I'll Save You

Chapter 3

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Third POV

Stefan cradled Bella's body even as it got cold. He took a cloth and cleaned the blood off her body. As he cleaned her face off he could hear the others in the house talking about taking her body from him. He looked down at her body realizing that he needed to bury her so that she could be at peace.

He jumped through his window and carried her body to the Salvatore graveyard. He silently dug a grave for her next to his mothers. He took her into his arms one last time before placing her inside.

"I should have told you how I felt years ago. I wasted so much time, thinking

I would have all the time in the world. I'm sorry that I even asked you to come here. Rest in peace Bella". He started filling her grave back up and sat down beside her grave.

After a few hours Damon found Stefan crying next to what looked like a freshly dug grave. He kneeled beside him taking Stefan into his arms. "I'm sorry Stefan. I know that, that doesn't mean very much right now. But know that I'm here for you okay".

Stefan pulled him in as close as he could shaking in sorrow. They soon walked back to the house in silence, instead of letting Stefan jump in from his window Damon made him go through the front door. Everyone had appeared to have already left. Stefan looked around seeing Bella's blood soaking through the couch. Damon pulled him into the kitchen and sat him down so that he could make him something.

They both ate without saying a word. Stefan looked up from his food to see Damon looking at him worried. "I think that I should leave town for awhile Damon. I can't stay here; I also need to notify Bella's family about what happened. Its something I need to do in person not over the phone".

Damon put down his fork; taking a deep breathe. "Stefan the girl you waited your whole life for just died. Let me notify her family, you need to grieve. I don't think it would be smart of me to let you off into the world by yourself. And with Klaus around I don't want to lead him to any of Bella's family". Stefan nodded his head realizing he was right.

"Okay Damon". He walked upstairs into his bedroom; he could still smell her all over his room. He crawled into his bed clutching the last thing he had of her… her daylight ring and slept.