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Kageyama found out the secret of his wife. But Hinata isn't the only one keeping secrets. The reveal of his gender brings Hinata into Kageyama's life and Hinata's world is turned upside down. The reality he once knew will never be the same. During summer Hinata reunites with his old friend and meets with someone he'll eventually declare as his rival. Beach-volley, festivals and double date. Sudden news break him apart. Hinata's reality is falling apart whereas Kageyama won't look his way.

Cry Of A Fallen Crow
Cry Twenty-Three: The Forgotten Trio Is In Trouble

It was already late evening the northern hemisphere of the Earth, as a young mistress was returning home from a movie she had gone to watch together with her date. She was being accompanied by a young Japanese male who had a dark brown hair of medium length and eyes of the same hue that were slightly slanted. The mistress and the man talked about the movie as they were walking towards her house.

The young lady laughed. "I'm so glad that I had the chance to watch the movie with you Mr. Chikara. I have been wanting to see it for a long time, but due to the threat letter, Father hasn't allowed me to step out of the house. I've been very bored these few days." She thanked the man with sincere expression.

Ennoshita Chikara, who was also known as the Hacker of Fallen Crows, smiled kindly. "I'm honored to hear that this surprise of mine has been pleasing to you, Miss."

They had signed the contract with the lord of the house, so the young lady was unaware that he was approaching her because of work and not affection. The young lady didn't know that he was currently acting out as her bodyguard and that two of his men were closely following them in case they get ambushed.

It was much like he had predicted.

A corner before they had made to the house, two men suddenly approached them and aimed to kidnap the mistress. The young lady cried loudly and Ennoshita prepared to fight against them with bare hands. There were only two of them, so he could manage them on his own.

"Mr. Chikara!" The young lady cried when she saw Ennoshita engaging into a fist fight with one of the men.

"I'll handle this! Narita, Kinoshita! Escort Miss home, we can't let her get captured." Ennoshita called in for his companions who had been shadowing them the whole time. The two men did what was told and quickly went to the young lady's side.

"Wh- Who are you?" The young woman's voice was horrified.

The two men only smiled kindly at her. "We're friends of Mr. Chikara. Let us escort you home."

"Bu- But…" The mistress looked confused and sought for Ennoshita, who was doing his best suppressing the two attackers, who were bigger and stronger than him. As a hacker, field-job wasn't in his interests, but that didn't mean he would give up so easily. As long as his mission was accomplished and the mistress got safely home, he didn't mind the injuries he would suffer.

"Young Miss, we have to hurry and get you home!" Narita took hold of the young lady, who was still lost in the situation.

This was getting bad, they didn't have much time before the second ambush and they weren't exactly sure how many people they were dealing with. There was no way to know how many would come as reinforcement so they had to do their everything to get the young lady into her house.

"Mr. Chikara!" The young lady cried, trying to pull herself away from Narita.

The situation was getting worse with every passing second.

Kinoshita clicked his tongue. "Young lady, we really must go now!"

He was already reaching his hand toward the woman, when he heard a hollow sound and his movements were stopped. The next moment his mind went blank. A few seconds later, Narita was met with the same fate and fell on the ground.

The young mistress eyes widened in shock as the two men around her fell face flat, and instead two other men surrounded her suddenly. Their hold on her was much stronger and forced and with her puny strength it was useless to try to resist them. With every passing second, tears started to form into to ends of her eyes.

The young lady resorted to her last option.

She screamed.

From the depth of her lungs.

This caught Ennoshita's attention and he turned around. "Miss!" He shouted out loud as he saw her being dragged into a car. He tried to fight the duo facing him, while pulling back towards her. It was impossible anymore, but he needed to do everything in order to save her. This was the only mission he wasn't afforded to fail.

Giving a few heavy punches to his opponents, Ennoshita then turned around and went full dash. He could only take a few steps when a loud smack was heard and he lost his balance.

With his eyes playing games on him and his head ringing loudly, Ennoshita got up, his whole bodyweight being supported by his elbows. The man panted heavily as he saw a blurry figure approaching him.

Spitting out blood, the Japanese spy spoke in dark tone. "I will protect, Miss… even if it's the last thing I do."

A smug smile what Ennoshita was unable to see, he then heard the man say something, before finally passing out.

"I like you, Japanese boy… Take him with us."

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