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To Be With You

By: Lady-von-Bielefeld

Bonus Chapter 1: Heather Report

To say that King Heddxer of the Northern Kingdom was devastated was a grave understatement. He was hurt, he was crushed but most of all he was angry. Really, irrevocably fuming!

He was angry; although he knew he shouldn't be because it was, after all, his fault. Yes, he was cautious enough to own up that it was his mistake, not his queen's... Not his mistress'… and surely, most especially, not his daughter's. It was him to blame and no one else. It was his fault.

This was the price for his selfishness; this was the atonement for his egoism. He had soiled his beliefs and his love for his wife—his queen just because he wanted to keep his legacy alive, just because he wanted to be immortal. Well, not immortal per se. Because yes, he will die, he knew that. Everyone dies. He too will grow old and wrinkle away, leaving this world just as quickly as he came. He knew that fact just as he knew that having a child who will carry out his name, who will continue his legacy will make him immortal, in a way. He may not be able to live forever but through this child, through his child… he will. At least to his kingdom... At least to his people… he will.

The king was shaken awake form his thoughts when he heard the cry of his month old daughter. Everything happened so fast, he had yet to adjust to his life now. Having no more wife; as his queen left him without a word or a trace. And having no mistress; as she died giving birth. The princess, his daughter, Heather, was all he has in the world. He had his kingdom sure, but after his world came crushing down, that's all he has. And if he was being honest to himself… his kingdom, his people, his legacy was not that important anymore. Not as important as Heather, not in the least. After everything that has happened, he now knew that nothing will compare to family. That nothing will compare to love.

He quickly picked up his bundle of joy and hugged her with all the love a father could give to a daughter. He hummed her lullaby, attempting to soothe her distress. "There, there, little one. Daddy is here. Daddy is here. Nothing's going to harm you, not while I'm around."

The child continued to cry even though she was not hungry, or sleepy or sick or anything that can make a child cry. He had try everything, and yet… nothing. And right at that moment he remembered the queen's curse of love that she so forcefully bestowed upon the babe, the child that did nothing wrong, the child that was just born into this world. He remembered his wife—the queen, so hurt, so angry at not only him but as Heather as well. When she found out about the fruit of his unfaithfulness, all hell broke loose. He remembered static blonde hair, swaying with the stormy wind that he never knew was coming. He remembered blazing amethyst eyes in slits, and a rigged wooden staff being pointed at Heather, cursing his daughter who has done no wrong.

A curse of love, she had said, voice booming like the thunder.

A curse to search for love's meaning,

Wholeheartedly with no end.

A passage to seek without finding,

Your life for this will extend.

To never be able to quench the thirst,

For something you cannot obtain.

To be eternally doomed until your heart burst,

For an emotion that will forever be in chain.

And with that curse, she vanished into thin air leaving the almighty king of the Northern Kingdom to wallow in his distress.

He had asked helped from the wise men of the kingdom, to help him interpret the curse. They did so ever eloquently; The child will grow up, beautiful, charming, and intelligent but will not age until her curse is broken. She was cursed to a damnation of wanting, yearning for something she will never be able to feel. She was cursed to try as she might, as she pleased, but she will never feel love. She will never be truly loved. And the thought pained the king more than any physical pain he has ever come across. In fact he was sure that the thought of Heather not being able to feel what love is hurt him more than all the pain put together.

Why let the child suffer for something that I did? Why her not me? He would gladly trade places with his daughter if he could, but even his wisest advisers or any sorcerers in the entire archipelago cannot undo what has been done. No one has the power to revoke the queen's curse. No one. But didn't stop the king from trying. He was his Heather, his precious; little girl, and as Odin as his witness, he will not let her suffer. Even if I have to manipulate your fate and everyone in it.

"Heather Helga Heidrun, my child. I will do whatever I can just to make you feel loved. I promise, sweetheart." The babe in his arms seem to relax at his words that was filled with so much assurance, so much hope from a father who wishes nothing but the best for his only child, for his beloved, blessed secret.

"I love you, Heather." He whispered sending the raven haired baby to sleep.

The king was not fazed. Even when he grew older and weaker, and his heart was not at its best condition, he did not give up. He would find a way to break this curse, even if it was the last thing he'll do. Or if that will not work, he will force things upon himself. He would not take this lightly. He will not let his Heather suffer. He was-no still is the mighty king of the North, afterall. He was so sure that he can pull a few strings. Dearest gods, send me a sign, something I can work with for my dearest Heather.

And as if on cue, the King of Berk came knocking on his castle's great hall two days later; seeking an alliance to form. He had heard of the many kingdoms that were now threatening Berk's shores, a lot were jealous of its many accomplishes. A lot of them were, but not the Northern Kingdom. Their kingdom was untouchable, being one of the biggest not to mention one of the strongest kingdoms around. They really have no use for more allied kingdoms.

"Pray, tell me, King Stoick, what can you offer The Northern kingdom that we do not already have?"

"We offer the finest dragon academy in the archipelago, King Heddxer. There isn't a dragon alive that we cannot train. I, personally see to the academy myself."

"We have more than enough trainers in this kingdom, Stoick."

"Then, I offer you our advance brews of medicines that have proven to be more effective than anything you can buy elsewhere. My wife, Queen Valka herself, together with the healers of Berk has concocted these remedies."

"We have more than enough doctors and medicines in this kingdom, Stoick."

"Then what about-"

"Your weapons? Your sheeps? Your people? Your loyalty?" He chuckled darkly. "We have more than anything we need here. We are not The Great Northern Kingdom for nothing, or have you forgotten?"

"It's not that I forgot, king Heddxer, I haven't. I just believed we both could be of use to each other. Each kingdom could benefit the other." There was a strong sense of determination in Stoick's eyes that brought the king to respect him. But he had to think of this politically, for in truth, Berk had nothing to offer that The Northern kingdom doesn't already have.

"Why do you want this alliance so?"

He heard him sigh and again he respected his honest answer.

"I'm sure you've heard that more than one kingdom has threatened to overtake us by now. We could fight; we've always had, for our freedom but one cannot win every war, especially if it's one after the other."

King Heddxer agreed but yet, there was still nothing left to gain from this, nothing but the Berkian's loyalty, which meant nothing at that point.

"I would really like to secure Berk, king Heddxer. I wish to protect it for my child. I want my child to inherit the throne and rule over it, just as I have, just as my father before that and his father before that."

King Heddxer sat up straighter. "You have a child?" He has never heard of it before. He had heard of his wife; Valka's countless miscarriages but never an actual child. He had thought that King Stoick too would be fruitless like he was.

Stoick's face brightened like with the warmth of a thousand suns as he nodded. "Yes! Thank the gods! Valka is due in two month's time."

"Why, that's splendid, Stoick! I congratulate you!" He stood, shaking his hand, feeling as joyful as his companion.

"A son or a daughter?" King Heddxer asked.

"We're not yet sure, but I'll have whatever the gods see fit. I'm more than blessed already." He sure was. He had a child on the way and a wife. Lucky him.

"Yes, indeed you are." He smiled inspired. A child. Stoick was to have a child. What were the chances that it could be a boy? What were the chances that he could help Heather?

He saw it as his chance; Heather's chance. So he told King Stoick the Vast he would agree to the alliance so as long as any future prince of Berk will be betrothed to their princess of the North. Although hesitant at first, as he was an avid believer of true love, king Stoick agreed, envisioning a brighter future for both Berk and his child. He agreed even when he was told that if the future prince will not comply or break the agreement, Berk will pay. Not that any child of his will put himself before his people. He will be sure to raise his child with respect, loyalty, selflessness and honor to words he had uttered. He was so sure that his child will not let him or their kingdom down. And with that vision in mind, he agreed to all conditions and the deal was sealed.

A month had passed when king Heddxer received news from Berk. The child came early into this world by a month, and at first they were scared that he would not make it. But Stoick never doubted. Stoick knew that his child will not let him down; his child will be the strongest of them all. And he was right, for a few more months later, after his child's almost death, he has turned to be the happiest, healthiest baby boy in the entire barbaric archipelago. And his name was Prince Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III of Berk.

It was a lovely spring morning. The flowers were full on bloom and the breeze was exquisite making little Heather's raven locks sway with the wind. The three year old Heather hid behind the bushes as she heard her father looking for her. She thought it funny to surprise him.

"Hmmmmm." The king thought aloud in a playful tone. "I could have sworn that my beautiful Heather went here."

Heather giggled and popped her head out of the bushes. "Here I am!" She waved to the mighty king. He moved towards her, removed the lost leaves on her hair and carried her to the pathway that led back to the palace.

"I love you, darling Heather." He beamed holding her small hands as they walked.

The princess blinked several times. "Daddy, what is love?"

He smiled at her, ever patient. He had been answering the same question over and over again and yet she still couldn't grasp the idea."It's when you care for someone so much that it hurts; it swells up your heart, an overwhelming feeling of emotion that explodes." He said motioning to his hand as if exploding. "In a good way."

The princess looked more confused than ever. "I don't understand." So she has said for the nth time since she learned how to talk.

"Its how I feel about you, my beloved daughter. You are truly loved by me, by the kingdom and by its people." He smiled encouraging.

"I don't understand, dad. I..." She stopped mid track. "I don't feel...anything." She never did. She never will.

The king gave a sad smile and bended to her level, tucking a loose strand of hair under her ear. "You will, my princess. I promise, you will."

He saw three figures from his peripheral vision. Just in time, he thought. He smiled brightly and gestured the princess to look at the boy behind his mother's back, clinging to her gown as if his life depended on it. Auburn brown hair in a mess.

"See that little boy? The one peeking from his mother's back?"

The little princess looked and nodded. "The one with the funny looking hair?" She asked. The king laughed.

"That is Prince Hiccup of Berk."

"Oh!" She beamed, bright and beautiful. "Is he going to be my friend?"

His smile widened. "He's going to show you, what love is."

Skeptic and filled with wonder, she questioned how a little boy, with the same age as hers, dare teach her something she was sure he knows not off. There was no way in helheims gate could this boy know any better! How could he? She was as smart as an intelligent kid can get and she sure knows nothing about it. How can he? She began pouting in doubt, there was no way this boy was smarter than her. She could feel it, just as how she could feel the wind in her face.

But it was only when the boy was walking towards her, one hand in the back as he tried to bow gracefully but failed, tumbling down and showering her with the flowers he had brought for her did she blinked and giggled like she has never done before. And right then, she thought. This boy was different.

"I'm Heather!" She chimed as she pulled the young boy to stand, grabbing the flowers he brought for her that hit the floor.

"Hi... I... I'm Hiccup." He smiled goofily, flowers still in his hair as he dusted his clothes clean.

"I know!" She smiled all too knowing. "I think I love you already."

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