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Forever In Your Memory
Chapter 5: The Dream Is Just Beginning

"Folken…" She whispered.
"Those were… My memories… And some of the ones I lost when I… You brought them back, didn't you?" She whispered.

//It was not your choice to lose them, so I saw no reason why you should have the choice to have them again.\\

"Thank you…" She said softly, smiling.
//Don't leave him…\\ "I…" She murmured the end softly to herself, closing her eyes in deep thought. Folken was gone. "Goodbye… Folken…" "Milady! Milady!" Merle shook the young princess who seemed to be in a trance, either that or she was ignoring the catwoman. Hmm… Like mother like… Hitomi thought silently to herself until the girl awoke. "Oh Milady!" Merle sagged to the floor in relief. "I'm fine, Merle." The princess said firmly, straightening her posture. She turned to Hitomi. "I know you… I know who you are…" She pointed at the green-eyed young woman and Merle turned. "I know you do…" Hitomi whispered. "One of us should have figured it out to begin with." She looked out the window. "It's raining… You know… The rain washes everything away…" She turned to look at the young girl, her green eyes reflecting pain and sadness. "And I'm sorry, that I can not be your mother…" Without warning, she ran down the hall, away from the catwoman and the princess. "Mother…" The girl whispered, reaching out in the direction Hitomi had gone. "Please don't leave…" "Mother?" Merle whispered in shock and disbelief. "Hitomi?" She looked in the direction the girl from the Mystic Moon had gone, wondering what was going on. "Could it be…? HITOMI!" The catwoman ran after the fleeing queen, determination glinting in her azure eyes. "HITOMI, YOU STUPID GIRL!" Merle yelled after her. "GET BACK HERE! HEY!" She tripped over a lump in the rug, descending to the ground in a most undignified manner. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. ** Flashback ** "You're thinking about Hitomi, aren't you Lord Van?" Merle asked quietly. She'd been trying to ignore the ever-growing feelings he was displaying for the strange girl, but she couldn't lie to herself any longer.
"No. No I'm not." He dismissed her question reluctantly. "You're lying. I've known you longer than anyone, Lord Van. I know how you feel about her." She paused. "You love Hitomi…" She sat beside him. "You don't really know how you feel, do you Lord Van? But I've known for a very long time. You know that thing Hitomi said, about people sharing your feelings? Your thoughts will reach her. I know she feels the same." Then they sat there together. A small smile on the young king's face as they stared at the Mystic Moon above them. ** Backflash **
"Hitomi…" Merle whispered, as she hit the ground. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ "Why can't this all just be a bad dream?" Hitomi whispered, tears sliding down her cheeks. "What did I do to deserve this pain? I don't know what to do… My parents… I'm just deadweight to them… Yukari and Amano are too wrapped up in themselves to realize I miss them… Mamoru is wonderful… But he's leaving for school; I can't bother him… They'll all be very happy… I don't belong there anymore… But I don't belong here either… I don't belong anywhere…" She slid to the cold floor, sobbing into her knees, rocking back and fourth. "Please… Let me wake up… I don't want this to be real…" Her green eyes were clouded with tears as she stared out the window.
"I'm sick of reality… It all seems like a bad dream…" She walked over to the window. The gauzy drapes moved with the breeze as she leaned out, staring at the clouds. It was raining. "Just a dream…" She continued to watch the clouds pass, oblivious to all else. She sensed a presence behind her and turned slightly. She should have known. It was him. "Hitomi…?" Van breathed in disbelief, staring at her as though she had grown another arm. "Yeah." She replied softly, still staring at the rain. "It was like a dream…" He whispered, looking at her as though he expected her to vanish any minute now. "I lost sight of what was real… You were dead… I lived a dream… And I enjoyed it… It was like a fairy-tale… Except… The happily ever after never came…" "I'm sorry." She whispered, turning from the window, her bangs drenched, causing them to hang over her eyes. He gave her a look of confusion and she sighed. "I'm sorry… For all the pain… All the loneliness… All the suffering… Everything… It was my fault…" She said softly, a tear running down her pale cheek. "Hitomi…" He protested impatiently. "Forgive me… I don't deserve you…" The tears wouldn't stop as she ran down the hall. Van was at her heels the whole way. She finally reached the door, throwing it open. She sprinted out to the graveyard. Where Folken was buried so many years ago. Ha Amano! Yukari! Look at me now! I'm sure I've run 100 meters in thirteen seconds! See! I'm not a screw-up! I AM NOT A SCREW-UP! She smiled slightly at this thought, moving faster as Van gained ground behind her. Then she stopped. The rain kept falling around them as they stood there, facing each other, neither saying a word. She looked at him and he focused on her intently, but still, the clearing was silent. She walked forward, standing so close to him that he could feel her warm breath on his face. "I'm sorry, but this is where the dream ends…" She whispered. "It's time to wake up… Van…" She kissed him softly on the lips before the light descended and she vanished into the gray sky. He watched silently, as the little girl ran up the path. "Daddy… Is she…?" The girl panted for a moment before looking up in dread and expectancy. "Yes. She has returned." Van said softly, still looking at the sky. The girl was about to protest or cry, but she stopped herself. She instead followed her father's gaze. "You really miss her, don't you?" Van's daughter asked softly. "Yes." He replied, nodding. "You believe in her, right?" Her father didn't reply, still looking upward. "People share your feelings." The girl whispered. "Yeah…" Van replied softly. "But she was wrong…" He turned to his daughter who looked up at him in confusion. "The dream is just beginning…" He smiled gently as the rain ceased. And the king hugged his princess. The princess with bright green eyes. The princess named Hitomi.

There Are No Ends. Only Beginnings…

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