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1. The Proposal

POV: Bella

I'm sitting in a fancy restaurant with my love, listening to violin and enjoying a private dinner. So far this has been the most romantic dinner I have had. I somehow know why he brought me here, why he is trying his hardest to be so romantic. This is the day. And a slow smile creeps up on my lips when he looks at me and then smiles too.

"Bella. We have been friends forever and then we became each other's other half. But now, I want us to become whole." He puffs out a breath. "Wow! That was corny. Ignore that. What I mean is that—" He gets up and then gets on his one knee looking at me with those tender eyes. And then, his smile drops. His eyebrows furrow and he frowns in worry. He starts searching his pockets frantically, unsuccessfully attempting to find a ring that he doesn't have.

I finally can't control myself and letting out a huge laugh stoop down to him. I take his face in my hands and then give him a big smooch on his mouth, his frown instantly disappearing.

"Searching for something?" I ask. Lifting my eyebrow smugly I open my purse, pull out the box containing the ring and hold it out to him.

His mouth drops open. "How—"

"You left it on my table, when you came today to take me out on this date."

He puffs out another breath and then smiles at me sheepishly.

Honestly, I already know his heart isn't in this. If you didn't notice, he didn't say I love you when he was proposing to me. I'm not foolish. I know he loves me. But more than that I know he isn't in love with me. But I am. I am madly and foolishly in love with him. I know he feels guilty for me. That he blames himself, which is why he has been trying to compensate for it all this time. But I don't feel that way. I never blamed him.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I wanted this to be special and now I ruined it." He says, and then drops his head staring at the floor.

"Hey. Hey. None of that. I know that you wanted this to be special and it is. It is so romantic and special. But do you really want his? I don't want you to compromise. I want you to live. Stop blaming yourself."

He stubbornly looks away, anger in his eyes. I sigh. "I love you. I love you so much. But I want you to know that you don't have to feel responsible about that night. I can take care of myself and I don't want you to feel trapped, just because you have this crazy notion that it was your fault" I say, staring at him.

"Bella—" He starts to say.

"No, it wasn't your fault. You don't have to do this. You can find a sweet girl to fall in love with and marry her. But damnit, don't offer me a pity proposal. Please."

"Are you done? Pity proposal? Is that what you think this is? Do you think so low of me, Bella?"

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I'm really sorry. I….. I love you. It's just..." I trail off, my voice barely audible.

His face softens and then he kisses me. His kisses always leave me intoxicated and I start to get dizzy. When we finally break the kiss for air, I see it. Love. I just hope that this is the love that I had been waiting for and not just a best-friend kind of love.

"Now wasn't there something you meant to ask me?" I ask at him smiling.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I promise to always be there for you always. To fulfil your every need, to give you your heart's best, to cry with you every time you watch The Notebook and to stay with you till you order me to get lost. So, will you do me the honour of marrying me?"

By the time I'm about to say yes, I'm trying to desperately to not cry. So I just nod. "Yes?" He asks, grinning.

"Yes." I whisper, reigning in my tears. He crushes me to him and then swings me in circles. When he finally sets me down he kisses me like there is no tomorrow. And I melt into him.

As we break our kiss he pulls the ring out of the box and then places it on my finger. He lifts my hand to his lips and then places a light sweet kiss to my knuckles. I just stare at him, blushing like a rose.

All that time, only one thought going in my head.

I'm marrying the love of my life.

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