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AU: Regina (30) casts curse and wants her own happy ending. She sets up a dating profile to meet some single women around her area. Fast forward 18 years.

Emma 18 years old and bouncing from different friends couches and as well as Regina sets up a dating profile to hopefully meet an older woman to take her under her wing.

The house was spectacular. All the rooms one could ever need and all the furnishings one could ever want. Casting that dreadful curse had worked out far better than Regina could have ever dreamed. She had everything she ever wanted right here in front of her. Everyone was miserable and that somehow made this Evil Queen pleasantly delighted. There was just one little detail missing.

Regina got up from her bed; her gown draped all the way to her knees the silk brushing against her smooth skin with each stride she took. Now all it took for her to have everything she ever wanted was to find a suitable mate. She chuckled to herself silently. Using the word mate as loosely as she was. See Regina wasn't your average Evil Queen. There was a reason she had suitor after suitor traipsing in and out of her castle. She had learned long ago that no man was ever going to replace what she had with Daniel. And in realizing that she had come to terms with knowing a woman was the only person who could win her heart.

In order to get acquainted with this new world and all it's workings she had set up a few different social media outlets for her to do her research. In doing so she learned the many ins and outs of the world wide web. And the most important aspect of that was the online dating world. They had all different kinds of sites for you to set up a profile where prospective suitors could read about you and decide if you were someone who peeked their interest. Regina had of course made a profile with the sexiest picture she could take with her fancy phone. She had embellished a few of the details, using examples that she could find from other such profiles and had even sent out a few messages to a couple of younger girls that grabbed her interest. She laughed to herself not expecting any of the messages she sent out to actually warrant a response from anyone. But she honestly had nothing to lose.

Fast forward 18 years.

Emma rolled out of bed ready to take on whatever this day had to offer her. She had learned long ago never to expect much from the day. Living with literally no expectations was the only way she had come to terms with her terribly unlucky life. You see Emma had been abandoned on the side of the road. Her family hadn't even cared enough to drop her off at a hospital. She had literally bounced in and out of fosters homes since she was 3 years old. No one had ever cared about Emma for long enough to give her a long standing home in this life. She had never even known the feeling of true love. And that had shaped Emma into quite the hardened teenager.

Emma stood up and stuck her arms through her plaid button down shirt, put her long blonde hair into a ponytail and through a baseball cap, pulled up her scruffy blue jeans and put on her old sneakers. She was used to rough nights and no sleep. Sleeping on the couch night after night would do that to you.

She took her phone off the charger from the night before and checked all her missed notifications. She had the usual game notifications and missed text messages from her early rising best friend; Tina. But something she wasn't used to was a certain notification from a dating website she had signed up for a week before. Well, that Tina had signed her up for, insisting that Emma needed to put herself out there and finally settled down with someone. She smiled a little, hopeful at what the message inside had to offer her. But also considered the possibility that it was just another random stalker guy trying to get her number.

She sprawled back onto her bed almost giddy with anticipation at what this message had to offer.

"Dear Emma,

I'm sorry to seem so formal at this but I'm honestly not sure of exactly what I'm even doing.

I guess I should start by introducing myself.

My name is Regina.

I am 30 years old.

I live in a little town called Camden, Maine.

I am also the major of the town, and as I am mayor I don't have a lot of time to go out socializing and meeting new people. So here I am on this dating website.

A few hobbies of mine include; gardening, horseback riding, and baking.

I hope to have at least gotten a little of your attention.



P.S. Hope to hear from you soon! xoxo"

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