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Previously on LIF:

I am brought out of my musings by Mama Whitlock. "Sweetie. Do you have plans for tonight?"

I shake my head. "Well then, you and I have some place to be. I have something very special to give you." She says, excitedly. I just shake my head at her excitement, smiling.

Jasper took me to my favourite place after that. The art club. Every week, he would insist me to sketch and would become 'the model' for me.

Today he wore a military uniform, which looked really old and was sitting staring at me, well my drawing board intensely. In all this time I have been sketching him, I have never managed to do justice to his beauty. But he would look at my sketch, give me a passionate kiss and say, "This is so beautiful, Bella, and real. It feels so real."

When after around one hour, my sketch is done, he gets up excitedly towards me and then looks at my sketch. I nibble on my lip, nervously. "Well, what do you think?"

"Bella, it's….. Wow. I…It looks…. Is that how you see me? Do you really think I'm that beautiful?" I nod. "Oh, Bella." He chokes up, and then crushes his lips to me. When we finally break the kiss, I see that there are tears in his eyes. "I'm so sorry, Bella. I'm…." He takes a deep breath. "I don't deserve you. I…. I….."

"Shhhh….. Jasper. Don't fret your pretty little head. Because I love you. I love you and I'm not going anywhere. Okay?"

He nods and then drops a light kiss on my head, embracing me.

3. The Heirlooms

I am super excited right now. When Mama Whitlock told me that we would go somewhere special I was very curious. But now that we are on our way to the place, I'm extremely excited to see where Mama Whitlock is taking us.

We have been on road for over half an hour, but all I see when I look out the windows is woods.

"How close are we?"

"We are just 8-10 minutes away sweetie. We'll be there soon."

When Mama Whitlock finally stops the car, I get out quickly only to freeze on my tracks. Before me was a huge mansion that looked like an ancient monument.

"This is our family's heirloom." Family's heirloom? I have seen people have expensive and priceless diamonds and jewellery as their heirloom. But you can't have a vast monument as your heirloom?

She grabs my hand. "Come on, I'll show you."

When we enter the mansion, I gasp. It's so big and beautiful. There are chandeliers hanging all over the roof. And these beautiful paintings that seem of their ancestors. She guides me towards a room that seems like someone's bedroom and then walks towards the closet.

It's really surprising how, as old as this mansion is, it is so clean. No dust, no rusted metal, no broken furniture, not even cobwebs.

Mama Whitlock pulls out a huge case that looks a little too heavy and then with a little difficult manages to put it on the bed.

She looks at me grinning excitedly. "Ready?" I nod my head eagerly. And then she opens the case.

OH! I gasp. It contains a wedding dress. I have never seen something so beautiful though. It is so unique and different, but so beautiful and I love it.

"It's so beautiful." I whisper, awed.

"I know. It was my mother-in-law's. She made me promise to give this to the bride of her grand-son."

"But wouldn't it be right to save this for your daughter, Rosalie?"

"Sweetie, you and I both know that Rosalie is a spoiled brat and that she won't appreciate its beauty appropriately. In fact, I can already see her tearing this dress to pieces to design a dress fashionably acceptable." She says, shaking her head.

"Thank you so much, Mama. It's….. I… just... Thank you." I say, then hug her tightly, a few tears streaming down my face.

"You are my daughter, Isabella. Never forget that. Okay? Your mom and dad both would be so proud seeing you today. I wish they could see you in this dress walking down the aisle towards Jasper. Though, it would probably freak Jasper out."

I let out a small laugh. "You are right. I remember Jasper always being afraid of my dad. But that was probably due to the fact that when Jasper was 15, my dad had threatened him with his collection of guns."

Mama Whitlock let out a huge laugh. "That is certainly something Charlie would do."

Charlie was the owner of the companies Swan Advertising agency and Swan Press. Needless to say, after he died, I inherited the ownership of both the companies. But thanks to my uncle William Black, I have help and support to run both companies and not crumble under the pressure.

Mama Whitlock then hands me another box and when I open it my eyes widen. It is a set of sapphire earrings. When I'm about to protest, she shakes her head.

"This is something old and something blue, Bella. For your wedding." I hug her again thanking, completely speechless and emotional.

"Beautiful," I whisper running a finger lightly over the drops.

"They are," she agreed. "You know there is a story behind these earrings. These earrings were a gift from my father-in-law to my mother-in-law. She told me this story when she was handing them to me and I couldn't talk for solid five minutes when I heard it all.

"She had said that it was an arranged marriage and they both hated each other since they first saw each other. You see, Mr. Whitlock's father was stinky rich and Mr. Whitlock was his only son. So, it was clear that he was spoiled and ungrateful. But Mrs. Whitlock was from a middle class family. They weren't poor at all but they weren't rich either. So, although she could afford a lot of luxuries, she preferred simple. She knew the value of money, unlike Mr. Whitlock.

"So, when they got married, there were constant fights over the issue of money. She thought Mr. Whitlock was wasting money and Mr. Whitlock thought that she was ungrateful for what she was given. Things got worse when they built their relationship based on mere compromise, instead of love.

"Now, if a rich man's wife refuses to have sex with him, even for a valid reason, there is a possibility that he will divert to others. That is exactly what happened. Mr. Whitlock had an affair. Actually, a lot of them. When his father found out about it, he was furious. He immediately disowned him and threw him out of the house. Mrs. Whitlock couldn't let her husband live on streets alone, while she would be living in luxury. So, she left with him too.

"See, now this was the turning point of their relationship and this was when Mr. Whitlock truly started to understand how wonderful his wife was. I remember he said to me once that he could remember the exact moment he fell in love with her. When she went to her parents and straight out told them that she won't stay a second in the house where her husband was thrown out, he saw the fire and the love in her eyes. He was a goner that very moment.

"Mr. Whitlock with his wife's support opened his own small company which was running average in the beginning but then in a year, his luck took a turn and he had been able to open two more companies. That was the day he gifted his wife these earrings.

"It took him more than 10 years but he succeeded enough to meet his father's eyes with pride with his wife on his side. When he had a son, he knew that he wouldn't make the same mistakes his parents did. He would make sure that his son values money just like his wife did. Then, they kind of had a happily ever after.

"You see, marriage is not just about love. It's about faith. Mrs. Whitlock had faith in her husband which is why she left the house with him.

"Mr. and Mrs. Whitlock refused to come and live in this mansion again. So, it has been empty for a long time. But, I like to come here and think about how a normal girl came into this rich family and how she tried so hard to settle with them," she finishes.

I stand there gaping at her for a long time and then finally find my voice.


She laughs at my speechlessness. "Come on, I'll give you a quick tour and then we will leave. It's starting to get dark." I nod eagerly.

She guides me around the house, first towards the kitchen which again is huge, then towards 8 more bedrooms, a large dining room, a studio, and a vast kitchen.

When the tour is complete, I am beyond awed at this place. It doesn't look like a place to live, but looks like place from a completely different era.

Mama Whitlock grabs the case and the jewellery box loads it into the back of the car. And soon we are heading towards home.

I had stopped calling the Swan residence home as soon as I got the news of my parents' death. Mama Whitlock practically adopted me, and I had been living with them since.

I stare out the window deep in thoughts, and soon succumb to sleep, dreaming about the wedding and the mansion.

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