Jealousy and love

Chapter 1: Opening

"Speaking" 'Thinking'

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Sakura looked at the mirror. She had changed a lot these last few years. Her hair is still pink, but now it reached just below her butt. Her forehead is no longer big, but fit perfectly to her face. The emerald green eyes, still the same as ever, shining with happiness. Her body curves in all the right places. She is slender and tall, but still short compared to most males in Konoha.

-It is not only her body that's changed, but also her fighting skills and intelligence. Due to her training with Tsunade, her fighting skills have made her pretty feared on the battle field.

-Her intelligence also makes her the perfect friend for Shikamaru, as they both enjoy a conversation on a higher level than others once in a while. Not only that, but she had also surpassed her mentor Tsunade in medical skills.

She was no longer the annoying fangirl she had been many years ago. She was a grown woman.

Sakura looked around. She stood outside the Hokage-tower. She couldn't wait to see Naruto and Sasuke. She had to tell them, she had won the bet.

~Flashback, 2 years ago~

Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke were eating Ramen as they always did when they successfully completed a mission. It hadn't been a hard mission, they only had to deliver a scroll to an old man in Suna. As always ;Naruto and Sasuke were discussing. This time the topic was; Who will become ANBU first? Sasuke thought that he would be the first, and Naruto thought the same about himself. They always had to fight about things like that, and it annoyed her... a lot. Weren't they able to have a normal conversation?

-Apparently not.

The boys were almost yelling at each other, attracting weird looks from the other customers in the Ramen shop.

They were just about to start a fight, when Sakura decided to join the argument.

"Why don't we make a bet." She suggested as she looked at them. "The one who becomes an ANBU first, will win, and the losers have to make the winner a special dinner with the winners favorite food." She smiled at them. 'please say yes, please say yes' she thought, hoping it would put an end to their silly argument.

Fortunately for her; Luck was on her side that day.

"Hn. That could work" Sasuke said in his usual 'I'm-gonna-win-anyway-so-I'll-agree' tone.

"That's the best idea ever Sakura-chan! You two better start practicing in making ramen, because I'm gonna win this thing, believe it!" Naruto had jumped off his chair and was standing on the table, causing both Sakura and Sasuke to sweat drop. That boy was really a dope sometimes.

They all shacked hands and the bet was on!

~Flashback end~

Sakura thought about it for a while. And decided to go look for her team-mates or rather ex-team-mates. Luckily for her, she didn't have to go look for the boys. Or her boys as she called them.

"Oi Sakura-chan! Come on we have training with Kakashi in 10 minutes!" The blond boy exclaimed, while the emo boy just looked at Sakura.

Sakura looked at the two boys, before she looked at the sky and spoke; "Sorry, Naruto, Sasuke. But I will no longer be a part of team 7" The boys looked chocked, but before they could reply Sakura opened her mouth again.

"Also, you two better start cooking, because you two just lost a bet" She looked at them while she smirked.

It took the boys a second before they understood what she meant. Then Naruto broke the silence. "I can't believe you're an ANBU now Sakura. I've always thought the three of us would be together forever." He looked sad, for a few seconds, but them a wide smile came to his face, and as he pulled her in to a bone crushing hug, he whispered in her ear "congratulations, Sakura, I knew you would make it to an ANBU before me and Sasuke." Before Sakura could respond, a new pair of hands was on her, and pulled her out of Naruto's grip and into a new hug. This time it was Sasuke who whispered in her ear.

"I'm proud of you Sakura-chan." Then he removed himself from the hug.

"Come on guys, my mom is making lunch, I'm sure she wouldn't mind you two joining" The raven-haired boy looked at his friends and motioned for them to follow.

"Uhm Sasuke. Haven't you forgotten you're going training with Kakashi now?" Sakura looked at the boys as they frowned and she spoke again.

"I really want to go with you to training, but I have to go get my ANBU tattoo" And with those last words, she was gone in a swirl of sakura blossoms

As the copy-cat ninja finally arrived at the training-grounds, he saw only two of his students waiting for him. Of course Tsunade had told him about Sakura's promotion, but he had expected to see her one last time before she got a new team. But there were no sign of his pink-haired ex-student.

Sasuke and Naruto looked at their sensei, not failing to see a glim of sadness in his eyes.

The training began as usual but it soon became clear to the 3 men, that the pink-haired ex-member of team 7, had been the one to hold the team together.

In the other end of Konoha, a very happy Uchiha walked out of the Hokage's tower.

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