Summary: In the future Harry was given the choice to back and do his life over. Speaking to snakes, jumping across rooftops, socializing with half-demons and purebloods, and having a best friend who lives in a magical diary wasn't the most normal of childhoods. Now eleven and entering his first year of Hogwarts, Hadrian must live each day as two people. A Griffindor, 'Potter' and a Slytherin, 'Prince'. He...might not have thought this through.

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Warnings: Violence. Mental and Emotional Abuse. Emotional Manipulation. Characters with flexible morals. A Harry encourage from a young age to think independently and form his own opinions. Other magical schools. Demon and Magical Creature culture. Pureblood politics. Verbal Sparing. Possessed Diaries. Cunning criminals. Time Travel. OCs.

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This is part one of three of a chapter I call "Painting the Roses Red."

This chapter ended up being insanely long (more so than normal) so I split it up as evenly as I could to keep it making sense while not being much too long to get through.

I apologize for the long wait. But I've had big plans for the Holiday sequence so I hope this three part chap helps to make up for it. Remember, not all is as it seems.

Warning! Serious nonsense ahead. Some more serious than others...


You can't face your broken promise

Our ties have come undone

It's the reason I choose, to cut my losses

Your lies fool no one

Magic! White Rabbit!



A dark haired boy with violet eyes, a bit small for his age, wandered through the camp. Confused. Finally he stopped and looked around.

He was dreaming about Lady's memories again. The ones he'd seen without permission during the Summer. Something was off about it this time. Prince blinked.


He was seeing it through her eyes. That was different. He'd had many dreams about her memories, as he'd never had the guts to ask about them and his thoughts...lingered on them. It might be because it was so mysterious or a part of the past she hadn't revealed to him...or it might be a longing to get closer to the one person with nightmares equal to his own.

Worse, sometimes.

Prince could see they were in the camp of the second to last memory. But everything was different not just the perspective. He could feel her emotions...the thoughts running through her mind. What a brilliant mind it was too. He almost couldn't tell when she ended and he began.

He let the dream play out. Speaking to children, Lady's voice softly fluttering around him, so much like his own. A particular girl, eight years old maybe, seemed to be a favorite. Prince hadn't known Lady ever allowed herself to be this...informal with people. Laughing freely, smiling. Reaching up he confirmed there were no sunglasses on. He wondered if she had eyes like the human like creatures around him.

That's what they were, obviously. Some of them had pointed teeth or golden hair and skin. One had long fangs and wide eyes with no white in them. There were a lot of those ones. The little girl seemed to be one of the few actual humans among the lot.

He wasn't counting Lady among them...he still thought she might be a vampire or something.

The ground shook slightly and he heard the shriek of someone off in the distance. Lady, for he had no control over anything in the dream, looked over her shoulder. Prince could see the far end of the camp now, a few teens came running from around the gate but that wasn't unusual, according to Lady's thoughts.

A loud pop, a boom and another shriek, however, were enough to put Lady on edge.

He watched through Lady's eyes as she ran toward the entrance to see what was the matter, telling people she passed that something didn't feel right. He didn't know anyone who would take something like that seriously but when Lady said it to these magical creatures, they listened.

How had she gained such respect from them? To be so welcome among them and easily allowed a leadership role?

Men in red and gray uniforms rounded the corner. Lady stuttered to a halt and stared in disbelief. Some of them hand guns, that was the booms and some had wands. Muggles and Magicals working together to attack! And then everyone was running and screaming and she was trying to protect them. Shield after shield she raised, straining underneath the magical pressure it exerted from her. Pushing people out of the way, telling them where to go, blocking curses, shoving them out of the line of fire. A one woman army.

The other adults had gathered their own families together and were making to flee the other end of the encampment, hoping to have as few casualties as possible and gain enough distance to regroup and figure out what was going on. Maybe get an account of who was missing.

But it was not to be.

For a frightening amount of men waited for them at the other end. ran right into their grasp.

He watched, through Lady's eyes, teen trying to defend the littler ones, and get shot down for their efforts. Or cursed and brought to their knees, then shot. Most of the little ones that were caught were tied up and quickly taken to a strange blue box. They were lead through...and didn't come back out.

Prince jumped when Lady was spun around by an older boy, with auburn hair and shining blue eyes, that wore a red and gray uniform.

"What have you done?" He felt his mouth move and Lady's voice ask.

Blue eyes hardened. "I told you to leave. What would you have done if I wasn't with them? Leave."

"I won't! They-"

A mocking laugh.

"They what? Need you? Look around sweetheart, they're about to wish they'd never met you."

Lady sunk to her knees, head bowed.

"Wulfric...How could you do this?"

"Abominations should be destroyed. They shouldn't exist."

A young child screamed. Lady's head snapped up. It was the little girl from before, with the red hair. One of the uninformed men dragged her over to Wulfric.

"A human. Found her hiding with them." He pointed a thumb over his shoulder at the collection of terrified magical-creature children behind him that were being tied up. "They tried to keep her behind them but I saw the hair."

Prince didn't know what was going on, but he knew enough to be outraged at the rough grip he had on the child. She was human! Didn't he have any respect for his own kind, if not the others?

He tried to say something, but Lady's voice came out again instead.

"Leave her. Leaver her Wulfric please. Don't harm her, she's human. She's human."

Wulfric raised a brow, grabbed the girl by the hair and forced her in front of Lady.

"You favor her?" A strange gleam came to his eyes.

"That's not what I meant! Please just let her go. She's done no harm."

The look in his eyes cleared but it didn't make them any more pleasant. His face might have been quite handsome, if it wasn't so hard and cruel.

"No. She's done more than enough. She is the reason you stayed. Isn't she?"

Lady looked away.

"Isn't she?"

She nodded. "Yes."

Wulfric pushed the girl back at the guard. "I think I need to remind our friend here what happens when you break the rules."

Lady's breath caught jaggedly in her throat.

And she, and Prince through her, could only watch in horror when the man erected a wooden pole in the center of the courtyard, tied the little girl to it, tears streaming down her face but long since past crying, and piled sticks and longs and branches around her.

They wouldn't. Prince tried to look away but Lady's gaze was fixed.

He didn't want to see this!

Lady screamed for them to stop, her voice cracking, hot tears slicking her cheeks. She tore at the grasp around her arms but the man refused to ler her go. Eventually fell silent, leaning on him for support, knees almost buckling beneath her.

Every yelp and cry from that little made her wince.

"You're not going to look away?"

The embers were strong now but the girl's howls had faded. It was far too quiet now.

"I want to remember every moment of this." She said, softly. Voice eerily firm. "I don't ever want to forget what you've done today. I'll sometimes wish I didn't remember, I know, but I need to keep this inside of me Wulfric. Someone has to know what happened today."

Wulfric turned her to him, eyes flickering over her face. "Yield to me and I will save you." He pleaded, voice filling with a warmth that was missing before. "Let me save you, please. You don't have to make me do this. Give me what I want."

She shook her head, more tears, though it seemed impossible, pressing against the backs of her eyes. These one wouldn't fall though. They'd never fall.

"I can not."

Wulfric growled and pulled her closer. "You would still deny me?"

"I told you, Wulfric, it doesn't work that way. I can give you many things...but I can not give you that. You should not have come here."

Misery permeated Prince's chest. Lady's misery. She cared for the man in front of her, maybe even loved him. So why would she not give in to his demands, if she truly loved him?

Wulfric, apparently, had the same thoughts.

"I don't understand you! I'm wish to protect you. I wish to have you with me and Gell and I create a new world. You were so fond of us once...of me."

Lady said nothing. It wasn't until men in long white coats, muggles, were brought forth to take her away that she would speak again. Fear pounding in her veins, oily and cool and sharp, sinking into her very bones. Prince tried to figure out why but her gaze turned away and his along with it.

"This isn't fair. Please don't do this."

Wulfric smiled though, caressing her cheeks while the strange men put a weird jacket on her and then tied her hands together, muttering to each other about the 'poor thing'.

"Life is neither chivalrous nor sporting."

They started leading her away. "Wulfric! Wulfric!"

She reached out a hand to him desperately. He turned away. "Don't be afraid darling. These men are going to fix you. I'll come visit soon."

"No! No. No. No. You can't do this. Don't do this to me! Wulfric!"

Prince shot up out of bed, scream dying in his throat, beads of sweat glistening on hot skin. He gasped for breath, rubbing his arms and rocking a bit. Tears sticky against his lashes. He moaned when his hand rubbed over a sore bit on his arm. He look down and his violet eyes widened. Bruises where Wulfric was holding Lady's arms.

He took in a couple deep breaths, forcing himself to calm down. It wasn't real. He was Prince, not Lady. He'd never been in a magical creature camp. That wasn't him. He was safe, at Malfoy manner. He was safe. Dreams couldn't hurt you... But dreams didn't leave bruises.

"What the Hell was that?"

Eridanous, curled up in a fluffy ball, didn't stir. The other wise empty room held no answers.