Hello, my little gibblies~ So, a lovely Renae reviewed about being confused about the Hanky Panky chapter, so I want to answer your question, Renae. So I'm sorry that it was confusing for you but no, hahaha, he did not drug 'her'. I'm just really bad at writing sex scenes so I apologize again for your confusion, my dear. Now, onto the story!~

He just doesn't know when to stop, huh?

"Hey, Picky. Wake up" that was his nickname for now until he has a real title, it suited his persona. You patted the side of the Hunter's face tiredly, you needed to go. Now. Last night was a blur though it was certainly clear that 'things' did happen. Judging from the clothes strewn around the floor and the sheets an utter mess and the fact that you both were naked again. Though you do remember that at one point, it got a little loud to attract some attention... Infected attention hence why that was memorable, in a way. Quickly gathering up the tossed clothes and slapping some new bandages onto the heavy hearted wounds. You pushed the Special Infected onto the cold wooden floor from the bed, making him screech in raw surprise and anger. He quickly growled to your direction, sending you into a fit of laughter. "Hey, calm down. Really? It was just a joke and besides, we have to get moving. Asap" peeking through the peephole of the apartment, you found one tiny problem. A lone infected leaning against the wall, his brethren should be very close by in the unseen corners. Taking a deep breath you clutched the knob and twisted it. The Common jolted into action and threw itself at its target, getting ripped apart by the higher ranked brethren. "Jeez...thanks. I'll get you a candy bar if you keep it up" he seemed quite pleased with that proposition and began his massacre through the halls, in other rooms, corners. Anywhere basically. You followed after him, getting a weapon ready just for reassurance. Soon catching up to him, you began what you started the night before. "Okay, Picky. How about Brian? That's nice" Growl "Eddy?" His reaction wasn't really harsh at this point, he must be really fed up with this. You crouched beside him and latched an arm around him, "Come on, at least give it a try. Ed?" The infected let out an exhausted sigh and nuzzled his cheek with yours. At least he'll get a candy bar in the end.

Five Minutes Later...

Ed seemed on high alert when both of you made it out of the abandoned apartment, was that thing still around.? You listened for any sort of noise. Infected or natural. No growls, screeches, squeals, coughs, cackle or groans of any sort. With that, you peeked around the building and spotted a couple stragglers loitering around. "Don't worry, Ed...I got this" you pulled out a knife and ran into the group, not missing a single mark with your targets. One tried to bite you but Ed interfered and attacked the poor thing till it was all guts and bones. When he finished, he gave you a very bloody grin. Returning a smile, raspy coughing and hacking rung through all ears. In an instant, Ed threw you over his shoulder and sprinted up and around the corner. "Smokers.." letting out a scoff and a taking a jab to the head by a stop sign, Ed threw you onto the pavement. He needed to do something to get that pesky brethren of his to leave. Can't say he didn't try. Smokers were the reason he mostly got prey, though that isn't that case. You rolled your eyes and grabbed a glass bottle, throwing it across the road to at least distract the long tongued zombie. "There...you see? Easy as that...Lets get moving"

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