroff - Madame Maxime - a nightcap," Dumbledore asked turning to them, but Madame Maxime had already put her arms around Fleur's shoulders and was leading her swiftly out of the room as they spoke in French. Karkaroff beckoned to Krum, and then they too, excited though they did so in silence.

"Amanda, Cedric, I suggest you go up to bed, though I will like to speak to you Amanda after Breakfast tomorrow," Dumbledore told them smiling, before he continued. "I am sure Gryffindor and Hufflepuff are waiting to celebrate with you, and it would be a shame to deprive them of this excellent excuse to make a great mess and noise."

Amanda glanced at Cedric, who nodded and held the door open for her before he followed behind her.

The Great Hall was empty with the candles burning low and flickering, which gave the Great Hall a creepy deserted horror movie look.

"So, that thing with Hecate was weird, right," Cedric said with a voice full of wonder. "I mean do you know if that was even the real Goddess of Magic Hecate, the one who gifted us our magic."

Amanda glanced at him slightly confused, "Do Magical's worship Ancient Greek gods, I thought that it was only a muggle thing?"

Cedric turned to stare to stare at Amanda with such complete shock that Amanda stopped walking in surprise and started to get defensive.

"You mean you don't know about the gods of magic and how we came to be" Cedric asked incredulously, then he continued before she could even get a word in. "You should knew this after all you are supposed to be Lady Potter someday."

"What do you mean Lady Potter and I do to know about the gods of magic such as Hecate, Loki, and the Egyptian gods of magic Thoth, Iris, and Heka. " Amanda told him indignantly.

Cedric gave her a look full of horror.

"Your guardian should have given you your heir ring and tutored you on all of your responsibilities, have they not done this."

"Why would they my relatives hate every and anything to do with magic." Amanda told him as she scoffed at the thought of her Aunt or Uncle doing anything to help her.

"Do you live with muggle?" Cedric asked in surprise.

"Yes, why."

"When did you learn of magic, because whoever introduced you to magic is most likely your magical guardian in the wizarding world."

Amanda stared at him wide eyed.

"You mean that Hagrid is my magical guardian, not that I don't like him or anything, but he does not seem like a… you know.. someone responsible enough to have that responsibility?"

Now it was Cedric's turn to look wide eyed.

"That should not be possible, Hagrid's half-giant and he did not finish at Hogwarts. And the Ministry would never allow that to happen." Cedric answered.

"Then who is, do I even have one."

The Hufflepuff perfect frowned in thought.

"You should, because whoever it is had to have payed for your schooling."

"You have to pay to go here?" the witch asked in confusion.

Cedric glanced at his watch and the lines in his forehead grew deeper before they smoothed out.

"How about this its getting late, so I will owl my dad about this tomorrow morning and hopefully he'll be able to help, ok"

Amanda nodded and turned to walk toward to exit of the Great Hall, but Cedric tapped her on her arm, causing her to turn to him in question.


"While it might not be dangerous, how about I walk you to your dorm." Cedric told her as he offered his arm.

"You don't have to." she told him, causing Cedric to grin a boyishly.

"I don't have to, but I want to, besides what kind of wizard would I be if I let a Lady walk alone to her courters," the blond wizard paused with a dramatic shiver. "And along with that I would not want to have to face my mom with the knowledge that I let Lady walk alone and didn't escort her. I'd be face with being called a brute and the terror of a mother's wrath."

Amanda rolled her eyes, but nodded her consent anyways, and allowed Cedrix to help her to the Gryffindor Tower.

They walked in silence mostly until they reached the Fat Lady at which Cedric nodded to her, wished her a good night then was on his way back toward the way they had come to wherever the Hufflepuff common room was. Amanda took a deep breath to prepare herself, then stepped toward the Fat Fat Lady opened the door reluctantly, after the tired witch had spoken the password. She entered the door as dread filled and then to her embarrassment let out a scream as two pairs of hands grabbed her out of nowhere and pulled her inside at a faster rate than she wanted to go in at.

The two pair of hands ended up belonging to the twins, who along with the other Gryffindors asked how she had entered and congratulated her repeatedly, and would not let her go until she blow up and scream at them that she had not entered and that they should bloody well leave her alone, along with a punch to whoever had grabbed onto her to calm her down. With that blessed silence Amanda made her way up to the room that she shared with Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, and Hermione, quickly as everyone avoided her.

Amanda entered her dorm quickly and glanced toward Hermione's bed only to see that the curtains were closed, this told her that Hermione was most likely asleep. Sighing she changed in to her Pajamas, got in to bed, closed her curtains and got under the covers.

As the black-haired witch shut her eyes she thought sleepily to herself that she would apologize to whoever she had punched, after all while they were getting on her nerves they did not deserve to be punched.