Despite the negativity I got from the last chapter due to what I put in it, I'll keep those things to myself. Anyway figured I'd give one final chapter to cleanse things out and then move on to another project, little hint is in the recent chapter of The Dragon Returns~.

Story Start~

It was a sunny day in Konohagakure, which was always a good sign to the people who lived there. People were out doing their business and things as one person was walking along the sidewalk and through the bustling citizens. Naruto was in a proud mood after he had saved Hinata from Toneri a few weeks ago and saved the world, he was even hailed moreso than after the war. What put him in such a grand mood was the little secret, or not really a secret as everyone saw this happening, which he and Hinata had finally gotten together after the blond found out he harbored feeling for the Hyuuga Princess. Right now, he was heading to the Flower Shop to get a bouquet of flowers for Hinata as he and her had a date tonight~.

"Man I can't wait to surprise her with something fancy." He said to himself as he entered the shop, the bell ringing to alert the arrival of a customer. To his surprise he found both Ino and Sai behind the counter, smiling and greeting the two as they were a couple, funny enough he and Hinata were the last two of the gang to fall in love. But they were congratulated by everyone else as some of them mentioned it being damn time Hinata got through to him. The Artist and Florist greeted him happily as they updated and refined the shop. The walls had paintings done by Sai to enhance the feel of the shop to let the customers feel more welcome.

"Hey Naruto, here to pick something for the lovely lady?" Ino asked as out of the girls, she was perhaps the most supportive, Sakura supported them just as much as she told Naruto not to break Hinata's heart or she would be paying him a visit. Naruto just laughed as he walked over to them and replied.

"You bet, I want to surprise her with something beautiful for our date tonight!" He exclaimed with a megawatt smile, Ino and Sai smiled and came over to his side as they both helped him. Guiding him to various flowers as Ino pointed out what each flower and colors could symbolize. Eventually Naruto purchased a large gift of cool colored flowers, blue, violet and purple, and had them wrapped in warm colored paper before he paid and left the store after thanking them. Soon heading back home and getting cleansed & dressed as he left with the flowers. He had a date with a certain Hyuuga Princess~.


Naruto was soon waiting in front of a nice apartment place that the girls had rented out after the war, something about girls bonding or something like that. He had knocked on the door and was greeted by Tenten who said Hinata was almost ready and to wait for a bit. It was dusk out and the sky was a lovely shade of reds and blue with the setting sun. It wasn't long as the door opened to reveal Ino, Sakura, Tenten and Temari, all four were smiling and Sakura was the one to speak as they parted to the sides.

"Ta-Da~. Hinata is ready for you. " she introduced as Naruto saw Hinata and smiled, she was gorgeous, her hair was styled into curly and down her shoulders, helped by her current attire which was a lovely kimono with a rabbit design going along the hem. Seeing his smile and excitement filled Hinata with warmth, finally she was getting the recognition from the man who she deserved. This was shared by her peers' unanimously, even more so after the whole Otsutsuki Incident earlier with the moon and their kiss. Naruto put an arm out as Hinata happily accepted it and the two went on their way as the girls cheered them on.

Ino: "Have fun you two!"

Tenten: "Have a great night!"

Temari: "Don't spend too much time kissing!"

Sakura: "You can do it Hinata, and don't blow this for her, Naruto!"

The Uzumaki and Hyuuga smiled at their words as Naruto took Hinata to a nice establishment that was both dine-in and enjoy a show. The two took their seats and ordered their foods as the announcer… announced the upcoming show for tonight was based off the Fourth Shinobi War, with a bit of artistic twist that focused on Naruto and Hinata. Hinata's popularity about skyrocketed after the Otsutsuki Incident and her becoming a couple with Naruto, so yeah, this was considered plenty. Their food arrived as the play began at just the right time, of course the audience also enjoyed having their favorite 'celebrities' to watch the show with them. Both young adults found the play charming, even if it was heavily romanticized towards them. Naruto felt it downplayed the aid from everyone but didn't voice this as he and Hinata clapped regardless when it came to a close with the rest of the audience. The light returned to normal after the play and everyone resumed their dinners, only for commotion in the kitchens to grab everyone's attention.

"STOP THAT DAMN RODENT!" The head chef howled out in anger as the kitchen doors blasted open with chefs and cooks pouring out with knives and any cooking tools that could double as weapons, their irate expressions all shown as they chased after their quarry. Naruto was the first one to notice it as it was a fox, a unique one at that. It was around the size of Akamaru, if a bit smaller. However what caught his attention was the odd power he sensed from it, it was certainly not normal. He also noted its fur was ivory and eyes a shade of gold as it carried a nice hunk of meat between its jaws. Despite the size of it, it hopped onto a table and bolted over several, hopping over people's heads and knocking over dishes and glasses as it escaped its pursuers. For the briefest of moments, Naruto made eye contact with the fox as time seemed to slow to a crawl for that moment as he sensed something from it not sure exactly. Time resumed as the fox bounded off Hinata's shoulder, getting an 'eep' from her and also his head as he felt its paws use his head as a springboard. Sailing through the air and out of a window into the night within moments as the chefs stopped at seeing their thief escape. Taking advantage of the moment, the head chef called out with an apology.

"Sorry to spoil your nights ladies and gentlemen, as you can see we had an unexpected visitor within our kitchens. This has never happened before and we can assure you this will never happen again. To repeal for this debacle, we wish to offer you refunds and desserts to make up for this." He said as the guests were all coming back from that. Meanwhile Naruto was wondering about the fox, Kurama was sleeping so he couldn't really ask anything about it. He turned to Hinata and smiled with offering to take her elsewhere to make up for this. They decided to take a stroll through a park as he would take her home afterwards, so he complied with that.

"That was a lovely date Naruto, I hope we can do it again, but without the interruptions~" She said, coming over her shyness over their time being close. Naruto grinned as he was guiding her home through the park.

"Sure thing, Hinata. It was awesome to hang out with you again, let's get you home before your dad skins me like a cat!" he joked as he placed an arm around her shoulders, much to her immense enjoyment, and guided the Hyuuga home. Within the bushes, a pair of golden slitted eyes watched the duo, focusing on the blond man intently. Hinata was guided home as Hiashi let her in and gave Naruto thanks, Hanabi waving bye as the Uzumaki smiled back and left once the door closed. Naruto sighed happily as Hinata managed to squeeze in a kiss before closing in for the night as Naruto turned and began walking home. He glanced to the night sky as the moon was a lovely pale. However his thoughts were broken as he sensed he was being followed. He kept walking and took a smaller hidden route as he soon came to a stop and brought his hands out of his pockets. Sensing the individual move and some rusting as it hid.

"You can stop following me now…" he announced to his stalker and turned to look behind him. He waited as a small and familiar face poked out. He smiled and crouched down with a hand out. While it felt odd sensing, this fox had something to it rather than just being another animal. He sensed it was friendly and curious, what could go wrong?

"Hey there little fella, bet you got to enjoy that juicy food you got your paws on earlier, didn't you? Come here fluffy, I won't bite." He said in a soft tone as he assured he was not in any way threatening. The fox poked its head out under a hollow box flap as it soon came out more, not seeing any harm around or predators. Sensing none, the fox carefully crept over to him and sniffed his hand. Giving a lick to his finger as it moved a bit closer, then making a small noise and rubbed its head against his hand affectionately. He gave a look to it, glancing to see it was a girl as he gently picked her up and held her like a baby.

"Now what's a little lady like yourself doing in the village?" He asked as he reached and scratched under the fox's chin, getting a little purr from her as he resumed walking back to his place. The fox looked around as he brought her into his apartment, sniffing the air as she grew curious. He set her down after closing the door behind him and remarking.

"This is my place, not to bad compared to a lovely forest. Feel free to make yourself at home for now, I'll take you back to your den tomorrow morning." He stated as he grinned down to the ivory fox looking back up to him after a brief gaze around. She tilted her head and yipped a small tone before searching around, sniffing what she could as Naruto watched for a few moments before heading to take a shower. This left the little fox to herself in his home.

'Hmhmhmhmhmhmh~, for a human, he's surely friendly' a feminine thought echoed in the fox's head as she smiled. She trotted to the fridge and pushed it open to rummage about for something to eat. The little fox pulled out a small pack of lunch meat and moved to eat it on the table. Enjoying the honey glazed taste as she heard the shower soon stop and wet feet patting along the floor. Naruto came into the kitchen/dining room as he was looking to see where his little friend was, finding her snacking on his food.

"There you are, and that's mine!" he pouted but smiled as he laughed and scratched his cheek. Shrugging as he settled with a smile, "Though guess you're still hungry, so you can finish it, I'll get some more tomorrow. After I drop you off at your home that is." He finished as he walked over and scratched the fox's ears, getting a purr from her as he went to go get dry and dressed in sleeping clothes.

'And a handsome one too, one of a kind in these lands as everyone's so dull… I wonder though, is he perhaps in relations to Lord Kurama?' She thought as she could smell the aura of the Tailed Fox on Naruto, and there was a reason why the tailed beasts were being sought after this time around. She finished her snack and hopped off the table and trotted after Naruto, finding him getting ready for bed. He spotted her and smiled as he sat on the bed, making a kiss noise and patting the bed as she hopped on the bed and moved to sit aside him. Nuzzling her snout against his arm in an affectionate manner, she was rewarded with more pleasant scratches.

"You're a cute missy, aren't you? Wonder why you risked your tail for food earlier at the theater?" He asked himself as he soon moved to lay down, plucking her up and move her on his stomach as he looked at her. The fox stared back as she curled up on his belly, finding the warmth he radiated through the blanket enjoyable. The two maintained eye-contact as Naruto slowly dozed off and fell asleep, his snores echoing the room as the fox was still awake. She gazed around the bedroom and then hopped off him onto the floor, stretching as her form started to glow. Naruto was undisturbed by the glowing light as the fox's form grew and shifted to something more human. The light dying down as in the fox's place was a woman, a fox woman who was quite the beauty especially with her fox tails and ears, her whisker marks mirroring Naruto's but a bit different. Her golden fox eyes looked down to Naruto as she smiled and returned to bed. Climbing in as she made sure not to wake him up. Luckily, he was a HEAVY sleeper as the bed shifting with her added didn't wake him.

"Thank you for your generous hospitality, Mr. Uzumaki~" She quietly spoke before laying down and pulled the sheets over herself before cuddling to him for his warmth he radiated. Closing her eyes as she wanted to figure why he smelt like her Lord but would wait tomorrow.

-Next Morning-

Naruto was having a super pleasant dream of his girl-friend, Hinata. It felt so real too as the dream revolved them cuddling and being intimate, and with both sporting blushes that were twins. He loved the feeling of her furry hand against his cheek… wait, fur? The blond young man slowly woke up as he felt the soft fur on his cheek move a bit and then someone's arms and legs wrapped around him, along with a body against his own. Blinking and managing to rub his eyes as he got the blurriness out, he took in the sight of the beautiful woman who was in his bed. Panicking inwardly as he noticed she was naked, luckily still sleeping though. A sudden banging on his door grabbed his attention as his head snapped towards it, oh great this was just going to be just fantastic as he knew who would be banging the door like that.

"Open up Naruto! Kakashi wants us for a mission!" Sakura's loud voice was heard through the banging of her fist on the door. Naruto was freaking out more at this as he was thinking of a million ways this could turn out. And 999,999 of them all had him in deep water and in the hospital. Sakura didn't sound in a good mood, which confused him as she was chipper last night before his date, did he do something wrong? He was snapped out of thought when he felt a finger on his lips and looked to it, then its owner. Turns out Sakura's 'alarm clock', glancing to the clock showed it was 10:30 am, woke his company. He looked back to her and was drawn by her lovely eyes. She smiled and leaned in to speak in a low and soft tone to his ear.

"I thank you plenty for allowing me into your home for rest and food, Mr. Uzumaki. Naturally you have questions, as do I. Perhaps we can meet later, how does the abandoned castle north of this country sound?" She asked as he stared at her as the banging increased.

"Wake up Naruto and answer your door! Or I'll come in myself!" both heard her as the fox woman rolled her eyes as she leaned sat up, finger moving from his lips as she gave him an inquisitive look. He quickly nodded to her request as she sprouted a lovely smile and leaned down to hug him.

"Thank you, hope to see you soon, Mr. Uzumaki." She finished with a peck/lick to his cheek as he was surprised by that. She got off the bed and stretched, giving him an eyeful in the process before turning to him and smiling before her form shifted and changed back to the small fox he met last night. She hopped on the bed and soon the open windowsill as she looked back as he spoke.

"W-wait, how will I find you?" He asked as he looked to the ivory fox. Her response was to place a paw on a leaf and some blue fire smoked around her paw before she pulled it off. The fire vanishing as she nudged the leaf to him. He caught and saw a burn print of her paw on the leaf and noted it glowed a bit. He looked back, but saw she was gone. The banging on the door brought him back as he put the leaf in a drawer and got up for the door.

"Coming!" He answered as he soon opened the door, a fist just inches close from landing on his face as Sakura stopped. She calmed down and huffed as she placed hands on her hips as she asked.

"Finally, you wake up, I've been waiting for 30 minutes. And who were you talking to?" She asked as Naruto scratched his cheek that the fox woman kiss/licked before as he gave a cheesy grin and replied.

"What are you talking about, Sakura. I was having a good dream!" He said as Sakura shrugged and went to leave, reminding him to head for the tower for the upcoming mission. Naruto closed the door and went to get dressed. Before leaving, he took out the leaf and put it in his pouch after looking at it for a few seconds.

-Hokage's Office-

"Hey Sensei, you called~" Naruto said in his chipper tone when entering. This getting a smile from Kakashi as Naruto would always call him that and not Hokage, old habits he guessed. Sakura smiled and waited.

"So how did last night go for you two?" Sakura asked as she gave a smirk and wanted to see the two together, Hinata deserved him. Naruto chuckled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head and commented.

"Hehe, found out she's a big eater, raided my fridge after helping herself to a big steak. Even surprised me with waking me up and nude too!" He said as this got a wide-eyed expression and blush from both Kakashi and Sakura as they never knew that little info about Hinata. However, Naruto's mind was on the she-fox earlier who he met last night and had a brief talk before she left in the morning. Kakashi smiled and praised Naruto as the second coming of Jiraiya, much to the blonde's confusion, before clearing up and addressing the duo.

"Now I have gathered both of you as rumors have been circulating about some strange creatures seen. They seem to have been showing up since the end of the war, though from what people report, they seem to be harmless, only shy of being found and hiding from people. I want the both of you to head out and see if there is a way to get in touch, maybe see what they could be up to. This is an Era of Peace, perhaps some have been in hiding since then and are only coming out." He explained, showing some photos taken of what could be captured by camera. Each photo showed somewhat blurred pics of unique creatures, some humanoid, others not. Some of them had taken food or were caught by surprise from the shots. Kakashi put the photos away in a folder and handed over the mission scroll to Naruto as he was about to let the two leave when he got a call from the hospital.

"Hello… Ok, I see… I'll send her right over." Kakashi hang up as he spoke again.

"Well Naruto, looks like you're going solo, Sakura's needed in the hospital as apparently one of the elderlies threw out his back and requested her specifically, something about her unrivaled skill in chiropractic work. Have fun!" He shushed them off as Sakura huffed, but went off to the hospital regardless as Naruto left for the gates. After getting a good distance from the village, he brought out that leaf and stared at the paw print, remembering her words earlier and decided to visit this abandoned castle she spoke of. He turned north and used chakra funneled to his legs as he bolted off in a blur or yellow/orange and black. What would've taken days if not a week from the journey, was reduced down to a couple hours as he arrived. Whistling as he looked down at the place from a cliff top. The castle sat in a valley that would've given it good natural defense, or horrid weakness for the enemy to exploit. He hopped off the cliff and plummeted down as he landed with a small dirt cloud. He stood up and dusted off as he walked the overgrown path towards the massive castle. Giving a low whistle as he got closer and got to see it clearer and in more detail.

"This place is abandoned, looks like it could still be used after some cleaning… heavy cleaning." He summarized as the castle was overrun with nature and showed signs of once being a battleground. Dried remains of blood and burns from fires remained as there were no body remains or weapons to be seen, besides the structural damage. As he got closer, he picked up on some sort of energy, it felt like chakra, but more… natural he guessed, not natural energy that he could draw in with sage mode though. He stopped in front of the steps and looked back down to the leaf in hand, humming in thought, he then tried something. Focusing his chakra, he sent it into the leaf as it became more vibrant and swelled in growth, as per with his powerful chakra, and the paw print/burn shimmered a vibrant pink, smelt sweet too. That's when he heard something going on, looking up as the whole castle shimmered before the sound of shattering glass was heard. All at once, the castle crumbled to… reveal another castle? Indeed, that was the case as he was now looking at a re-stored and redesigned castle. His nose picking up on fresh herbs and flower as he turned and saw that the whole land of the castle was restored too. It's as if the hands of time turned back and new people moved in.

"What is this place?" He asked in wonder and taking in the castle in all its splendor. As if to answer him, the massive doors of the entrance opened, revealing a familiar beautiful face. Her expressions brightened upon seeing him as she silently walked down the steps and tapped his shoulder when she got behind him. Naruto turned at the tap and was greeted by the woman who invited him here, least she was clothed otherwise he'd be blushing up a storm by now.

"So glad you could make it, Mr. Uzumaki. Sorry for the big surprise earlier, I am Ahri Vulpines, a pleasure to meet you." She said and gave a kind bow to him as he smiled and greeted her back.

"It's no problem Ahri. And please, call me Naruto, Mr. Uzumaki makes me feel old, I'm only 17." He told her as he lightly laughed at the end. Ahri just smiled as she found him unique, normally humans would be in awe or fear. But he was kind, friendly if she had to guess. Her ears twitched as she looked him over, once again smelling Lord Kurama's scent upon him, pushing that question for later, she took one of his arms in hands and began walking with him in tow.

"Come on! I wanna introduce you to my friends!" She shifted from formal to cheerful in a heartbeat as she dragged the young man in. The doors closing behind the two as the tour began, Naruto taking in what she showed off in her excitement as she guided him around. The place looked a LOT bigger on the inside as he figured enlarging seals were used. That and the paced was brimming with activity as well, His eyes took in the various other brings that inhabited the castle, some roaming about, others relaxed in a spot and doing something. Ahri took immense fun in showing him around the place as it took a little while, due to its size and grounds. Eventually the tour came to an end the duo was in the kitchens as both were hungry, that and she wanted him to try some of their dishes. She ordered two plates of steamed rice buns along with grilled and spiced cow tongue and some honey sake.

"I've heard stories how you singlehandedly saved the world, Naruto. Your stories of courage and valor even reached our ears, so we wanted to come out of hiding thanks to you!" She summarized how exactly she recognized him that night, that and inwardly having a fan moment as she idolized him to an extent from his stories. Naruto grinned sheepishly as he found her enthusiasm and glee about meeting her idol cute and familiar to how Konohamaru met him when he came back after the training trip, sprinkled with Sasuke's old fans back from the academy days, just not creepy. He enjoyed the food as the chef, a being known as a Kappa, thanked him for his compliments and was a nice guy beyond the stories.

"Well I wasn't alone, wait what other stories have you heard about me?" He asked as he only figured the Fourth War was the one everyone was on about. That and he didn't think his other accomplishments would merit stories and tales. Ahri swallowed the current bite of her food and replied once free.

"The one where you restored a kingdom and overthrew the dictator in the Land of Spring. Saving the Leader of Wind Country. What I like most is how all these tales and others say you're most known for your big heart and kindness to all." She surmised as Naruto did find that nice to hear. They finished their food as Ahri grabbed his arm again and carried him off, still happy to meet and interact with her idol. Didn't take much, but she warmed him up and they became good friends.

-Later that night-

Naruto was going to set up his camping gear, but Ahri was not letting her idol sleep outside, especially when the castle was perfectly set for living conditions. Didn't help his case when she dragged him by his shoulders back inside, much to his protests.

"Come on Ahri, I had it all set up and ready to sleep!" He whined childishly as he struggled in her grip, surprised he couldn't get free. She shook her head and shot back, dragging him along as everyone was turning in for the night.

"That is unbecoming of you, master Naruto. You shouldn't have to be out there in the cold when we could easily provide you a room for the night. Or more nights if you plan on staying longer." She smiled at the thought of getting to spend more time with her new friend and idol. They got to her room and he was let up as he looked to her, getting a cute smile and hopeful eyes back to him as he gave an awkward grin. That's when he noticed this was her room, judging from how it was decorated with fox iconography and strangely enough a wanted poster of him?

"Honestly Ahri I wouldn't want to intrude on your hospitality, I'll take the guest room, just point me in the right direction." He asked, only to find Ahri already in bed, her clothes put in a wicker basket for cleaning as she patted the empty spot beside her for him with a wide smile.

"You can stay with me, master Naruto. I promise not to hug you to death!" She cheerfully admitted with puppy eyes as he just sighed, giving up as her bubbliness reminded him a bit of himself and he took her up on her offer. Taking his shirt, jacket and sandals off and only keeping his pants on, he got in the bed and was instantly hugged by his hostess. Blushing as he felt her chest press up against his back, thankfully he wasn't facing her so she could see his embarrassment. Ahri on the other hand was happy to be so close to her idol and now friend, it was like a dream come true. She hoped to learn things from and about her new friend and in turn help him into the culture and society of the Yokai. She hummed out and asked a question, for curiosity's sake really.

"Master Naruto, what's your relationship with lord Kurama?" She asked him as Naruto thought for a bit, also wanting her to drop the honorifics with him, he wasn't anyone's master, and didn't want her to see him as such, they were friends not master and servant.

"The big furball? we're great friends, almost like brothers if I wanted to picture it." He answered as he felt her arms hug him more and nuzzle her face into the back of his head. Hearing a 'good night' from her, her responded in kind and shut his eyes as the candle lights died out for the two to sleep. He wondered how the folks were doing back home.

-Next day-

The two were up and about after getting some breakfast and chatting under the massive Cherry Blossom tree in the middle of the vast gardens that the castle held.

"So then, I grabbed Kurama by his tails and threw him onto his back, the look on his face was hilarious." Naruto was retelling his and Kurama's fight, which he phrased to be more like a roughhousing fight between arguing brothers over the last dessert. Ahri was enthralled and found it very funny on how the two were around each other. Of course, Naruto had made a clone and Kurama sent his conscious into it, making the clone take the form of a 'baby' Kurama, who was enjoying some dim sum and rolled his eyes at Naruto's tale. Leave it to Naruto to water down one of his most important fights into a brotherly scuffle. The female fox just giggled and looked down to Kurama, scratching his ears as she couldn't believe her Lord looked so cute when small.

"So, what do you have to add, Lord Kurama?" she asked him as he swallowed some of his food and got out.

"The brat can hold his own, but yours truly beat him down like a bully." He said, causing Naruto to shout indignation as Kurama gave him a smug smile, Ahri laughing at their antics as she hid her mouth behind her sleeve. They were approached by goth-esque woman named Eliza who came from the former kingdom/country of Gelel. She was a vampire and took interest in the resident celebrity that 'graced' their castle home.

"Hello there, Foxy, stealing away the hero to hug and gush all over your crush?" She teased with a smirk as Ahri just blew a raspberry and grabbed Naruto's head, hugging him to her bosom.

"You're jealous because you can't sink your fangs into him, Batsy!" She taunted back as the two held a stare down for a bit more before bursting into laughter. Ahri letting go of Naruto's head and being helped up by the horned vampire as they calmed down laughing and she introduced the arrival.

"Master Naruto and Lord Kurama, I'd like to introduce you to one of my close friends and fellow Yokai, Eliza. She's a mosquito type" She joked as Eliza rolled her eyes and shot back.

"This is coming from the mutated ferret~" She mocked as the two butted heads, lightning shooting from their eyes as they shared a friendly rivalry and took fun in messing with each other. Naruto chuckled a bit at this and got up as he went to introduce himself, only to be surprised when Eliza spoke up.

"I am well aware who you are, Mr. Uzumaki. My cute foxy friend here isn't the only one who knows of your endeavors and how you helped usher in peace for all. You are viewed with praise and honor for helping us Yokai take small steps into the daylight." She said with a wink to him to compliment the smile she gave him. Of course, there was a hint of teasing as she looked him over and commented.

"And the stories don't do justice when defining you, handsome~" Placing hands on hips as gave a grin, showing off her fangs. Naruto smiled back, feeling a hungry aura coming off her. Picking Kurama up and placing him on his left shoulder, Naruto was then taken by the two as he asked.

"So, where are we going today?" He was curious as Ahri had told him of other hidden communities throughout the lands, and a main 'capitol' within the Land of Demons. And ever since he was introduced to their culture, he was very eager to know more. That and he LOVED the ramen he got to sample, as well as the food.

"How about the capitol, you are well known, and the leaders would like the chance to meet the one all of us look up to." Ahri asked as it wouldn't really take long for them to schedule a trip, Eliza nodded as she squeezed Naruto's arm in hold and added.

"Plus, what better way to move in then get yourself fit in." She winked as Naruto smiled and agreed with both. Soon both had their things ready and were waiting as their transport arrived, standing on the roof of the castle as Naruto looked around. Soon hearing large rotor fans, Naruto turned to the direction they were coming from as his mouth dropped. A massive airship, like the one he snuck into back in the Land of Snow/Spring, came flying in from behind the mountain sides. It was smaller than the one he remembered, but crimson in color and with an even colorful banner that represented their kind. His mouth was closed by one of Ahri's tails as she giggled at his reaction. Their ride came down and extended a foldable set of stairs leading to the 'boat'. Eliza was first to board the ship as Ahri grabbed Naruto's wrist and guided him along.

"Don't be so shy, Master Naruto. You get used to it after the first time." The fox-woman said as she got a pair of seats and had him take the outer one while she took the inner one, Eliza had a seat across from them. The ride then took off as Naruto looked around then down to the land, seeing a larger view of the land that hid the castle as an illusion soon masked the place to look like a normal valley. With that the trio, four as mini-Kurama sat on Naruto's head, were headed off to the Yokai Capitol. However, unknown to even Naruto's god-like sensory capabilities, he didn't pick up someone that had recently began tailing him, looking up at the air-ship with a cold stare.

-Yokai Capitol-

Naruto gave a whistle upon seeing the massive capitol, hidden away by the same power that hid the castle from before he presumed. Having been woken up from a small nap, he yawned a bit before soon feeling them touch down near a tower. He managed to get up and stretch before Ahri and Eliza grabbed his arms and dragged him in glee, racing to the elevator leading down the tower to the ground. As the large party elevator moved down the building, Naruto admired the view of the capitol, seeing various spots and locales to peek at, glancing to the two ladies at his sides as he asked Kurama.

"So, see anything you like Kurama?" He asked the miniature tailed beast, the little fox looking along as he let out a similar whistle in astonishment. He's been around a long time and seen plenty, but this was surprising that a whole collective race thought only to be myths, stories and folklore told to amuse and scare was in fact real and just recently began showing with the new era of peace. Soon making it to the lobby, they exited and Ahri hailed a taxi, one of those horse drawn carriages with a closed box for the customers, for them and piled in as she paid the driver to take them to the main building that was titled, the Grand Senate. As their ride went along, Naruto peered out of the window in amazement while they made their way along a busy street, taking in the various shops and establishments that lined the sides of the street. The ride was a bit a while as they eventually stopped before the steps of the large building. The trio stepping out as Naruto gazed at the place, it was huge, probably bigger than all the Kage Buildings of their respective villages put together. Being tapped on the shoulder by Ahri as he and Kurama followed her and Eliza up the steps.

"Woah…" Naruto and Kurama muttered in awe as they made it inside, it was a lot busier in here than they guessed. Ahri and Eliza made sure they didn't lose them as they shuffled past various other fascinating locales. Naruto and his pint-sized friend definitely were amazed and wanted to know more, soon the four standing at a door labeled 'Inari Vulpines', Ahri knocking thrice as a voice was heard. 'Come in' was the response as the four were let in, Naruto and Kurama seeing a regal, raven haired, foxy woman sitting at a desk reading some papers with a younger looking assistant at her side with a notebook in one hand, a tray with fresh tea and sushi in the other. The woman sitting at the desk looked and smiled as Kurama saw her fox tail had a regal bow attached to the end and her fox ears had ornate earrings. The woman spoke to Ahri personally as her expression held a bit of annoyance to it.

"Ahri, what did I say about venturing out and stealing from the humans?" She asked as Ahri pouted and folded her arms, tails fluffing up as she looked away from the elder fox.

"Don't upset the humans and not to cause trouble…" she replied in a defeated tone as she averted her gaze from Inari's. The older fox then got out of her chair after setting her papers down and walked over to Ahri. Naruto & Kurama saw that this Inari was regal as her outfit fit the royal ensemble too, said vixen soon raised her hands and held Ahri's cheeks to have her look to her.

"Now while I should punish you for disobeying me, I won't as you have a guest with you, a very important guest I should add." She said, pecking Ahri's forehead as the younger fox smiled and was let go. Inari then turned and stepped over to Naruto, the blonde realizing Inari was taller than him, and he was 6'5"! Her hands went to his shoulders as she spoke and gazed over him and Kurama.

"Now where are my manners, my name is Inari Vulpines, I welcome you both to Yokai Capitol. You've already met my daughter Ahri and her close friend Eliza." Inari said as Naruto looked to Ahri who had a smile and gave the duo a peace sign, then turned back to Inari.

"Don't forget about me, My Lady!" The assistant blurted out cheerfully as she set down her things and ran over to hug Naruto. Inari just smiled as she rolled her eyes as she still smiled. "Of course, my assistant here is Tamamo no Mae, just Tamamo for short." She introduced the young peach pink haired fox hugging Naruto. Naruto gave a hug back as she soon let go of Naruto. She then moved to Ahri and began firing off questions on how they met and such. Inari cleared her throat as she got everyone's attention and spoke.

"How about we take a lunch break and get to meet the infamous hero. Tamamo, put anything scheduled on hold, we have more 'important' things to discuss." She said in an alluring tone as she gazed at Naruto before letting him go as the small group went out for lunch. "You sure you've never heard of all this?" Naruto asked Kurama as the small Tailed Beast shrugged, "Yeah, must have been some powerful techniques to avoid everyone's eyes for this long, and guessing they've been around before the creation of Charka and me and my siblings." Naruto just shrugged as Inari guided the small group out and away, hailing a cab as they were heading to the tourist center.

"So, Naruto, I know this is sudden and all, but I was wondering if you would like to help the Yokai reveal ourselves to the world." Inari questioned as the six were in a box car above the buildings, a touring car system that rounded around the whole grand city as it was a great technological invention that made him remember the Land of Spring/Snow. Naruto thought of Inari's question as Kurama commented for them.

"What exactly do you have in mind, Inari, your little community has been in the shadows well before the birth of shinobi and a sudden appearance might throw people into panic today." The Ninetailed fox of chakra asked as he was thinking how the Yokai could announce themselves like they wanted to. Do it too quick and in mass and people will freak the fuck out and scream invasion. Inari sipped her drink she brought earlier on the ride and thought for a moment.

"I suppose calling one of your Kage meetings would be beneficial, being the hero of the most recent shinobi war would give you some sway in having this meeting happen, would it not?" she questioned as Naruto thought it over and figured she was right, as he was still striving for the Hokage position and his new celebrity status amongst the nations did make him quite popular and influential. Yeah that does sound good. Lemme get in touch with my friends and see what I can come up with." Was his reply as he and Kurama smiled to the vixen trio as they were happy to see he was on board with this. Over the next few days, his stay at the Yokai capitol was pleasant and interesting. Pleasant as he was always finding something new with the Yokai way of life and culture, and interesting as Ahri would take it upon herself to share his bed, nude as usual as Kurama got a laugh when Naruto was surprised by her sleeping and clinging to him one morning, her only response was that he felt so warm and inviting, must be his chakra. On the upside was that he managed to get in contact with his friends in the various nations and asked to set up a Kage meeting in the Land of Iron.

-Kage Meeting-

"So, Naruto, what was the big reveal you wanted to call us here for?" Kakashi asked as he gave his usual look of boredom unless it involved his coveted book series, which he took up in Jiraiya's honor and memory. Naruto held a cheesy smile as he had all 5 Kage gathered, along with Mifune as well as he had yet to really decide on a successor before his retirement like the other leaders. Now some other people had come along for the meeting besides the bodyguards of the Kages as they were curious what Naruto's been up to and wanting to know what this big news was that he was talking about.

"Remember how you sent me on the mission to uncover whats going on with the strange appearances by creatures?" He asked as Kakashi nodded as the mission in particular was collaborated by all the current Kage, and they had all agreed Naruto would best help with it.

"Well, as it turns out, they are not 'random' encounters, I recently found out there's a whole nation of them and they have been around since before Old Man Sage too. They actually wanted to meet me and also reveal themselves to the world. Lemme introduce you to their leader." Naruto went over to the entrance doorway to the meeting room and opened it, revealing that Inari was standing behind it and representing the nation of Yokai as the de-facto leader, though in reality, leadership was split up with a council of elected leaders. The Kages and their bodyguards were in awe of the stunning fox woman before them as she strode forward, not bothered with letting her kitsune features showing as she summoned a chair from the floor by manipulating the wood floor to sprout up a chair as she moved to take her seat and greeted them all with a smile.

"Hello to you all, my name is Inari Vulpines and I am the representing leader of the nation of Yokai. I hope we can get along…." She said with a charming smile as the meeting started up. Naruto got a notice from Kakashi about some friends wanting to see him as Naruto excused himself from the meeting room and went to the lobby area where he would find them. He would say hi to them, if Hinata hadn't jumped into his arms and kissed him on his lips. This act surprised everyone, Naruto included as the kiss was broken after a few moments and he looked to Hinata with curiosity and wonder.

"Well that was new, how are you doing Hinata?" Naruto asked as he hugged her and soon broke the hug as the Hyuuga heiress was lovey-dovey for someone who was just starting to overcome her shyness with their first date the other night. "I'm doing great Naruto; I've missed you so much." She replied as Naruto glanced with a raised eyebrow to his friends as Sakura just rolled her eyes at his confusion, Naruto had to work on his romance it seemed. Of course, this was interrupted as a feminine called out for Naruto as he smiled in recognition and broke out of Hinata's hold. Spotting Ahri and Eliza as the vixen had on winter looking clothes (Midnight outfit) While Eliza just had a black version of her red gothic dress.

"There you are Naruto!" Ahri smiled and hopped into his arms with a hug that he returned as he found her exuberance infectious, a bit like his own personality which was cute. Eliza did a quick scan over his friends and saw a glimpse of venom in Hinata's eyes as she watched Naruto and Ahri share a sweet hug, course that venom vanished as Eliza held a smirk at the scene. The fox boy and woman separated as he set her down and he summoned Kurama in bebe mode as he asked.

"I didn't know you girls tagged along. How'd you get in without your mom knowing?" he was curious as he knew Inari was wanting to focus on the meeting and not whatever antics her daughter might get into. Ahri just grinned and replied,

"She didn't find out until the last second before we took off in the airship. I promised to make it up to her." He nodded to her answer as he found out she was a bit of a rebellious one during his time at the capitol. He looked to Eliza who shrugged and winked to him.

"Someone's got to keep an eye on your girlfriend, Mr. Uzumaki. How would she be able to sleep at night without you in her arms and her naked form against yours?~" She teased as she got a kick out of Ahri sneaking into his room to use him like a big teddy bear at nights. Naruto just blushed at the comment as did Ahri and Eliza noticed Hinata bristle up for a moment before calming, seems like the Hyuuga was jealous of being outshined or really was pinning for Naruto & didn't like the thought of him being close with others. The others had varying levels of surprise and for some like Kiba, he could see the shitstorm ready to blow up building in Hinata, he knew how much Hinata wanted Naruto.

"Nice to see you too Eliza, still nursing the headache form that little spar of ours?" He asked as he did have a bit of fun sparring with the vamp as she wanted to test his strength on a whim. Said spar led to some interesting scenes. Of course, he didn't realize what he just started as Eliza was one for teasing her friends, that included him.

"Oh, but darling, you were so rough with me~, I could barely move after the fierce intimacy~" she teaed as Naruto was beet red and his friends were all even more surprised. Kiba glanced and saw Hinata was looking to murder Eliza and Ahri with a glare and her hands were twitching to strike the yokai duo.

"I see your still mouthy as always, Eliza." Naruto remarked as he scratched the back of his head and coming down from her teasing. Eliza just snickered as she got her fun from messing with Naruto as he turned to face his friends and introduce the ladies.

"Guys, these two are Ahri Vulpines and Eliza Tepes, the friends I made while on my mission for Kakashi." He smiled as the two young ladies waved to the gang, sizing them up as the Konoha group did as well. That's when Hinata schooled her features and dragged Naruto off to a small hallway and closed the door with an excuse.

"Excuse us, I just need to have a word with my fiancée." Eliza and Ahri glanced to each other as they got vibes from the Hyuuga woman.

*Slap* "Do you want to explain yourself and your little friends?" Hinata all but demanded as Naruto was stunned by this side of Hinata, including the slap she just gave him too.

"The hell are you upset about, they're just my friends, nothing funny is going on. Eliza loves to tease people like that." He spoke up as Hinata held her disapproving look to Naruto, folding her arms under her chest as she stared at him.

"You better not be cheating on me, Naruto Uzumaki. We finally are together like we are meant to be; I do not want some wild women tarnishing our dreams." She said in a tone that left no room for rebuttal as Naruto was curious why Hinata was acting like this. This was about an opposite from her shy and sweet self from their first date that night. She turned to the door and went to go back with her friends and gave a look to him as her hand was on the handle.

"I can't lose you Naruto, it would hurt so much." Naruto raised an eyebrow at her words as he watched her leave the room as Naruto would sit with himself for a bit and mull over Hinata's words, still wondering where the hell this mood shift came from, he was only gone for a couple days and he wasn't seeing anyone behind her back. What was off here? He soon came back to the group as Eliza and Ahri noted his light frown as he clearly caught what Hinata was snapping at him about even when she used chakra to muffle their little conversation from the others. Of course, they weren't going to let Hinata try to stifle their friendship because she was feeling jealous.

"You alright there, Naruto?" Eliza asked as she ignored the death glare Hinata was sending her through sipping her drink as the others were chatting. Naruto's mood quickly was shifted to his happy mood as he replied.

"Totally good, Eliza." He smiled to her and Ahri as the fox patted between her and Eliza for him to sit as all other spots were taken and Naruto went to do so, but Hinata was not to be undermined as she moved over to sit on his lap and give a look to the two yokai ladies saying 'he is mine!'. Naruto just inwardly sighed as he figured this was going to be an occurring thing, the rest of the meeting with the Kages and Inari went well as Naruto tried to find balance between Ahri and Eliza and an obviously miffed Hinata, still wondering why she was acting like this. Hopefully things can be sorted out peacefully. Over the next few days, Naruto had found himself busy with helping by running errands, around the nations, he was pretty much a glorified mailman, but hey, money for needs and wants.

All was going well, it seemed. But not everyone was really liking the mingling of human and yokai, and that person was a certain princess.

-A few weeks after the big meeting-

"I told you that Naruto Uzumaki was mine, and that I will not let anyone, or anything stand in the way of my happiness with him. Certainly not some foreign harlot of a species no one has ever heard of until recently." The voice of one Hinata Hyuga was loud and clear as she stared down with distaste to the battered forms of Ahri and Eliza. You see Ahri and Eliza saw no problems with still being friendly with Naruto as he made stops here and there with helping out establishing communication and trade routes between the shinobi nations and the yokai capitol. The duo was always happy to have Naruto stop by on his assignments or for a quick meal, accompanying him and always making his good days better with their friendship and company. Naruto, being Naruto, was always happy to hang with his friends and so no issues with spending time with them either when they wanted to.

Now what he was not aware of, was that Hinata has been keeping an eye on his person all the time, in & out of the Leaf. So of course, she saw he was still hanging out with those 'undesirables' despite her gentle desire for him not to. Now she was taking this into her own hands. She had tracked the two to a small town that was a bit of a distance from the Yokai capitol and that castle they usually stayed at, and had with her a group of her clan as well, hidden in the shadows as she strode in the restaurant they were at and called them out on grounds of 'theft and interference with clan affairs'. Course this devolved into a fight as she was the one to make the first move, they had the upper hand of course and were more skilled in combat, but she made a signal and her clan emerged and struck the two down with strikes and also tagged them with sealing tags used to immobilize criminals. Now they were beaten and at her mercy as Hinata glared at them as her clan surround the yokai.

"As leader of the Hyuga clan, my word is law, and I made it quite clear that I do not want you interacting with my beloved. But it seems that you have trouble listening to your superiors, so harsher punishment shall be enacted to get my message across." The hyuga woman said as she brought out a small ink pot and brush, a very specific type as this was the one used to brand the branch family of the clan with the infamous Caged Bird Seal. As she approached the downed duo who glared at her, no one aware of the golden comet that was soaring in the night sky above the town that did a sharp turn and aimed down to the town square where the current hyuga group was with the yokai prisoners.


Everyone was thrown back by the force of the impact as a small crater was made and the dust was blown away to reveal Naruto in his golden Six Sage mode, and boy oh boy did he look upset. Also, Tsunade was hanging onto his back and looked dizzy from the ride.

"Sorry granny, you ok there?" He asked as his mode was deactivated and he let the blonde down as she recovered and muttered something about not drinking before he takes her on a flight next time. She looked to Ahri and Eliza in apology before turning to Hinata with a fierce glare and frown as her hands came to her hips as Naruto spotted the yokai duo and went to release them from their bonds.

"Hinata Hyuga, would you please care to explain yourself; I was not aware you had left the village or never let anyone know that you were going somewhere either." She asked in a voice full of authority, sure Kakashi was hokage now as she stepped down, but the blonde woman still was respected and turned to for assistance and leadership when Kakashi had his hands full. Hinata had quickly recovered form the sudden arrival as she glanced to Naruto tenderly helping up Ahri and Eliza before looking to the Senju.

"You arrived in time to help, I had come to speak with Naruto's new friends and wanted to get along with them, but they suddenly attacked me. I would have died if my clan members did not intervene." She hastily lied as she tried to spin the narrative to her favor. But from the look she was getting, Tsunade was not having it. Naruto made sure Ahri and Eliza were alright as he used his chakra to heal their injuries, to which they thanked with a smooch on the cheek from each and hugs as he then noted the broken ink pot and brush and knelt to inspect it. Dabbing a finger in and rubbing the fluid in his fingers.

"Hinata, I am going to ask you a few questions, and I do not want any excuses." He spoke up and walked over to Hinata, offering her a hand to stand up as she took it. He stared at her with a questioning look and began as Tsunade went over to apologize to Ahri and Eliza about this incident. The other clan members were corralled by some ANBU that just arrived now.

"Does it really upset you that I made friends with Ahri and Eliza?" Hinata didn't like the look in his eyes, she wanted that warmth and affection he had before, nodding to his question as he asked another question.

"Were your intentions coming here to brand them with the Caged Bird Seal, the very same seal that Neji despised and you promised to do away with when you became leader of the clan when your dad retired?" Another nod, some water was budding in her eyes as Naruto inwardly didn't like making people cry, but he was seeing something in Hinata, something he never thought he would see in a million years.

"Why are you doing this, Hinata. I've never seen this behavior from you regarding out friends back home?" He asked his last question as he folded his arms over his chest. Hinata looked down a bit then to his face as she inhaled and managed to muster a response.

"I don't want to lose you. I have spent years training and bettering myself to stand by your side and finally gain your love, and just when I finally, truly had the chance to become husband and wife with you. I see these foreign women trying to steal you away from me, from our destiny…" her hands moved and grasped his as she looked into his eyes, shining with hope, and something more. Naruto took his hand out of hers and gently cupped her cheek as her smile grew and eyes shined with joy at being accepted by him, but his look never changed.

"I can understand a little bit of jealousy, but this? Attacking the daughter of the leader of the Yokai, not to mention the attempt to brand a slave seal on them from another nation, Hinata you would start an international conflict that would see Konoha getting in a war, and we just got out of one. Kakashi is already trying to salvage the new alliance we JUST created as they caught wind of your little show here. What the hell were you thinking doing this, I want to know what made you think this all would go over well? Why would you jeopardize the life of two innocent women, along with yours, mine and everyone within the Leaf and the other Nation?" He asked, his other hand coming to gently hold her face as she started crying now, was it realization at being had, letting her emotions get the better of her logic in regards to citizens of another land?

"I-I messed up! I thought you would leave me for them! I had heard rumors of you being with a beautiful woman and I overreacted! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for disappointing you, Naruto!" She broke down and collapsed on her hands and knees as Naruto watched her as did everyone else. Naruto knelt to her as he had Hinata look to him and wiped her tears as he still couldn't have one of his friends reduced to such a state for him.

"Hey, hey. Dry those tears, I don't hate you, I'm just disappointed that something like this erupted and I didn't see it until it was too late. I don't know if I can do anything to make sure Lady Inari doesn't want your head on a pike, but ill try my best to see if I can resolve this mess peacefully." He said as he looked to the ground, the chances slim as if was to try and negotiate with both sides for an agreement towards the planned alliance, he couldn't let personal feelings get in the way.

"So, we can still be together?" Hinata asked as she wiped her tears and looked to him as he was her only hope in this life that she just suicided with her actions. Naruto sighed and closed his eyes, now came the hard part as he was gonna get heat by everyone back home for this, especially Sakura.

"Hinata, your gonna hate me, but I think we should stop seeing each other for now. I admit I was hoping for the best between us, but I guess I'm not ready enough to deal with relationships and the inner works, I was blind to the issues brewing with you about Ahri and Eliza and I realize that now. Perhaps its better if we remain as just friends, its nothing against you at all, but we both have things we have to figure out ourselves, that and granny and Kakashi want to talk to you about punishments. As for me, I gotta take Ahri and Eliza home as Inari is really not in a good mood." He said as he watched her look morph into horror and despair as before she could respond. Sasuke appeared behind her and bopped her on the back of the head with the hilt of his sword and she was out like a light, Naruto picked her up and handed her off to an ANBU as Naruto went over to Eliza and Ahri.

"I'll keep in touch Granny, try not to get a headache." He gave a smile to her as he placed hands on Ahri and Eliza and vanished with a golden burst of speed that left a dust trail as Tsunade sighed and looked to Sasuke.

"Nice of you to show up, kid. Take it you got Sakura's letter?" She asked as Sasuke nodded, a small smile as he was happy at the news, he was going to be a father. The group of Leaf nin went home with their captives in tow as Naruto arrived at Inari's doorstep with Ahri and Eliza, just in time as Inari grabbed and slammed him into a wall as Tamamo watched Eliza and Ahri try to calm the enraged fox as Naruto knew he had to fix this. He wondered if Kurama was sleeping through all this as the furball was pretty quiet. It would take a bit, but the situation did manage to smooth out and Inari was talked out of wanting Hinata dead for the attempt on her child's life, a compromise was reached as Hinata would face house arrest for a while as well as rescinding her position as Hyuga clan leader to Hanabi. Of course, things were a bit hard as her friends were surprised by what happened as well as the resolution with Hinata and Naruto breaking up. Speaking of Naruto, word on the street was that Naruto had decided to buy a house over in 'Nippon', which was the new name for the nation as Yokai Capitol didn't quite catch one really. He would stop by now and then as he heard most of his friends had gotten together and starting planning for marriage and families. Guess that left him for last as he was taking things slower than before, not as eager to get with someone and plan for the married life as he still had things he wanted to do and see before settling down. Speaking of the blonde himbo….

-Up in the mountains of Nippon-

"How do you girls do this?" Naruto asked as he was panting after climbing a rock wall that was quite steep with few ledges to grab. Course this would be easy, but the stipulation was that you couldn't use chakra to cheat and reach the top. It was an interesting challenge to say as Eliza and Ahri made it look easy, while he was trying not to fall and bust his ass with rock-climbing. Having reached the top, he was busy catching his breath and relaxing his sore muscles, who knew doing something without chakra was that taxing?

"We like to come up her from time to time, has a great view as well." Ahri replied as Naruto raised his head from laying down and saw indeed that the view was breathtaking. He sat up and got a better view as he saw the land of Nippon and beyond, plus with the sun setting, it cast the sky in a nice shade of colors that helped make the sight lovelier. He found himself smiling as he wished he had a camera to take a photo, the sound of Eliza clearing her throat got his attention as she pointed to a small sauna and cabin that was at the top of this mountain. Naruto dusted himself as he got up and smiled at the nice vacation spot the two obviously led him to with the climb.

"Ooohh, that's a good spot to relax, this part of your little climbing trips?" he asked as both ladies nodded and pushed him along as they wanted to all get a warm bath in, bikinis and swimming trunks on. Few minutes later and all three were in the hot springs, a natural occurrence on this mountain instead of a man made one, their stuff put aside as they just relaxed and let the hot waters work their magic on their sore muscles. Now with Ahri and Eliza, they had gotten to be great friends with Naruto and even got some levels of crushing going on. They got why he was such a desired person with his cheerful persona, always willing to help people out with big or small things and generally a big teddy bear to be around with. The two beauties actually wanted to let him know about their grown feelings, but he wasn't exactly the brightest crayon, so they needed an idea.

"Hey Naruto, want to play a game?" Eliza asked as she gave a wink to Ahri, Naruto almost dozing off, so he didn't see the small signal between them. Ahri just smiled and winked back as the game was starting.

"What did you have in mind, hopefully not more rock climbing again as I'm pretty sure my muscles hate me." He joked out, unaware of Ahri and Eliza's looks and smiles. He felt them move closer now as shoulders touched and felt their heads resting atop his shoulders, causing him to open his eyes and look to them both.

"Oh, nothing like that, we were thinking along the lines of something simple, like Truth or Dare? Or is the big superstar too shy to share some secrets with his dear friends~?" Eliza replied with her usual tease as Ahri wiggled in closer as her body was against his and she gave puppy eyes as she wanted to play the game. Naruto figured why not as he smiled and then splashed the two with hot water with a chuckle.

"We can play, just don't chicken out." The game started off with light stuff like finding out guilty pleasure hobbies or simple dares like holding their breath underwater. When it was Naruto's turn, he had his back to them as both gals smiled to each other and undid their bikinis and sank deeper to let the water hide their now nude figures and their bikinis were placed aside. Ahri tapped Naruto on the head with one of her tails as he turned around while still underwater and got a very good view~. Instantly he burst up from the water and turned back around, trying to not look at the twin babes as he got quite the eyeful of their figures. While yes, he did find himself sharing his bed with a naked Ahri earlier, he was still a hormonal young man and was not trying to be a perv.

"Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to peek on you!" He profusely apologized with his back to them as both girls giggled and he felt their hands on his arms and bring him back to his spot between them. Now their hands were gliding up and down his toned arms as he was keeping his eyes shut and blushing.

"Always happy to see my beauty has such an effect on you, Naruto~" Ahri began,

"Aww, does the big hero have the hots for little ol' me~?" Eliza added as she moved a hand along his torso and south to his trunks as Ahri just felt his chest. Naruto was really resembling a tomato now as he found himself in a pickle.

"I-is this part of the game?" he wondered as both ladies hummed and moved to kiss the sides of his neck and whisper into his ears at the same time.

"We were wanting to take the game to the next level~" He shivered as he felt Eliza's fingers trail along the hem of his swim trunks and Ahri traced one of her nails over his pecs. Don't get him wrong he's had a fling or two before in the past with Ino and Tenten. But Eliza and Ahri were on a whole other level in beauty and charm as he was like putty to their wiles and having a hard time to respond to them and keep his libido in check, also his raging hard on.

"Next level, like what?" He asked as he then felt hands on his head and the sounds of both moving before him.

"Open your eyes, please."

Doing so, Naruto was given a view that would have ruined the minds of lesser men, Ahri Vulpines and Eliza Tepes filled his vision as they had discarded their bikinis and stood in front of the young man. His eyes soaking in the full view as the water of the springs only went up to mid thig and he got to see every delicious curve and detail of the vamp and the kumiho. Large breasts, slim waists, wide hips perfect for birthing young and mile long legs. The small differences like Eliza having a paler complexion and Ahri having illustrious fox ears and tails compared to Eliza's horns and bat wings set them apart in their own ways as they loved the look he had in his eyes while looking at them naked, and they loved it.

"Like what you see, dear?" Ahri asked with a purr as Naruto shook his head on instinct, his rational mind kinda going to the backseat right about now. These two had such effects on him, and Kurama was too lazy to do anything besides nap. The yokai duo just shared a giggle as Eliza spoke next.

"You still want to play truth or dare? Its going to be a lot more personal, more… intimate~" she trailed off as her eyes lowered to his pelvis as she could hear the sound of his blood pumping through his body and coalescing to a certain organ. He gave a nod as Ahri and Eliza retook their seats besides him as they gently moved his hands away from on top of his lap to see the obvious erect cock trapped in his swimming trunks. Before he could respond, he felt Ahri's hand turn to have him look to her as she took his lips in a soft kiss that grew deeper, before Eliza's hand came and wrested his head to face her as she did the same. He got bold and broke the hungry kissing as he put his hands behind their heads and guided the two ladies to kissing each other in front of him as they did so with grins. Plenty of kissing was had as they even got into a three-way kiss as he lost his trunks during the whole thing and was now getting the two-hander treatment as Ahri and Eliza stroked him off.

"Truth or Dare, Naruto~?" Ahri asked as Naruto groaned out his reply, "T-truth~!"

"Do you love us, and not in the friend way, but as wanting to spend your life and start a lovely family~?" She asked as she was teasing him really good while Eliza dipped under the water and got him with another good play, the tips of her horns coming out of the water.

"Yes, I do. F-fuck, how are you two so good at this?" He gasped out as he was finding it really hard to concentrate here, but his answer was sincere about wanting to be with them. Ahri smiled at him as she tapped Eliza and they switched positions, now Ahri was messing with him underwater while Eliza was just working the shaft.

"Truth or Dare, Darling~?" She smirked as he groaned out, "Dare.", and she sped up,

"We dare you to take us here and now, show us the wild side of yourself and see if we can make some cute little babies~" With that Eliza let go after stopping her play and tapped Ahri who emerged from her fun as both grinned at him as he was heated with desire and stared at them, face flush as he blinked a few times to focus and then lunged with a beastly growl. The girls laughed as they were tackled into the springs as those noises soon shifted to moans and whines along with other lewd noises as well. The trio so engrossed in their carnal fun that they didn't sense the person approaching, well more stomping up to the door as it was kicked open by a pouting and angry Tamamo, sporting a blush as she saw them nude.

"What the hell, girls! You forgot to tell me you had planned today to be the big day!" She whined comically but was interrupted as a golden chakra chain shot forth and wrapped around her, dragging her in as she yelped, and the sounds of her blue kimono being shredded as her moans added to Eliza and Ahri's as the fun continued. They would be busy for a while up in that small resort and not be down for a bit. In her office, Inari sipped her drink and leaned back in her chair as she gazed to the mountain the four were at as she had a wistful smile, taking a break from the daily paperwork.

"Hmm, I foresee plenty of grandchildren to spoil rotten when I retire…."

And that's a wrap, this is the last chapter of this little series of stories set for the handsome Naruto Uzumaki and beautiful Ahri, and any friends that want a piece of the fun and love. I figured to finish this up before I start any new projects as I tend to get sidetracked and stuff. Besides, its been a fun ride to picture various ideas for them to meet, fall in love and form a family, plus as a ship whore I did get some art commissioned of these two, so F'in cute! Anyway, this story is complete with this final piece and I know some will be upset of the lack of lemons, but not every love story has to so the detailed intimacy between lovers, so just picture the most passionate, the most depraved, wild lemons you can here between the four. Im gonna work on my other fics and try to finish those up, might take a bit before I start up anything else tbh. Hope ya'll are enjoying yourselves and if interested, leave a review, check out my other works, challenges in my profile and PMs if you have questions or suggestions regarding things.

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