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Once upon a time there was a beautiful Shinigami called Ryuk. Now, despite being such a fabulously, swagarific guy, Ryuk was single. The only female Shinigami in MU was not interested because of his "hygiene issues"

So poor ol' Ryuk was always alone.

Then one day, Ryuk had a idea! What if he "accidentally" dropped his Death Note in the human world and a human girl picked it up? Then, she would fall in love with Ryuk and they would be together forever!

So, Ryuk dropped his Death Note outside a highschool in Japan because he'd had his eyes on some of the girls there for , he skipped back to the Shinigami realm to await his one true love.

Light Yagami wasn't the brightest crayon in the box. In fact, a dead fish had more intellect than him. But, despite these flaws, Light Yagami was in love with himself. One day, he was admiring his lovely, silky hair in the window during class when suddenly a book fell out of the sky.

"I'm so taking that." Light thought as it fell to the ground.

"Mr Yagami!" The teacher called."What is one add six?"

Light looked at the teacher and sighed. Why must they bother him with such infernal chatter?

"Four" He said. Then walked out the classroom feeling like a boss.

The teacher just sighed.

"There goes Japan's smartest student." The teacher muttered.

Light Yagami looked at the book on the ground.

"D...E...De...Dea...Th...Death.." He spelled."N...N...No...T..Not...Note! Death Note!"

He picked it up and flipped too the first page.

"THERE'S NO PICTURES!" He cried."What sort of book is this!"

He took out his phone and tweeted.

Omg! Fond a buok ad its jst gut wurds! Ah! #firstworldproblems#fml#whoreadsbooks#justinbeiber#YOLO#myhairsfabulous#mileycyrus

Light picked up the book anyway because he wanted to look smart. Then he went home feeling like a boss.

Once he got home, Light looked at the book again. Everything was in English!

Light whipped out his phone to complain about how hard life was.

OMFG! I cnt evn spake english! Fml! :(


Light's phone buzzed. He got a reply!


U cld jst Google it? Btw, yr kinda hot!

Light flicked his hair.

"Kinda!? I'm totally gorge!" He cried.

He went to Google translate and typed in the first sentance that was in the book.

Note the name written in this die shall human.

Light was confused. That didn't make any sense. He tried again.

Cause of death if within 4 seconds piano in name person, it happen will.

Light was still confused. Was this a piano book? He flicked through the pages but he were all empty. He decided to use it as a diary.

Dear Diary

I fond thiss buk on teh grond tday. Its al in engilesh so I cant red it. Stepid buk.

I also am in luve wuth Justin Beiber. Omfg hes hawt!

Light went back to browsing Twitter. After awhile, lots of tweets started appearing saying Justin Beiber had died during a concert.

"NOOOO! OMFG!" Light screamed."HE WAS MY WAIFU!"

Light then spent 5 days locked in his room crying like a little girl.

Ryuk was so excited. He was finally going to get a girlfriend! Ryuk had finally located his Death Note and was waiting inside the room of his soon to be sweetheart. He sat on the pink fluffy armchair and looked around him. He walls were plastered with posters of what seemed to be a girl called Justin Beiber. Scrawled around the walls were the words.

Mrs Yagami Beiber. Beiber 4 evr! I am a Beliber.

For awhile, Ryuk had been worried that the owner of this room was a boy but after seeing the amount of facecreams and hair products lying around the room he felt sure the occupant was female.

Ryuk heard the front door slam open and feet come running up the stairs. His heart began to beat with anticipation as the door to the room turned.

Light swung the door open and flung myself down on his bed.

He was still upset about the love of his lifes untimely demise. He mournfully wailed into his pillow, wallowing in his teenage angst.

"Erm...Excuse me?" A voice behind him said politely.

Light whirled around. There stood a massive figure loaming over his bed. It's bulging yellow eyes shone in the semi darkness of the room. Its teeth were sharp and it was drooling ever so slightly.

The creature awkwardly raised its hand.

"Sup?" It greeted.

Light backed away, eyes wide with fear.

"Your the one who found my Death Note. I thought you'd be a little more feminine!" Ryuk said, eyes bright with excitement."Nevermind, I can make this work!"

Light whimpered.

"Hey, don't cry! I hate it when girls get all over emotional!" It said.

The thing stepped closer to Light.

"STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!" Light screamed, running around the room before colliding into the wall and knocking himself out.

Ryuk sighed. His suspicions had been right. Light Yagami was in fact a dude. He had checked. He did indeed had a meat and two veg. It seemed like Ryuk was destined to be alone...

Light's mother was used to Light making noise. She lost count of the number of times she had walked in to find him dancing to K-Pop naked. It was unusually quiet for a few minutes.

"Light?" She called.

No answer.

She climbed the stairs and opened the door to her son's room expecting the worst.

Light was passed out on the floor, wearing no pants with a look of terror on his face.

"...Nevermind." She said, slowly closing the door.

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