Hey guys, I had this idea brewing in my head for a while. It may be just a one shot or I may continue with it. But for now, enjoy.

Story Start.

Naruto sighed in relief as he saw the sign he was looking for.

'You are now entering Nippon, land of beauty.'

Naruto shifted the pack he was carrying over his shoulder as he walked off the dock and read the sign underneath the first one.

'The city is this way; please do not cause international problems if you are visiting from another country. Enjoy your stay and live well.'

"Well, looks like this is our new home Kurama Jr." Naruto said to the small unique fox resting on his head, which yipped in response. Naruto chuckled as they left the dock and made their way to the city, as he was walking, Naruto was thinking back to how he ended up in this… predicament.


Naruto had managed to finally end Madara once and for all. He stared at the Uchiha's corpse with a look of disgust and satisfaction. Disgust for what the man did to hundreds over the decades to get power and rule the world as a god, and satisfaction for avenging his parent's and countless others deaths. Right now, the Uzumaki was inside the core of the God Tree and watched as Madara's body was reduced to ashes and his soul vaporized with a scream of agony and anger for Naruto ruining everything.

"You have proven yourself worthy of my power, come forth and make the choice" a voice reverberated through the chamber. Naruto looked around before walking up to the pedestal that emerged from the ground with a glowing orb floating on it.

"Here is your choice; become the wielder of my power and enforce peace throughout the land, or, bring back everyone that had fallen due to Madara's actions, but at the price of the 9 and the use of Chakra for everyone else." The voice said as Naruto began to think, he didn't want to become a dictator and force other to his will, while he wanted to help those who lost comrades and friends, he didn't want to lose the 9, to lose Kurama.

'Naruto, go with the second option.' Kurama responded with a soft tone.

'But what about you and the others, I can't sacrifice you guys.' Naruto shot back with fear lacing his voice as he was standing in front of the fox in his mindscape.

'I know you don't want to, but we want this Naruto, we have been around for centuries and used countless times as weapons of war. It's time for us to take our leave.' Kurama replied.

'I can't lose you Kurama; you're the closest friend I have!' Naruto said as his voice was cracking from the emotions he was feeling. Tears started to form in the corners of his eyes.

'Listen to me, Naruto. I have been around for a long time now; we have been used like mere tools for war and viewed as mindless beasts. I have spoken with my brethren and we have decided to make your current generation of our vessels our heirs. I have watched you grow up from a little child alone in the world to a powerful young man who is easily the strongest being to exist in this world." Kurama said as he tried to reassure Naruto.

'I wouldn't have been able to get there without your help. You were like a brother to me, Kurama. I don't want to be alone again.' Naruto replied as he wiped his tears. Kurama sighed before speaking again.

'I know how you feel Naruto, which is why we had a secondary plan in the event that we take our leave.' Kurama said as he smiled.

'What do you mean by that?' Naruto asked as he managed to wipe away all the tears.

'As I mentioned before, we have been around for centuries, waiting for those who we deemed worthy of inheriting our power. At first we despised tem simply because e they saw us as nothing but tools, we then realized that our chance at living peacefully was through passing our powers to those we saw as perfect heirs for us.' Kurama began as Naruto asked a question.

"Ok, but how does this involve me?' Naruto asked as he scratched his head in confusion, Kurama sighed, while Naruto can be smart, he still had his moments of being a dense blonde.

'Ignoring your brief lapse of thought, over time throughout my… stay within Mito, Kushina and you, I have watched and learned that you three were the most… pure when it comes to your race, which is why I have chosen you to be my successor.' Kurama replied.

'Wait, really? You want me to be your heir?' Naruto asked with astonishment on his face.

'Yes, you have proven that you are more than capable of not succumbing to the fear of us like the majority of the humans. In fact all the current generation of Jinchuuriki will be our heirs. I trust you the most with my abilities and hope that you may one day find peace and love that you have been searching for.' Kurama said as he shrunk down to Naruto's size.

'I guess you have a point there, I'm going to miss you, friend.' Naruto extended his hand for a handshake, but was surprised when Kurama pulled him into a hug as the tailed beast shed a few tears. Naruto smiled and returned the hug. Kurama started to fade as his powers, including the other half he received from his father flow into him and merge with his own. Naruto looked to the ground and wiped away a stray tear as Kurama ceased to exist and he was left alone.

-Outside of mind-

Naruto looked around to find himself lying on the floor of the chamber and got up as he made his way to the large glowing sphere that was the core and placed his hand on it and spoke.

"I choose to bring back those who were victims in Madara's quest for power at the cost of everyone else's usage of chakra" Naruto said as he closed his eyes and continued.

"This world and its people have suffered due to Hagoromo's flawed teachings. They misuse their 'divine gift' to steal, kill, pillage and more. The nations and their villages only weaponize Chakra to inflict pain and suffering on others under orders. In order to prevent another catastrophe such as Madara, then the 'gift' must be removed from the equation. I and my fellow former Jinchuuriki will become the inheritors of the original 9's powers and live out our lives, not as weapons to do as others please, but as free spirits watching over the others." Naruto finished as he opened his eyes.

'I hope the others will understand why I have made my choice' Naruto thought as he was thinking of his comrades and how they might react.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you have chosen… wisely. Your choice will be carried out immediately. But a warning, human greed knows no bounds." The tree replied back as Naruto saw 8 grapefruit sized orbs of various colors emerge from the core and shoot up into the night sky from the open top of the tree, heading to the respective heir of each tailed creature. Naruto's attention was brought back to the core as it spoke again.

"Farewell Naruto Uzumaki, and good luck in your journey." Naruto felt as if someone was hugging him and, unknown to him, Kaguya's spirit materialized behind him and was the one who hugged him as she whispered her thanks before fading away. The next thing Naruto knew was a bright flash of light before he blacked out.

-In the battleground-

Everyone was confused when the white Zetsu's started to spasm and scream in agony before shriveling up like rasins and collapsing.

"Look!" one random shinobi said as he pointed to the tree, everyone looked to the tree as it grew enormous Venus flytraps along its trunk that opened up and started to absorb the chakra of everyone there. At first they started to freak out, but calmed down when they realized they were not dying as a result. Meanwhile everyone that became a victim to Madara's machinations was revied and clawed their way out of the ground as the legacy orbs found their targets and flowed into them. Its work done, the God Tree glowed brighter before turning to stone and exploding. Minato spotted his unconscious son falling amongst the rubble and went to retrieve him before seeing that Gaara and Killer Bee catching him and avoiding the falling rubble. The Fourth turned to address his fellow shinobi when he felt someone hug him, someone he knew very well.

-1 week later-

Naruto groaned as he opened his eyes and smelled the familiar odor of hospitals. He rubbe his eyes and sat up as he took in his surroundings. He saw Gaara sleeping in a chair next to the bed and the others also relaxing.

"What did I miss?" he asked as he caught their attention.

/End Flashback/

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the usual chatter and noises that were common with cities; however Naruto was not prepared for what he was seeing. To say the city was amazing would be an understatement. This place was… extraordinary, was the best word he could describe it. Naruto decided to take a tour later and found the nearest registration station, time to begin his new life here.

(Later in the evening)

Naruto was currently working at his new job, which ironically a ramen stand, He had the position of main chef since the last one quit since the old manager didn't raise his salary. Naruto saw that the old man wanted to retire and pass his business onto someone with good hands and accepted to help him with his business. Right now Naruto was preparing many dishes with the help of his clones. So far things were looking up for him.

(Backstage of a large stadium)

A young woman was sitting at a desk as she was looking into a large mirror as she was putting on her lipstick. Her assistant was standing nearby with a smile.

"Madam, you're on in 10 minutes." She said as she looked to the clock on the wall.

"I know; in the meantime can you please pick up some food for after the show?" the woman asked as she turned to her assistant who nodded. She got up and adjusted her outfit before making her way over to her assistant and both pecked each other's cheeks.

"Now, let's put on an amazing show." The woman said as she winked to her assistant before walking through the curtains and onto the platform that rose onto the stage. Her assistant left through the exit to go pick up the food.

(Back with Naruto)

The Uzumaki was cleaning up shop as the last customer left. He was getting used to Nippon, sure he met new and exotic people, creatures, locals, etc… but hey, he wasn't going to question things, he has seen stranger. He just finished cleaning when he heard the doorbell ring and turned to see who it was. He was stunned and his mind flashed back to his old friend.

She wore an autumn orange kimono with colored maple leaves on it that hugged her slender form; open at the top to reveal some of her generous bust, pale, flawless skin with hazel eyes and a leaf resting on her silver hair, which was styled in a unique way. What caught Naruto's attention was the pair of fox ears on her head and the single fluffy fox tail growing from her tailbone as it was sticking out through a hole in her outfit.

"Hello? Is anybody in there?" she asked as she waved her hand over his face. Naruto snapped out of his stupor and replied.

"My bad, spaced out for a bit. What can I get for you?" he asked the young assistant, who was about to answer when the manager called out from the back office.

"Naruto, we don't serve customers after closing time." Naruto turned to the woman, who replied.

"It's me, Mr. Roshi. Madam wanted me to pick up some food for the after show." She replied. The owner popped out and appeared in front of the assistant as he hugged her as he was giggling.

"Oh my, I would never kick you and your mistress out." Roshi said as his hand discreetly went to cup her rear only for her to smack it away.

"Up to your perverted ways again, when will you ever learn?" she said as she pinched his cheek as he chuckled before turning to Naruto.

"Naruto, this is Kongiku. She is a good friend of mine along with her mistress. Serve her whatever she wishes." Roshi said before going back into his office. Naruto nodded and put away the cleaning supplies as he got back into the kitchen and started gathering the ingredients as Kongiku wrote down what she wanted on the menu pad before clipping it to the order wheel.

"So, where are you from Naruto?" Kongiku asked as Naruto walked out of the kitchen with the supplies and got to work as he answered.

"Not from around here, though this place is unique, so I like it." Naruto replied as Kongiku watched him work. That's when Kurama Jr. hopped up onto the counter and started sniffing Kongiku.

"Who is this little fella?" she asked as she scratched behind K Jr. ear as he started to thump his leg. Naruto chuckled at his pet's actions before responding.

"That would be Kurama Jr. He is my little friend." Naruto said as he was working on the dishes that Kongiku requested. The two made small talk as Roshi left for his home and left Naruto to close up the shop. Eventually Naruto had all the dishes made and packed ready to go as the two were making their way to the stadium, Naruto offered to help her with the delivery.

"So what exactly is this stadium?" Naruto asked as he was pushing the delivery kart.

"Well, the stadium is where all the big shows happen, while the city does celebrate events and whatnot, it's the stadium that holds all the main attractions. The tournaments are also held there." Kongiku said as she was petting Kurama Jr. who was in her arms.

"Tournaments?" Naruto asked as he raised an eyebrow looking at her.

"Yes, they range from sports, fighting, entertainment, culinary, and more… You should try it out; you seem like the competitive type." Kongiku said as she observed Naruto, he carried himself like a seasoned veteran (which he was). Naruto actually thought about that as he still liked a challenge every now and then.

"Maybe, seems interesting." Naruto replied as they arrived at the VIP entrance and Kongiku showed her badge as the bouncer let the two in. the fox-woman led Naruto to her mistress's dressing room, Naruto placed the bag with the food on the coffee table and was about to take his leave when a voice called out.

"I see the food is here, but who are you?" Naruto turned to the speaker and felt his throat dry up as he laid his eyes on the beauty that stood before him. She had lustrous raven black hair that cascaded down to her lower back and wore a white outfit with a black undershirt. She had a body that rivaled Kongiku's and had this air of sexy playfulness around her. Naruto also noticed that her eye color was golden and pupils were slightly cat-like, the final things he noticed where the two black fox ears sticking out of her hair, the nine white fox tails emerging from her tailbone, fluffy like Kongiku's and the whisker marks she had on her cheeks.

"Helloooo is anyone in there?" the woman asked playfully as she waved her hand over his face. Naruto broke out of his thoughts and responded.

"Sorry about that, my names Naruto Uzumaki, I work for old man Roshi as a chef and delivery" Naruto said as he extended his hand.

"Well then Mr. Uzumaki, my name is Ahri; I see you've already met my assistant Kongiku." Ahri shook his hand and for a second, felt the sheer amount of power that Naruto had. Her eyes widened slightly but she hid her surprise.

"Anyway, Kongiku paid for the food and here it what both of you requested." Naruto was about to take his leave when he sensed another presence enter the room.

"Ah, Yuzuruha, there you are the foods here." Kongiku said as she greeted her friend. Yuzuruha noticed Naruto and then turned to Ahri.

"Sorry about my tardiness, madam. Who is this?" she asked about Naruto, Ahri then responded.

"This is old man Roshi's new employee, Naruto." Ahri said to her second assistant, she then turned back to Naruto.

"So, are you new here?" she asked the Uzumaki.

"Yeah, I figured this place would be nice to start fresh. I must say it is nice around here." Naruto replied as he smiled.

"Of course it is, Nippon is a place where those that are rejected by humans for our appearances and powers come to live. This is our heaven." Kongiku said as she looked up from her dish. Naruto raised an eyebrow at her answer and soon replied.

"Interesting response, Anyway, I got to get going since I'm done for the night and might as well get some sleep before working tomorrow. Enjoy your food." Naruto said as he left through the VIP door with Kurama Jr. following him. Ahri stared at the door that he left though as Kongiku and Yuzuruha were eating their food.

"Madam, are you alight, you seem awfully quiet." Yuzuruha asked as she looked to Ahri, who had a smile growing on her face.

"I think life around here is about to get more interesting." Ahri replied as she joined the two in their food.

(Back with Naruto)

The young man was in the kitchen of his apartment with a bottle of sake, Kurama Jr. was sleeping in the bedroom. Currently Naruto was thinking back to what happened after waking up at the hospital after the war.


"Naruto Uzumaki, You are here to answer for your crimes against the Elemental Nations." The Fire Daiymo said with no happiness in his voice, hell the old prune had a scowl on his face as he looked down to Naruto from his grand podium. Naruto himself was sitting in a single fold steel chair with a pair of cuffs around his wrist and ankles.

"And what crimes did he commit against the Elemental Nations?" Minato asked with a slight growl as he and pretty much all of the shinobi army, including those that were brought back, were in attendance for Naruto's sentencing.

"This brat took away what belongs to us!" yelled a shinobi in the audience. A majority of them shouted out their agreement as the fire daimyo smirked.

"What do you have to say for yourself." The fire daimyo sneered at Naruto, who just sighed like he was taking a smoke break.

"Well, for one, the majority of you all fail to understand what Hagoromo was trying to teach us all. And two, since when the hell was this your problem, you don't use Chakra to begin with." Naruto said as he stared at the fire daimyo in defiance.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Jiraiya, who was one of the many brought back.

"You will watch your tongue around your superiors, boy." The fire daimyo snapped in slight anger Naruto just ignored him and turned to Jiraiya.

"You should know better than anyone here, old perv, Hagoromo wanted true peace for these lands after he shared his wisdom. And we took those words and fucked them up." Naruto said as he looked down to his feet. Jiraiya thought about what Naruto said as the daimyo spoke up.

"No matter the words of an old hermit, you still have to answer to me." Naruto just sighed and got up out of the chair, the shackles shattered as he flexed.

"Sorry, but I don't answer to old, spineless prunes." Naruto remarked as he rubbed his wrists. The old man growled and made a motion as two of his samurai moved in to apprehend Naruto. Naruto just snapped his fingers as the two samurai were pinned down by chakra chains that shot out of the ground beneath them.

"Wait, how come you still have chakra?" Ino asked. This caused an uproar as the majority of the people there started yelling about thieves, greed, Naruto betraying them. That's when Gaara's voice rang out over everyone else.

"Would it kill you all to shut the fuck up for 10 seconds!?" commanded the sand-user as everyone shut up.

"Thank you, Gaara" Naruto said before turning to Ino to answer her question.

"It was passed to me by my predecessor, Kurama." Naruto said before Tenten asked.

"Kurama was my best friend, but you all know it as the Kyuubi." Naruto started before everyone began yelling again. Naruto sighed before starting to make his way to the exit.

"Where do you think you're going, shinobi?!" The daimyo yelled out as everyones attention was turned to him. Naruto just responded with.

"Packing my stuff and getting ready to settle down somewhere else, why?" Naruto said as he turned back to look at everyone. They noticed the look of pain and acceptance in his eyes.

"But Naruto, the war is over; we can be a family now." Kushina said as Minato nodded in agreement.

"I understand you want to make up for not being there, but I need some time alone." Naruto responded.

"You are not going anywhere, Naruto! Because of you Sasuke is dead!" Sakura yelled as she glared at Naruto. Naruto contemplated tearing her throat before settling down for something else.

"Would you believe me if I said that Sasuke planned his death at my hands." He was met with silence before continuing.

"Before I confronted Madara, Sasuke challenged me to a duel to the death, the best man being the winner. He wanted to find a way to redeem himself for his past actions while he was still acting on hatred. So we fought and made it look like I still wanted to bring him back." Naruto created a vision mirror to show the over-the-top fight between the two former friends and the fatal blow Naruto landed on the Uchiha.

"Is this what you wanted, to fall to my hands?" Naruto asked Sasuke as the latter was lying on the ground with a gaping hole in his stomach, coughing up some blood, Sasuke replied.

"Y-yes… I have shamed my family name and my parents would be ashamed of me, joining Madara and Obito was my final mistake. Subconsciously I knew it was a horrible idea, but I was so absorbed with getting revenge that I didn't care." Sasuke paused as he entered a coughing fit. Naruto knelt down and leaned Sasuke up a bit. Sasuke collected his sword and handed it to Naruto.

"I singled you out to fix what I did wrong. Y-you are the only one who can stop my insane ancestor. I ask you, from one warrior to another, please end my pain." Sasuke said as he had a slight smile, Naruto nodded and plunged the blade through Sasuke's heart.

"Thank you, Naruto." Sasuke said as the light left his eyes as he ceased breathing. Naruto closed Sasuke's eyes and removed the blade as he dug a grave and placed Sasuke in it before burying the dead shinobi and used his sword as a makeshift grave-mark.

"May you find peace with your family in the afterlife." Naruto said before walking to the direction of the God Tree. Naruto ended the vision mirror and spoke again.

"And one more thing pertaining to Sasuke." Naruto pulled out a shuriken and threw it with wind chakra-enhanced speed as it passed through Sakura and embedded itself into the chair behind her. The shuriken had shredded her womb into a mess that was slowly leaking out of her as she collapsed and started to scream in agony.

"That was for killing his fiancée, Tamaki. I am ashamed to have called you a teammate, one who would stoop so low to kill an innocent out of jealousy for her relationship with you 'true love'." Naruto then turned back to his parents.

"Mom, Dad, I will be gone for a while, but I will keep in touch every now and then." Naruto said with a tone that left no room for rebuttal. The two nodded as Naruto then turned to his brethren (the other jinchuuriki turned successors).

"Guys, I am sure you know why you all can still use chakra. For now, we can live out our lives that were robbed from us. Enjoy yourselves and I'll keep in touch." Naruto said as Minato and Kushina made their way to their son and hugged him.

"You be safe out there, keep in touch and if you find a lucky lady, I want lots of grandchildren." Kushina said as she pulled back and ruffled Naruto's hair, who just smiled at her 'orders'.

"Do what you mother said, but cut back on the grandchildren-AAHH!" Minato yelped as Kushina grabbed his ear and started twisting it.

"I'm sorry; did I just hear my dear husband tell our son not to give me grandchildren?" Kushina asked with a sweet ton as Minato looked to Naruto with a pleading look.

"On second thought, grandchildren sound wonderful, the more the merrier!" Minato said with a panicked tone. Naruto just chuckled at their antics and turned to Tsunade.

"Well, this is it granny, I am officially resigning as a shinobi of the Leaf." Naruto took off his headband and tossed it to her, which she caught. Tsunade glanced at the symbol and smiled.

"One another note, I reversed both of your bodies so now you are both in your early thirties. Now get a room and get your freak on. I can see the tension from a mile away with you two" Naruto said to Tsunade and Jiraiya. Naruto then turned back to the daimyo.

"As for you…" Naruto disappeared in a blur and everyone saw him shove his hand into the old man's chest as the elder cried out in pain.

"That was for selling out my clan with the third. And this is for me." Naruto crushed the daiymo's heart and threw his body onto the floor. Naruto brought out an important looking scroll and tossed it to Kushina before disappearing in a yellow flash. Kushina opened the scroll and began reading as Minato read with her, needless to say they would be busy getting some answers.

/Flashback End/

Naruto finished his drink and put the bottle away as he went to bed, his mind wandering to the three vixens he met earlier.

(The next day)

"Test your might in the Coliseum of Champions and earn a spot amongst the best in the world." Naruto said as he read the sign advertising the event that Kongiku told him of. Naruto then looked to Kurama Jr.

"What do you think? Should we give this a shot?" the little fox just yipped as it snuggled back into Naruto's coat.

"That's not much of an answer, and what do you mean 'I better watch my ass', I didn't know that the last guy we helped wanted to make me his bitch, we were lucky to get out of there." Naruto retorted. He seriously wasn't gay; no matter how many times people mistook his friendliness. That's when he heard someone call his name and turned to see Kongiku.

"Fancy seeing you here, tiger." said the fox woman as she approached the young man.

"Well, I thought I'd give this tournament a try, seeing as I like a good fight every now and then." Naruto replied. Kongiku nodded and took him to where new contenders were to sign up.

"Well, good luck out there. You will be facing some tough people in ther along with a few… unsavory gladiators." Kongiku said the last part with a slight growl as Naruto sensed her energy spike briefly.

"Are you ok?" he asked as she composed herself.

"I'm fine, just remembering a bad incident pertaining to one of the gladiators. I'll take my leave now." Kongiku said as Naruto handed over Kurama Jr. and walked to the gate leading into the coliseum. Naruto could hear the cheers and boos of people in the crowd as the Announcer spoke up.

"And our next contender comes all the way from the Elemental Nations! Seeking a fresh start, give it up for Naruto Uzumaki!" The gate opened as Naruto walked through and the crowd began cheering. Naruto took in the sights and was amazed, it looked way better than the stadiums back in the nations and had several hologram screens placed above the walls to show the people outside. He spotted Ahri, Kongiku, Yuzuruha and Kurama Jr in their little private booth in the stands.

"There he is." Kongiku said as she pointed to Naruto on the coliseum floor. Yuzuruha was interested in the young man as she sensed foxlike energy emanating from him. Kongiku took a friendlier interest in said person and Ahri was watching him with a bemused expression, she sensed several emotions from him, joy, depression, rage and acceptance. He was an enigma to her, one that she wanted to find out more about.

"And he will be facing 20 orc berserkers!" the announcer called out as the gate on the other side opened as said orcs rushed out with weapons raised. Naruto smirked as he unsheathed his katana (the Fox Blade) and sent chakra into the ring on his right middle finger as a white glow covered his form and revealed him in a cybernetic suit, before cracking his neck as he got into a stance. The 'suit' was specially created by Koyuki and a team of her top engineers and scientists for him as a going away present a couple of days after he left. (Raiden's exoskeleton suit in MGR, the black one).

"Let's Dance." He said as his visor clipped over his face and he rushed forward. The orcs never stood a chance as he carved through them like a hot knife through butter. The people in the stands were amazed at the skill and finesse Naruto showed. Ahri and her assistants were stunned at what they were seeing, never had they seen a fighting style like his, despite knowing everthing there was to know about the Elemental Nations (everyone in Nippon knew of the Elemental Nations). The last orc fell as Naruto cleaned his blade of blood with a flick of his wrist and sheathed it. He deactivated his suit as it turned back into the ring before turning to the Announcer.

"Is this all you have to offer." Naruto asked. The Announcer snapped out of his shock and spoke up.

"Um, that was quick and brutal. Your next opponent is very strong, he knows no mercy, few have survived his wrath and cunning and he is a well-known criminal. Everyone give it up for Renekton, the butcher of the swamps!" the Announcer yelled out as the majority of the people in the stadium cheered and clapped as the gate opened again and Naruto sensed something… reptilian inside. In their booth, Kongiku gasped as she saw the large beast walk out onto the stadium. She glanced to her master and saw that Ahri was looking to Naruto with a hint of fear in her eyes. Yuzuruha and Kongiku knew how monstrous Renekton was capable of becoming, as he was behind the disappearance of their master a few months back. This of course was the reason Ahri resigned from the fighting tournaments after they managed to free her from the monster's claws.

Renekton looked to his competition and snorted in humor. This was his next meal? The kid looked like he was better suited off being a jester. That's when he caught a whiff of something… familiar. Sniffing the air a couple more times, he sensed it was coming from Naruto.

"You got the smell of a fox on you, boy. Tell me, have you been fucking that slut Ahri?" the large humanoid crocodile asked.

"No, I just met her and her assistants last night. I'm not one for a one-night stand." Naruto replied as he raised an eyebrow, he could sense the emotions of Ahri and her friends, among them he sensed fear, hatred, disgust, and more.

"If I may ask, why have you taken a sudden interest in me?" Naruto asked Renekton, who snorted in laughter before replying.

"I can now get a perfect substitute for my missing trophy, you see, that fox-slut was my trophy after I beat and kidnapped her a few months into her entrance into the tournaments. I enjoyed chaining her down and forcing myself on her. Her cries for me to stop and tears only served to excite me. I was close to breaking her after a week, but her little bitch followers had organized a search party and broke into my den." Renekton said as he growled in anger and turned to look at said women in the stands. Naruto folded his arms and watched with an impassive stare. (I am referencing a LoL hentai comic titled 'Twisted Intent 2' that I came across on the internet, like the art style, not the plot and characters actions)

"Don't listen to him Naruto! That monster lives for pain and destruction! What he did to madam Ahri will never be forgotten or forgiven, He believes you have a connection to madam and will kill you to hurt her!" Kongiku yelled from the stands. Renekton snarled at Kongiku as Yuzuruha hugged Ahri to calm her down as she was have flashbacks of what she experienced at the beasts hands. Naruto simply reached into his pouch and whistled.

"So, you like to act on your sexual drive. I have just the thing for you." Naruto said as he chucked a small glass sphere at Renekton's face. It shattered on impact and released a cloud of teal-colored gas. Renekton breathed most of it in on instinct before shooing it away and started to feel the effects as he began panting and his loins were acting up.

"What the hell… did you hit me with… shit-face." He panted out as his vision was starting to become cloudy.

"Well, since I am considered a 'wandering ninja', I figured to keep my skills sharp and my weapons in top condition. What you just inhaled was a special gas I had developed, essentially it stimulates the targets body to go into sexual overdrive and lose focus. So, basically, you are in mating season mode. So I would like to ask you this." Naruto said as he transformed into his female self, Naruko.

"Do I make you horny?" 'She' asked with a seductive purr as Renekton roared and charged. Naruko turned back into Naruto and he flipped over the large reptile as he landed and grabbed his tail. Naruto then started spinning the butcher around by his tail and jumped into the air and threw the crocodile onto the ground as he grunted in pain. Naruto then performed a flying axe-kick and struck his target, Renekton's engorged genitals (poking out of the sheathe). Renekton screamed in agony as they were smashed into a bloody pulp under Naruto's boot.

However Naruto was not done and picked up his opponent by his jaw and started to pull them apart, the beast was trying to keep his mouth shut and grabbed Naruto's arms in an attempt to stop him, but it was futile as Naruto broke his jaws apart with a fierce tug and then closed them as he planted a foot on Renekton's chest. With another pull Naruto tore his opponent's head off with his spine still attached and tossed it aside as his adversary was no more. Silence ensued for a few moments as Naruto wiped the blood off his hands with a napkin and turned to the Announcer.

"Well, are you going to say something?" He asked. The announcer regained his bearing and spoke into the microphone.

"Amazing! Unbelievable! Renekton is dead! I never thought I would see the day when it was possible, but Naruto has taken down the butcher of the swamps! Give him applause ladies and gentlemen!" the people in the stands cheered and clapped. Ahri had a warm smile as she clapped, Yuzuruha set off a couple of fireworks and Kongiku was cheering while holding up a sign that said, 'Naruto is #1'.

Naruto simply gave thumbs up to Kurama Jr., who was sitting on Ahri's lap, and the pet barked in response. That's when Naruto was struck across the face by a spiked fist and he turned to his attacker.

"Oh, what's this? It seems like Mizuki wants a go at Naruto. Let's see how this will play out!" the announcer said as everyone quieted down. Naruto saw that his former academy teacher, turned traitor, was standing before him. Mizuki managed to regain the muscle he lost from the side-effects of Orochimaru's serum. He spotted the prosthetic limb replacing the left hand Mizuki lost and the various tattoos he had adorning his bare torso. Mizuki had a sneer on his face.

"So, the monster decides to show up." Mizuki said with arrogance lacing his voice. Naruto was mildly surprised at seeing the traitor here.

"Mizuki? Didn't expect to see you here, I thought you were back in the prison wasting away." Naruto said as his wound from the spiked fist healed up.

"Ha, like that shithole will keep me, I came here to start new and to my disappointment there are demons here as well." Mizuki said as Naruto sighed.

"But now I have a chance to destroy you, the dreaded Nin-Tailed Fox Demon!" Mizuki yelled out as the people in the stands were watching in stunned silence.

"Is that why his aura seems familiar to ours?" Yuzuruha whispered to Ahri, who was curious herself as she watched Naruto, Kongiku just tilted her head in confusion and asked.

"How can he be a demon? I don't sense demonic energy from him?" she asked Ahri and Yuzuruha. Naruto just looked at Mizuki with a bored look.

"First off Kurama was never a demon to begin with, Two it is no longer amongst the living due to me having the God Tree take back its power without killing everyone and finally, I am Kurama's successor. If you want a demon, I'll give you one." Naruto said as his form was covered in red aura and shot into the sky as it started to grow bigger. Everyone could feel the murderous intent and sheer amount of energy Naruto was releasing, the giant cloud of chakra condensed and Naruto, taking the form of Kurama with a more demonic looking appearance, landed with a large crater forming and snarled at Mizuki, who was cowering in fear by now.

"What's wrong Mizuki, I thought you wanted to take your 'rightful justice' against me like you did all those years ago when I was a little boy. How the tables have turned." Naruto chuckled out as he relished watching the former teacher on the verge of hyperventilating. Ahri was now fascinated with what she was witnessing and wanted to find out more about the young man she met last night, her assistants were thinking along the same line. Naruto then proceeded to toy with the traitor as he was smacking him around like a Ping-Pong ball. Eventually Naruto grew bored and smashed Mizuki into the stadium floor, leaving him embedded in a crater as Naruto returned to his normal form.

"Please, have mercy, I submit to you, Master." Mizuki said as he crawled out of the crater with his good arm as he was bleeding heavily and left arm and right leg were broken. He got on his knees and looked to the ground as Naruto who was standing before him with an impassive look. Naruto simply raised Mizuki's head to look at him with a hand and then without warning, shoved his index and middle finger into Mizuki's head from under his jaw as the man gasped in pain. Everyone watched in morbid curiosity as Naruto removed Mizuki's face from his head with his hand as the face was still moving before tossing it aside.

"I despise traitors." Naruto simply said as Mizuki's body collapsed, its life extinguished. Naruto then turned to the announcer one more time and spoke.

"I believe this finishes up my examination." He said as the announcer nodded dumbly and Naruto made his way back into the coliseum chambers.

"That wraps it up for our new contender, Naruto Uzumaki" The announcer said as everyone cheered.

"I wonder, how much was Naruto hiding during the examination?" Ahri asked herself as she and her assistants left for the chambers to speak with Naruto.

(In said chambers)

"That was awesome man, didn't think I'd see the Butcher die." One person said.

"Remind me never to piss you off, dude." Another said as he patted Naruto on the back. Naruto was surrounded and cheered by the other 'gladiators' as they welcomed him with open arms. That's when Kurama Jr. ran up and tugged on his pant leg and looked to a direction. Naruto looked in said direction and saw Ahri, Kongiku and Yuzuruha standing there.

"We would like to 'interview' you Naruto, could you please come with us?" Ahri asked the ex-shinobi. This caused some of the guys who were supporting Naruto to let out wolf-whistles and comments.

"Damn, bro, didn't think you could catch her eyes." One said.

"Awwww Shhheeeiiit, my boy gonna get laid today!" another hollered (sound familiar)

"Wow, you got fans on your first day, I'm jealous, dude." Another one said. Naruto chuckled at their responses before walking up to the trio.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" He asked as the girls followed him as Naruto walked into his assigned room.

"We were curious as to your display of power in the stadium" Ahri said as Naruto started making his dinner.

"Oh, that. Well to start, I inherited said power from an old friend that passed on a while ago." Naruto said as he brought out some extra plates for Ahri and her assistants. Ahri sensed a tone of depression when mentioning his old friend and spoke up.

"I apologize if I brought up any bad memories." Ahri said as she thought she struck a nerve within the blonde.

"It's alright; Kurama wouldn't want me to wallow in self-pity. What I showed off in the stadium was essentially my own power after the war and my 'banishment'." Naruto said as he gave them their plates and sat down with his.

"Who is Kurama?" Yuzuruha asked after swallowing a bite.

"Kurama was the Nine Tailed Fox, a segment of pure power from the God Tree. Like the other eight, it was sentient; however humans saw them as walking weapons that only existed to serve, so they went about enslaving them for personal gain. This resulted in a large hatred for the entirety of humans. Eventually I became the third host to Kurama as a way to help me later on." Naruto said before Kongiku raised her hand and asked.

"What do you mean by the third host?" she asked.

"My mother and my great-grandmother were the previous hosts, when a tailed beast was sealed within a human host. I was chosen by my father on the night of my birth to protect me and end a madman's plans on the long run." Naruto snapped his fingers as the glass table between them flickered on like a TV as images and scenes from what Naruto was explaining were shown on the glass. Ahri and her assistants were fascinated by what they were seeing. While they heard stories of the Elemental Nations from the few explorers who managed to make it back alive. They never believed that they would be seeing what the other side was like, even if it was through a vision mirror. Naruto cleared his throat before speaking again.

"They say humanity fears what they don't understand, which describes the vessels the most. We were feared and treated like walking time-bombs. I was the one who received the worst treatment out of my generation and the previous vessels. However, I actually managed to meet the others of my generation and we formed our own little group as we made the most of our time away from the controlling forces within our respective villages." Naruto said as Ahri grew curious and asked.

"If you were treated like complete shit, then how have you not snapped by now, surely you would have fought back by then." Said the fox woman as Naruto chuckled.

"Well, let's just say I had some fun later on when I had some spare time in the village." Naruto replied with a smirk.

(Back in the Leaf)

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE!" Tsunade yelled as she looked out to the village from her office. Next to her Shizune was holding back her laughter as she watched the results of Naruto's 'going away present'. The entire village looked like it was bombarded by various things from heaps of trash, numerous paint colors, raw sewage and more. The citizens were running around like headless chickens and the shinobi were trying to call them down, which was a bit harder without chakra. Various merchants that had a hand in Naruto's mistreatment when he was younger were all suffering from bankruptcy or blackmail that ruined them. The children were left unharmed. Also the village was still reeling from the death of the Fire Daiymo (he didn't have an heir) and Minato and Kushina were tearing into the council/advisors for what happened to Naruto.

On another note, ANBU and local police reported that Hiruzen Sarutobi was found dead in his home, his body barely recognizable and a note written by Naruto himself.

'Hey, sorry for not leaving anything for you guys to deal with, I had a VERY lovely conversation with the old monkey. Anyways, I'll keep in touch. Bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee.

Naruto Uzumaki'

On the coffee table next to said corpse of old monkey was every single dirty piece of evidence that Naruto compiled from Hiruzen's personal safe, documents detailing backdoor deals with yakuza and drug empires, inhumane experimentation files on his quest to achieve eternal youth, even a classified mission package labeled 'operation; bloody whirlpool'.

(Back to our favorite blond)

"I see that you have a bit of a sadistic side, what else is there to you." Ahri said as she smirked and leaned forward.

"Well, I'm not one for giving away all of my deepest secrets and thoughts. Maybe if you were a bit… closer in my field of trust, I would start to talk." Naruto said as he leaned a bit forward as he stared her in the eyes.

"Is the new challenger asking me out?" Ahri asked with a hint of humor in her tone.

"Maybe I am, seeing as someone so, interesting, is wanting to know more about little old me." Naruto replied as both of them leaned closer as if to kiss, Ahri closed her eyes, ready to connect lips when she felt a finger poke her in the forehead.

"Now, now. I believe that comes later on, seeing as we haven't even started the first date. How does 7:00 pm tomorrow night sound?" Naruto asked as Ahri's eyes snapped open and she smiled.

"That sounds perfect, I know a fancy place nearby." Ahri said before writing down her address on a napkin and handed it to him. Naruto pocketed the napkin and replied.

"It was nice speaking to you three, I'll be seeing you tomorrow, stay safe and have a great night." Naruto said as he left for his apartment with Kurama Jr in tow. Kongiku and Yuzuruha noticed Ahri slump back as she sighed in content.

"That man…" she muttered with a pleased sigh as her assistants were curious.

"Is something the matter, madam?" Yuzuruha asked.

"It's nothing my dear, I just need a fresh change of clothing and we'll head home" Ahri replied and thought.

'I am so getting him back for making me cream myself with that poke of his' she thought as she headed to her dressing room as Kongiku and Yuzuruha noticed a unique smell coming off Ahri.

(The next day)

Naruto was working his shift as old man Roshi was eating his lunch and watching the news. That's when a report came up.

"In other news today, the Elemental Nations have all decided to do away with the alliance that brought them together in their latest war, the catalyst that sparked this event was a young woman known as Sakura Haruno, who has climbed her way up the political ladder and ended up as the next Daiymo following the sudden death of the previous one. Upon her official coronation, she has called for the official man-hunt of one Naruto Uzumaki. Who in her words, ruined her future and killed her husband. However no other Kages or Daiymo would answer to her call, only a select few of the citizens and ex-shinobi have joined under the pretense that they will be 'cleansing the world of inhuman filth undeserving to live'. We will have more on this issue later."

"Well, seems like you pissed of a hormonal woman, my boy, any reason why she's after you?" the old man asked. Naruto sighed and put down his tools before answering.

"Sakura won't let me live my life in peace, all because Sasuke planned his death through me and she didn't get the chance to get in his pants. And now she's in a position and with money to try to hunt me down." Naruto sad as Roshi was listening.

"So, this girl is just after you because she didn't get her knight in shining armor?" he asked. Naruto nodded and replied.

"She also sees me as her personal punching bag." He added, that's when a small group of people walked in, people that Naruto recognized all too well.

"Ok, How the hell did you guys find me." He asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Did you really think that we would let you be alone, bro" Killer Bee said as he smirked.

"Not only that, it was somewhat easy to find you, as you smell of ramen and foxes." Yugito said.

"So, I'm guessing this is another meeting." Naruto said as he smiled back. Gaara nodded and spoke up.

"You could say that, but we also have other news." Naruto glanced to the TV and replied.

"I already know that Sakura has issued a bounty on my head, it's nothing new, she was always messed up for Sasuke" Naruto said as the previous jinchuuriki turned new tailed beasts took seats and picked out what they wanted. Fuu then spoke up

"She also is funding various research projects in an attempt to gain a new source of power, since chakra is no longer around." As the others offered their knowledge of what was going on since Sakura became Daiymo. Naruto just thought that it was a bad idea to let Sakura get in that position of power, but pushed those thoughts aside as he was preparing their dishes.

"So, this place is nice. What do you do around here?" Han asked.

"Naruto here works for me ever since he showed up a couple days ago, but he also just made his debut at the coliseum." The old man said as he made himself known and everyone was handed their food.

"The coliseum?" Ukataka asked. The elder Roshi nodded and changed the TV to the appropriate channel as the group watched Naruto's display at the try-outs.

"Seems like you had fun in there." Yagura said after swallowing his food.

"It's nice to have a good fight every now and then." Naruto replied.

"Not only that, but this young lad actually managed to capture the attention of Ahri!" Roshi said in happiness with a trickle of blood coming out of his nose.

"Who is Ahri?" Yugito asked with a raised eyebrow, as she didn't want her pseudo brother being with a person that was like Sakura, a manipulator and wanted the best for him, as he suffered the worst out of all of them. Naruto just pointed to the poster on the wall next to them. The group stared at the ad for Ahri's upcoming album before turning back to Naruto.

"Well well, looks like you scored big, bro." Killer Bee said with a cheesy grin. Naruto just chuckled in response as his 'family' finished their meals and paid for them.

"Well keep in touch, in the meantime have fun with that sassy woman, see you around." Gaara said as they exited the shop and Naruto turned to Roshi.

"Hey, you don't mind if I finish my shift early? I have a date with Ahri tonight." Naruto asked his boss, who simply gave him a thumbs up and replied.

"I don't mind, hell you might even be the one she's looking for." At this Naruto grew curious

"What do you mean by that?" asked the blond. Roshi gave a sad sigh and looked to the poster.

"I've been here for a long time, and I met Ahri when she emerged from the surrounding forest. At first she was young, a child who just discovered her powers, she has the ability to consume the life essence of her victims to become human, seeing as she is a Guhimo/Kitsune hybrid. I took her in and watched as she grew from a timid young girl who would jump at the slightest surprise to a young woman who enjoys her career and friends. A while back, she was kidnapped by that monster you killed in the stadium, what he did to her had a profound effect on her that scarred her for life, no matter how many therapy sessions she took. I know her all too well, even though she is fun-loving, charming, playful, and many other words I could describe her, I know that she buries her most intimate and private feeling away deep in her heart. She also will not hesitate to mutilate or kill a person if they are trying to force themselves on her." Roshi paused to take a sip of his tea and resumed.

"Whereas you, my boy, I can tell that you act carefree and laidback, but don't let those you don't trust see your true self. You have been shaped by war, loss, violence, and treachery. You also carry yourself as if a battle was to happen at any moment. In a way, you are like her, but at the same time you two are different. While she may call it quits in a battle in the stadium if she knows she is beaten and retreats to try another time, you don't know the concept of surrender and push on through any obstacle in your path. Your simply too powerful to stop if you are set on accomplishing a task or winning. Which is why I am entrusting you to be there for her." Roshi said before he finished his tea.

"You want me to be her friend and keep her safe?" Naruto asked. Roshi chuckled and then responded.

"I want you to be more than her friend, I want you to become intimate with her, love her, worm your way into her heart and bring out those emotions and feeling she locked away. This is all is ask of you, as an old man who cares for his child, please, be there help her. Become the person she desires in her dreams." Roshi bowed to Naruto and then gave a final piece of advice.

"If it's not too much to ask, see if her friends want to join in the sack and give me lots of grandchildren." Roshi laughed as Naruto saw another Jaraiya in Roshi.

"Get your mind out of the gutter old man!" he replied as he threw a wet towel at him as the old man continued to laugh.

(Later that day)

"Wow, this is where she lives, didn't think I would be dating a noble." Naruto remarked as he stared at Ahri's home from the front gate. The place was impressive… to say the least. Ahri's residence looked like a daiymo's castle, scratch that, it was more of a mansion than anything. One that screamed 'fuck you feudal lords and daimyos', I make your homes look like apartment complexes'. Naruto simply whistled and walked through the gates and to the front door. He glanced at the welcome mat.

'Home is where the heart is'

"Not bad, a bit corny in my opinion" Naruto remarked before ringing the doorbell.

"Coming." A voice from inside said as the door was opened and Yuzuruha stood there.

"Ah, Mr. Uzumaki. We were expecting you, come in." Yuzuruha let Naruto in as she closed the door behind him and he looked around.

"This place looks bigger on the inside, you could make a few daimyo green with envy here." He said as Yuzuruha led him to the main hall as Naruto saw Kongiku standing next to a small table with a smile.

"You look great, Naruto. I'm sure you had to beat fangirls off with a stick back home." She said as she took in his appearance.

"Yeah, I wasn't really well liked back home, besides, the girls were always into the dark and broody guys." Naruto replied as he scratched the back of his neck and chuckled.

"Then consider this a change for the better, seeing as you have caught my interests." Ahri called out from her spot on the second floor. Naruto looked to her and almost felt his heart stop. Ahri made her way down the left staircase as he took in her form. She wore a stunning blue dress that emphasized her figure and stopped at her knees with a slit at the side, on her ears were a pair of teal earrings shaped like crescent moons, she had on a pair of simply heels that opened at the front for her toes. Naruto also noticed she had on a golden necklace with a small pendant on it with a charm for luck etched into it. She also had on purple eyeliner and eye-shadow. Her finger and toe nails were painted a vibrant red, the same shade as her lipstick. All-in-all, she looked amazing.

"You might want to close your mouth, you'll catch a fly." Ahri giggled as Naruto was brought out of his stupor and replied.

"You look phenomenal." Naruto said as he smiled.

"Why thank you, now let's get started." Ahri said as she turned to her assistants.

"Try not to make a mess when you play your 'games'" she said as her assistants got the hidden message and Naruto held out his arm as Ahri accepted it and the two walked out the door.

(Later at the restaurant)

"So, what do you think of Nippon?" Ahri asked as the waiter left with their orders.

"I like it here, vast improvement from where I used to live" Naruto said as he sipped his drink.

"I've heard stories of the Elemental Nations, what's it like over there?" Ahri asked as she sipped her wine. Naruto thought about it for a moment before answering.

"Well, it's more… secretive, to start. There a various countries, each with their own leader or governing body. I came from the Village hidden in the Leaves. That's actually where my career as a shinobi started." As Naruto went on explaining how the Elemental Nations and the various locales there, Ahri found herself paying attention to Naruto's recounts of what he did during his career, more specifically his selfless deeds and acts of valor against monsters like Madara and Kabuto. Naruto finished as their dishes arrived.

"So, what do you do for a living here?" Naruto asked as he started his meal. Ahri finished the bite she had and replied.

"Well I make music as my main hobby, I also started a clothing line and sell some of my paintings from time to time. I did have some involvement in the games at the stadium but retired after a while" She replied as she smiled at Naruto.

"What about you, what do you do for a living?" Ahri asked as she interlocked her fingers and rested her chin on her hands. Naruto sipped his drink and replied.

"I work for master Roshi in his shop, but I write books in my spare time and also have a few songs written down, but I don't have a way of getting them to work" Naruto said before taking another bite of his food. Ahri thought for a moment and replied.

"I'm sure someone would take a look at your songs and like them." She said as she returned to her food.

"Maybe here, seeing as I didn't have much success back home." Naruto replied as they continued their date as Ahri enjoyed Naruto's stories of his life and missions.

(Later that night)

"I enjoyed our date, you're an interesting person." Ahri said as he was in the carriage with her as they made it to her residence.

"Thanks, I don't really get compliments a lot, I enjoyed it too, perhaps we could go on another." Naruto said as he walked her up the steps to her front door.

"How does this weekend sound, I know the lunar festival is coming up." Ahri suggested as Naruto thought about it.

"Yeah, that sounds great. I'll pick you up at 4:00." He replied as Ahri nodded and opened her front door.

"Oh, I almost forgot." She said before making her way back to Naruto, who was about to ask when she grabbed his shoulder and leaned up and planted her lips on his. Naruto was a bit stunned as Ahri took initiative and slipped her tongue into the kiss. After a short while, she broke the kiss and pulled away.

"Thanks for the great night, see you tomorrow, Naruto." Ahri said as she giggled at his dumbstruck expression and walked back into her house. Naruto simply began walking back home and let out a shout of joy for his first successful date as he walked back home. Ahri watched him from the window and giggled.

"Such a charmer, I wonder if you are the right one?" she asked herself and looked down to her lucky necklace before heading to her room.

(The following weeks)

As the days passed, the two found themselves spending more of their time together, enjoying each other's company. Roshi also noticed this and was happy that his adopted child was having those feeling she locked away rekindled and brought forth. Kongiku and Yuzuruha also took note of how Ahri was around Naruto, more cheerful, happy, and sincere. Naruto also knew that Sakura was becoming more 'unhinged' as time went by since Sasuke's death, thanks to the notes he received from his 'family' and knew he either had to put her down or lock her up before she harmed others or did something insane. Ahri herself was sure she found the one she was searching for and wanted to consummate their relationship, she knew he desired someone special and thought of how to solve that problem.

(On the beach during the evening)

Ahri was snacking on an ice-cream cone as Naruto was drinking a Banana Banshee (amazing drink, btw) Ahri then grew curious.

"Hey Naruto, did you ever give a thought of having a family?" she asked as she looked over to him, Naruto was silent for a moment but soon replied.

"I have a couple of times, I always craved a family to call my own, since my parents died the night of my birth. While they came back at the climax of the war along with those that died at the cost of chakra, I turned down the chance to reunite as a family, I guess all those years of being alone crushed all notions of what it was like to have parents who were there for you." Naruto said as he looked into his drink, contemplating what would his life be like if Obito and Madara had not interfered.

"But you still desire a family, if not parents, then a wife and child, maybe children." Ahri said as she sat up in her chair and turned her body to Naruto as he took another drink of his beverage.

"You could say that contrary to popular belief that everyone thought I was attracted to my team-mate who abused me. I don't like people who abuse me for their kicks. I want someone who truly cares for me and knows me well. It may sound selfish, but I want a woman who is feisty, caring, and capable of standing her ground. I just don't want to be alone anymore." Naruto said as he put his drink down and didn't notice Ahri making her way over to him.

"Someone… like me." She said, Naruto turned to answer be was silenced as she claimed his lips. She maneuvered her body to straddle his on the chair as she became more passionate with her kiss as she grabbed his shoulders again, soon Naruto was returning the kiss and their tongues entered the fray. Ahri pulled back and reached behind her as she undid the knot holding her bikini top closed. Naruto stared in stunned silence as Ahri removed her top and tossed it aside as her glorious breasts were exposed for him. Ahri giggled and replied to his silence.

"Well, don't be shy. You can touch them, here let me help." She grabbed his wrists and placed his hands on her chest. Naruto snapped out of his stupor and started experimenting with the pair of, in his mind, perfect pair of boobs he has ever laid eyes on. He soon figured out what stimulated Ahri the most from her chest and leaned up to add some more. Ahri found herself moaning in ecstasy as Naruto started to use his mouth. She felt his tongue travel all over the fullness of her chest and his canines nip at her hardened nipples. Naruto then took one his mouth and started to add suction to his ministrations. Ahri started grinding her groin into his as their swimwear added friction to her movements.

"That's enough dear, I have something better in mind." Ahri said as she pushed Naruto back into the chair with her hand. She then began kissing his neck and made her way down his torso as she moved back off the chair, leaving a couple hickeys along the way as she soon got to his swimming trunks as she was kneeling in front of his chair.

"What's this, did I cause this?" Ahri asked seductively as her hand trailed over the bulge in his shorts. Ahri grasped the sides of his trunks and pulled down, and low and behold, she was staring at Naruto's cock and balls. Before Naruto could say anything, Ahri traced one of her fingernails up the underside of the shaft and gave a light flick to the tip.

"Just relax dear, let me take care of you." Ahri said as she extended her tongue and started to lick the underside. She was enjoying Naruto's groans and took it a step further as she took the head in her mouth and slowly moved down as she took more of him into her mouth. Ahri soon reached the end as her nose pressed against his pelvis as she could feel him deep in her throat, as evidenced by the bulge in her throat he saw. She pushed out her tongue and managed to play with his balls a bit before she pulled back to the tip and began bobbing her head as she was blowing him. Naruto was taken to cloud nine as he was enjoying what Ahri was doing as she would alternate from fast to slow, she even took it a step up with humming when she had him down her throat. Ahri pulled him out of her mouth and spoke.

"You want more? How about I spice things up a little." She said before cupping her chest and bringing them forward to Naruto's dick.

'Warm and soft' was all Naruto thought of when his dick was sandwiched between her lovely bosom. Ahri smirked at his expression and began moving up and down as she was giving him a boobjob, she noticed the head of his dick poking her in the underside of her chin and engulfed that with her mouth adding suction as Naruto moans reached a higher tempo. Ahri then felt some pre-cum enter her mouth and stopped her actions as she pulled back away from Naruto to taste it as her tongue collected the rest of it.

'Hmmm, has a unique taste, salty but also has a sweet aftertaste. Like pineapple.' Ahri took a liking to it and grabbed his cock with her hand and started to stroke him off as she resumed sucking on his balls before speaking.

"You have *pop* a very unique *some more suction with a couple of licks* taste to you, Naruto. *another lewd pop as she released his left testicle from her mouth and licked some more* May I please have some more?" before taking him back in her mouth and went back to giving him a blowjob. Naruto held out for a short while before Ahri added a twisting motion to her actions and grasped his thighs as she sped up in her goal of trying to get him to cum, which was working.

"I-I'm going to cum." Naruto announced as she felt him twitch inside her mouth and took all of him back in as she focused some magic to her hand and caressed his balls. That did it for Naruto as he moaned out as Ahri felt him unload down her throat and pulled back as he continued his release. She held the head in her mouth as she sucked out the remaining cum from Naruto as his orgasm died down. He slumped back in his chair as he watched her play with the fid in her mouth before swallowing it down, making sure to give him an erotic show of it as she winked at him.

"You are full of surprises, aren't you Naruto." She said as she began to get up, only for Naruto to disappear in a blur and she found herself on her back with the towel that was on her chair underneath her as they were both on the sand. Ahri looked to see her chair a few feet away as if it was thrown and turned back to Naruto as she noticed the gleam in his eyes.

"It's your turn to pleasure me, lover." She said as Naruto nodded and undid the knot holding her bikini bottom in place as he took it off and tossed it over to her matching top. The blond Uzumaki noticed that she kept herself groomed as he saw the small patch of black pubes in the shape of the Uzumaki clan symbol. He raised an eyebrow and looked to her.

"You planned this, didn't you?" he asked as he smirked. Ahri simply put a finger to her chin and gave a mock thinking look.

"Maybe I did, does this bother you?" She asked as she stuck her tongue out at him.

"Nope." Naruto said as he maneuvered her legs over his shoulders and dived in for his treat. Ahri was assaulted by the sudden rush of pleasure as Naruto was doing various things with his fingers, tongue and mouth as she was enjoying his work. Naruto found her clit and focused on that as he used his other hands and grabbed her tails (which he was careful not to kneel on) as he focused small burst of lighting chakra through them as Ahri gasped at this and began panting as she felt a stronger wave of pleasure hit her. It wasn't long after Naruto used his fingers and found her g-spot as he made a hooking motion and had her screaming out her release as she was squirting into his mouth. She eventually relaxed as her orgasm rode out and Naruto took every last drop, and Ahri slumped back into the towel before grabbing Naruto and pulled him to her for another make-out session as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled back as he took another look over her form, her hair was gleaming with sweat and moisture as she was still panting lightly, the sunset cast a nice light that seemed to enhance Ahri's form as the light reflected off her sweat, giving this image that she was a goddess.

"You're beautiful." Naruto said as he admired her, Ahri knew that he was completely honest, but loved to hear him say it. Ahri then decided to begin the final part of her little 'plan'.

"How about we take this to my room." She said as she snapped her fingers and both of them, along with their things teleported back to her mansion, leaving the private beach.

(In Ahri's bedroom)

Naruto landed on the soft bed as he glanced outside and saw that it was night as the moon was shining through her large window/ glass door (which led to a balcony). Naruto then felt the bed shift as Ahri crawled to him in a sexy manner as she had a predatory grin on her face as she was over him.

"Now, my love, let's become one and enjoy this night." She said as she moved up and slowly lowered herself onto his still hard dick. Both of them moaned out their pleasure as he began filling her up. Ahri felt him pushing inside her and loved the way she felt herself 'welcome' him, those thoughts of what Renekton did to her long ago were becoming a distant memory now and would no longer haunt her. She eventually took him all in and felt him pressing lightly against the entrance to her womb as their hips connected. Ahri gave Naruto another kiss on the lips and raised her hips and dropped them as she began the age old 'dance of love'. Naruto was pushed onto his back and watched as Ahri bounced on his lap, he then looked to where their sexes were joined and watched as his dick, coated with her vaginal fluids was moving in and out of her, Ahri raked her nails down his torso as they fucked. Naruto grabbed her hips and started thrusting in tempo with her as she grabbed his shoulder and pulled him up and leaned back a bit as their actions became fiercer. The room reverberated with the sounds of slapping flesh, moans and gasps. The moonlight only served to make this night more special as it was a full harvest moon. Naruto felt his end approaching and spoke up.

"I'm going to cum again." He said as they were doing this for a while now.

"I am as well, let's finish together." Ahri responded as both sped up their movements and reached the breaking point and cried out each other's name as he released into her and she came over him. Naruto was seeing stars from the explosive climax and pulled Ahri to him as he laid back down as he began running his hand through her hair, her tails moved around lazily as they both came down from cloud nine.

"That was… Amazing." Ahri said as she was regaining her breath. She looked to Naruto and he noticed she had tears.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he wiped a tear off her cheek. Ahri simply hugged him and responded.

"I never thought I would be able to find love after what Renekton did. But, I did find someone I could love." Ahri said as she smiled and Naruto kissed her on the lips.

"Hey, forget about what he did. All that matters is that I am here and no one will harm you." Naruto said as he comforted her. Ahri laid her head down on his chest and listened to his heart as she felt his seed inside her. They remained like this for a short while until Naruto asked a question.

"Ssssooooo, do you want to go another round?" Ahri simply gave him a devious smirk and flipped them over as they resumed their carnal actions and had no intent of stopping.

(The next morning)

Kongiku got up and yawned as she stretched, preparing for the day, she got out of her bed and did her morning routine as she then waked into the kitchen, she glanced at Kurama Jr. eating some food in a bowl and turned back to the fridge. Her mind clicked a few moments later and she turned around to look at Kurama Jr.

"How did you get in here, little one?" she asked, only to receive a yip in return. The kitsune-woman was about to ask another question when her superhuman hearing picked up a noise coming from her madam's bedroom. She went over to Yuzuruha's room and woke her up.

"What is it." The other assistant asked as she yawned, Kongiku just put a finger to Yuzuruha's lips and pointed to the general direction of Ahri's room. Yuzuruha also grew curious at the sounds and both made their way up the stairs and closer to the master bedroom as the sounds got louder.




"GOOD, NEITHER WAS I!" Kongiku and Yuzuruha heard the sound of thumping increase in tempo as a voice cried out.

"FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! YES, YES! GIVE ME YOUR HOT SEED!" Kongiku assumed that another person was forcing themselves on her master and drugged her and decided to take action.

"Kongiku, wai-" Yuzuruha started before Kongiku kicked the doors in with her fox fire ready to burn any intruders. Only to stare in surprise as they saw Naruto and Ahri staring back at them as they were in another session of hot, passionate sex.

"W-what is going on?" Kongiku asked as she had a blush forming on her face as she stared at them. Ahri was about to answer when Naruto got an idea and whispered into her ear.

"How about you two come in, fix the doors and remove your sleepwear." Ahri said as a seductive smirk formed on her face as Kongiku and Yuzuruha did as told.

(A half-hour later)

"OHHH YESSS! YOU'RE SO GOOD WITH YOUR TONGUES!" Ahri yelled out as Kongiku and Yuzuruha were on their hands and knees, using their tongues as Naruto's dick was pistoning in and out of Ahri's pussy, Naruto was on his back with his arms holding Ahri in a full nelson with his hands on the back of her neck. Ahri herself was above Naruto with her back to him as she was holding onto the bed sheets with her hands and her legs were held by his arms as his hips were thrusting at a fast pace into her. Kongiku and Yuzuruha had chakra chains tying their hands and feet to the floor as tendrils of pure chakra were created from the floor and fucking the two assistants. Naruto came in Ahri again as she climaxed and pulled out as her two friends started cleaning the semen coming out of her. Naruto then angled himself and thrust his entire cock in Ahri's asshole in one swift thrust as she immediately was about to cry out but was silenced as he turned her head and claimed her lips as he started thrusting again.

(Later on after a marathon of sex in various room of the mansion)

Naruto and the girls were all basking in the afterglow as they all relaxed on the couch (which was put to good use).

"I… That…." Ahri giggled as Kongiku was having trouble coming up with something to say as she had her world rocked by Naruto along with her and Yuzuruha.

"You're a natural, my love. I can say you are one of a kind." Ahri said as she gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek and got up as she went over to the kitchen.

"Who's up for some post-sex buffet?" she asked as she looked back and shook her luscious ass to Naruto as her tails swayed along. Naruto chuckled and followed her as Kongiku and Yuzuruha simply laid there, too exhausted to do anything.

(A couple days later)

Kushina walked outside to check her mailbox after eating breakfast. Life in Konoha had changed after everyone lost their chakra and Naruto left. While she wished her son was safe and doing well, she also wanted to see him again. Minato shared her sentiments and both lived in a small house that was in place of Naruto's old apartment complex (which was burned down under order of Sakura, who just took the seat of Daiymo). She took out the contents of the mailbox and began skimming through it in boredom.

'Junk mail, junk mail, coupons, annoying childish rants, whiny people on the disbanded council. Hello, what's this?' she thought as she noticed the crimson envelope which was adorned in decorative art and held together by an expensive looking bow-tie. Curiosity getting the best of her, she opened it up and began reading the contents, and the more she read, the expression on her face changed from curiosity, to shock, to happiness as her hands began trembling.

(Inside the house)

Minato was sipping his coffee and reading the newspaper as he skimmed over the articles pertaining to Sakura's efforts to try and find another source of energy to replace chakra and her current man-hunt for Naruto. To be honest, he didn't think that his son's team mate would be this delusional but knew that she was going to end up hurting someone or herself. That's when he heard running and turned to the sound as Kushina tackled him out of the chair in a hug as both landed on the floor. Minato noticed Kushina was ecstatic and also noted that she had a few tears.

"What's wrong honey?" he asked her, she simply sat up, pulled him into a sitting position and handed him the envelope. Minato was confused at first but began to read as his demeanor mirrored hers. In various parts of the Elemental Nations, other people were opening and reading similar envelopes.

(A few weeks later)

"We are gathered here to witness two people come together as a family and to love on another." The priest began as the wedding was held on a hill overlooking the sea as there was a lot of people in attendance for the two lovers. In the rows watching Ahri and Naruto were various people that knew the two. Minato had an arm over his wife's shoulders as she was wiping her tears on a handkerchief, next to Naruto were his best men; Gaara, Ukataka, Bee, Yagura, Han, and Roshi (younger) and each were wearing a tuxedo of their favorite colors.. Kongiku and Yuzuruha were in elaborate dresses as they were Ahri's hand-maidens. Ahri herself wore a stylish wedding dress that showed off her body. Naruto surprisingly wore a black tux, as everyone thought he would wear an orange one, but he did have an orange tie. Ay was blowing his nose into a handkerchief as he was crying in happiness. Darui was patting him on the back as Tsunade and Mei were simply smiling. Happy for Naruto, Onoki and his Kurotsuchi were both glad that Naruto found love and Sai was in the back, capturing this moment with his skills in art as he was making a portrait. Jiraiya actually was tied up and gagged as he watched the events with envy at Naruto for scoring big time.

"Is there anyone here who would like to say different about these two being married." The priest asked, as Jiraiya tried to speak through his gag, but Roshi (Ahri's adoptive father) simply slammed the end of his walking cane onto Jiraiya's foot with enough force to break something, Tsunade cover his mouth as Jiraiya's screams were silenced completely. Ahri and Naruto recited their vows and put on the other's ring.

"Then I pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." The priest said as the two leaned in and kissed as the audience cheered. Soon after the party was underway and everyone was enjoying themselves. Old man Roshi was allowed to grope Kongiku and Yuzuruha one last time, which he took with happiness. Minato and Kushina congratulated their son and were introduced to their new daughter-in-law. Naruto's 'brothers and sisters' celebrated with drinks and dancing, the 'brothers' broke off to the side and inspected the camera that Yagura found in his backpack after the hectic bachelor party and aftermath a week ago. Needless to say that they had some good times during the bachelor party and vowed to erase the pictures afterword, but Naruto actually kept the memory card instead of destroying it.

Gaara also informed that Sakura got into an accident at a local excavation site and was killed in a landslide, Naruto noticed that Gaara smiled at the landslide part and the man-hunt was called off as a more level headed leader was to be selected to take her place. Sai was fascinated by this new place that he was invited to and promised that he would relocate to start his other works. Gaara and the other 'siblings' decided to move to Nippon as well, promising to keep in touch with their old homes. Naruto simply gave Tsunade a very expensive storage container of the rarest sake around as a thank you for being there for him, she about had a heart attack but hugged Naruto with all her might as he was smothered into her chest. Roshi (the shop owner) gave his thanks to Naruto and granted Naruto a lifetime supply of ramen, Teuchi and Ayame had also came over and opened up business.

Jiraiya was the last person Naruto turned to and handed him a card, When Jiraiya read it, he about cried in joy. The card was an official VIP pass to the most exquisite strip clubs and casino's that Nippon had to offer. That's when Ahri pulled Naruto to a couch as everyone was dancing and having a great time.

"I have great news, Naruto." Ahri said as she was excited about something.

"What's the good news?" Naruto asked, curious about what's got her all giddy. Ahri leaned in and whispered into his ear.

"I'm Pregnant." She answered as Naruto gained a stunned look.

(4 years later)

It was mid-day in the spring as Naruto was sitting on a bench in a private park with Ahri next to him as Kongiku and Yuzuruha were busy chasing their (Naruto and Ahri's) dauther, Tamamo, who was running around with a pair of black panties in her hands as the child was having fun.

"I'd say that she inherited your stamina and fun loving demeanor." Ahri said as she snuggled closer to Naruto, who chuckled.

"I beg to differ, as she seems to have your flair for teasing Kongiku and Yuzuruha." Naruto replied. Ahri just smiled and looked down to the baby in her arms. This was Shippo, who was the son of Naruto and Ahri and Tamamo's younger brother. She smiled as the baby yawned before snuggling closer to his mother and watched as Kongiku and Yuzuruha returned, out of breath and covered in dirt, but successful in regaining their panties.

"You two are worn out?" Naruto asked as Tamamo returned and was given a juice box and animal crackers by her dad.

"She's a speed demon, doesn't know when to stop." Yuzuruha said as Kongiku agreed and bot sat down on the bench.

"Oh, really. Are you telling us that you can't keep up with a toddler?" Ahri asked as the two nodded and fanned themselves off, Ahri winked to Naruto, who then wrapped his left arm around their shoulders and brought them closer.

"Then it looks like you two need more stamina training, wouldn't you agree Ahri?" He asked as he smirked at them.

"Oh yes, I believe that they will need a more strenuous training regime, one that also requires my expertise as well." She replied. Kongiku and Yuzuruha knew what they were insinuating at and grew nervous as they knew how the 'training' played out.

"Is your dad available with looking after Tamamo and Shippo?" Naruto asked his wife, Ahri nodded and replied.

"Of course, he loves his grandchildren, let's go see him right now." Ahri said as she got up and started walking to old man Roshi's restaurant. Naruto followed and had Tamamo on his shoulders as Kongiku and Yuzuruha followed, one thing they knew for certain.

They were in for a long day.

BAM, here you guys go. I had this idea in mind for a while now and wanted to put it down for you all to read, while this is a one shot, I may do a small series for these two, depends on what idea's I can come up with or if you guys want to add you own scenarios of Naruto x Ahri. Until then, keep frosty and have fun.

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