After reading your reviews, I realized how many people really wanted to know what Drew said in his sleep. Since your reviews had made me really happy, I wrote this little bonus chapter as a thank you to all you readers. I FINISHED THIS IN 2 DAY! THIS IS A NEW RECORD! Seriously though, I never finished a chapter in just 2 days. It usually take me 2 or more weeks to finish one. I guess I was just really motivated by you all this time.

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And thus I present to you a bonus chapter, Sleep Talk.


Bonus Chapter:

Sleep Talk

A thunderstorm rumbles throughout the night. At the sound of a loud thunder, a brunette's sapphire eyes snap open abruptly. It was pitch dark at night in the room that she and Drew slept in, but the light from the summer storm lights up her view. She looks to the window and could see blue lightning strikes dancing in the sky.

"Oh crap!" She mutters to herself in surprise as she jumps up from her bed and rushes towards the open window, shutting it tight. When she stepped in a puddle, she silently curses herself. Sighing, she went to the bathroom in the room and grabs a few paper towels to clean up the wet mess on the floor. After all, this isn't her own room at home where she would've ignored the mess and let it dry itself. As she cleans, she silently thanks Arceus that the room had wooden flooring. It would've been a bigger hassle if it was carpet.

"All done!" She said to herself in triumph after she throws away the dirty towels into the trashcan.

Another rumble came from outside. At the sound, she directs her eyes to Drew, eyeing him skeptically. When she saw that he was still asleep as a log, she scoffs and cross her arms.

"And you think I'm a heavy sleeper," she said to his sleeping form. "Hah, of course you wouldn't hear me, after all you are asleep."

She then walks closely to Drew and perches next to his bed with her palm on her cheek. Her sapphire eyes stares at her rival's sleeping face. A smile spreads across her face.

'He's like a child when he sleeps,' she thinks to herself.

Unconsciously her hand reaches out towards his hair when she saw a strand of hair from his bangs fall over his eye. She was just a few centimeters away from him when he spoke, scaring her senselessly in the process and caused her to retract her hand.

"May..." he says silently as he turns around to face May.

As for May, she could feel her heart beating rapidly as blood ran up to her cheeks in embarrassment. She thought he was awake and begged that he wasn't for that he would never let her live it down. May mentally groans at the thought. The brunette waits for a moment, hiding her face behind her hands. When she heard nothing, she peaks through her fingers to see if he was awake or not. She lets out a breath of relief through her clenched teeth. However when she remembers how he said her name in his sleep, her cheeks brightens again.

"Cheeky Jerk," she insults him but her smile betrays her words.

Thinking that she should go back to sleep, she stands up only to have a hand grabbing onto her wrist, preventing her to do so.

"Stay," Drew said to her.

The action greatly confused May. She thought that he was still asleep but the action made her think otherwise. The brunette bends down again next to Drew's bed after gently retrieving her arm back from the grasshead.

In a small voice she asks, "Drew… are you awake?" she almost face palmed herself in the face when she realized that he wouldn't answer. Much to her surprise, she got an answer from him.


May blinks in confusion at the answer. She didn't exactly understood what was going on, that was until an idea popped up in her head.

"No he couldn't…" she mumbles to herself quietly before asking Drew in a louder voice. "Hey Drew, do you perhaps sleep talk?"


After hearing that, a mischievous glint appears in her eyes. She couldn't help but grin evilly. May wasn't 100% sure whether Drew was sleep talking to her or he was playing a prank on her, but she decides give it a try. After all, what could go terribly wrong? Besides, she needed a way to get back at him for all the teasing that he had done to her in the past seven years.

"Drew, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"What was the most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to you?" May couldn't help herself; she just had to ask him. A moment of silence fell between them and the only sound was the sound of the storm outside. Just when she was about to lose hope, Drew speaks to her, peaking her interest.

"I'll tell you but don't tell anyone, especially May," he asks her. This was even better, he didn't know he was talking to her which made things even more interesting and amusing to May.

"I won't," she lied with a grin on her face.

"It was when I was five and was still in pre-school." May nods attentively even though she knew he couldn't see her. "I had to go to the bathroom badly and my teacher told me to wait, but it was an emergency." This was getting good. "So when I couldn't hold it in anymore… I wet myself."

May lets out a laugh that would've been very loud if she hasn't muffled it with her hands. She had fell back onto her back and laid on the ground giggling. Her whole body shook with laughter. The brunette couldn't believe what she had just heard. She was expecting something embarrassing, but not that embarrassing. If Drew ever find out about that, he'll hurt her for sure. However on the other hand, she now has some magnificent material to black mail him with. In addition, for him to tell her this definitely must mean that he's sleep talking for sure. From what she can recall from her memory, people who sleep take usually won't remember what they said in that state. Oh is she going to have some fun or what?

After she laughed for fifteen minutes straight, the next few hours she asked him everything that came to mind. She was having such a good time that she didn't realize how much time had passed until she yawned.

"Whoa… how longer have I've been asking him questions?" she silently asks herself.

Thunder echo through her ears and her gaze falls to the window, where the storm was still raging outside. She stares at the sight in disbelief.

"It's still storming?"

May shakes her head in disbelief and decides to ask Drew one last thing before she went back to bed. She didn't realize how tired she was until now. She guessed she was too caught up in the moment. May then decides to ask Drew one last question before going to bed.

"Okay last question Drew, what is your biggest fear?"

She was expecting something extremely fearful since it is Drew after all. Knowing Drew, he wasn't afraid of anything at least that's what his vibe implies. However what he says next completely surprises her but of course it was in a happy way.

"I'm afraid of losing May."

The response made her heart beat wildly in excitement and a blush rises to her cheeks.

"I'm scared that she'll hate me and will leave me because of it. I can't lose her. I love her so much that I'm scared to confess to her…. I-I don't want to be rejected by her. I don't want our current relationship to be ruin either. I'm scared that everything will fall apart once I confess, that's why I've been holding back for the past seven year. I just can't let that happen."

May could not help but smile brightly at the confession. It made her happy and it was even better since it confirms his feelings for her that she's been unsure about for years now. She always had a feeling that he had feelings for her because of his roses, but his constant teasing made her think otherwise. When she realized that she too had feelings for him, she was immediately in a state of denial for years until she finally accepted them.

"Don't be afraid, she doesn't hate you and never will. Confess to her, I promise that she returns the same feelings and will not reject you," she said in a kind yet reassuring voice. May couldn't help herself and gently pets Drew's hair in peace. It seems like her words and action brought comfort to the grasshead for the he smiles slightly.

"Really? Does she really feel the same way?" the response sounded childish but sparked curiosity at the same time. It caused May to let out a small and quiet giggle.

"Really, she does."

"Thank Arceus." Right after he said that, May smiles again and plants a small kiss on his forehead.

"Goodnight Drew," she whispers before she creeps back into her bed. With a smile on she fell asleep instantly with dreams that circled around a certain grasshead.

"May," Drew calls as he gently shakes her shoulders. "It's time to wake up."

The brunette mumbles some unintelligible words as she pulls the sheets up more. Drew shakes his head and makes another attempt to wake the sleeping coordinator.

"Wake up May. If you don't wake up, all the food in the cafeteria will be gone."

He specifically uses food as a bait to wake her up. Out of everything, the sound of food is the only thing that effectively wakes her up without a problem. Drew always used food as bait since it never failed him once in an attempt to wake her up. That is until today. She simply swats his hand away and tells him to go away before snuggling deeper into her pillow. He blinks at what just happened and stare at the girl in disbelief.

"I can't believe food didn't wake you up for once," he said to her sleeping form before sighing. "Don't blame me for not waking you up."

Drew takes one last look at the brunette before walking out of their room and locking the door behind him. The last thing he needed was for someone to walk in on May while she's asleep. He begins to stroll down the hallway as he thinks back to the weird dream that he had yesterday. Drew doesn't remember what it was about but for some reason gave him courage to confess to May. Now all he has to do is come up with a way to confess to her. It has to be special he decided, after all she was extremely special to him.

He continues to walk down the hall until he suddenly stops in his track. His emerald eyes widen at the thought that occurred to him.

"That's it! Paper flowers!" he exclaims to himself. The loud outburst had gained the attention of some fellow bystanders around him. Drew ignores the looks and sprint out of the Poke Center in search for the nearest bookstore in the city.

"Maybe I should talk to him in his sleep more," May said to herself right after she heard Drew shut the door.

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