Back with another chapter, came up with this scenario as a surprise to the current battle in the manga. Enjoy

Story Start.

It was a normal day in the Institute of War, champions were either hanging out, battling in the fields or doing their own things. Ezreal himself was coming back as he found something grand in one of his excavations.

"Hey blondie, how's the digging?" Katarina asked as she and a few other champions walked up.

"You guys won't believe what I discovered." Ezreal said as they all were curious.

"Really, what's so big this time?" Ahri asked as she folded her arms. Ezreal looked out for any summoners and lowered his voice.

"Right now, it's under watch, but later tonight I can show you, trust me, it's pretty cool." He said as the others knew that whatever had Ezreal sneaking into an excavation under watch must be good.

(Later that night)

A group of champions that consisted of Ahri, Ezreal, Riven, Graves, Katarina, Malphite, Teemo, Lux, Garen and Twisted Fate went into a cave that was a distance away from the Institute. They noticed that the tunnel leading down was littered with carvings.

"What is this place?" Riven asked as Ezreal activate a switch and the elevator that was put in place started up.

I'm not really sure, but the markings as well as the cataloguing done suggest that this place was around since the legendary Great War that led to the 'rebirth'." Ezreal said as this caught the others attention. The rumored Great War that occurred long ago was said to have been the origin point for the civilization and land that would eventually become Valoran and all its associates. They all stepped on the elevator as it went down several hundred feet. The group felt an impressive amount of energy that got larger as they continued down. They eventually came to a stop as they got off and the group followed Ezreal.

"It should be around here, this object is actually a large gem, about the size of a house." Ezreal said as they ventured through the tunnels. They eventually came upon a large chamber with the walls filled with carving of a civilization and events that transpired. However what caught their attention the most was the gem Ezreal mentioned before. The gem was purplish-pink in color and there were five figures in it, two women and three men. The group of champions approached the artifact as they sensed a massive surge of power emanating from it.

"Who are they?" Lux asked as she studied them.

"Beats me, but I can deduce from the marking that these five were in a battle that would decide the fate of the world during the Great War." Ezreal said as Ahri found herself drawn to the man that had the glowing aura over him. Her attention was focused on his whisker marks as she placed her hand on the gem, only to quickly pull it back with a hiss of pain as the power, while oozing energy, left a burn on her hand that healed instantaneously.

"Well how about we break them out of this and see what they have to say?" Graves asked as he blew out some smoke from his cigar.

"That's the thing, all of our tools actually broke when we tried to cut through the material encasing the five. Hell, even our top summoners couldn't break through it." Ezreal answered as he placed his hands on his hips. The others were curious at this answer and turned back to look at the gem.

"Maybe we can find out more when they bring it to the Institute?" Riven said as she glanced to the others as they agreed.

"I guess we'll find out later on." Garen said as they all left the cavern.

(The next day)

All the champions were gathered in the main break room (which was massive) as the summoners called them all. Merlin, the leader of the Institute, welcomed them all as he stood in front of the large gem that was covered by tarp.

"Welcome everyone, you are all wondering why we have called you here, and due to a young friend not being able to keep his mouth shut," Merlin glanced to Ezreal, who chuckled nervously, "We have decided to reveal an… oddity that was discovered during a recent excavation. It has ties to the past than explain great detail of the Great War. Without further ado, I would like to introduce them." Merlin said as the tarp was drawn back and the gem that housed the five. The champions were amazed and confused about the people inside, they were frozen in combat as the raven haired one was attacking with a sword, the blonde with golden aura was dodging a spike shot from the three eyed woman's hand and the young girl with pink hair was being pulled back by the silver haired man with a mask.

"Now, we don't have any means of even making a chip on the stone encasing them, but we can deduce from the carving etched into the walls where this was found that these five were fighting to decide to fate of the world. Until we can break them free, they shall remain here in this room, good day and don't deface this please." Merlin said as he bowed and left, some of the champions stayed behind and observed the 'attraction' as others made comments and observations. No-one noticed the new champion, Gnar, had a happy expression on his face as he stared at one person inside the stone before running off to his chambers. Eventually the other champions went to do other things.


Ahri was unable to sleep as she remembered coming into contact with the artifact, something about it felt… familiar from her murky past, she vaguely remembered a soothing woman voice taking care of her when she was very young, everything else was a blur as she remembered waking up in Southern Ionia.

'I' going to find out what is with that stone that has me restless.' She thought as she sat up. She tossed a sexy satin robe on (as she slept nude) and opened her door to see if any of the curfew guards were near. Sensing none, she tip toed out of her room and closed the door quietly as her hearing picked-up the small sound of something on wheels being pushed across the floor as she followed the sound and noticed Gnar, of all people, heading to the break room and pushing a red wheelbarrow filled with tools used for digging and excavation. She realized they were his own hand-made tools and also heard him happily muttering several things in growls, barks and whimpers. One word caught her attention the most, 'papa'. Ahri glanced around and followed the little being as he entered the break room.

(With Gnar)

The little fur-ball stopped in front of the large s tone and climbed up to his tools as he began going through them, seeing which ones would be of use and which wouldn't. Gnar picked out several tools and laced them next to him as he hopped to the floor and began working on the gem, the small marking on the handles were glowing as he did so with a happy look on his face. Ahri watched from her hiding spot and was surprised when Gnar's tools were actually working as he chipped away at the stone. She sensed that Gnar's tools had the same energy as the stone itself. She leaned forward a bit to get a better look and accidentally knocked over a small item on a desk as it clattered to the floor. Gnar turned to the noise and let out a growl as Ahri berated herself as she slowly came out with her hands in a surrender motion.

"Easy there, no need to attack, I'm not here to harm you." Ahri said as she was a bit nervous, while relatively new, Gnar had already made his reputation as a wild-card in the fields. One moment he could be playing with your gear and the next he could be munching on your missing arm. Ahri didn't want to take that risk as she slowly stepped forward and Gnar eyed her with a glare before going back to his work with a quick, but gentle pace. Ahri lowered her hands and walked up to the stone as Gnar was working. Ahri tapped her chin as she looked at the thing and then to Gnar as he looked to the golden aura clad man and back to his tools as he worked.

"Do you know him?" Ahri said as she pointed to the man and Gnar nodded. Ahri picked up some tools that were much too small for her to use correctly and asked.

"Do you mind if I help?" Gnar tilted his head and nodded as he picked the tools out of her hands and focused his magic into it as she watched in amazement as they grew to the size she could use them before handing them back to her.

"Interesting…" she mused as she helped the little champion in breaking down the gem to get the five out.

(The following morning)

The champions and the summoners came to an odd sight, Ahri was sleeping on the couch with Gnar nestled in her arms, their tools were next to the whittled down gem, which now consisted of a rough coating that framed the people inside, and beside the 'artifact' was several piles of gem dust from their work. Ahri and Gnar had a thin layer of the gem dust coating them as they were sleeping heavily. Merlin was a bit peeved at a defacement of a priceless piece of Runeterra's past, and decided to wake up the two to get some answers. He shook the two lightly as they began waking up and rubbed the sleep from their eyes.

"What time is it?" Ahri asked as she yawned and sat up. Noticing the other champions and several summoners including Merlin, she chuckled nervously as she knew this was about the 'artifact'. Gnar on the other hand shook away his grogginess and went back over to the stone as he resumed his work, not paying attention to the others in the room. Merlin cleared his throat as he caught Gnar's attention as the little guy turned to face him.

"May I ask why you are doing, Gnar?" Merlin asked with a raised eyebrow. Gnar put down his tools and began speaking, while it was somewhat un-intelligible gibberish to some of the champions, Merlin knew what the Gnar was saying.

"So, you're telling me this young man right here," he pointed to the youth with the whisker marks, "Is your father?" Merlin asked as Gnar nodded happily and resumed his work as he retrieved his tools. Merlin stroked his beard for a moment as he mused over what Gnar told him, apparently the blond haired youth in the stone knew Gnar before the little one was frozen for ages and wanted to free his father. Merlin then sensed the power that the large stone holding the group started to rise as cracks started to form and Gnar stepped back as a smile lit his face. The champions all took defensive stances as they prepared for the worst. The stone lit up and exploded outwards as the people were released. The woman with horns smacked aside the sword wielding male as the blond youth dodged her attack and flipped back, the silver haired man jumped back with the girl in his arms. The silver haired man took notice of their surroundings and called out.

"Everyone stop! Something's different here." He said as he put down the girl, the blond was about to throw a punch at the woman he was fighting, but was sidetracked as Gnar latched onto his face as he cheered and hugged the young man. The raven haired one noticed the people and sheathed his blade as he still held his stance. The woman looked over the people and composed herself.

"You alright there, Naruto?" the silver hired man asked as Naruto's aura cloak faded away as he managed to pry off Gnar and got a good look.

"Gnar?" he asked as the small champion hugged his face again. Merlin cleared his throat as he got their attention.

"If you don't mind me asking, I would like to know who you five are, seeing as we found you all encased inside a large gem." The elder replied. They all glanced at each other before they complied.

"I am Kaguya Otsutsuki, the Rabbit Goddess." The woman answered as she stared impassivly at the people in the room.

"Sakura Haruno." The pink haired girl said as she waved.

"Sasuke Uchiha…" the raven haired man said as he looked bored.

"Hello everyone, I'm Kakashi Hatake." The masked man said in a calm tone as he brought out his book.

"Naruto Uzumaki and this little fella is my 'son' Gnar." Naruto said as he managed to pry Gnar off and sat the little guy on his shoulders as Gnar rested his head in Naruto's hair. Merlin was about to ask another question when everyone heard the sound of rumbling, Naruto looked down at his stomach and patted it.

"You guys wouldn't happen to have any ramen, I'm really hungry." He said in a sheepish tone.

"I suppose you would be, after all, you five have been encased in stone for a couple thousand years." Merlin said as this stunned the five.

"Say what now?" Naruto asked.

(Later in the Summoning chambers with everyone else and several officials)

"How the hell does he consume that much?" Lux asked as the champions watched in morbid fascination as Naruto plowed through bowls of ramen with a large pile forming next to him, Gnar at from his own bowl as Kaguya, Saskue, Sakura and Kakashi finished their meals.

"We've never managed to figure that out either." Kakashi said as Naruto continued to eat. Merlin smiled at the two as they ate and turned his attention to the remaining four.

"I am curious, we found you in a cavern encased in a large gem, from the carving along the walls it seems that you five were battling for the fate of the world in what was known as the Great War." Merlin said as Kaguya decided to speak up.

"Interesting, while I did not realize time had passed during our 'hibernation', I would like to know that state of the world. What exactly is the purpose behind this organization of yours?" the Rabbit Goddess asked Merlin.

"The Institute of War was created for the sole purpose of preventing wars from breaking out and maintaining peace throughout Runeterra. Some champions under our system also act as representatives from their respective homes." Merlin said as he smiled. Kaguya tilted her head and asked.

"And what exactly do these… champions do in this Institute?" Kaguya asked as she looked to Merlin.

"The champions all participate in the events widely known across Runeterra as the League of Legends, basically they compete in the Fields of Justice in five-on-five battles, and this essentially acts as a controllable and systematic way to resolute the political conflict that was occurring throughout Valoran." The elder said.

"So, it's like the chunin exams?" Sakura asked.

"Yep, just straight to the point and combining all three parts of the exams into one. Those three parts being intel-gathering, survival and combat prowess." Kakashi said as Merlin nodded.

"Of course, the champions are controlled by summoners who act as 'conduits as they monitor and command their selected champions to fight in the fields. Though all the champions are limited to a great degree on what they can and cannot do in the fields." Merlin answered. This caused Naruto to have a slight frown, but it disappeared as no-one caught it.

"That being said, we would like to extend an invitation you five to consider joining the League. It is up to your discretion if you accept, but please don't cause any trouble." Merlin said as he smiled again. The five had their own thoughts on the matter and Sasuke spoke up.

"If we join, what would we gain from this?" the Uchiha asked.

"Well for one, you receive a place to stay and a chance to see what has happened since your time. You can also travel around if you wish, and get used to things around here." Merlin said as the five agreed and each came to an answer.

"I'm game." Naruto said as he folded his arms and Gnar cheered.

"Sounds interesting so I'll bite." Sasuke said as he rested a hand on his sword.

"While I miss everyone back home, I guess I can have a fresh start." Sakura said as she composed her appearance.

"I suppose I could get used to my new surrounding and live a normal life." Kakashi said as he snapped his book shut.

"I wish to see how the world has changed since I was 'asleep', I change of setting is welcome." Kaguya said as she actually had a small smile gracing her lips. Merlin smiled and replied.

"Then it is settled, the tests will begin in due time along with the League judgments. In the meantime, please make yourself at home and get to know some of the champions." Merlin said as he was about to leave when Naruto spoke up.

"I have one condition though." He said as Merlin looked to the blond with a curious glace.

"And what would that be, my boy?" Merlin asked as Naruto folded his arms and smirked.

"Simple, since I'm joining this little groupie you got going, I don't want to be controlled or restricted by these summoners." Naruto said as he looked at Merlin.

"Naruto, don't be an idiot right now and just do as the man says!" Sakura hissed in anger.

"Interesting…" Kaguya muttered as she could tell Naruto was different from his happy, go lucky persona she knew his by beforehand.

"If I may, what brought about this suggestion?" Merlin asked.

"I just don't like being controlled and constantly under watch by people who can use me. That being said…" Naruto took off his headband and dropped it on the floor, stunning Sakura and Kakashi.

"What the hell are you doing Naruto?" Sakura demanded, but paused when Sasuke raised his hand to silence her.

"So you finally decided to drop the act, Naruto." Sasuke said with a slight smirk.

"Yep, I figured that the only way to break free was to take myself out of the plan. Sorry if I dragged you guys with me." Naruto said as he snapped his fingers and his clothes changed. The orange outfit that he wore was no longer there, instead he wore a pair of jeans, a black shirt along with a pair of boots. He also had on a leather trench coat, maroon in color. He also looked a bit older and his hair wasn't as spikey as it used to be.

"What, you were expecting me to stay loyal to a country that sold out my family?" Naruto asked, as the two we're still confused and stunned. He turned to Kaguya with a small smirk.

"I was wondering if you were up for a deal, Lady Otsutsuki?" the blond asked as Kaguya raised a delicate eyebrow.

"Oh, and what would that be?" the legendary princess asked as she tilted her head.

"I will get to that momentarily, but first…" Before anyone could react, Naruto shot his hand forward as a golden chakra chain shot out of his palm and into her form as Naruto closed his hand and pulled back, tearing something out of the woman but not harming her as she collapsed to her knees. Naruto had pulled out nine glowing orbs that formed into nine different humanoid figures as they laid on the floor. Kaguya was panting heavily as she was shocked that Naruto had essentially tore out 55% of her power. She got up and glared at him.

"What are you doing?!" She hissed in anger but paused when he held up his right arm and she saw a golden orb about the size of a grapefruit form over it, floating. Those that feed on energy (Ahri, Zyra, Thresh, etc…) all could tell that the golden orb was oozing life-energy, enough to the point that they had to control themselves lest their hunger get the better of them and they would try to take it on the spot.

"My proposition is simple, I'll give you the powers Hagoromo gave to me and Sasuke to stop you, as I want to rely on my own abilities and frankly, I'm tired of being used as a puppet for others. So since I am giving this to you, I want you to let the nine be free and do not get the idea of taking them, because I will go after you, and that is a promise, and don't try to enslave the world. Do we have a deal?" Naruto asked as Kaguya weighed the pros and cons of Naruto's deal before coming to an answer.

"Very well, I accept your deal. I had no personal grudges against either of you as I only wanted what was mine back as I grew tired of people using it to kill and destroy." Kaguya said in a calm tone as Naruto nodded to Sasuke and he raised his left arm and his half of the power, which manifested as a purple orb of crackling black lightning, form in his opened hand. They held them out as the twin orbs flowed into Kaguya and she felt her powers retuning, slowly but steadily.

"I'm keeping the spectral Susanno armor." Sasuke said as Kaguya didn't care really. That's when Sakura broke out of her stupor and yelled.

"What the fuck, Naruto! You do realize that she's responsible for everyone dying right?" Sakura yelled in fury.

"Not really, while those that did die in the war are gone, the rest that were trapped in the Infinite Tsukiyomi were freed when we became encased in the 'capsule', which sunk into the ground to rid of any unwanted attention. Am I correct on this?" Naruto answered as he glanced to Kaguya.

"That you are, that technique needs the caster to remain active, with your little stunt, you managed to shut it down as everyone broke free." Kaguya said with a small smile. That's when the nine that were on the floor woke up.

"Where are we?" the small raccoon said (think Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie). As he shook his head. The others were equally curious as well, there was a flaming blue cat the size of a Great Dane with two tails, the turtle humanoid thing (Think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)) was examining itself, there was a muscular man with black hair and four red tails (Goku from DBZ), a humanoid man with ash grey hair and centaur legs with five tails was looking around, the sixth being was a slim young man with black hair and had a light sheen of sweat on his form (Think L from Death Note), the seventh being was a chipper androgynous man with blue green hair and samurai like armor that resembled various insects, the eighth was a muscular black guy with a Mohawk and a tattoo of a octopus with bull horns on his left shoulder (Think Mr. T in his prime). The ninth figure, well she had caught everyone's attention the most.

If Ahri was considered a sex-bomb to the others in the League (mostly the guys), then this woman could be a tactical nuke in comparison. Wavy ivory white hair with strands of red in them that was upper-back length, a voluptuous body that could turn heads, nine white tails though a bit thinner compared to Ahri's, red markings on her face, her finger and toe nails were painted a shade of red and lengthened to claws. All-in-all she could pass as Ahri's older sister (the appearance is based off the Warriors Orochi series). She was clad in a stunning Yukata that ended at her knees and showed off her figure, scarlet with sapphire trimming in color. Naruto cleared his throat as he got their attention.

"Welcome back, right now I made a deal with the princess here and you all are free. Also, don't worry about Madara coming back." Naruto said as he held up a red & black crystal orb that had Madara's visage on it.

"I demand you let me go, you brat!" Madara shouted in fury from within the orb, he was furious that his plans went to shit and he was reduced to nothing. Naruto shrugged his shoulders and turned to Merlin.

"You wouldn't happen to have a special prison where I can toss this guy in, he's a bit of a nutcase who wants to rule the world." Naruto said as Merlin looked to Vel'Koz and nodded as the Void being opened a portal to the Void and Naruto tossed the screaming Uchiha in it as it closed.

"That takes care of that. As I was saying, you guys are free of anyone controlling you and sealing you away. Since we are all in the distant future, I guess you can consider this a fresh new start." Naruto said as the fox-woman disappeared and re-appeared hugging him tightly as her tails joined in.

"Thank you for everything Naruto, I don't know how to repay you but I will figure out a way to do so." The fox woman said.

"Its fine, Kiyone, I did promise to take out the asshole who used you and your siblings in the past." Naruto said as she smiled.

"And you kept your promise, though I am surprised you managed to drag along the Uchiha, the girl and your teacher for the ride." Kiyone said as she let go.

"I think I may have done another thing for you as well. Look to the large group." Naruto said as Kiyone did so and spotted Ahri, Kiyone's eyes widened as she seemed to recognize the other fox and spoke up.

"Ahri, is that you?" Kiyone's voice was wavering a bit as Ahri was confused.

"Um, do I know you?" the younger woman asked. Kiyone composed herself and wiped away the shimmering tears.

"You have to excuse my behavior, but it has been such a long time since a saw my dear child." Kiyone formed a shimmering teal orb of chakra in her hands and sent it to Ahri as the young woman took it in, the orb was absorbed into her body on contact as sealed away memories were set free and Ahri was starting to remember more of her murky past. After all the memories were 'received', Ahri had tears forming as she happily embraced her mother.

"Why would you send me to the future and with no way of getting back?" Ahri asked as she was crying. Kiyone stroked her daughter's hair and tried to calm her down.

"I know, I know. I'm sorry for making you think I abandoned you, but I did not want Madara finding out about you and took a gamble to keep you safe. But now I'm here and I'm not leaving." Kiyone said as she was hugging her daughter. Merlin then decided to speak as the two were having a moment.

"I am also curious if you would also like to join the League along with the five?" the elder said. Kiyone had a tail form a reddish-black fire that shot at another elderly summoner and incinerated him on the spot, leaving ashes.

"That's my test and you really need to keep an eye out for people who could abuse this system of yours for their own power-gain." Kiyone said as she sensed that the old man she killed had ill-intent for her and her siblings as well as Naruto. Merlin nodded as he had a suspicion that Balder (the summoner that was killed) was trying to gain power through several champions and take over.

"Of course, in the meantime, enjoy yourselves and feel free to make friends." Merlin said as he left the group and the champions. Kiyone introduced Ahri to her extended family and was about to introduce Naruto, but saw that he was gone, along with Gnar.

"I'll find him later. In the meantime, I would like to know how things have been for you, my daughter." Kiyone said as the two walked off, leaving the rest of the dubbed 'Naruto group' with the champions.

(With Naruto and Gnar)

"Sorry for making you feel alone, Gnar." Naruto said as he was sitting on the rooftop on the Institute, Gnar was sitting next to him. Gnar just hugged Naruto's arm, he didn't care, so long as his 'papa' was with him he was fine. Naruto just ruffled Gnar's fur as the little guy was happy.

"So, what's this I hear about you pulling various pranks on the other champions?" Naruto asked as Gnar began playing with his tail and looked down as he believed he was going to be scolded.

"While you managed to get even the bigger fish to fall for them, I'm going to show you how it's done by a master." Naruto said as he smirked and Ganr looked up in surprise and happiness as Naruto raised his hand for a high-five, which Gnar happily complied as both set out.

(The next couple of weeks)

Naruto and his little group grew accustomed to their new settings and even managed to make friends with several champions. The test and judgments came up as the champions and the summoners got to see how good the 'Naruto group' was in battle.

(With the audience)

"I didn't know you were so powerful." Ahri said as she glanced to Kiyone who just smiled.

"There are several things you don't know about me, I'll help you get stronger in time. However, there is one condition, please drop the desire to be a full human." Kiyone said as Ahri had a surprised look.

"How did you?" she asked, but her mother paused her with a finger to her lips.

"I can read people like a book, little one. I know for a fact that you desire to be human because you believed it would help you figure out why your memories seemed murky. But, becoming human would actually remove those memories and you would lose all that makes you special. I know that I am to blame for your pain and I hold myself accountable for whatever you went through. I will understand if you still wish to be human." Kiyone said as she looked down in shame for 'abandoning' her child. Ahri just hugged her mom and replied.

"I don't blame you for what you had to do to protect me. I'm just happy that you here now, so who's this handsome young man you care for?" Ahri said as she smirked. Kiyone had a smirk of her own and replied.

"Watch and be amazed my dear." The elder fox said as the audience watch Naruto enter the field for the test through the large vision screen.

"So, what do I have to do?" Naruto asked as he placed his hands on his hips. Merlin chuckled as he could tell Naruto was an anxious one, despite how well he hid it.

"The testing is simple, all you have to do is show a bit of what you are capable of. I have taken into consideration of your desire to not have a 'limiter' placed on you since you are new. In accordance to that, we decided to step up your test and get a full gauge on your skills. Begin." Merlin said as minions and creatures spawned as they charged at Naruto.

"Let's have some fun." Naruto smirked as he formed a rasengan and threw the technique as it blew up in the middle of a minion crowd and Naruto made a 'drawing-katana' motion with his hands as he actually summoned an elegant blade from his personal pocket dimension, the blade was his own special creation, known throughout history and legends as the Masamune.

(In the audience)

"Wait, that sword!" Fiora said as she leaned forward in excitement.

"Is there something that caught your interest, duelist?" Katarina asked.

"That blade is known as the Masamune, its origins are a mystery, but it is rumored to be one of those insanely powerful weapons, next to the five sacred tools." Fiora said as she was somewhat of a weapons fan and always wanted to see any of the fabled weapons from the past.

"Then watch and be amazed, as Naruto holds many secrets that not even his own comrades know of." Kiyone said as she smiled.

"Wait a damn second, how the hell does he possess that weapon?" Sakura demanded as Kiyone shrugged her shoulders.

"Simple, he created it and the special armor that earned him the title, 'The Dark Knight'." The fox said as everyone looked to her in confusion and surprise. Kiyone just pointed to the screen as they turned to it.

(Back in the field)

"It's been a while since I wielded my personal weapon, might as well shake off the rust and bring back the glory days." Naruto said as he snapped his fingers and he was clad in a skeletal-like armor with a red right arm (Naruto's armor and sword are from Lords of Shadow 2). Naruto chuckled as he held the helmet in his free hand.

"Let's play." He said before putting the helmet on and getting into a stance as the minions charged after recovering. What followed was nothing short of a massacre as Naruto proved why he was so feared and revered in the past under his title. Everyone watched in awe as Naruto reduced the competition to mincemeat and showed off why the Masamune was so desired by any swordsman/woman worth their salt.

(In the audience)

"Wait, if Naruto is The Dark Knight, does that mean he's rumored to have been behind the demise of the majority of the Daiymo's and feudal lords before the war started?" Sakura asked in confusion as she remembered hearing about how most of them were found brutally murdered in their offices.

"I'm not really sure, but Naruto did mention something about his family being sold out, could he mean the Uzumaki clan?" Kakashi said as he rubbed his chin.

"Naruto will reveal what he meant in due time, and you will understand why he holds no allegiance to the Leaf or the Land of Fire." Kiyone said as the two looked to her. Sasuke just smirked as he folded his arms.

"The clown just has more surprises that make me want to fight him even more." The Uchiha muttered. Naruto sealed away the Masamune and his armor disappeared as larger minions appeared.

"Alrigh, I guess I can go hand-to-hand." Naruto said as he disappeared and re-appeared as he uppercutted one of them into the air and quickly snapped the other's neck. He hopped over the other's heads as he jumped to the one flying through the air that he uppercutted and flipped as he gathered his chakra into his fist.

"Falcon Punch!" Naruto yelled as his flaming fist impacted the large minion and shot it into the crowd below as everything was incinerated in a burst of fire. Naruto landed and dusted off his hands.

"I'm done here." He said as everyone was stunned, for lack of better word, well Kiyone was giving a grin as she knew Naruto. Merlin composed himself and replied.

"Very interesting show you put on, young man. Now for your judgment, please don't react violently as we see your past." Merlin said as Naruto shrugged his shoulder and the scene changed to the earliest memories that Naruto had; which were his birth. The audience watched as Naruto's childhood and Minato's wishes were forsaken and he suffered, his duel with Sasuke at the valley which was really just the two going their own ways and revealing that he didn't care of 'the promise', how he drugged Jiraiya and broke away during the training trip to discover more about his clan. They saw how he came upon the ruins and witnessed the betrayal and invasions from a memory seal, how he vowed vengeance and created his own weapons and gear, setting out as he personally murdered every Daiymo and Feudal Lord that had a hand in the Uzumaki clans destruction, his… odd relationship with Kiyone, and his plans of taking himself out of this whole scenario in the past where he would always be the Leaf's weapon. The visions ended as Naruto has his arms folded and was back in the room everyone else was in.

"Something you would like to say, Sakura?" Naruto asked in boredom as he knew she was… angry, for lack of better word.

"Your damn right I do! You let Sasuke go when you could have brought him back!" she yelled in anger, Naruto sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"I let Sasuke go because I knew what he wanted, I wasn't going to force him back to a place that he believed would keep him for personal gain. We both came to an agreement back then to let each other do their own things and then we would see if we should go back. Nothing more, nothing less. Right now, we're both free of the annoying people that want us under their thumbs. I'm sure you don't want a repeat of what I did to the supposed dead Third Hokage when I found him." Naruto said as they knew that Naruto tortured and made sure the recovering old man suffered for his betrayal of the Uzumaki clan. Merlin cleared his throat and got Naruto's attention.

"Quite the interesting history you have there. We shall have you all registered and settled in a few hours. Enjoy yourselves." Merlin said as he left as everyone began to do their own things as Kiyone went over to Naruto with Ahri in tow.

"Naruto, I would like for you to meet my daughter, Ahri." Kiyone said as Naruto smiled and extended a hand.

"Hi there, you must be Kiyone's beloved daughter." Naruto said as Ahri shook his hands, almost gasping when she could feel how his life-essence felt, it was just so… unique.

"Yep, that's me. I hope we can become friends." Ahri said as Naruto was the only human outside of her 'old man' that she cared for.

"I'm sure we can, your mom also mentioned one time you ate a dung beetle and cried because of the taste." Naruto said as he remembered Kiyone recalling the time she spent with her daughter.

"MOM!" Ahri huffed in surprise at Kiyone revealing on of her more embarrassing moments when she was little.

"What? I can't have a little fun remembering the funny moments I had with you?" Kiyone smiled as Ahri crossed arms and her cheeks puffed out as she was grumpy.

"Two can play at that game, I remember waking up to a certain someone getting off at night!" Ahri said with a small smirk as it was Kiyone's turn to be embarrassed as she remembered trying to explain to her toddler daughter what exactly she was doing.

"I like where this is going." Naruto said as he smiled. Kiyone slapped him in the back of the head for that.

"Anyway, let's go get something to eat." Kiyone said in a tone that promised pain as she changed the subject and the two (three with Gnar sitting on Naruto's shoulders) followed her.

(Over the next few months)

Naruto was enjoying his new lease on life, sure Sakura was still pissed at him for 'nnot holding up to his promise', but she could get over it. Naruto also spent more time with Gnar to make up for the time he spent in hibernation, their activities boiled down to pulling pranks, playing games and generally being a father-son duo that could warm the coldest of hearts (Lissandra enjoyed their antics and even got her sight restored thanks to Naruto and Kaguya). Ahri spent more time with Kiyone, while she hid it from everyone else, she couldn't hide it from Kiyone. Ahri was attracted to Naruto, not the 'I want to have an amazing one-night stand' type of attraction but more along the lines of 'you make me have these emotions that leave a nice feeling on the inside and I want more' type of attraction. Hell, Naruto even left a positive impression on a couple of Ahri's friends. Kiyone had a plan forming in her mind as she smirked. Lanning to help out her child with what she was having trouble dealing with.

(During their picnic)

"So, what do you think of my little group?" Kiyone said as she had a piece of sushi. Both were on a field in Ionia as they enjoyed the calming scenery and ate their food.

"Their nice, I find it cute that Naruto and Gnar are inseparable and love having fun with the others. The pink haired one is a bit rude, she need to learn that holding onto a grudge forever is not good for one's health. The boy and his teacher are ok, and Kaguya is surprisingly nice and not a total bitch that the girl describes her as." Ahri said as she sipped her tea. Kiyone giggled at that. The silence lingered for a few moments before Kiyone spoke up.

"I approve." She said as Ahri raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean by that?" Ahri asked as Kiyone smirked.

"Oh nothing, just that my little girl has feeling for the young man that I care for." Kiyone said as Ahri was surprised. She stammered a bit and tried to dismiss the fact, but was silenced with a finger to her lips.

"I'm not mad dear, in fact, I see him as the only person who I will allow near my family without ripping to shreds. Sure he has his moments and quirks, but he's one of a kind. I know that you harbor feeling that you only feel for your female friends for him as well. I'm also surprised you took after me in luring men into a false sense of security and comfort before taking their lives. However, Naruto is not like those that only see you as a sex-object, he's caring, compassionate and one hell of a lover." Kiyone said as she knew how Naruto was. Ahri was nervous, which was rare for her.

"I'm just nervous about this, I know that I feel for him the same way I feel for Leona, Fiora, Sona and several other of my lady-friends. I'm just unsure of how to let him know how I feel about him. I'm afraid he'll reject me." Ahri said as she hugged her arms and looked down. Kiyone just kissed Ahri's forehead and sent some calming chakra into her daughter before pulling back.

"I understand you're a nervous, I was too for a time before I said 'fuck it' to my feeling and jumped his bones right there. What happened next was simply amazing. I trust him to be with you." Kiyone said as Ahri nodded and calmed her nerves down. She prepared herself mentally for what was to come.

(Later on)

Ahri let out a breathe she was holding and knocked on Naruto's door.

"Coming." His voice from within was heard as she heard his footsteps and he opened the door. Ahri bit the inside of her cheek to stifle her reaction at seeing Naruto shirtless and only clad in a towel, evidence that he just came out of the shower after his one-on-one match with Sasuke in the Twisted Treeline.

"You ok, you seem a bit sick." Naruto said, despite the fact he 'grew up' somewhat during his life, he still had that measure of denseness that made him cute. Ahri snapped out of her stupor and replied.

"Can I come in, it's a personal matter." Ahri said as Naruto was confused at first, but complied.

"Sure." Naruto said as he moved to the side and she stepped in and he closed the door. He didn't realize on of her tails locked the door as well. As she sat down on a chair next to a desk.

"You want anything to drink?" he asked.

"Some water would be nice." Ahri said as she watched him go into his mini-kitchen. Ahri began picturing his muscular body, honed by strenuous training and had few scars here and there. She could smell his scent and essence, it made her mouth water, her core dampen at naughty thoughts and a warm feeling within her begin to grow again whenever she thought of him. She wouldn't deny it, she fell for the blond fighter. She could understand how her mother felt the same way. She adjusted her outfit as he returned with a glass of water and a small juice box for himself.

"Where's Gnar?" Ahri asked as she couldn't sense the 'son'.

"He's currently playing with Teemo and Lulu. He'll be back at sunset." Naruto answered after he took a sip of his drink.

"Oh. Um, you don't mind if I try to get comfy by turning down the air a bit?" Ahri asked as Naruto got up and turned down the thermostat. Ahri took the opportunity to 'adjust' her clothing to reveal a bit more for Naruto and sent a small trace of her magic to him to make things easier. Unknown to her, Naruto felt her magic affect him and had a small smirk.

'Like mother, like daughter. Let's see if you can keep up.' He thought as his energy flared a bit. This had the desired effect as Ahri stiffened in her chair and let out a low purr. Naruto sat back down on the bed as she glanced at his hardened member making appearance underneath the towel on his waist. Ahri took another sip of her water before setting her cup down on the desk as she made eye contact, barely registering the smirk he had.

"You sure you're alright, you seem nervous about something." Naruto said as he sent one final burst of his energy outwards. This was the final straw as Ahri snapped. She lunged out of her chair and tackled him onto his bed as she attacked his mouth with hers. Ahri's hands pulled off the towel covering him and began working on her outfit, starting with the intricate girdle holding her outfit closed (Ahri's wearing her outfit from 'A New Dawn' in all the chapters, unless she wears something else that's described). Naruto helped as he simply tore her clothing off, sure she would be peeved about this later, but right now she was focused on something else entirely as her hands moved over his body and fondled his dick as he removed the last vestiges of her clothing and undid her hair to complete the process. Both were completely nude as Ahri broke the French-kissing and began licking and kissing her way down his body as she got off the bed and onto her knees as she was heading for her prize. She grabbed his large man-meat by the base and began giving it a tongue bath as she used his moans to see what had the best reaction.

"Damn, you know how to get a guy going." Naruto said as Ahri traced her tongue over the main vein, Ahri began jacking him off slowly as she replied.

"Actually, you're the first guy I'm doing this with. My time is with my girlfriends." Ahri said as she licked the tip in a sensual manner as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"So the stories going around…" Naruto started, but let out a moan as Ahri sucked on the head like it was a lollipop before replying.

"Powerful illusions, a blow up doll and some other items, I just sit next to the bed and take their life-force as they're too exhausted to resist." Ahri said as she smirked. Naruto let out a low whistle at hearing this.

"Wow, one hell of a wet dream to die to." Naruto remarked as Ahri smiled.

"Mom said I take after her in that department, but I believe I was trying to earn my treat." Ahri said as she winked at Naruto before taking him in as Naruto groaned out as she began bobbing her head, taking more in each time she went down. Naruto added a bit of his chakra to his dick as this had Ahri going faster as she took him all the way in, suppressing her gag reflex as he was reaching into her throat with each time her nose pressed against his pelvis. Naruto grabbed her hair and helped her as he slowly rocked his hips in tempo. Ahri placed her hands on his thighs as she was pretty much slobbering over his cock as he fucked her mouth and throat, the noises she made only served to further entice them.

Ahri began humming as she could tell he was close and Naruto began going harder and faster as he wanted to have her taste him. Adding a few more small bursts of his chakra to get her back, He thrust a few more times and pressed her head against his pelvis as he began shooting out his seed down her throat.

"Fuck yes, hope you like it." Naruto said as Ahri was making a show as she was working her throat muscles overtime as she was swallowing his seed and milking him for more. Naruto slowly extracted himself as she was still sucking out the rest. He freed himself from her as the last few spurts landed on her breasts. Naruto leaned back on his hands as Ahri made a show of playing with the seed in her mouth before showing him and swallowing it in a sensual manner, moaning as she did so. She cleaned her breasts and rubbed them as she noticed he was still hard.

"Looks like someone's still happy." Ahri said as she brought her breasts forward and placed his cock between them as she gave him a boob-job. She pulled back and released him as he looked to her.

"It's only fair if I get some pleasure as well, don't you think?" Ahri said as she placed a finger to her luscious lips in a mock pout. Naruto smiled and replied.

"Sorry if I was getting ahead of myself, let's see what gets you going." He said as the vixen crawled onto the bed and over him. She kissed him with smoldering passions and nibbled on his lower lip as she giggled. Ahri straddled his face as she looked down on Naruto.

"Let's see how good that sharp tongue of yours is when it's not taunting and insulting people on the fields." Ahri said as Naruto grabbed her thighs.

"You have no idea what's in store." Naruto replied as he attacked her dripping snatch with gusto as Ahri place her hands on his abs as she leaned back to stabilize herself from the sudden spike of ecstasy that shot through her body. Ahri listened to her mother when she explained the special relationship that she had with Naruto, hearing it was one thing, but experiencing the real deal, well that was a whole different story. Ahri maneuvered her legs to have her sitting on Naruto with her feet on the bed near his head as he proved to be an excellent lover. He seemed to know the right spots to hit as his tongue plunged into her pussy and wriggle about as if it had a mind of its own. Ahri found herself panting as she was sweating a bit and let out a gasp when his tongue lapped over her puckered asshole. Unfortunately for her, Naruto heard this and smirked as his tongue immediately began prodding and tracing over that hole as his fingers took up the task of stimulating her vagina. Ahri was biting her lower lip in hopes of stalling her release but found it increasingly harder to do so as Naruto shoved his tongue into her backdoor and began feeling her insides as his fingers were coated with chakra as they began tracing her name inside her, along with his name and her mother's. This was her breaking point as Ahri cried out her orgasm as he juices sprayed out onto Naruto's face as she tensed up.

Naruto didn't stop his actions as Ahri's eyes rolled up into her head as she collapsed on him. He chuckled and moved her off him as she was regaining her focus. Narut was standing in front of the bed with a smirk.

"Damn, I can see why mommy dearest speaks about you with such fervor when on the subject of sex." Ahri said as she sat up on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, moving a hand down to her core as she parted her vaginal lips.

"Take me, Naruto. I want to have a special place in your heart like mother." Ahri said in total sincerity as she made eye contact. Naruto nodded as he moved over to her and had the tip of his dick press against her pussy's opening, both moaning lightly as a result.

"You're sure about this?" Naruto asked in case she wanted to change her mind.

"Never been surer about anything else in my life. Now, let's have some real fun." Ahri said as she grabbed the bed sheets as grabbed her hips. He rammed all the way in as their bodies were touching each other, in other words, he was all the way in her. Ahri was in silent shock as she was overwhelmed by the sudden… fullness she was experiencing, her mouth was set in a silent scream as her eyes were wide.

"You alright?" Naruto asked in concern as Ahri closed her mouth and her eyes were normal.

"I-I'm fine, just give me a second…" Ahri said as she moved her hips a bit to see if she could figure out why exactly she felt like he was being gripped by her womb (which he actually was, she didn't realize it yet).

"I see what you seem to have a problem with, Kiyone had the same thing." Naruto said as he started to pull back as Ahri shuddered in pleasure from his movement.

"What's that?" she asked as she licked her lips.

"The small tidbit that I'm actually nestled in your womb from bottoming out." Naruto said as he pulled himself out of her sacred chamber as Ahri let out a deep gasp as he freed himself from her wombs grip and continued to pull back until his cockhead was the only part resting inside her.

"We can stop if you're uncomfortable from this." Naruto said as Ahri waved him off.

"Nonsense, like I said earlier. I want-no I need the same thing you have with mommy. So I'm prepared for whatever you got, big boy." Ahri said as she winked at Naruto, who just smirked.

"Ok, prepare to have your world rocked." Naruto said as he thrust back in all the way. He quickly set a rhythm as Ahri's hands gripped his shoulder and her legs wrapped around his waist. He picked her up and pressed her against the wall as he continued thrusting.

"Fuck, Show me how wild you can be Naruto, make me yours and yours alone." Ahri said as Naruto complied and went faster as Ahri's arms wrapped around his neck and she was panting from the rough yet heavily erotic intercourse. Ahri found herself approaching her end as he was doing so damn good. Ahri bit down on the area between his neck and shoulder to try and hold it off, but was unprepared as Naruto grabbed her tails at the base as he played with them and also had his chakra release in quick bursts when he thrust in. the end result had Ahri screaming out her orgasm as she had the biggest one yet. She slumped in his arms as Naruto smiled and laid on his back as he hit the bed. Ahri came to after a few seconds and breathed out heavily.

"Holy shit you are full of surprises." Ahri said as she sat up, straddling the blond.

"I like to live up to moniker 'the most unpredictable man around'." Naruto said as he smirked.

"That you do. Let me take care of you, darling." Ahri said as she began rocking her hips and moving up and down as she set out to help him cum. Naruto sat up as he began to suckle and play with her breasts as Ahri placed his hands on her ass as he squeezed her amazing ass. Her tails came into play as they were laced with her magic and began tracing over his form as she was getting him back. Now Naruto was finding his body betraying him as he was coming to an end. He decided to help her out as his fingers found their way into her ass and began stimulating the area as Ahri went faster. This went on for a little while until she managed to get him going.

"How about you try some of my special essence." He said as Ahri felt his seed shoot into her as she came to another amazing orgasm on her end. She continued to gyrate her hips as his release was drawn out with some of it leaking out of her and onto his pelvis. Naruto and Ahri collapsed onto the bed as they breathed heavily.

"You want to go again?" Naruto asked as Ahri felt that he wasn't even exhausted. She smirked at him and replied.

"Hell yeah, I hope you don't mind if I brought along a few friends." Ahri said as Naruto raised an eyebrow. Ahri let out a sharp whistle and his room window opened as Fiora, Sona, Ashe and Leona emerged as the window was closed and locked.

"Wait, you all want the same?" Naruto asked as the four smiled.

"Yes, you are a unique person. One that we don't mind sharing with Ahri." Fiora said as she gave a sexy smile as she knew that Naruto found her accent unique and sexy. The four all began to strip out of their attire as Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat. Ahri got off Naruto as she began cleaning off their combined essences from his dick. She giggled at his earlier comment about 'life essence'.

"We've all decided that we should come clean about our desires for you. Question is, can you handle us?" Leona said in a sexy tone as she took off her headdress (I have no idea what it is). Ahri finished off her cleaning as she swallowed the fluids and spoke up.

"So, are you up for the challenge, Naruto?" Ahri asked as she kissed him on the cheek and he smirked at the five ladies.

"I got just the thing in mind." He said as he formed a familiar hand-sign.

(30 minutes later)

The ladies were all on cloud nine as they were moaning and crying out their pleasure. Fiora was being fucked in her ass from behind as she was being held up by her thighs and Naruto #1 was thrusting into her as he was leaning against the wall. Their lips connected as she had her head tuned to face his and her pussy was slowly leaking the evidence of his semen. Sona was laying on her back on the desk with her hair undone and her legs spread in an M-formation. Naruto #2 had his hands on her breasts and hips as he was thrusting into her and making out with the Maven of Strings. Ashe was pressed against the opposite wall as Naruto #3took her from behind, his nips and biting only served to have her begging for more as he groped her breasts and ass as he pounded away. Leona was riding Naruto #4 in the cowgirl position with he hands resting on his abs as she leaned down and placed kisses on his face and neck. Naruto (the real one) had Ahri in his arms as she was fucking him on the chair she was sitting on earlier as she hungrily claimed his lips as he fed her some of his chakra. They were all having fun as they didn't realize the door being unlocked from the other side and Kiyone entered.

"Hey Naruto have you seen-" Her sentence was cut short as she walked in on the sex marathon, they all stopped to looked at her as Ahri was a bit nervous at Kiyone's unreadable expression. They didn't know what exactly to say as Kiyone stepped in and closed the door behind her and locked it. The next thing everyone knew, all the clones were gone as Kiyone grabbed the others with her tails and began going down on Naruto with all her clothing shed, revealing her nude form as she was blowing him.

'Hey, that's cheating!" Fiora said indignantly as she struggled to break free, only for another tail to rise up and begin caressing her as Fiora let out a moan as the tail was hitting all her erogenous zones. Kiyone snapped her fingers as she had Naruto's chakra form several clones which took the other girls as they were lowered and began the action again as Kiyone brought her daughter next to her and set her down. Naruto tensed up as Kiyone sucked him dry of his release and turned to Ahri. Before Ahri could question, her mother grabbed her the shoulders and began making out with her daughter as she passed some of his seed into Ahri's mouth as their tongues wrestled. Ahri knew this was a bit weird, but she didn't care as they both caressed each other's forms as Naruto groaned from the sight. Ahri then found herself laid out over the table that was in the corner of the room with her ass raised and Kiyone smirking to Naruto as she was groping her daughter.

"Now, Naruto, let make this special for her, I want you to take her ass." Kiyone said as she leaned in and began licking at the orifice as Ahri let out a gasp. Naruto stood up and walked over as he lined himself up as he grabbed the base of Ahri's tails and looked to her with shi other hand resting on her hips.

"I'll make it fun." He said as he pushed himself in as Ahri panted heavily, she turned to see Kiyone sitting in front of her with her back on the wall and her legs spread for her daughter.

"While he's fucking you, how about you give me some love." The elder nine-tailed fox said as Ahri grabbed Kiyone's thighs and brought her closer as she began eating out Kiyone as her mom placed a hand on her head as she was guiding her along, moaning as Ahri was doing good. The group would be unavailable for a while as they satisfied their carnal desires and formed new relationships.

(Several hours later)

Naruto left the room and peeked inside one more time as he saw the ladies were all exhausted in sexual satisfaction and were strewn about on his king-sized bed sleeping peacefully. He smiled and closed the door and locked it before turning around and bumping into a wall of muscle. He looked to see that it was Pantheon standing there, and he didn't look happy, not that one could tell because of the helmet he wore.

"Oh, hey Pantheon. Are you looking for Leona?" Naruto asked as Pantheon raised a hand and grabbed the last Uzumaki's head within his grip as Naruto's voice was muffled. Pantheon then walked to the summoners' room as he spoke up.

"I'm going to lay a few ground rules since you're in a relationship with my 'sister', I think the Howling Abyss is a perfect setting for our little chat." The Artisan of War said as he dragged Naruto along as Naruto knew he had this coming since Leona admitted she loved him. Might as well get the ass kicking he was going to receive over with. Gnar was confused at the sight of his dad being dragged away by the 'muscle man'. (Panteon sees Leona as a little sister).

(A few years later)

"Come back here Ran!" Ahri said as she chased after her toddler daughter. The little blonde fox was laughing happily as she ran through the halls with a lacy thong in each hand. Following the infamous sex orgy that had most of the guys praising him as the ultimate man amongst men, much to his ire, they ladies found themselves pregnant.

Kiyone had a son, named Kurama.

Ahri had a daughter, named Ran.

Fiora had twins, a boy and a girl named Raphael and Amy.

Sona had a daughter, named Miku.

Ashe had a daughter, named Elsa.

And Leona had a son, named Solaire.

The nine months of pregnancy and the day when they gave birth was considered hell by many of the guys because all the constant mood-swings and other things that came with pregnancy. Naruto bearing the brunt of all of it. But hey, in the end, he and his ladies were happy. The ladies took maternal leave to take care of their kids and occasionally came back to compete in tournaments, balancing the two events out with Naruto's help. Pantehon and several other champions also took a shine to the new kids as they got along with Gnar and inherited the best qualities from their parents, even Naruto's legendary pranking mindset as they occasionally raised hell with various pranks.

There were several surprises along the way as well. Sasuke, of all people, hooked up with Jinx, the resident oddball that could compete with Naruto in the title as the most unpredictable person around. Sakura didn't take the news well and left for the Freljord, never to be seen again. Kakashi managed to catch Sivir's eye as she pretty much staked her claim on him during one of the Field battles when she cornered him. Kaguya de-aged Merlin and dragged him to her room, the guy came out the next day in the evening with a jovial attitude and a skip to his gait.

"Got you, Ran." Naruto said as he picked her up and Ahri walked up to the two.

"May I please have my stuff back?" Ahri asked as Ran handed them back and hopped onto Ahri's head as she sat on her shoulders.

"Looks like she's having a good day." Naruto said as Gnar crawled up his form and sat on his shoulders. Ahri hooked her arm around his as she led him outside.

"The girls have some plans for today and the lunar festival's coming up." Ahri said as Naruto smiled. Life was good for him.

Another chapter complete. I've been dealing with some minor writer's block, coupled with my ADHD (oooohhhh, a new chapter on a story I like!). Anyway, I had this scenario as another 'what if' for a way to end the series (Where Naruto seals himself away to get away from all the stupid shit, only to wake up thousands of years later in the League of Legends era). A few things to clarify in the story.

Naruto broke all allegiance to the Leaf after discovering what happened to the Uzumaki and set out to kill all the perpetrators behind the 'invasion', which were the majority of the Daiymo (save few like Koyuki and Haruna).

Naruto encountered an infant Gnar during his training trip and raised him in secret, developing a father-son relationship, Gnar ended up being frozen in a snowstorm as he was trying to cope with his dad's disappearance.

Naruto's children are young toddler version of famous individuals.

Leona's son: 'Praise the Sun!' figure who that is.

Ahri's daughter: Ran Yakumo from Hyper Police

Sona's daughter: Hatsune Miku from that VOCALOID thing.

Ashe's daughter: from Disney's most successful movie 'Let it go'.

Fiora's twins: from the Soul Calibur fighting games.

Kiyone's son: from an old anime that's famous, Kurama from Naruto shares his name.

Other than that, the rest of the scenario solves itself. Please leave a review and/or a PM if you have question or scenario suggestions. Also please check out my other stories and let me know what you think. Until then, stay frosty.

P.S. I have a challenge if anyone is up for it, which stemmed from Marvel's newest big film, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Naruto is the hidden son of Peter and Gamora (or Kushina if you want to keep it that way) and Naruto eventually finds the Milano (which was hidden) and other things that he didn't know about his old man (Minato could be an adoptive father). the Guardians have passed (except Groot) and Naruto decides to follow in Star-Lord's footsteps. this is an idea but if someone wants to try their hand at it, PM me.

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