Written in the Stars

Author Notes: Inspired by A New Life, A New World – Originally by Zeppie,. Adopted by Corvus2010 (don't know why they stop working on it. It was a good story) please note the Yuuzhan Vong War does not happen in this story.

Chapter 01: A New World

The Second Great Wizarding War. It was a war that nearly destroyed all the wizards in England. Voldemort was defeated and his Death Eaters were either dead, capture or scattered into the winds. The people called Harry Potter a hero and savior.

However, Harry Potter felt anything but a savior. His friends were dead and Hogwarts was in ruins.

Everyone he knew and loved were dead or had vanished, never to be found again. This caused a great depression to fill the young seventeen year old heart. The once green emerald eyes that seem to fill a young girl's hearts was empty as an emerald itself.

Harry was going over some books on theory of transportation. He wasn't Hermione smart, but he knew that if he rearranged the ritual properly he might be able to send himself back in time.

Harry was carefully making the ritual and trying to calculate in his head the odds that it would work. If it failed, he would die. Not that it matter, it really didn't matter to him if he lived or die anymore. But he wanted to stop the war before it even happens.

It took Harry a while to get everything ready but he finally did and arranged the ritual as he thought best it would work. He waved the Elder Wand and the circle glowed as it took form; telling Harry that it was working and required the sacrifice.

Slicing his palm open, with blood dripping from the left hand, he places it on the ground causing a bright flash of light to glow from the ritual circle causing Harry to fill as if his body was being pulled by an unknown force. Harry fell down when the light ended and stares into the night sky as his mind goes blank.

Year 27 ABY

Han Solo wouldn't be what you would call a family man. But he was happy with his family none the less. He smiled as he looks at his three children. Jacen was the oldest, followed by his twin sister Jaina. Anakin was the youngest, despite being only a year younger than the twins. He looks at his wife Leia and found it hard to believe he got lucky with such a beautiful woman. It was a huge change from the life of being a smuggler and a rebel general but it was a life well worth it.

Han turn to his brother in law Luke Skywalker, who had grown up much from being just a mere kid he met back on Tatooine. Next to Luke was Mara Jade Skywalker and their infant son, Ben Skywalker, named after the legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan 'Ben' Kenobi. Yes life was good, but it was also boring.

There was no conflicts right now, and peace was establish with the Imperial Remnant who held mostly the outer rim territories.

However it was a fragile peace. The Hero General of Endor knew the Empire would come back to full strength and attempt to conquer the galaxy. He just wished Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya would listen to him.

Even Leia couldn't convince him to prepare for a possible war with the Imperial Remnant.

A sudden loud bang caused the General to snap out of his thoughts and draw his blaster from his holster towards the noise. He was surprise to see a young teenager stand up from the table of now broken holocrons.

Han wasn't the only one who reacted. Luke and Leia both activated their lightsabers causing the green and blue sabers to glow at the dinner table.

Han was equally surprise to see the burglar appeared to be a young teenage boy. No older than his own children. What really astounded him was that his security system didn't go off to warn them that someone had broken into his home.

The boy waved his hand and said something he couldn't understand.

Author Notes: I know, short, but the next chapter will be longer. I promise. This is a Jaina Solo and Harry Potter Fanfic. I'm so going to change things. Once again the Yuuzhan Vong War does not happen in this story. So the Solo Twins and Anakin Solo grew up knowing peace.

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