"If somebody told me..."

Author: Allronix

Universe: Firefly

Category: V, Multiple POV

Rating: PG (to be on the safe side)

Archive: Sure

If someone told me ten years ago that I'd be preaching the Good Book, I would have told them they were insane.

I'm reading the tale of the prodigal son at the moment. That old story is one of my favorites - personal reasons. It's downtime on the ship, not much to do until we reach New Nebraska. I like this ship. I rent my bunk and do odd jobs to earn my keep, and the people here are plain folk - they're good company and not inclined to ask too many questions. All in all, perfect place for an old man like me.

I used to be a gambler. Don't suppose you knew that, and I don't talk about it much. The Lord knows and that's the only one on this ship who needs to. Went from planet to planet, game to game. I'd earn a fortune at faro, then gamble or debauch it away again. Went through a lot of money that way, and earned my share of trouble, too.

Lady Luck finally abandoned me on Minerva. I forget the name of the town - wasn't important anyway. Got carried away and gambled away all I had. My hidden ace got found, too - yes, I used to lie and cheat, too. Well, those boys took me to an alley and I got thrashed.

I woke up in the rectory of the local church. The only one with some medical training on that piece of rock was the local preacher. A broken leg meant I'd not be going anywhere for a while. Hated it at first. Yet, the more I learned how to stay still and stay quiet, the more I could hear God. He's quite strict, no getting around that, but He is patient. I guess He likes to wait until you're ready to listen.

My limp isn't so noticeable anymore. I stayed at the church for some time, teaching myself how to walk again, and trying to see what life was like when you're sober. By the time I was ready to leave, I'd heard the call and was on my way to get ordained.

I'm thinking that the Lord put me here because these people are a lot like I used to be - good people deep down, but angry and a little lost. Maybe with a little time, they'll quiet down a bit and be able to hear God for themselves. If they ever do, it's my job to be there.