Written in the Stars

Chapter 18: Dawn of a New Era

5 Years Later

With the war over, the Empire was thriving. Citizens could flourish and the worlds were finally at peace.

The only problems that existed, was the Resistance. A group of former Republic soldiers that disagreed with the Galactic Empire and wish for the Republic to be restored. A year after the Second Galactic War ended, tragedy did strike the Empire.

The Jedi Temple on Yavin had been attacked by the First Order. Many of it's Jedi teachers and students had been slain. Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade Skywalker was among the fallen.

Harry was angry by this as was Leia.

Leia was saddened because it also resorted in the death of her youngest son, Anakin Solo.

The Senate, however, was quick to put a fine the First Order for their unprovoked attack and the First Order paid it. Saying they didn't realize the planet was under Imperial control.

Harry, however, wasn't so forgiving. He demanded heavy fines from the First Order as well as a hundred of their star destroyers and a thousand fighters. He place embargo's on them and increase military patrols to prevent another attack from happening.

While the Senate was boycotting him for being a 'war monger' and provoking the First Order into a war. In truth, there was little they could do about it. The loss of so many Jedi would have a dangerous impact in the Empire.

Harry, however, silence the Senate by reminding them that they were nothing more than just voices to carry out his wishes. They had no rights nor the authority to challenge him. He reminded them of the treaty of Mon Calamari that the Republic surrender it's right to veto their votes to him.

It made many senators unhappy. However even they had to respect it. The Emperor was well loved and well respected. Already one coup against the Emperor failed and the conspirators were all executed.

Yet Harry knew there were more conspirators in the Senate. He's already had to deal with one Coup. He knew another was just as likely.

The one thing that did happen, was he married Jaina Solo making her the Empress of the Empire. Her family, however, had mix feelings about the marriage. When they were married Luke and Mara Jade attended to honor Jaina's wedding. Her mother and father, however, were a different matter. They both disapproved. Believing Harry Potter was too dangerous and unworthy. Yet not even they could persuade Jaina out of the marriage. Her father didn't even bother showing up. Took Chewbacca with the Millenium Falcon and disappeared. Leia attended to honor her daughter's wishes but she had concerns.

It wasn't a happy wedding for her family. Yet they attended because Jaina wanted to marry to Harry.

Jacen Solo was nowhere to be found. However, Imperial Intelligence reported a person fitting his description has been seen in the company of the First Order and the Sith.

Harry wasn't why, but in her families eyes, he was the ultimate villain. They didn't see any good in him. No matter what he did for the galaxy. Even sending relief supplies to worlds that needed it. He showed Jedi's how to truly use the Force and how to lightsaber combat.

That was before the Yavin IV attack. Now they barely had fifty Jedi's left. Many of them were still Padawans. There were only a couple knights available.

The wasn't the only blow. Barely a year as High Chancellor of the Empire, Leia was forced to leave. Senator Ransolm Casterfo, who was apart of the Centralist faction of the Senate, had present evidence that Leia Organa Solo was the daughter of Darth Vader. This caused Leia to be boycott out of the Senate. Her reputation was destroyed.

Harry paused as he recalled that memory he had that lead up to Leia's dismissal.


Harry was watching the announcement from Centralist Senator Ransolm Casterfo. He presents hard evidence that High Chancellor Leia Organa Solo, was the daughter of Darth Vader. He played a recording that was evidence that proved Leia true lineage.

"Bring him here at once." Harry said to his aide over the coms. His aide bows his head and immediately gets to work.

"… the Emperor must act. He cannot allow Darth Vader's daughter to rule this Empire any longer!" Senator Casterfo shouted. Many Centralist applauded his choice of words.

"Order!" Leia shouted. However, Senator's were booing her and demanding she step down. The Senate was booing her so loud, even Senators who once thought were her friends, were booing her. In the end, with Leia unable to regain control of the Senate, the Vice Chair dismissed the Senate.

Senator Casterfo walks towards his office with his head down. His many Centralist colleagues were patting him on the back for destroying the Imperialist favorite Leia Organa Solo. Yet he had guilt for destroying his friend.

"Senator Casterfo!" A woman said.

"Not now." he said as he quickly attempts to enter his suite.

"Senator Casterfo!" She said stepping in front of him. He paused as he looks at her. "I'm with ISB. The Emperor has requested your presence."

Senator Casterfo swallows the lump in throat and nods his head. In truth, he's seen the Emperor only a few times. They were at public events or when he was addressing the Senate. However even he knew, when the Emperor requests your presence, you couldn't say no. It was an order if anything and it was one that must be followed. Even if you were a Senator.

He nods his head and follows the ISB Agents towards the Executive Floor.

Here, security was tight. Imperial Royal Guards were station heavily. Their dark blue uniforms mirrored their former counterparts of Old Senate Guards. Under their robes, were heavy combat armor that was designed to fight any and repel all attackers. Even their helmets mimic the Old Galactic Senate Guards.

The Emperor didn't have their outfits red, he didn't want to mimic Palpatine's Guards. He felt blue was better.

The woman nods her head and two of the Imperial Royal Guards place their datachip underneath the security code to the door. Then they press their security code to allow the heavy blast door to open. The heavy blast door opens and Senator Casterfo tries to calm his nerves as he steps into the elevator. ISB didn't follow nor did the Imperial Royal Guards.

The elevator closes and immediately goes down. Senator Casterfo paused as the elevator stops and the door hisses open.

Senator Casterfo was greeted by a several Imperial Royal Guards.

"Place all metal items in the tray. All items in your hand must be inspected." The Royal Guard said nearest to him. He holds a plastic tray in front of him.

He nods his head. He knew first hand, security around the Emperor was the best in all the Emperor. He complies immediately. He didn't want to spend time in jail for not obeying. He already knew of the first attempt to kill the Emperor in a coup to take over the Empire. He places his comlink, belt inside the tray.

"Step forward." He said as he gestures his fingers for him to walk forward.

He does so.

He places his hand on his earpiece on the helmet. The tray was then placed on a table. A white light was glowing over the tray.

"Alright, he's cleared." The Royal Guard said.

"Follow me." An Imperial Guard said. His helmet had a single row of plumes meaning he was an officer. Senator Casterfo nods his head and follows the officer. He immediately takes note two other Royal Guards were following behind him.

He was wondering if he was in trouble. Surely the Emperor would act on the information he presented. Though now that he was walking towards the Emperor's office, he was having doubts about what he has done. Leia has always been a friend to him and has long supported him. Even if they did disagree with their ideas.

They stop at the Emperor's office and the officer pulls out a security cylinder out and presses it against the door causing it to hiss open.

"Go in, he's waiting for you." The officer said.

Senator Casterfo nods his head and walks in. The Emperor was seated behind his desk. Looking at a datapad. He walks in and bows before the Emperor. He then sits down to face the Emperor. He knew he had to be careful. The Emperor was a powerful Jedi Master. Very few had the ability to challenge the Emperor in a fight. He was young, yet he was both wise and powerful.

"Senator Ransolm Casterfo. A member of the Centralist Faction of the Imperial Senate. You had a rough childhood I see. You had a strong hatred for the previous Emperor Palpatine and his right hand Darth Vader. Despite this, you admired the strong central government he created and was able to admire what they created. You wanted to support a strong central government which is why you join the Centralist faction of the Senate instead of the Imperialist, Senatorial, and the Loyalist faction. To date, you've accomplished little in the Senate only support few bills that some parties have put in place." Harry said as he sets down his holopad.

"That is correct, your Excellency." Senator Casterfo said in a nervous voice.

"I listen to your speech. To be frank, I am… disappointed in you." Harry said as he looks at Senator Casterfo.

"Disappointed?" Senator Casterfo repeated nervously.

"Yes. Leia speaks highly of you. If you had this information why didn't you bring it to her in the first place? Or to me? Why did you announce it to the Senate?" Harry asks.

"She is the daughter of Darth Vader. If you knew what he did to my parents… my home…" he began.

"I am aware. Yet you're letting your hatred of Darth Vader blind you to what Leia has done. I already knew her true parentage long before I even became the Emperor of the Galactic Empire." Harry said.

Senator Casterfo looks at the Emperor in surprise.

"You knew?" He repeated in surprise.

"I knew." Harry said as he nods his head. "I never held it against her. If you recall, she fought her father in the Galactic Civil War and she only found out about her true parentage before the Battle of Endor. Yet that didn't mean her creditability was bad. If anything she was the most qualify person to run the Empire because she has done so much for the Galaxy in bringing down perhaps one of the galaxies most dangerous tyrants we've ever seen. That's why I appointed her as High Chancellor. Because she would keep me in check." Harry said.

"Forgive me. I didn't know…" Senator Casterfo said.

"No, you didn't. Let me show you something." Harry said as he passes a datapad to Senator Casterfo. He takes it as Harry floats it to him. He looks at it.

"These are you Executive Orders. Laws that require special permission to view." Senator Casterfo said.

"Read it." Harry orders.

"'By my Order. The true lineage and parentage of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa shall not be revealed unless they themselves reveal it or by any of their descendants. If any party shall reveal this truth to any other, then the act will be considered as high treason punishable by life imprisonment or death.'" Senator Casterfo said as he reads it out loud. He pauses as he finishes reading it. He pales at the revelations of what he had just done. If anything he just swallows a bigger lump in his throat.

"The true lineage of Leia Organ and Luke Skywalker would have done tremendous amounts of damage if the truth was revealed. That's why I kept it a secret. It would have ruined their name and credibility. Their father did many terrible things. It was only when, they, they themselves were ready to reveal the truth, would it be allowed to happen. So it leads me to ask you… where did you learn Leia's true parentage and lineage?" Harry said as he leans forward and looks at Senator Casterfo with a serious look in his eyes.

"Lady Carise Sindian gave me the information." Senator Casterfo said at once.

"Lady Carise Sindian? Of the Arkanis system?" Harry said in surprise.

"I swear it, your Excellency." Senator Casterfo said at once.

"I've had many suspicions about Lady Sindian. ISB has her under heavy surveillance. The next time you come across information like this. You should have confronted Leia about this matter. Or spoken to me. You will be pardon for what you've done. However, I will warn you… If you come across information that is vital to the Empire, don't announce it to the Senate. Talk to the right channels first before you're given the right to make the announcement. Now because of you, I must find another High Chancellor of the Senate. Leia as already agreed to step down. I cannot express how disappointed she is in you." Harry said.

Senator Casterfo bows his head. He knew he got off lucky. He could have very well gone down as a accomplish in the revelations of Leia's true lineage. Harry reaches up and takes the box from Senator Casterfo with the force."

He gets up and leaves.

Harry presses a button on his desk and the image of the ISB Director appeared. He stood at attention at once.

"Director, arrest Lady Carise Sindian at once for the crime of High Treason." Harry orders.

"At once your Excellency." He said as he bows.

The holocall ends and Harry lean back in his chair and frowns. The true victor of this scandal was the First Order. For he knew, Supreme Leader Snoke was the one who truly knew of Leia's parentage. He did a brilliant job in crippling his High Chancellor. Now the job of finding another to replace Leia began.

The intercom buzz at once. His aid appeared on holocall.

"Your Excellency. The High Chancellor is here requesting your presence." His aide said.

"Send her in." Harry said.

The door hisses open and Leia walks in. She sits down before Harry.

"I already know what you're going to say." Harry said before Leia could speak. "I am against it. You resigning. However, given how the Senate reacted we don't have a choice in the matter. The First Order is the true mastermind behind your resignation." Harry said.

"I doubt Senator Casterfo would collaborate with the First Order." Leia protested.

"He didn't. He got the information from Lady Carise Sindian." Harry said.

"Lady Sindian? If I recall there is a lot suspicion surrounding her." Leia said.

"Given what Senator Casterfo said, I couldn't ignore it any longer. She's being arrested as we speak. She will be stripped of her titles, her position and her rights. As for you, your work is far from over." Harry said.

"What would you have me do?" Leia asks.

"You will go to the Resistance. You will take command and take the fight to the First Order. As you already know Poe Dameron is already there. You will find the third, fifth and seventh fleet is waiting to 'defect'. As a way of protesting against the resignation of your position. I need you to still lead our forces against the First Order. War is coming, and I rather not be caught off guard. We must be ready, and must be vigilant." Harry said.

Leia nods her head.

"One more thing. I wasn't sure how to tell you this, but Jacen Solo has been spotted." Harry said.

"Where?" Leia asks at once.

"With the First Order. He's now a Sith. According to Imperial Intelligence, he now goes by name of Darth Caedus. Imperial Intelligence believes he killed Luke and Mara Jade, as well as his younger brother Anakin Solo.

Leia looks beside herself.

"It cannot be. Jacen would never…" Leia argues.

"He never could control his anger and hate. As you know, a Jedi must learn to control their anger and hate. Jacen never did. It has blinded him. Snoke and Lumiya then taught him how to master the Dark Side. The son you once knew, could be lost. I want you to be aware of this fact as you take command of the Resistance." Harry said.

"Does Jaina know?" Leia asks at once.

"She does. We have a strong bond and it's hard for me to keep things from her. Besides, you will recall as she felt the death of the Skywalkers and her younger brother. She already knew who the killer was." Harry said.

Leia nods her head. The loss of so many Jedi's and Imperial Knights was devastating for the Empire. They had mostly Padawans left with few Knights. The Master's had all been killed off. Only one had survived. Yet where this Master wanders, was anyone's guess. This master was able to elude them by hiding in the Force itself.

Harry had Imperial Intelligence looking for this mysterious Jedi Master.

"I think I know the Jedi Master you're looking for." Leia said interrupting his train of thought. Harry looks at her in surprise and realized she was using the Force to reach out to him and read his train of thought.

"Who?" Harry asks.

"Celeste Morne. I once met her in my early days during the Rebellion. She disappeared into galaxy after my encounter with her. I don't know much about her, only that she's… powerful." Leia said.

"She's Luke Skywalker's third master?" Harry asks.

Leia shook her head. "She refused to train us."

"The clues of this Jedi Master was not only was this person Luke's student but was also Luke's third Master. This person showed Luke things in the Force most Jedi's never dream of knowing." Harry said.

"I don't know. After the Battle of Endor, Luke disappeared for a couple of years. When he came back he seemed… wiser." Leia said.

"Luke's training was only half complete. He tends to rush into things when he was young. He never did learn the value of patience. This was his own undoing. I know he did well in restoring the Jedi Order, but he wasn't ready at the time." Harry said.

"And you are?" Leia counter.

Harry knew why she was asking this. She loved and respected her brother.

Harry shook his head.

"I'm also young. Like Luke was. I too am not ready for such responsibilities. Even if people think I'm qualified. Finding a new Jedi Grand Master will be hard. Even if Senator Fyor Rodan is trying to push for the dissolvement of the Jedi Order." Harry said.

"My father used to say the Jedi Order use to be protectors and defenders of the Old Republic. Before the rise of the Emperor. Before Palpatine." Leia said.

"I know I've told you this before but Palpatine found cracks and flaws within the Old Republic, which is why he was able to seize control of it. Which is why I allowed the Imperial Senate to exist. Yet I'm not so foolish to simply and blindly trust my Senators. Nor do I give them free reign to look through anything." Harry said.

"This isn't what Mon Mothma wanted." Leia said.

"Yet even you can't disagree with so many Senators working for our enemies they can't honestly be trusted." Harry said.

Leia straightens herself up.

"No. I cannot." Leia said.

"Say your goodbyes," Harry said. "Tonight you leave for the Resistance. Cause me some trouble. Imperial Intelligence will still give you intelligence on targets. However, your priority is the First Order. Do what you can to stop their war machine." Harry said.

Leia nods her head. "Have you thought of a replacement as High Chancellor?" Leia asks.

"I was going to ask you. As High Chancellor, you have the right to choose your successor. Do you have someone in mind to take your place?" Harry asks.

Leia thinks hard.

"That is hard. Not many Senators have the backbone you require to run the Empire and handle the First Order. Many will simply want this position to assume power for themselves. If I had to give a Senator the benefit of the doubt, it would be Tai-Lin Garr." Leia said.

"Another of the Imperialist Faction. Some would consider I'm playing favorites with that faction." Harry said.

"Until another can be proven, then it would be hard to trust another." Leia said.

Harry nods his head.

"May the Force be with you." Harry said as Leia gets up and bows her head. She turns and walks out.

Harry rarely attended the Senate meetings. Yet he knew he would have to address the Senate on the new High Chancellor.

Leia said her goodbye and wish her daughter well. Her only child that was still alive and hasn't turned. Harry watch with interest.

"Your husband is truly amazing." Leia said to her daughter.

"I thought you disapproved of him." Jaina said.

"I was wary of him. Granted I should have been more respectful of him and not so judgmental. I hope one day, this war will end and we can be a family again." Leia said.

"That would be nice." Jaina said.

Leia hugs her daughter goodbye and turns to leave.

His intercom came alive with his aide appearing.

"Excellency, Grand Admiral Gilad Pelleaon is here to see you."

Harry was curious to know what his Supreme Commander wanted.

"Send him in." Harry said.

The door opens and Grand Admiral Pelleaon enters.

He bows his head.

"Excellency. I come here requesting something from you." Grand Admiral Pelleaon said as he sits down.

"What is it Admiral Pelleaon?" Harry asks.

"I have decided to enter retirement." He said.

Harry looks at him in surprise.

Then again, he shouldn't be. Grand Admiral Pelleaon has been in the military service, serving the Old Republic, the old Galactic Empire, the Imperial Remnant, and the new Galactic Empire. Over sixty years of military service. Longer than any officer he had.

"No one has earned it more than you have, Admiral Pelleaon. The Empire will be sad to see you go. Have you thought of a replacement to replace you as Grand Admiral?" Harry asks.

"Colonel Jagged Fel would make a fine replacement. He has the respect of the military and the love of the people. Even though he has yet to become an Admiral, he will make a fine Supreme Commander." Grand Admiral Pelleaon said.

Harry nods his head.

"Make the arrangements. Once everything is in place, you can enter retirement and with a nice pension." Harry said.

The one thing that Harry did that was better than Republic and the Old Empire was he offered pensions to people who served in the military for thirty years. Meaning they could retire with a nice paycheck every month. It was a really popular idea and notion as he was getting lots of recruits for the military.

Grand Admiral Pelleaon nods his head.

He suffered two losses. His High Chancellor and his Supreme Commander.

Two days later, Harry held another Senate meeting. The Senate was merely a legislative branch of the Empire. They held little to any real power.

The Senate was silence as the Emperor was sitting in the High Chancellor chair. They filled their seats and waited for him to speak. It was rare to see the Emperor himself. He rarely ever attended Senate meetings.

When Harry notice almost the entire Senate Assembly was filled up he spoke.

"As I'm sure most of you are aware…" Harry began in a slow voice. "High Chancellor Leia Organa Solo has stepped down as High Chancellor. These are trying times. For now, I must find another High Chancellor of the Empire. One with charisma, and the strength to run the Senate. That is why, when as I stand here, and look upon all of you… I ask myself… does another have the strength of character to carry out the wishes and will of the Empire." Harry said. He paused and could sense many Senators were listening to his every word. "Imperialist. Senatorist. Loyalist. Centralist. You four have much say in the Senate and you all have strong candidates. One strong enough to bear the title, High Chancellor. I want you to nominate someone from your faction and give your list of reasons as to why this person should be High Chancellor. You have one month to forefill this request. When the new moon turns, I shall return with an answer." Harry said.

With that said, Harry returns down to the Executive floor.

The Senate immediately broke into whispers with many returning to the suites they had to hold their conference. Harry could only imagine what it would be like as they discuss and debate this matter over strong candidates.

The Senate didn't run things in the Empire. That was a job for his Minister's. The Senate job was to represent their planets and vote for Imperial laws that would benefit their planets. Like the Old Republic, these debates would last days. However, because they tend to take too long in deciding things. However, Harry quickly put a stop to that. With his Ministery Cabinet, they got a lot more done quickly than what the Senate could have done. Harry was also more than aware, many Senator's were highly ambitious. Wanting power for themselves. He had ISB watch them carefully. He knew they had no loyalty other than to themselves.

Now he had the problem with Darth Caedus who has clearly fallen to the Dark Side. Harry closed his eyes and tried to evaluate Jacen Solo's fall.

Harry didn't know why he fell but he knew he did.

In the end, Harry chose did end up choosing Tai-Lin Garr. Yet barely a week pass when he took the post, and he was assassinated. The assassin, Arliz Hadrassaian took her own life before Harry's guards could arrest her. Yet Harry already knew who was to blame.

Lady Carise Sindian.

Harry quickly moved her to maximum security ward in the planets prisons after the assassination. Before she used her influence to enter the minimum security wards. Claiming she was innocent of the crimes she was convicted of. He also seized all her personal assets as well. He also made a statement to the Senate that former Lady Carise Sindian was plotting a coup against the Empire and hired assassins to target his high ranking Imperial officials. He also leaked she was the one behind Leia's departure in an attempt to discredit his name.

Needless to say, the Centralist was ashamed of her actions and release a statement they had no idea of her crimes and they took no part of it.

Harry was putting the position of High Chancellor on hold for the time being. The assassination had the Empire mourning for the loss of a popular Senator who did much for the good of the Empire. Harry had him bury with high honor. Senators and all the people showed up for his funeral.

Harry wasn't so keen on finding a new High Chancellor so quickly.

After a year of postponing it, Harry found a High Chancellor in Lanever Villecham. He was nominated by three parties. A Tarsunt who valued peace and work hard on working with neutral systems with trade agreements.

However, unlike Harry and his Cabinet of Ministries, he did not view the rise of the First Order a serious threat. Even with the reports coming in from Imperial Intelligence. Most of the time he would argue Harry in taking action. Harry however, didn't tell him that the Resistance was really a military organization under his rule. That Harry was sending supplies and men to aid the Resistance. Villecham thought the Resistance was getting support from the Senate.

Flashback Ends

Harry paused as he thought about the recent events. He knew the war with the First Order was inevitable. Yet the Senate wanted the military disarmament act to pass. Harry had Leia and the Resistance attack key trade routes and compounds as well as attacking First Order warships. Their reports told him the First Order was ready for war and the Resurgent-Class Star Destroyers may be problematic. The Nebula-Class Star Defender and Strident-Class Star Defender would have a tough time against them. Yet the Resistance suspected the First Order had even bigger ships in their arsenal.

Grand Admiral Wedge Antilles, was the commander of the Lusankya. An Executor-Class Super Star Destroyer. Harry, however, found many faults with the Executor-Class and immediately had upgrades to it. Harry knew without a doubt, the Lusankya could save them from defeat. Though Harry wasn't overly fond of the Dreadnought classes. He remembers his own lessons in learning about the muggles defeat when they relied heavily upon the power of the Dreadnoughts and lost to the might of the faster and agiler Battleships. Harry knew with the right shields and firepower, a ship could overwhelm a ship of greater size.

The door hisses open and Harry was surprised by this. His aide didn't notify him of any visitors. Trust the force, he realized it was his wife.

Jaina walks in and she immediately walks up and kisses Harry on the lips.

"Hey you okay?" Jaina asks.

"Yeah, just a lot on my mind." Harry said.

"You should take a break. Chancellor Villecham can run things as you take a vacation." Jaina said.

Harry smiles as he reaches up and grabs his wife's hand. It was true he has been working hard.

"Let's go somewhere. Somewhere where we can relax." Harry said.

"That be nice." Jaina said.

"I'll make the preparations." Harry said.

"I already did." Jaina said.

Harry smiles. His wife always seems to know how to cheer him up.

"Let's get away for awhile. I hear there is a beautiful tropic planet we could visit." Jaina said.

"We can't stay away too long. War is coming." Harry said.

"I know." Jaina said.

A vacation would be nice.

"Your Excellencies. Senator Merumeru is requesting your presence." His aide said.

"Very well, send him in." Harry said into the intercom.

The door hisses open. The Wookie senator walks in. One of the youngest of the Wookie senators in the history of his people.

{Greetings your Excellency. I greet you on behalf of the people of the trees.} Merumeru said. As he gives a short bow to Harry and Jaina.

"It's good to see you too, Merumeru. I am ashamed we can't spend more time together. Both our jobs keep us busy." Harry said.

{Too true. I come because Naboo is holding a traditional festival and has asked me to join them. I would like to invite you as well. As it would be good for the Emperor to see celebrating some holidays with the people.} Merumeru said.

"The Festival of Light. I've heard of this Festival. They say it's beautiful." Jaina said.

"Very well, I"ll attend. Let me make some preparations here before I go over." Harry said.

Senator Merumeru bows and walks out.

"This will be good." Jaina said.

"Indeed." Harry said. Yet he could sense dark things were about to happen.

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So the Imperial Senate has four factions that run it.

Imperialist. Senatorist. Loyalist. Centralist.

The Imperialist are those who want more sovereign rights for the Empire.

Senatorist is those who want power for the Senate.

Loyalist is those that are firmly behind Harry and want him to have executive power.

Centralist are those who believe in a strong central government.

as you can imagine, Loyalist and Centralist do agree on much, but they share different views at the same time.

The war is about to begin.

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