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Epilogue: Hasta La Vista, Elevator

Bright light blinded everyone's eyes as the doors slid open, finally freeing them from the elevator shaft in which they had been trapped for over eight hours. Mai, Tea, Joey, Yami, Kaiba, Tristan, Ryou, Yugi, and Bakura attempted to move forward at exactly the same moment, ending up all getting stuck between the elevator doors. The light having lessened, they would have been able to see Mokuba, Yugi's grandpa, and Serenity, along with the staff of KaibaCorp, the cast of "X-Men: Evolution," (why not?) a news crew, and a rescue team standing by, trying to move forward to help them out. Hippopotamus (I'm in da house!), they did not see these wonderful and helpful people, as they were still insane from certain events occurring in said elevator.

Finally pushing out first, Mai broke through and shot through the lobby. With her out, there was enough room for everyone else to lunge forward right into the arms of their loved ones, whom they immediately hugged and kissed and assured that they were fine, then went home happy and sane again. The end.

[No, wait! That's not the end! Don't go! But of course, you already knew that. That ending simply wouldn't do! And why, you ask? Isn't it obvious? Who would hug someone who had been trapped in an elevator for eight hours? I mean, gross. That's just not right. Can you say "body odor"? Jeez. Even without that smell, you never know if they have rabies or are missing teeth or have a broken nose…]

Everyone shoved through the crowd in the lobby, knocking Serenity off her feet and sending some employees flying. "OUTTA MY WAY!" screamed Tea, socking Grandpa in the stomach as she barreled past. Yugi stomped on Grandpa's face as he followed closely behind, accidentally, of course— or maybe on purpose— after all, he HAD told Yami about Yugi's nose job…

Yami was close behind, although he had just about reached the exact center of the lobby when Bakura made a flying leap at his feet, the way you see football players leap at each other in slow motion. Yami headed toward the floor, shouting also in slow motion as he bit the dust. Bakura got up, but was then tripped by Yami grabbing at his ankles. Bakura hit Yami, and they rolled over, obviously trying to kill each other.

Ryou was racing with Joey toward the exit doors. Giraffe— no wait, hippopotamus, one of the doors said "LOCKED" in large and obvious letters, so there was only one door through which they both could go through, meaning that one would have to go before the other, something simply not acceptable. Of course, the only thing registering in both of their minds was obviously simple. "MOVE OVER, @&*#$!" screamed Joey, suddenly pushing Ryou to the side just before he slammed face first into the "LOCKED" door. Using his highly…um…let's see…um…using his brain, he had determined that the "LOCKED" sign was simply a clever trap by the death spiders coming from the elevator, and that the "LOCKED" door was really the only door that could free him.

[It's the I.Q. drop, people. You have to remember that. Oh my gosh, I just thought of something…is YOUR I.Q. dropping from reading this? You think so? Then what about MINE? I'm the one writing this! Aw, well, I'm sure it's not TOO serious. I mean, that's just ridiculous…


"Big brother!" exclaimed Mokuba, running up to hug Kaiba in (fake) excitement. Kaiba didn't even look down, just casually kicked Mokuba backward into the elevator shaft.

Tristan, being the naturally slow and rather…erm…yeah…person that we know and hate (I mean, uh, love), was the last one out of the elevator. He had actually been pushed down a few rungs on the ladder during the shove to get out, so he was just now climbing out…his arms were finally grasping the sides of the now-open (gasp!) doors…

…When Mokuba flew backwards and slammed into him, knocking them both down into the elevator shaft.

[Aw, don't you just hate to see that happen to a rookie…]

Meanwhile, everyone else even of little to somewhat importance had managed to make it outside. The sky was clear and the moon full, so the street outside was bright and peaceful. The now-free captives jumped and shouted, glorying in the motion of their limbs. Music played [you know, the kind of music that is ALWAYS played at the happy ending of EVERY movie— I mean, seriously, is there like a "Happy Movie Soundtrack" that everyone is passing around? It's the same EVERY TIME. Sure, maybe a few notes' difference, but who notices those little things, anyway?], fountains shot water into the sky, the rich gave to the poor, and world peace was achieved— yayfun, if you know what I mean, but it's not like our heroes really cared, anyway. [I mean, would you? After being trapped in an elevator for that long with the likes of them? You'd be all "GET ME THE &^#$! OUT OF HERE!"]

Ruining this happy scene, a car suddenly zoomed through the road, disrupting the little block party. With a high-pitched yowl, Mai leaped onto the windshield, scaring the pants off the driver, who went in his pants— no, underwear, I guess, since his pants were scared off— and crashed into a trash can before Mai jumped off and ran off into the night, laughing wildly. And…yeah.

Well, finally, as you know, because all good things really do have to come to an end (but what about the bad things? Do they ever end? What about the semi-good or okay things? Do they end? Huh? Huh? Kinda makes you think…), the rescue team, relatives of the survivors, and Tristan and Mokuba also moved outside to join the survivors themselves. The survivors actually greeted them this time, and some pleasant conversations actually ensued.

[No, for real this time. Can you believe it?]

Kaiba and Yami were comparing their Maibites and discussing their insurance policies while Tea and Serenity teased Tristan (not about the fungus, in case you were wondering) and Yugi, Ryou, and Joey talked to Grandpa and some of the employees and the news crew. Bakura stood off to the side, not really saying anything, just watching. Watching. Staring at someone in particular…

Finally, as everyone was exhausted from their long, painful experience, it was time to say goodbye. Kaiba and Mokuba bid farewell to all.

"Hey, you guys want to take my limo back home?" offered Kaiba generously.

"Naw, we'll take the subway. It'll drop us off right at the game shop," replied Yami.

Having thus decided on their route home, Yami, Yugi, Grandpa, Tea, Tristan, Joey, Serenity, Ryou, and Bakura trudged off in the direction of the subway station.

Ryou was kind of leading Bakura, who continued to stare back in the direction of KaibaCorp. Finally, Bakura sighed and faced forward.

Suddenly, back in the entrance of KaibaCorp, Seto Kaiba's hair burst into flames. Kaiba jumped around screaming before running inside and dousing his burning head in the fountain.

Bakura smiled (evilly, of course) and actually let Ryou hug him for about half a second. I guess some things never change.

The whole crew wearily trudged down the subway steps and boarded the subway car. They all quickly plopped down in chairs, groaning and stretching.

"Man, am I ever glad that's over," sighed Joey. Everyone nodded and moaned in agreement, rubbing their aching muscles.

"Hey, what're you guys complaining about?" demanded a relatively familiar voice from across the car. Looking up, Yugi spied Rex Raptor and his comrade Weevil staring at them arrogantly. "You guys look like crap."

"So would you, if you spent all day stuck in some stupid box," retorted Tea, gingerly touching her now-bandaged broken nose.

"We were trapped in the elevator at KaibaCorp all day," explained Yami, leaning his head on Yugi's shoulder.

"Yeah right," spat Weevil, glaring at him. "That's ridiculous. Stuff like that doesn't really happen!"

Just as all the survivors were about to reply, Yugi felt the subway car stop. Jumping to his feet, he ran to the door with everyone else on his heels. Unf— hippopotamus, as he looked through the window in the car's door, he didn't see the familiar inside of the subway station right next to his Grandpa's game shop.

Instead, he saw cement wall. But the car wasn't moving.

Turning around very, very slowly, Yugi met the eyes of Yami, then each of his fellow survivors.

"What's happening?" questioned Rex loudly. "Why aren't the doors opening?" He got up and rattled one to no avail.

Suddenly, a loud, computerized voice came on over the car's intercom. "Attention all passengers. Domino Subway is experiencing a temporary malfunction. Please remain calm. Do not panic. Remain in your seats. You should be moving again in……forty-eight hours."

Yami, Yugi, Joey, everyone, all together now!


…And the subway didn't move!

Author's Final Note: Like it? I don't know…it sounded better before in my head. Anyway, a few people have mentioned something about a sequel. I don't know…it'll be nice to not have to write anything on Saturday. What would I write about, anyway? Something besides what happens when they're in the subway. My other comedy kinda fell through, since I can't use keyboard dialogue, which is the only way it would work. If I get some good random ideas, I might just do one…

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