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Now where will I go next?


Emma pushed the woman off of her. Frantically trying to catch her breath after what was the most amazing kiss she had ever had. Even though she didn't quite understand why she felt like that considering she didn't even realize at first who the woman was kissing her.

"What the hell are you doing? Who the hell..!"

Emma's legs suddenly went limp. She looked up and into the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. Those lips. Her hair. That smile. Everything about this woman made Emma's knees want to give out on her right then and there.

It can't be..It's not..possible..

She shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment. Emma wondered if maybe those drinks were stronger than she originally had thought. Maybe this was all wishful thinking and once she opened her eyes back up she would no longer be there and this would all have been a really wonderful dream.

Regina smiled for a minute and cocked her head to the side. This was even better than she could have imagined. She had caught Emma completely off guard and she had actually enjoyed it. It was at least a minute that the blonde kept her eyes closed just standing there. Regina wanted to say something or even outstretch her hand to shake the blonde back to reality. But she was having too much satisfaction from the blondes reaction. While Emma had been off in her own little world Tracy had lost interest with her and had gotten up and left her side. She was now off with some other young plaything for the night. Regina quite enjoyed that fact. Now she could have Emma all to herself.

It took Emma a moment to gather her composure and finally come back to her senses. When she did she immediately turned around to look behind her for Tracy. It only took a brief glance to the other side of the club to see that Tracy had in fact lost interest with her and had moved onto another girl. She felt like maybe she should have been more upset about that then she was; but the truth was she was slightly relieved that she did not have to explain this rather awkward situation to the other woman. Emma turned back to Regina and for the first time really took her in. She looked up and down the woman admiring her. She was a lot taller in person than she had imagined. But upon closer investigation she quickly realized that that was due to the rather tall very sexy high heels that she was wearing. Her figure was definitely skinnier than she had originally thought. Standing there Regina was in the most gorgeous form fitting black leather dress Emma had ever seen. The older woman's legs were to die for. Emma loved everything about this woman.

After catching her breath yet again Emma realized that she had been inadvertently staring at Regina. She closed her eyes yet again and this time opened them very abruptly realizing just what this meant.

"What are you doing here? How did you even find me? Have you been stalking me? This is not flattery this is very creepy and I don't appreciate it!"

Emma surprised even herself with the sudden outburst that came over her. But she didn't regret it. This woman had crossed way more than a couple of lines.

Flabbergasted Regina just stared for a moment. You see Regina was used to getting control of any heart she wanted whenever she wanted; although her previous methods had been a little more violent and gave no chance for her prey to tell her no or run away. She wasn't used to them fighting back and actually having a voice of their own. This was going to prove way tougher than she was used to. But she could feel Emma was different. And that in itself would make all of this worth every bit of effort.

Good going Regina. How are you going to explain your way out of this one?

The older woman contemplated using a quick forgetting spell on the blondes drink but quickly decided against it. Where would the fun in that be?

"I can be very spontaneous when I want to be young lady. Just because I'm older doesn't mean I don't have a few of my own tricks up my sleeve. I am a very powerful woman. Let's just say I have a few ways of getting things I want done."

Emma couldn't believe her ears. This woman really didn't believe that what she had done tonight was wrong at all. Who did she think she was? Maybe she had misjudged her. Maybe this was indeed a very terrible idea. All Emma knew was that she wanted to get as far away from this woman as fast as she could. She contemplated just turning around and running out of there not even caring about the friend she would be leaving behind.

"You are completely out of your mind! I don't know who you think you are but I'm leaving!"

Before waiting to give Regina chance to even say anything else Emma got up and ran out the door. She kept running not wanting to look back for even a second. She wasn't sure where she would go or how she would get home later but at this point she didn't care. All Emma wanted to do was get far far away from Regina. Even if the woman had completely put her under her spell Regina just showing up like that was way too weird to outweigh how she was feeling right now. Her fight or flight instincts had instantly taken over. After about twenty minutes of running Emma decided she had gotten far enough away from the woman now and that there was no way she followed her or could find her like she did before.

Just up ahead there was a bench sitting under a streetlight. She sighed out of relief and went and sat down on the bench to catch her breath. Emma could finally think clearly, as for some reason being around that woman had completely thrown her off course and made her not know what was going on or how she was feeling. More than anything she wished she had stayed for just a moment longer to see exactly what else the woman had to say. But she was way too stubborn to go back now and try to figure out the situation. That woman was out of her mind and Emma knew not to get involved with crazy.

Dammit Regina. Now look what you've gone and done. This is not how it was supposed to have happened at all.

Regina was not used to losing. And even worse she was not used to being rejected. Except funny enough she loved this feeling. She had never quite had an actual chase before. It was more like she set her sights on someone and used her infinite power to get them under her grasp right where she wanted them. This was different. Emma was different. For the first time in a long time Regina felt actual feelings of emotional attraction and not just sexual. The younger woman had put a spell on her without even realizing it. Regina was, happy.

Regina pulled out her cell phone and dialed Emma's number. Hoping more than anything the blonde would answer and give her another chance. She knew it was a long shot but she at least had to try. Emma picked up after a few rings and Regina smiled.

"Emma I'm sorry. I shouldn't have just snuck up on you like that. It wasn't fair. I really do like you and I would hate myself if I knew my actions were the reason that we weren't going to be together. So I ask you to please give me a second chance."

There were a few moments of agonizing silence coming from the other end of the line and Regina knew she had been beat. She hated to think that she had finally been bested and was determined not to let this be the end.

"I will consider the terms of your agreement on one condition."

"Yes anything. Just tell me what you want."

"Can you please come pick me up? I really don't feel like walking all the way back to the club."

Regina couldn't help but laugh out loud a little. Emma was the most adorable thing she had ever come across.

"Yes Emma. Just send me your address and I'll be there as soon as I can."

Regina hung up her phone and made her way back to where she had parked. She felt very relieved. Apologizing was certainly not in her nature, but she was determined not to lose the young blonde. Her fun had only just begun.

It didn't take Regina long at all to find the lone bench the blonde had taken up refuge on. It was surprising no one had picked her up and taken her away. This didn't seem like the best part of town that they were in. She pulled up along side the road and opened the door for her.

"Evening mam. Where to?"

"Don't play all coy with me. I might have agreed to give you a second chance. But that doesn't excuse how creepy this whole situation is. Why didn't you just ask me for my address and if you could come and see me? Why take all this effort to sneak up on me like that? I do not like surprises."

Regina pulled back into the street and began driving aimlessly trying to keep her attention on the unfamiliar road as well as on answering the blondes ever persistent questions.

"Like I was trying to tell you before you rudely ran off. I see something I want and I take whatever actions necessary to make sure it becomes mine. I like you and I couldn't wait to play your teenage games of waiting days on end before texting me back each time. Now where the hell am I going?"

Emma blushed. She had to admit the older woman knew exactly what she had been doing. By Emma trying not to seem to obvious or desperate she had reverted back to her high school ways of toying with girls and keeping them at arms length away. She couldn't remember the last time she used that technique. Or the last time it was ever successful.

"Well I'm currently staying on my friends couch. So I suppose going over there would be out of the question. And by the looks of your luggage in the back seat I'm assuming you intended to stay up here for the weekend. So the only logical thing to do would be for us to find a hotel room for the night. At least until we figure out what's going on and I decide you aren't too creepy for me."

Regina was impressed. Emma was way more observant than Regina would have originally pegged the 18 year old to be. And she was a lot more turned on by that realization than she would have liked to admit. There was just something about Emma that she couldn't shake.

After about twenty minutes of driving through a bit of awkward silences and the normal get to know you questions Regina finally pulled up to the hotel. Once parked she went inside to pay for a room. Emma grabbed the bags from the backseat of the car and waited patiently for the older woman to return. Regina came back room keys in hand and led the blonde to their room. She couldn't help but feel nervous and excited all at the same time. She turned the key and opened the door while helping Emma carry the rest of the bags into the room. She turned on the lights and closed the door.

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