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Ah, Japan.

He honestly loved the east Asian country, though sadly, he had only been to Japan mostly for business. He could only remember one time he had went for pure pleasure quite a few years back.

'And what a night that was,' Tony smirked, recalling vague memories of that woman he had met. He couldn't remember her name and he doubted he even ever got her number, 'Such a shame.' He sighed

He wasn't in Japan for pleasure this time around either.

He had been called out to Japan for 'urgent' business by the head of the Japanese branch of Stark Industries.

"So," Tony stuck his hands in his pockets as the woman he was expecting finally turned the corner, "What's this 'urgent' business, Tanaka?"

Dr. Chika Tanaka stared at him through her glasses and ignored his charming smile he threw at her, "I'm sorry Yamamoto-san couldn't meet with you," She said, bowing her head lightly, "But as you know, he is quite busy."

"And so am I," Tony shrugged, "So, I doubt you called me all the way to Japan for a booty call." He wiggled his brows suggestively and Tanaka let out a noise of indignation.

"No, certainly not," Tanaka said dryly, "I have very important information for you, Stark-san," She said, arranging her face into something more impassive and that was when Tony stood up a little straighter, "This is quite possibly life-altering news."

"Riiiight," Tony said in slight disbelief, not too sure what could be so life-altering, "Lay it on me, Tanaka."

"You have had a record of womanizing before finally going steady with Ms. Potts," Tanaka stated firmly and he simply raised a brow at her, "One of those woman you had a one-night stand with is named Nodoka Higurashi."

"Ah, right – Nodoka was her name!" Tony snapped his fingers, smirking as even more of those vague memories came flooding back into his head, "Is she okay?" He wondered with a shrug.

"She is fine," Tanaka nodded, "However..." She glanced behind her and softly called out a name. Tony watched with intent eyes as a teenage girl quietly turned the corner and stood beside Tanaka, though her eyes never met with Tony's at all.

Then it hit him.

"Oh my God," He breathed out, staring at the slightly depressed-looking teenager with wide eyes, "Are you saying...?" He shakily pointed a finger at the girl, who seemed to wince.

"I am," Tanaka nodded with hardened eyes, "Stark-san, this is Kagome Higurashi. She is your daughter conceived on the night you had intercourse with Nodoka Higurashi."

He... he had a kid?!