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CH 1- The Fourth Blessing


She watched her mother's every move with cautious little eyes as she sat on her hip. When she was with her mother, her feet never touched the ground. Her tiny hands clutched on to her dress, smelling in the scent of cigarettes and expensive perfume.

"Mama's precious angel." Constance cooed with a brilliant smile. "My littlest blessing." She kissed the toddler's plump rosy cheek. "You will always make me proud. You are the one God made specially just for me."

Nirvana blazed through the bedroom, shaking the walls of the house. It was past seven and night had draped over the quaint two story home in Los Angeles, California.

Tate sat at his open window; his back resting against the sill, his brown-eyed gaze steady in to the night. A forbidden cigarette lay between his fingers. He had traded a nude magazine for a box of cigarettes at school earlier that day. His classmate said they were the best kind.

"Tate!" Her loud, domineering voice shouted from upstairs, shaking the walls harder then the music.

Tate closed his eyes. He groaned and laid his head back trying to block out the sound of her voice.


"Fucking bitch." He said and extinguished his cigarette. Frustrated that he couldn't get a moment of peace to himself. He wafted the air around him. The smoke disintegrated in to nothing.

Tate made his way down the stairs. The smell of pot roast filled his nostrils and his stomach whirled. He turned in to the hall and made his way in to the kitchen.

"That brother of yours lives on a different planet." Constance said as she stood in front of the stove. Addie sat on the breakfast table, watching her mother closely.

Tate glared at his mother. He hated it when she spoke about him behind his back, especially to his sisters. Constance stopped when she felt his presence and turned to look at him. "Ah, there you are."

She dressed so elegantly as if she were going out somewhere. Her hair was pinned up like always in that dreadful hairdo only she liked. She wore diamond earrings and a pearl necklace. In her arms, resting on her hip was a two-year-old little girl with golden brown hair and shinning hazel eyes. She looked at Tate and smiled.

"Sit down." Constance ordered as she walked to the table and sat the toddler down on her high chair.

Tate walked to the table and kissed the top of his baby sister's head. "Hey Jamesy."

James giggled.

"Hi, Tate." Addie said with a brilliant smile.

Tate returned it, "Hi, Addie."

Addie beamed and turned to her little sister, playing with the toys on her high chair. Tate watched his two sisters for a moment and smiled.

"Shall we say grace?" Constance said and took a seat.

Tate ignored her and commenced to eat.

Tate sat on the floor of the living room in front of the television screen. His eyes were glued to a violent movie. His eyes lit up with amazement at the gore before him. Addie sat on the couch; in her hands she hid a chocolate bar. She clutched it tightly and her eyes wandered to her mother who sat on the far end of the room on a small recliner with James on her lap.

Constance faced the child towards her as she fixed her hair. She spent day and night marveling over that child. James was her pride and joy along with Tate. Constance knew that out of the brood they were the most special. Constance's children had been a hit and a miss. Beauregard she didn't even want to think about. As for Addie, well, Constance loved her first born daughter but having the girl had filled her with a great shame non the less she walked with her head held high as people called her a saint for having the courage to raise such a child. Not even her husband had wanted Addie. But Tate and James, they made Constance's struggles worth while.

"Look at you, Mommy's beautiful girl." Constance said as she brushed a strand of golden hair behind James' ear. "Such a precious angel."

Constance was oblivious to the violence on the TV screen. When she had James in front of her, the rest of the world did not matter. She fussed over the girl for hours on end, always dotting over her.

James held a pacifier in her mouth. Constance had been spoiling her rotten and was nowhere near ripping her from the habit. James placed her tiny cherubic fingers on her mother's necklace feeling the small pearls along her neck.

Constance studied every lovely feature her youngest child had to offer. She swooned over her long dark lashes that brushed her soft, porcelain skin. She had a cute button nose that even cupid must had envied (so Constance thought). She had these brilliant hazel eyes that followed her mother's with so much trust and love. Her pink plump lips produced the most beautiful smile. She had Tate's smile. Not even Constance could have denied that.

Constance had to admit, she was glad that son of a bitch had managed to impregnate her one last time before she shot him dead along with that whore of his. Because Constance didn't know where she would be without the child. She was overbearing and controlling of the toddler but the little girl didn't know any better. Her world only consisted of the people sitting in that living room.

Tate looked over at his mother, disgusted at how she cooed at his younger sister. Tate loved James and he loved Addie too. He knew they were all they had and had to stick together. Tate knew he had to save James of his mother. Addie watched them too but for other reasons. She too wanted Constance's attention.

"How old are you?" Constance asked James.

"Doo." She said behind her pacifier as she kept her eyes on Constance's pearl necklace.

"How old?" Constance cooed. She grabbed the pacifier from James' mouth.

"Two." She said in her toddler voice.

Constance swooned at the sound of her child's angelic voice.

"Mom." Addie called out. "Mom."

Constance ignored Addie. Tate kept his eyes on the movie.

"Can you show me?" Constance asked James.

James brought out three little fingers. Constance put one away. "There you go, precious."


"What, Adelaide?" Constance snapped.

James didn't flinch at her mother's loud voice. She had grown quite used to her yells. Addie shrunk back against the couch.

"What is it?" Constance urged.

James turned around and spotted her brother on the floor. She squirmed out of Constance's lap and hurried to Tate.

"Hey, Jamesy." He said as he collected her and brought her on to his lap. "You wanna watch the movie with me?" He asked over their mother's shouting.

"What is that in your hands?" Constance demanded as she saw the candy bar in Addie's hands and began to yell at her for eating sweets so late at night. She demanded that she hand it over. Addie became upset and ran off with the candy bar.

Tate saddened at this. He stood James to her feet and ran after Addie. Constance sighed as she plunked back down on the recliner claiming that she needed a cigarette. She then asked God to give her the strength to deal with the first daughter he had sent her. She then called James to her. James stood in the middle of the living room, her eyes in the direction her older siblings went to. She then listened to her mother's calls and obeyed her. She hurried back to Constance's side where she was seated back on her lap.

"My beautiful little girl." Constance brushed her cheek lovingly, "My gift from heaven." She rested James' head against her chest and cradled her, smothering her with her sickening love.

Later that night, James escaped her mother's arms and made her way in to Tate's room. Tate sat in his bed, listening to his records. He smiled when he saw James and helped her on to the bed. James cuddled herself against Tate, her cheek to his chest.

"Here," Take said and took the pacifier from her mouth, throwing it aside, "You don't need that." He wrapped his arms around and her and looked down to his comic books.

He smiled. James had a way of putting his mind at ease. But he knew that he had to save her from his mother's smoldering embrace. It would only be a matter of time before Constance tainted her too.