(Y/N) was over at the FACE family's house. She usually spent most of her time there since Alfred and Matthew were her best friends. Arthur and Francis were her friends too but not the great kind of friends that the two brothers were. Currently, she was in Alfred's room, playing Call of Duty. They weren't bad at it, especially when they were playing together.

After playing a few rounds you two decided to take a break and eat something, at the same time politely (well, you were at least) refusing Arthur's cooking. Alfred was chowing down on a hamburger while you were eating (f/f). Alfred turned to you, a happy look in his eyes.

"Hey (Y/N)! Try some of this! It's really delicious!" Alfred said, holding up another burger from McDonalds. He held it towards you and you shook your head. It didn't really look that good, and you had never had it anyway, so why start now?

"No thanks, Al. You can have it." you said, shaking your head. He frowned, but in a second it was replaced by a large smile.

"Please (Y/N)? I promise that it's good!" he begged but you stood by your answer.

"Alfred, I don't want to try any. You'd have to hunt me down and force me to try it!" you said, hoping he would stop. Instead, a smirk grew on his face and he stood, looking down at you. You looked up at him, wondering what he was doing.

"Alright, (Y/N), you've got ten seconds." Alfred said. You stood and wondered what was going on with his brain.

"What? Are you ok, Al?" you asked, and he nodded, the smirk still present on his face.

"If I manage to catch up to you, you've got to eat this burger, or at least try it! That's why I'm being nice and giving you a ten second head start!" he explained.

"Come on! You can't be serious!" you cried but he just shook his head and started counting.

"10-9.." he counted off and you bolted out the door, willing your legs to go as fast as they could. You ran down the stairs by Matt's room, passing by him.

"(Y/N)? W-What's wrong?" he asked and you sighed.

"Matt, please hide me!" you begged and his eyes looked at you questioningly. You were about to reply when you heard Alfred reply from upstairs.

"Here I come, (Y/N)! You had better run fast!" he called and you decided to just run. Matt looked after you but after he saw Al racing after you he decided not to interfere.

You raced into the kitchen where Arthur and Francis were sitting and talking.

"Are you ok, love? You look nervous." Arthur asked, and you tried to explain but you saw Alfred in the next room, close to the kitchen, so it was time for you to run again.

As Al raced past them Arthur looked surprised, but Francis simply smiled.

"'Scuse me dudes!" Alred said, darting into the living room, where you had run into.

"Should we stop them?" Arthur asked, looking in the direction you two had gone.

"Non, they're having fun, Arthur." France said, taking a sip of wine.

You tried to run straight through the living room but Al leaped over the couch grabbing you by the waist. You shrieked in surprise and laughed as Al picked you up bridal style.

:Now ya gotta eat the burger!" Al said handing it to you.

"Do I really have to?" you asked, and Al nodded, grinning.

Hesitantly you took a bite and shrugged.

"Not that bad." you said and Alfred picked you up spinning you around. He kissed you and you were surprised but eventually kissed back.

"How was that?" he asked, kissing your forehead.

"Not bad hero. Love you."

"Love ya too (Y/N)" he said, pulling you into a hug.