Hello. I bring a new story.

Okay, so I really like Gabriel and that's basically the only point of reference you're going to get as to this story's origin. I wrote it on a whim and it's taken a couple days to finish this chapter, but I hope you enjoy. I don't know how long I want this to be, so it might not go beyond a single chapter. I've been writing a lot of supernatural recently. I feel like I should get into some other stuff, show my support for different fandoms.

*cough* Anyway, Gabriel meets the Avengers, enjoy. T for strong language/swearing.

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Marvel

Gabriel coughed as he landed hard, sucking in air and hands automatically going to his chest to stifle the wound from the angel blade and-

There was no blood.

Impossible, he thought disbelievingly. He'd just-Lucifer had stabbed him and then-

A cold feeling washed over him as he realized he must have died.

But then where was this? Angel afterlife? If so, it was severely lacking in-

A cough from behind him interrupted his thoughts. Gabriel whirled around.

He was in a stone room, yellow with artificial light, and lying in the middle of a runic circle that looked like something only the Winchesters could have found. The man who'd coughed was standing just outside it.

Oh boy, was Gabriel in for it. The man was obviously a Pagan. He was dressed in some sort of medieval armor, green and gold and black, and his hair was shoulder length with a slight curl.

"Greetings," he said with a grin so fake - or maybe it was just sinister - Gabriel wasn't fooled for a second. "I am Loki of Asgard-"

Wait, what? "I'm Loki," said Gabriel, standing up. Not only was this guy a pagan, but he was a crazy pagan too. "I don't know who the hell you are, but you're definitely not me."

The man's grin disappeared. "That was indeed the point of the spell," he said irritatedly. "I am afraid that you are no longer in your home universe."


"So you see," the man - other Loki - continued, "We are, technically, both Loki."

"Uh huh," said Gabriel. "Well, pardon me for not jumping up an down in joy. What am I doing here?"

"You are here to help me." said Other Loki simply.

"And..." somehow that single sentence seemed very ominous. "What am I helping you to do?"

Loki smiled, sharp and definitely not friendly. "I am burdened with glorious purpose. You are here to help me achieve it. Who better than my own self to call on for aid?"

O-kay, this guy was definitely quite a few feet away from the path of sanity.

As Other Loki went on to explain his plan, Gabriel's disbelief increased exponentially. This guy was worse than Michael! Were all his alternate selves like this?

Hopefully not. He'd hate to have to run into more of them.

"What are you doing?" Other Loki demanded, and Gabriel realized he'd let his attention wander.

"Sorry," he said in his fakest and most charming voice. "You just really aren't the best orator. I've seen more compelling. That Martin Luther King guy, whoo! He could really put energy in a crowd."

Other Loki gripped his staff thing tight, his knuckled whitening. "You will cease this rudeness at once," he ordered and whoa, how had Gabriel not notice the power coming from that little blue circle before? "I have more power than you will ever hope to gain."

"Good luck with that," murmured Gabriel, examining his surroundings more closely and realizing belatedly that there was some sort of barrier starting at the edge of the runic circle that formed a nearly invisible dome over him, effectively preventing him from leaving.

"Perhaps some time alone will change your thoughts," snarled Other Loki, who then turned on his heel and strode away imposingly - or it might have been imposing if Gabriel had been a complete and utter wimp of an angel.

"Great," he said to himself. "How am I going to get out of this one?"

His chance came sooner than he'd expected.

The circle was ripped from its present location [and Gabriel with it] and pulled through a dizzying mess of a transportation spell to a city street in some country. He had been magicked up right behind Other Loki, who was facing some sort of costumed man with a very patriotic shield.

Gabriel rolled his eyes. Good Dad. I can't wait to meet the people he works for.

Said patriotic man had paused at the circle [and Gabriel's] appearance, taking a defensive stance.

"The hell...?" he muttered, before ducking to avoid a blast that Other Loki sent straight towards him.

A sleek, black jet ducked down from the sky, hovering [and when had humans accomplished that feat?] maybe ten feet above the ground.

"Give up, Loki," echoed from a speaker on the jet. Other Loki only continued his attack, striking the costumed man and throwing him across the plaza. There were people running everywhere, screaming and shouting in German [so that's where they were] and quickly emptying the square and the surrounding streets. The only distraction was when the speaker on the jet started blaring 'Shoot to Thrill'.

A thing...robot...whatever it was it was red and gold with some sort of glowing blue thing in its chest. Anyway it flew down and struck a couple of good hits against Other Loki, causing him to tumble to the ground.

"Make your move, Reindeer Games," said the humanoid, weapons popping up from his armor and Gabriel sent an annoyed prayer up to his Dad because really? Of all the people he had to run into, he had to find the one who was another Dean Winchester.

Other Loki glared, then made a quick dive into the circle protecting Gabriel. He seized him at the neck and put the pointy end of the scepter at his chest.

"Let's see how you like dealing with two of me," he said, and then the point sank slightly into Gabriel's chest and the staff hummed, the point glowing with a faint blue energy that swirled along the tip and something very gross washed through him.

Gabriel shook, writhing in Other Loki's grip because ew, it was like being forcibly filled with demons and whatever that power source was, it must have been bastardized beyond all hope to do this. The force twisting through him and Gabriel hacked and choked and eventually managed to get it out, spitting smoke and blue sparks onto the pavement.

Another blast from the robot caught the two of them. It didn't do any harm to Gabriel that didn't immediately heal, but Other Loki was back on the pavement and holding up his hands in surrender, his armor melting away in a gold light array.

What? No way he'd just give up like that.

Someone grabbed hold of Gabriel as well, but he was burned out from forcing that...thing...out of him, and decided to go with it. They both ended up on the place, him shoved onto the floor opposite Other Loki, who was glaring at him mutinously.

He raised his eyebrows in response and then closed his eyes and leaned against the seat next to him. He could hear the people who had shown up to fight talking, and wondered what the hell they were talking about. Mostly Other Loki, and the costumed man and the robot [who turned out to be another guy in a mechanized suit] snarking at each other.

Only ten minutes in, his nap was interrupted as the jet was shaken and thunder rumbled outside. Gabriel opened his eyes to see Other Loki looking panicked.

"Scared of a little thunder?" said Robot sarcastically.

"I'm not overly fond of what follows," Loki said, eyes darting around. And he turned out to be justified in that, because someone in a red cloak and armor not unlike his [perhaps more suited to battle than stealth] wrenched open the bay door of the jet and surged in, knocking back Robot and seizing Loki only to jump back out with him and fly away.

Gabriel wasn't entirely sure what had happened between that cloaked man and the two that had followed him [Robot and Costume] since he'd been left in the jet, but they came back apparently working together. He put it down to the mental workings of humans, which he'd never understood.

Admittedly, the flying aircraft carrier came as a surprise.

Loki was dragged off somewhere while Gabriel was shoved unceremoniously into a small holding cell. Gabriel sulked for several minutes over the fact that apparently he wasn't dangerous enough to warrant a bigger cell. He decided not to remove the handcuffs, as that probably wouldn't help convince these guys that he was on their side. Moving them so that his hands were in front of him probably wouldn't matter.

No one had come to try and interrogate him right away, most likely thinking that Loki was the bigger threat. He looked around his tiny metal cell, noticing the horribly concealed camera in one corner. He leaned up to it, moving the bed to stand on so that he could tap on the lens.

"Hello? Are you just going to strand me here? I feel like I should be a higher quality prisoner!"

The camera didn't reply, but it did shift slightly to the left. Gabriel moved so that his face was still in front of it.

"Hey, don't ignore me! I'd like a chance to get out of this cell, thanks."

The camera moved back to the other side. So did Gabriel.

"You know I'm not on that guy's side, right? He did kind of try to control me. That doesn't help. I wasn't working for him before then either, though."

"He's been talking to the camera ever since he was locked in there," Hill notified the group as the view into Loki's cell minimized to be replaced with the one into Gabriel's. "He keeps asking to be let out and saying he's not working with Loki."

"Loki did try to use the staff on him," Steve said. "I'm not sure what the point of that was, but he seemed surprised when nothing happened."

"I wouldn't say nothing happened," said Natasha dryly.

"Whoa, whoa, back up," said Fury. "He used the staff on him and it didn't work? What happened?"

"Loki attempted to do the same thing to this man as he'd done to Selvig and Barton," Natasha told him, everyone subtly shifting to look at her. "Selvig and Barton were two of ours who were put under Loki's control," she explained for the rest of them.

"So, why didn't it work on him?" Bruce voiced what they were all thinking.

Natasha turned to Steve and Tony. "Captain, Stark. You two were closest to them when it happened. Describe it."

"Well," Tony said before Steve could say anything. "He sort of shoved the point into him and then Point Break started twitching like he was having a seizure. Loki was kind of holding him up and then Loki dropped him and he started coughing up smoke - sort of bluish, and some sparks too."

Fury's eyebrows were raising higher with every word that Tony spoke. "So we've got an unknown entity who's obviously not human, but also definitely not on Loki's side."

"Should we ask him to help?" Steve asked, looking around.

"We might need all the help we can get," Fury muttered. "Thor, any idea of who or what he might be?"

"I do not know," replied Thor. "Even an Asgardian could fall under the thrall of the Tesseract. To have thrown it off...I do not know what manner of creature he must be."

"Of course." Fury snapped his fingers. "We'll talk to him. Hill-set up a screen in the guy's cell. We'll talk to him through the computer-I don't want anyone going in there. For all we know he could be out of those handcuffs in seconds."

The video feed that popped up showed Gabriel sitting directly in front of the screen with a confused face, which was quickly replaced with a blank one as soon as he realized that they could see him.

"I guess you guys did hear me, huh?"

"Who are you?" Eyepatch got straight to the point, glaring at the screen. "We know you're not working with Loki, but then how did you resist the Tesseract's influence?"

"Well, thanks for asking politely." Gabriel rolled his eyes. "Who I am is a bit of a tricky question."

"Is that so?" Dad, he could hear the suspicion. "Then explain it. We've got time."

"Alright. I'm Loki from an alternate universe."

Someone offscreen spit their drink out.

"You're not serious?" It was the blond guy who reminded Gabriel of Thor from his universe.

"Oh, totally. This Loki had the mojo and I guess he thought I'd help him out."

"And why didn't you?" Eyepatch was having trust issues.

"I dunno, maybe because the guy's obviously insane?" Gabriel sent a look through to them. "Give me some credit. Also, world domination is generally a role which gains you some enemies. I didn't come here by choice."

"My brother summoned you?" Blondie-definitely Thor-asked again. Gabriel sent him an appraising look.

"You'd be Thor, then?" He received a nod of affirmation and snorted. "Well, you're a hell of a lot nicer than the Thor from my universe. He'd be smashing stuff and demanding answers by now."

Thor looked embarrassed by that.

"So let me get this straight-" Goatee leaned forward. "Your alternate self summoned you here to help him, you refused, and so he tried to mind-control you?"

Gabriel frowned. "Who the hell are you?"

Costume [who was sitting next to him] had to stifle a laugh; Goatee looked offended, as if Gabriel had insulted his parents.

"I'm Tony Stark," he said. "Iron Man."

"Oh, you're the robot guy. I thought that was just a machine or whatever the hell you call it."

Costume was having an even harder time keeping his laughter silent, and others around the table were having similar problems. Tony sat back with a huff and almost looked like he was sulking.

"So..." Gabriel looked around at the people on the other side of the screen. "What was the point of all this? Are you trying to get me to join your side? The whole 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' thing."

"Can we trust you?" asked Redhead.

"I'd like to think so. Unless one of you turns out to be secretly working against this whole organization."

"That'll have to do."

Someone was sent down to let Gabriel go, and he was escorted into a white room filled with all sorts of delicate equipment and glass screens. Tony and another man he internally dubbed 'Glasses' were already there, running tests on-oh.

"Something wrong?" Tony turned around to find Gabriel staring with utter loathing at the golden staff. "Oh."

"Would anyone mind if I destroyed that?"

"We're kind of using it to track the Tesseract," said Glasses, coming around the screen he was working on and holding out a hand. "I'm Bruce."

Gabriel didn't accept the hand, staring at the man with dread. "The Tesseract?"

"You know what it is?"

"Enough to know that it shouldn't be anywhere near any of your hands." Gabriel whirled around. "How the hell did Loki get it?"

"He broke into a SHIELD base and stole it." Tony supplied.


"It's the name of this whole spy ring," Tony said, gesturing around them.

"Well, how did they get it then? Humans don't just find this stuff!"

"I don't know." Tony and Bruce exchanged glances.

"Great." Gabriel stood, hands on his hips, and glared around at nothing in particular. "Terrific, really. Just how I needed this day to go."

"I guess being in the wrong universe doesn't help." Bruce said quietly, moving behind a table to reach some sort of contraption.

"It could be worse." It could be a lot worse, thought Gabriel as he mentally reviewed the events that had led up to his arrival here.

You disloyal...

Oh I'm loyal. To people, Lucifer.

Brother, don't make me do this.

No one makes us do anything.

Amateur hocus-pocus. Remember, you learned all your tricks from me, brother...

"Hey!" Gabriel startled out of his thoughts by fingers snapping in front of his face.

He jerked back, slapping the hand out of the way. "Whoa, personal space."

"You just went totally out of it," Tony observed, watching him closely. "What was that about?"

"None of your business." Gabriel turned sharply and shook his head to dislodge those thoughts. He wasn't dead now, so there was no use moping over it.

Absentmindedly, he found himself in front of the spear and trying to muffle the energy signal it was giving off. If Loki had the Tesseract, it would be way too easy to find the location of the spear. He couldn't stop the energy from leaving [or else the spear might implode] but he could make it fainter and harder to find.

Bruce and Tony were having their own sort of conversation, until Costume walked in. Whatever they were talking about, Gabriel stayed out of it.

Humans were so odd. This group dedicated themselves to stopping Loki, but how pure were their intentions? Gabriel didn't think he'd be able to trust any of them in a tight situation. They were so full of emotion, too easily swayed - Eyepatch perhaps the least, but all the same, he was still human.

He needed to get out and be on his own, but if Gabriel left now he knew that they'd stop at nothing to track him down. They were just that suspicious. Gabriel doubted they'd be able to find him, but being on the run was so frustrating when it wasn't necessary.


There seemed to be a lot of yelling. Gabriel turned around.

All six of the people he'd talked to earlier and Eyepatch were yelling at each other, the words indistinguishable and the spear practically glowing. Gabriel narrowed his eyes, seeing the tendrils of energy which were leaking into the air and messing with the humans.

He flew over, landed right next to the spear, grabbed it and threw it across the room, hopefully leaving a dent.

Everyone ducked, the argument silenced by shock.

"What was that for?" rumbled Thor, looking at Gabriel in surprise.

"I'd expect it of humans, but can't Asgardians tell when something's messing with their emotions?" Gabriel pointed to where he'd thrown the spear. "That thing is bad mojo."

"Messing with our emotions?" Costume glanced towards the fallen spear, probably realizing along with everyone else that as soon as it had hit the wall the anger had drained out of the room. "Oh." He glanced towards Tony, looking apologetic. Tony was looking at the spear thoughtfully.

"Emotions, huh? I wonder what else it does."

"Stark," said Eyepatch sharply. "You are not experimenting with alien weapons."

Gabriel couldn't help but feel like that staff would cause nothing but trouble.

The breath whooshed out of his lungs as Gabriel landed hard on a metal floor, one end twisted and burned from the explosion that had gone off.

I knew it, he thought miserably, getting back up without care for air. The first thing he did was try to locate the other seven people that had been in the room with him.

Costume and Tony were making their way outside, probably to see if the fan could be salvaged. Eyepatch was storming onto the bridge and shouting orders. Thor was running towards the room that contained Loki's cell. Redhead and Bruce were lying maybe ten feet away through a hole in the floor - hold on, what was wrong with Bruce?

So that was why Loki kept making jabs about a monster.

The green thing that Gabriel doubted was Bruce anymore roared; Gabriel pulled Natasha out of the way and flew the both of them to a safe distance. She gasped, being flown away and the sudden loss of pressure on her leg combined shocking her into silence.

She asked something once she recovered, but Gabriel ignored her, frowning as he sensed two larger energy signatures interacting somewhere deep in the Helicarrier. It was Thor and Loki, undoubtedly, but he was unsure what they were doing. Taking pains to carefully conceal himself, Gabriel flew in and immediately tried not to groan out loud. Loki had somehow both escaped and tricked Thor into taking his place inside the cage.

Gabriel watched as Thor failed to break the walls of the cage, glass though they were. Loki froze, then grinned, laughing at his brother's dilemma.

"The humans think us immortal," said Loki, turning to the panel that controlled the cage and opening the chute under it. "Shall we test that?"

Drop Thor out of the Helicarrier? Asgardian or not, there was no way he'd survive. Gabriel watched as the plain-looking agent intervened, nearly managing to sneak up on Loki.

"We made these after you sent the Destroyer to Puente Antiguo," he said, hefting the huge gun in his arms. "Even I don't know what it does."

Gabriel sensed Loki's movement moment before it happened. The agent gasped as the point of the spear entered his body, and Loki dropped him carelessly to slump against the wall as he walked back to the control panel. Thor had screamed a denial, and was watching his brother with helpless eyes. The entire scene hit far to close to home for Gabriel.

Loki pressed the button.

The cage dropped, and Thor with it, and Gabriel peered with detached interest over the edge to see the glass cage quickly dwindle into a nearly invisible speck and then vanish altogether as it got too far away.

"You're going to lose." How did the agent's voice stay so steady, when his breathing was no doubt growing erratic and his heart slowing? Loki seemed surprised as well, but he did not express it.

"And why is that?" Loki sneered.

"You lack conviction."

"I lack nothi-" the agent fired the gun in the middle of Loki's sentence. It exploded with a bang and launched a large, fiery bullet at Loki, which took him across the room and through a wall, where he struggled to raise himself up again.

"So that's what it does," said the agent weakly, his arms loosing the force necessary to hold up the gun. Gabriel watched invisibly as Eyepatch came in far too late, but in time to hear the agent's last words.

Eyepatch bowed his head as the medical team came in.

"Agent Coulson is down."