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The Civilis

I opened up one of many wood cabinets, taking one of the glass cups stored inside. My feet dragged against the linoleum as I walked towards the sink with glass in hand. I turned on the faucet and filled my glass up with water. After turning off the tap, I turned around to look at the evening newspaper that laid on the kitchen counter.

Once again the front page was devoted to the same subjects that has been occurring for over the past three weeks, a massive increase of unexplainable deaths and people disappearing at the same time, especially young teenage girls.

It was so damn frustrating that they are still running around in circles about this. Disappearances and death are a daily thing, as much as people refuse to admit. But still, it pisses me off even more that there hasn't been a single lead in the disappearances.

My little sister was one of the young girls who have vanished without a trace. I was a teenager who was a first year in high school, but for a while, the fucking police saw me as a damned suspect. I would never do something so heinous to the only person I cared for as family. To make things worse, this isn't the first time it happened to me! I don't understand why I have to go through so much shit for the first place!

Our parents were not remotely good to begin with for as long as I could remember. Dad was an alcoholic bastard that beaten the shit out of me for anything that pissed him off, especially if I even partially blocked the view of the television. He did things like slamming my face into the coffee table, hitting me in the back of the head with a mirror, or attempting to put a lit cigarette to my eye. I got lucky with the last one. He was so drunk that he missed completely, instead getting me in the collarbone.

My mother was a shameless whore who didn't even give my sister or myself a second glance. As far as she was concerned, neither of us existed. She cooked for only herself and that fucking drunk. Whenever she went out with out warning, she was gone for days. And when she returned, usually nearly nude, naturally she and Dad got into an argument the moment she came back.

I had hard times myself personally outside of home. I was always one who didn't like playing with others the same age as me, mainly because I was so pessimistic. I refused to cooperate with others, and the same was applied to them. For years there was this one guy who furthered isolated me through bullying. I tried telling the teachers but they just brushed me aside, saying that it wasn't anything to worry about. When it was graduation day from elementary school, He humiliated in front of me by pulling my pants and underwear down when it was time for me to get my diploma. I retaliated by the only way I thought worked best then.

I slammed my tormentor's face into a steel chair, breaking his nose and knocking out five of his front teeth in the process. I know now that it was the wrong thing to do, but sometimes, the only way to drive the message home loud and clear is by example. I regret doing that now, but a little part of me still takes satisfaction in that.

Normally, someone who had that kind of shitty childhood would likely become delinquents, but I had my little sister to keep me straight. We comforted each other whenever something bad happened. She showed me that not everything in this world was a living hell. Unlike me, she was loved by everyone in school and was brilliant. Even though she was only one year younger in age, I looked up to her as a role model. She was the only person I could truly call family.

On my sister's fourteenth birthday, everything changed.

That morning , I awoke to perhaps the biggest shock of my life. My bastard father turned into a caring person who praised me while mom was cooking for four and doted me and her as if she's been doing it all the time. The way they acted were essentially polar opposites of their normal selves. I didn't understand what was happening, but I could tell that this wasn't natural. It left me very uneasy.

My sister however, enjoyed in our parents' turnaround, like it was some kind of dream come true. Not wanting to ruin the occasion, I kept my mouth shut about how I felt.

This new lifestyle lasted for about half a year, in which even I began to enjoy a little. It felt like some unseen force granted my sister's wish. However, like my parents, my sister too began to change.

At first she and I were inseparable outside of school, but after her birthday, she and I gradually became more and more distant, mainly in part to her leaving without warning so often.

And just when I thought I could finally trust my parents, fate had other ideas. That night, one of Mom's flings came over, obsessed with her to the point that he killed her and then himself. Devastated by this, Dad committed suicide soon after. That was what the police told me a few weeks later after I came home to see three corpses.

I shook my head to come back to my senses. I had a busy day tomorrow and the last thing I need was to have nightmares again.

I looked down at the paper once more before I turned and left the kitchen.

Prologue : The Hunter Who Trusts

The Praedari

The dying roar of a witch reverberated throughout the air as the wards dissolved at a rapid pace, the abyssal white realm being replaced with the pitch black interior of an abandoned warehouse . My outfit blended into the darkness perfectly except for one accessory I wore.

I smirked as I saw the monstrosity dissolve in front of me while lowering my handgun. I raised my free hand up to press a button of the helmet I currently donned.

"This is Praedari Alpha, confirming that the enemy target has been neutralized." I reported calmly. "The primary objectives have escaped due to interference by the enemy."

"Praedari Delta here, don't worry Alpha, I secured them both." I heard Delta say in her amused voice. "I had to use some force to subdue them. Nothing life threatening, I made sure of that."

"What are the condition of their gems?" I questioned.

Silence came from the other end for several seconds before I heard the sound of gunfire in the distance, eliciting a groan out of me before I heard sobbing from the other end.

"Just slightly murky, sir." Delta reported with a sigh. "What should we do with them?"

"Bring them along." I ordered. "They will be of use to the organization in one way or another."

"Sheesh… I would suggest taking the eggs and leave them, but orders are orders." Delta said callously. "Do you want to make some kind of harem or something?"

"Shut the fuck up, Narumi…" I said venomously, addressing Delta by her real name.

"Heh, struck a nerve there I see." my subordinate said in amusement. "I'll take good care of your new pets."

"They're humans, don't treat them like that!" I shouted into the microphone.

"Oh please, we both know that they're not humans anymore. They're only monsters." Delta said bluntly. "Remember, by doing this, you're going against the government's expectations to eliminate all these monsters."

"Those monsters are called witches, Delta…" I corrected her. "The girls are capable of reason, so they can be of use."

Damn woman just cares about getting a fucking paycheck and killing things.

"I'll tag your pets and send them to your pen. This makes three little bitches now, correct?"

"Alpha out…" I said before severing the connection. It pissed me off, but Delta had a point there.

The Welkin was an organization that was formed in response to the unseen monsters called witches. The person who revealed their existence to the higher ups addressed herself as a Maho Shojo, or as I know better as, magical girl, forty five years ago. She explained everything she knew about them and of magical girls. Her hopes were to get the government to help her out, but instead, she effectively made both Witches and Magical Girls threats to national security. The magical girl was captured and studied. It became apparent that the "magic" she could use was able to be harnessed and replicated, thanks to a prototype generator built to produce some kind of theoretical neo-nuclear energy that was safe for the environment.

With that, the Welkin was formed, tasked with the elimination of both magical girls and witches alike. I was trained at a young age to be a Praedari, someone who hunts down such targets. Normally, most people are incapable of even seeing a witch, let alone fight one. I am no exception to this fact. But over the years, Welkin developed technology and weapons that allowed someone to be able to effectively fight the witches, and to secure any magical girl they come across. Protocol dictates that whenever a Praedari encounters a magical girl, they are to immediately collect or destroy their soul gems at any cost. That or allow the witch to eliminate them first.

Originally, I thought the magical girls as only the enemy. But when I went on my first mission, I learned that there was more to them than I realized. I remember how helpless she was against the witch she fought against. I was told that they were monsters. She was desperately crying out for help.

I don't know if it was out of curiosity or my tendency of helping someone when they're in trouble, but at that moment I threw caution to the wind and save the magical girl. The fight was intense, leading to me becoming seriously injured at one point, but I managed to weaken the witch enough for the magical girl to finish the job.

What completely shattered my illusion of her being a monster was her using her magic to heal my injuries. While doing that, she introduced herself and thanked me for saving her life. She explained that she was a rookie and that was her first fight.

I actually felt a little guilty when I told her that I was to deal with her as well. However, her face showed no fear, instead she gave me her soul gem without hesitation, all the while saying that she could entrust her life to me.

I was honestly taken back and perplexed by this gesture. She went on to explain that she was an orphan all her life that nobody wanted. Her wish that made her a magical girl was to meet someone who trusted her. Apparently, she believed I was that very person she wished for.

I felt compelled for some reason to take her in after learning that, even though she was one year older than me. Although I was told to eliminate the magical girls as a threat, Welkin had no qualms of how they were dealt with. Most accomplish this through direct elimination, but I figured that I can exploit that hidden loophole a little by taking in the magical girls that had no place to call home, under the pretense of interrogation if the superiors asked. Praedari work in pairs or small groups, so I had to do a lot of convincing to have my so called partner-slash-subordinate, Delta, to go along with my plan. With her, money and violence talks. I lied to her a little, saying that I intended to use the girls I recruited as soldiers.

Most of the magical girls I've encountered since then had families. Since I didn't want to raise suspicions on both ends, I decided to release them while making it look it was an escape on the girls' end. Luckily, Praedari are free to do whatever they want, so as long they bring in grief seeds as proof they have been doing their job.

I looked over to where the still disintegrating corpse of the witch was. I slowly walked over and grinned upon noticing what I was hoping to see before putting my firearm into its holster at my side.

The grief seed rested on the ground, standing perfectly straight on the bottom point. I knelt down and examined it as my mind became lost in thought. What purpose does Welkin have for grief seeds exactly? Unlike magical girls, our abilities as Praedari aren't restrained by soul gems, instead it's by ammunition and one's own physical limits. We're technically incapable of using magic, having to rely on technology to fight instead.

I looked down at the simple cobalt blue armband that I donned on my left arm over the black combat suit I currently wore. The armband is what identifies us as Praedari. It isn't extravagant at all, simply just a smooth metal tube covered in some kind of colored enamel. The only noticeable feature on it was the small almost black gem embedded in the center.

These otherwise bland armbands have an ability one would say is supernatural, with each one was unique to the Praedari it belongs to. Mine is capable of assimilating soul gems into it for storage, or expel it only at my command. Also any that are stored won't be destroyed as long as they're imbedded. My partner found that out behind my back one day by firing at the gem with her gun. The gem that was present on the armband belonged to that magical girl who entrusted me with her soul gem. The normally light blue jewel that glowed was so murky that I snapped back to reality, recalling that a dim, black gem was very bad.

She wasn't that far away, since she could only be in the range of a hundred meters or so. I picked up the grief seed and rose to my feet, turning around and running out of the warehouse I was in.

"Izumi-san!" I cried out into the built in microphone, attempting to get the magical girl's attention.

"Busy here with a familiar!" I heard her voice cry out on the other end.

"Fall back, your gem's almost black!" I warned her.

"Already?!" Izumi cried out incredulously.

"I got a Seed, but I can't use it for you!" I reminded her. "I don't want you to die on me."

"Okay, I'll come immediately." she said submissively before the line went dead.

"I am heading towards the rendezvous point, I'll meet you there." I informed her while moving double time.

Ever since I've taken her in, Izumi had been a valuable ally in fighting witches. In a sense, I had a kind of collar and leash on the magical girl because she gave me her soul gem, but I never forced her to do whatever I wanted. She volunteered to support me and Delta in exchange that we provided her food and shelter. A fair enough trade in my opinion.

The sounds of my boots hitting the pavement echoed throughout the air as I moved onwards. Now that I think about it. If one was to look at how I dressed, I would resemble that of a Rider or Ranger, with how the suit was designed.

The suit for men was basically a skintight black bodysuit with built in armor that was smooth yet contoured to my chest with dome like shoulder pads. The arms and legs also had protective armor, but naturally the joints weren't covered to allow better maneuverability. The helmets encased our entire heads, our faces hidden behind blackened visors that concealed our identities with buttons where the ears were for communication. To complete the outfit was a utility belt of sorts that we used to hold extra ammo and other gear in the field, even the silver ovoid buckle itself served a purpose. If we were to perish, the bomb within buckle was to detonate, eliminating all traces of the deceased Preadari from the world. The only object that clashed with the all black outfit was the armband, but it couldn't be helped.

The female version was pretty much the same, but the designers must have been perverts, as the chest plates all contour to the breasts to a point that it was almost like a second skin. Not that I'm complaining.

I reached the rendezvous point to see a girl coming my way.

The girl had flowing blonde hair that was held up in twin tails with black bows. Her pale white skin illuminated in the moonlight as her green eyes glistened like emeralds. For a girl of fifteen years, she had an above average bust.

Her attire was of a formfitting sleeveless top that was black with gold trimming with a black pleated miniskirt that stopped midthigh. The center of her top had a gold ring in the middle, as if it was missing something. Her arms were covered in black sleeved gloves that stopped near the shoulders, with two light blue gems surrounded by a golden ring, each on the back of each hand. Her matching boots went up to her knees with a gold line running down the middle of the front. Her right ear brandished an ear mounted headset that was jet black in color with a downwards protrusion that held the microphone. Within her grasp was a thin black trident with golden prongs and a blue oval gem in the center of the head of the weapon.

I ran over towards Izumi with grief seed in hand still. We both stopped once we were close to each other and nodded in silence. She held out an open hand which I handed over the grief seed to before holding up the armband to my chest. Izumi held the black sphere over the armband as a miasma was drawn out of the dim soul gem and into the sphere. As it was purified, the almost black gem began to become a more vibrant blue and emitted a soft glow when it was completely cleansed.

Izumi sighed in relief as she smiled.

"Arigato. That was really close." she said in gratitude before holding out the grief seed. "I think it can be used a few more times before you have to turn it in."

"Perfect, Delta managed to secure those two magical girls we encountered earlier." I replied while accepting the grief seed and putting it into a pouch on the left side of my belt. " What happened with that familiar you were dealing with?"

"I had to let it go, since you told me that my gem was almost black." Izumi said with a sigh. "I hope I don't regret this.."

"We didn't have much of a choice." I reassured her. "It was either some lousy familiar or risk losing you."

Izumi blushed slightly before averting her gaze from me for a moment. She fidgeted in place for a moment before she knelt down to pick up her weapon.

"I-I…appreciate the concern." she said timidly.

I reached for my helmet and pressed a button at the bottom of it on the left side, causing the chin guard to split and recede into the helmet for removal.

My ruby red eyes illuminated in the light of the full moon as I looked at the magical girl before shaking my head, forcing my currently unruly black hair to settle downwards a little, before smiling. It wasn't that long in length, but enough to suffer helmet hair. Like Izumi, I had pale skin that was easy to see in moonlight, allowing .

"We're teammates, remember?" I said before holding my helmet to the side. "Gotta look out for one another."

"Oh… O-Of course…" Izumi said with a look of disappointment on her face.

I looked at her in confusion before I saw Delta, still donning the helmet carrying two protesting, flailing girls, clad in only their underwear, over her shoulders like sacks of potatoes. Once she came close towards Izumi and myself, she shook her head before looking down on me. She was an adult of twenty five years, therefore taller than the rest of us.

"About time you showed up." I commented while narrowing my eyes.

"Bite me Alpha, here're the little monsters." Delta scoffed before unceremoniously dropped the girls to the ground.

"Dammit! Didn't I tell you already to treat them like regular people!" I reprimanded my partner.

"Oi…They're not humans anymore, Alpha…" she retorted.

"We have a familiar on the loose still, so you go find it. I'll look after the magical girls in the mean time." I said to my partner.

"Fine…sir." she said dryly before giving me the finger.

Delta has never held me in high regard due to me being much younger than her, yet be her superior as well as my methods of dealing with magical girls. The reason that I was in charge was because I was the more level headed of the two, since she was trigger happy and frequently reckless in how to approach Witches. Basically, shoot first, ask questions later.

My partner turned and walked away, grabbing the rifle that was hanging from her side and undid the safety as she vanished behind a shipping container.

I turned my attention down towards the two girls who looked up at me in fear.

"I apologize for how my partner treated you. We don't exactly see eye to eye." I said in a calm tone.

"What are you going to do to us?" one of the two asked . She had violet eyes and brown hair that was held in a short ponytail with a red hair band, in addition to having the average figure of a fifteen year old.

"It depends on a few questions I have for you." I replied before kneeling down in front of them setting my helmet to the side. "First off, what are your names?"

"I-Itou Nozomi…" the brunette replied, her voice betraying her fear.

"Enoshima Fuuko." the other one said before gulping nervously. She had pink hair and soft blue eyes, and unlike Nozomi, she was of a petite build, but a little bustier in comparison.

I nodded before reaching into my pouch to pull out the grief seed. The two girls looked at me incredulously before turning their attention towards the blackish sphere

"I was told your soul gems were a little murky, and this can still be used a few more times." I said. "After I'm finished with my questions, I'll allow you both to use to clean your gems."

Both Fuuko and Nozomi looked at me once more with shocked faces as I replaced the grief seed into the pouch.

"Why?" Fuuko asked.

"To prove that I am not your enemy." I replied while closing my eyes for a moment. "You see, you two had the unfortunate luck to run into us tonight. I understand that you were most likely after the grief seed, but I was after it too, but for different reasons. It's for my…job, for lack of better terms."

"But we need it more than you then!" Nozomi said in a panic. "If we can't purify our gems, we're going to…"

"Become witches. I know all about that." I finished for her in a firm tone. "My job is to exterminate witches and to prevent new ones from forming, at any cost." to emphasize my point, I pulled out my gun and pointed it at them while keeping a stoic face.

The two girls both began trembling in fear as I looked at them. My face gradually softened as I lowered my firearm.

"The others that work for the same organization as myself would kill you both without a second thought, as they all see you as monsters. Just because of the single fact that magical girls turn into witches." I explained before putting my gun away. "I however, don't because I know you are humans."

"So…what are you going to do with us then?" Fuuko asked, still nervous of what could happen to her.

"That leads to my second question, Do either of you have families or friends that care for you?" I asked bluntly, ignoring the question.

Both girls gave me different looks, One of sadness, the other anger.

"I-I lost my family when I was much younger…" Fuuko said solemnly.

"I have a bastard dad that always treated me like shit every day…" Nozomi said, her voice dripping with venom as she clenched her fists. "I don't want to go back to him…"

"I see…" I said softly before looking at Fuuko. "I'm sorry for your loss, Enoshima-san."

"Arigato…" the pinkette said softly while giving me a ghost of a smile.

" Now for the third question. Do you want to fight the cycle?" I asked next.

Both of the girls looked at me in confusion.

"May I elaborate for them?" I heard Izumi ask from behind me.

"Knock yourself out." I said with a smile.

"He's talking about how Kyubey tricks girls like us into those contracts." the blonde stated, causing both Nozomi and Fuuko to look at us before both of them looked down at the ground, both immediately saddened as they remember their encounters with Kyubey. "To him, we are simply nothing more than cattle. He continuously entices others into becoming magical girls so as to ensure that witches continue to exist so grief seeds can be harvested. "

"As far as we know, this could have been going on ever since the dawn of humanity." I added with a sigh.

"While I still have to partake in this cycle as a magical girl by eliminating witches, the organization my friend here works here may have a means to break it." Izumi pointed out. Both of the other Magical Girls looked at me in confusion.

"I don't know the details why, but my superiors want me to collect grief seeds and either obtain or destroy the Soul Gems of magical girls in order to remove the threat of them becoming Witches. I am strictly told to turn in any and all grief seeds I collect, regardless if they've been used by magical girls or not. However, soul gems are mine to keep." I explained.

Both Nozomi and Fuuko looked at me in fear before I smiled once more.

"You see, I only have collected only one soul gem, in which it's my friend Izumi's. As you can see, she's still very much alive." I pointed out. " I got it because she entrusted me with it."

"He's speaking the truth." Izumi confirmed as she blushed a little. "He saved my life when we first met, so… I owe him my life for what he did."

"Okay… but that doesn't answer my question." Fuuko stated with a frown.

"About what I plan to do with you?" I said before smiling. " All that depends on your answers to the one I just asked and the next one."

"In that case, my answer is 'Yes, I would.'" Fuuko said with a sigh.

"Same here." Nozomi added.

"Alright, my next, and final, question is this: Are you willing to work for me?" I asked.

"What will happen if we say no?" Nozomi asked.

"I'll let you go, provided that you move to another town." I replied bluntly.

Both girls looked at me with stupefied looks on their faces.

"However," I said, emphasizing the word while holding a finger up. "If you agree, I will take you in and provide shelter and food. The only price will be that you'll have to surrender your soul gem to me for safe keeping."

"Why would we have to do that?!" Fuuko cried out in disbelief. "I would essentially be handing you my very life!"

"I won't deny that, but it's mainly so that I can protect your gem from my partner or others. Don't worry, even if I hang on to it, you can still use your magic like normal." I countered while looking at the two magical girls with a firm look on my face. "If not, you could be killed at any moment around her."

"I…I see…" Fuuko said in defeat, looking downtrodden by what she just heard.

"I can guarantee your survival if you can trust me." I reassured her.

"So… We can either flee and go to another town, or stay and be enslaved…" Nozomi said with a sigh.

I brought my hands to my face and groaned loudly.

"Dammit… I hate it when people think of my proposal like that." I said in annoyance. " I am offering you a home and safety from the very same organization I work for, all in exchange for your cooperation with hunting witches!"

"Okay…" the brunette said skeptically.

"How would we deal with grief seeds?" Fuuko asked in curiosity.

"I won't have all of you fight the witches at the same time, so as to prevent your gems from becoming polluted so quickly. Basically, you'll all take turns hunting for witches alongside me. I will turn them in after you use the grief seeds. As for the other two, I'll take the soul gems with you, but leave your bodies at my place. It's not like you'll die if you're separated from your bodies. They will simply fall into a deep sleep when your soul gem is out of the range of a hundred meters. Your bodies will be in a death like state, but will be perfectly fine, Don't worry, they'll be safe once they're part of my armband." I replied before holding up the armband to show the slightly unnerved girls.

" I know this looks like a piece of junk, but the gem that's attached to it is Izumi-san's soul gem. I don't know why, but my armband can store soul gems and they're almost invulnerable once stored. It can take a bullet and still be perfectly safe. However, the drawback is that they'll become murkier more than usual whenever you use your magic. Which is why I won't have you all deal with the witch directly if possible and only one at a time."

"What about for us to transform? We need our gems to do that." Nozomi questioned.

"Another beauty of this armband, It can allow you to transform without it in your possession, though wherever the gem winds up will be missing from your outfit." I answered. "In a way, I eliminate your weak point when you do fight. However, that too will speed up the accumulation of impurities."

"The more I hear about this, the more appealing your offer sounds…" Fuuko admitted.

"I have to agree." Nozomi said in agreement before chuckling a little. "To be honest, I'm tired of going from town to town because I'm always chased off by some rival magical girl over territory. If I have to be on a leash to, so be it. "

"So, what are your answers?" I asked while frowning a bit at what I just heard.

"I'll accept your offer, provided you tell me your name as well as your friend." the brunette said.

"I'm with Nozi-chan on this." Fuuko added.

I couldn't help but laugh when I realized that they were absolutely right. All this time talking, and I haven't given them my name.

"Gomen, where are my manners?" I said while palming my forehead before clearing my throat. "I am known in my organization as Praedari Alpha, but my name is Sakamichi Shotaro. My friend is Goto Izumi."

"Nice to meet you." Izumi said while bowing out of respect.

Once the long overdue introductions were out of the way, I looked over at Izumi before turning my attention towards Fuuko and Nozomi with a smile.

"I greatly appreciate that you've took me up on my offer. I'll do my best to support you both as your guardian." I said wholeheartedly.

"As long as you don't treat us like slaves…or pets…" Nozomi warned while glaring at me. "Or even servants."

"Not this again!" I groaned before sighing.

I know that what I'm doing is both right yet unacceptable in many different ways. I am essentially preparing to revolt against this vicious, unending cycle that I'm not supposed to get involved with in the first place. At the same time, going against what I was trained to do for a belief.

"He's here… up on top of that container to our right." Izumi said in a whisper.

I looked over to where she said and saw nothing. I then knelt down and picked up the helmet, placing it back on. Immediately I looked at the same spot again and saw what I had expected through the visor.

The one that was technically my true enemy. The instigator who keeps the endless cycle running through his deceit and manipulation. All because he views humanity as mere animals.

The Incubator…


"I fail to comprehend by what you mean by that."

"You expect me to believe that we can domesticate those freaks?"

"I didn't expect this."

"You brought this upon yourself…"

"Why do I collect soul gems? It's because of what I can do with them."

" You have new orders, Alpha."

"I am both a Praedari, and a Magical Girl."

"What is your choice,?"

There are times that we must trust those we don't know. Sometimes, that trust is misplaced when you need it most.

Next Time: Can I Trust You?

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Weapon of choice: (can be anything, except anything that would be considered overkill, like tanks, nukes, etc. )

Partner preference: ( optional, but it will be helpful to give me info on what kind of partner would work best. Keep in mind, this won't be guaranteed so your OC may wind up stuck with the exact opposite.)

View on Magical Girls: (It can be anything besides seeing them as enemies or allies. For example, they can be seen as like potential candidates for a harem or as the next stage in human evolution. Sky's the limit.)

Armband ability: ( Only forbidden abilities are allowing the Praedari to generate and use their own magic without a contract with Kyubey and having the armband transform or augment the owner's body in any way physically. The armband turning into armor, equipment that enables flight, or some form of arm mounted weapon or shield is allowed though.)

Please send submissions through either a PM with the subject title as "Praedari Magica Submission" or in your review.

I am looking for rivals mainly for both magical girls and Praedari. Also, if you want to see your favorite magical girl in this story, check out the poll on my profile. Keep in mind, I will only be listing those from the Manga, including the ones exclusive to Oriko Magica and Kazumi Magica.

That's about it fir now. Please take the time to write a review if possible, I would really like to hear your thoughts of my approach, as well as any constructive criticism. All flamers shall be ignored. For those that do check out the reviews, keep in mind that even if the majority hates it, don't go with the flow until you read any story, as you may enjoy it.

Hopefully I'll see you all next time. Take care till then.