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Forever In Your Memory

Hitomi lay on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling, through the skylight to the world above. The stars shined brightly.

"Look at the moon…" She whispered softly.

"I wish… I wish I could see them again… All of them… Allen and Millerna and Dryden and Merle and…" She paused, she couldn't speak his name.

It had been 10 long years since she'd returned to Earth from Gaea. She thought of her adventures there every day. But life moved on. Unfortunately, it had been without her. Yukari and Amano had gotten married recently, moving to Europe for Amano to pursue his business career. Yukari… She'd promised she'd write, but she hadn't… Yukari was in love. She was happy. There was no room for Hitomi in that happiness. Her brother was graduating from high school. Today, in fact. She was supposed to go watch. Not like she really wanted to. But she'd gotten a dress and bought him a present. Besides that, her parents had told her that if she didn't go she'd have to leave. Hitomi never went to college. Hitomi had disappeared. Only a few months after she came home from Gaea until she was 20 years old. Her family hadn't had a clue where she went. Neither did Hitomi. That entire period of her life was a blank. No memories. She hadn't graduated from high school so she hadn't gone to college. It didn't look like at age 25 she'd ever go back. However, she wanted Mamoru to be happy. It was too late for her. She was just there. She had no family of her own, no friends, nothing to do but sit around all day, and sometimes run, trying to relive her track days long past. Hitomi Kanzaki had no future.


"And I give to you… The class of 2006!" The speaker said loudly as great cheers erupted in the auditorium.

"Mamoru!" Mr. and Mrs. Kanzaki embraced their son.

"We're so proud of you!" They smiled widely, although Mrs. Kanzaki was smiling through tears, realizing her baby was all grown up and leaving them.

"Hitomi-chan!" Mamoru called her over.

"Hai, Mamoru. Nani?"

"Nee-san… I'm glad you came." He hugged her and she tried to hold back tears. Mamoru was really leaving. He was going to become something great, make a difference in the world. He would save lives thanks to his doctoring skills. She, would sit in her room, staring out the window and wishing for things that would never come to pass. She sobbed into his shoulder and he looked rather concerned.

"Hitomi-chan… You know I love ya, Sis… I'll come visit… Please don't cry…" He looked up at her with deep green eyes that mirrored her own, and she wiped away her tears, trying to smile, for his sake.

"That's better." He smiled at her.

"I have a surprise for you…" He put his hand over her eyes and led her away.

"What is it?" Hitomi asked, wondering what was with all the secrecy.

"Ohaiyo, Hitomi…" A familiar voice said softly.

"Yukari-chan?" Her eyes opened wide. Yukari was HERE. Not thousands of miles away with Amano. She was HERE.

"Oh Yukari-chan! I'm so happy! You came home! You finally came home!" She cried again, but this time her tears were joyful.

"Hitomi…" Yukari pushed her away awkwardly.

"Amano and I are here because he has a business conference. We're going home tomorrow."

"But… You're here and I…" Hitomi became downcast once more.

"It's nice to see you again Yukari…" She said softly.

"It's good to see you again too, Hitomi." Yukari smiled, taking her friend's hand.

"Hitomi… No matter how far apart we are… We'll always be best friends… Won't we?"

"Sure…" Hitomi replied, trying to sound reassured when she wasn't. Yukari didn't give a damn about her anymore. Her life was consumed by her love for Amano.

"That's good. So, want to go for a walk or something…? So we can talk and stuff…?" Yukari asked hesitantly, not acting like she particularly wanted to.

"Why not?" Hitomi replied in a dull tone as they began walking towards the door, Yukari following. They chatted softly. It was a very awkward conversation.

"Amano works for Wellington International in England. He's one of their top executives. He loves his job. I don't even know what he does, but if he's happy, I'm happy."

"I'm glad Yukari. I'm glad that you two are doing so well."

"Yeah. I had my doubts, but I guess if you love someone, you're willing to risk anything for them. Maybe that's how they know…" Yukari whispered thoughtfully.

But what if I'm not willing to risk it… Hitomi thought silently, biting her lip. She loved Van. She knew she did. But she was still here. Why was she still here?

What am I afraid of? It's not like I'd be going to battle or something… And… I want to be with him…

** Hitomi… **

"I can hear him…" Hitomi whispered in awe.

** Hitomi… **

"Why can I hear him?"

** Hitomi… **

"Why is my heart beating like this?"

** Hitomi… **

"What's going on?" She asked aloud.

"Is something wrong, Hitomi?" Yukari turned to look at her, blinking in confusion.

"Oh, nothing. Just thinking, that's all." Hitomi dismissed it, although she could still hear his faint whisper in the deep recesses of her mind.

** Where are you, Hitomi? **

"Oh Van…" Her eyes teared up.

"Why…? Why aren't we together?"

"Hitomi… Why are you crying?" Yukari asked softly.

"Oh Yukari… I love him and I want to be with him…" She sobbed softly.

"Want to be with who?" Yukari asked curiously.

"Hey!" The girls turned from where they were, spotting a man running towards them.

Yukari's eyes shined and she smiled brightly.

"AMANO!" She ran to him and they embraced.

"No need to act like I died or something…" He said jokingly to his overreacting wife.

"I'm sorry… It's just… It seems like forever since I last saw you…"

"Yukari… It's only been two hours…" He smiled teasingly at her.

"Oh, shut up… Look who's here!" She pointed at Hitomi, who quickly dried her tears.

"Hitomi! It's great to see you again!" He hugged her as well and Hitomi felt a slight blush creep to her cheeks.

"Are you happy?" She asked softly, out of the blue.

"Yes. I suppose we are." He smiled, wrapping an arm around his wife's shoulders.

"Then I am too." She said too quietly for them to hear. They then turned and noticed where they were.

"It's our old high school…" Hitomi muttered, wondering how they'd possibly ended up over here.

"Yeah… I thought we were headed towards our old neighborhood…" Yukari voiced in puzzlement.

"Well, we're here now… Hey Hitomi, did you ever break your old record?"

"No…" Hitomi muttered in resentment and annoyance that he'd had to bring that up. Just another thing she'd never succeeded with.

"Well, now's the time to do it!" With that, he leaped over the fence, entering the school grounds.

"AMANO!" Yukari and Hitomi hissed.


"Oh, you know it looks like fun…" He said over his shoulder, grinning at them. The girls grumbled, following him. They walked out onto the track. It was dark without the bright lights and it seemed lonely. The high school had been shut down years ago. Mamoru had gone to Kumitsu High School, which was built much more modernly than her own Kama Kita. They all seemed to just stand there a moment, washed away by memories they'd gradually forgotten over the years. So many years…

"Hey, you guys… Remember… that night before Amano left… And… That boy… And the dragon…" She turned to face them.

"Was that all just a dream?"

"If it was, it was the realest dream I've ever had…" Amano muttered, shaking his head.

"I remember… That boy, he was going to kill a dragon… And we were afraid, so we ran… And I fell… I twisted my ankle and Amano had to carry me. I've never heard of feeling so much pain in a dream. What happened, was real. It had to have been. There's no other explanation…" Yukari agreed softly.

"I still don't understand it…" Amano commented.

"I don't think any of us ever will…" Yukari agreed.

"Hitomi… Want to give it another try?" Amano asked.

"Huh?" Hitomi looked at him in confusion.

"I bet if that boy hadn't shown up you would've have run the 100 meters in thirteen seconds… Let's see if I'm right…" He grinned at her.

"Whatever you say Amano…" She said hesitantly. She lined up at the starting line. Beads of sweat hung on her brow that was furrowed in concentration. Yukari looked at her watch, preparing to time it.

"On your mark… Get set… Go!" Amano yelled as Hitomi flew down the track.

I'm flying… I can't feel my feet touching the ground… I'm flying… She told herself.

Flying… Away from everything… I'm soaring higher… She knew she was going to finally do it. She could do it. She breathed heavily.

Almost there, Kanzaki…You can do it… Show them you can do something right, Kanzaki! Show them that you don't need them to be happy!

** Hitomi… Where are you, Hitomi? ** His voice echoed once more.

"HUH?!" She ceased running, listening to it, trying to tell where it came from.

** Hitomi… I want to see you again… Where are you Hitomi? **

The pillar of light descended and Hitomi was sucked up with it as her friends cried out in protest once more.

I… I don't know what to feel… For the very first time… I don't know what to feel… She thought, before losing consciousness.


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Here's a sneak peak of Forever In Your Memory- Chapter 2:

"Excuse me." She got the attention of the guard manning the entrance.

"I'm Hitomi Kanzaki. I've come to visit Lord Van."

"How dare you?!" The guard sputtered.

"The king has been in mourn for years over the loss of that girl! How dare you try to bring more sadness upon this house?! Lord Van deserves to be around people better than the likes of you. Get out of here before I throw you in the dungeons!" He barked, pointing his spear at her, as she ran around back in fright.

"Wow… Fanelians were much friendlier last time I was here…" She muttered, sitting down on a bench behind the palace.

"What did he mean by that… Does Van really think I'm dead?" She looked to where she could see the two moons in the distance.

"I still can't believe I'm not on Earth anymore…" She mused aloud.

"But I'm alive… I know I am… I…"

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