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I stood in the ruins of a city as a strong storm raged. Lying at my feet in the river of blood were the corpses of many people, most in black outfits and helmets. However, standing amongst the bodies were four silhouettes that were humanoid, but each had different characteristics of animals. One of the four walked in my direction, extending a pair of wings that made me briefly think of an angel. However, instead of taking flight, the figure flapped the wings forwards to fire its feathers like bullets towards my right. I turned to see one of the a group of three men in black crumple to the ground with one of the white feathers sticking from the forehead, deeply imbedded inside as blood spurted out of the wound.

"DAMN YOU!" One of the surviving two screamed furiously while the other charged forward, his fists igniting into flames. The one with flaming fists tried to punch the winged figure, only to be shot in the foot by a gun carried by one who had the lower body of a snake. The flames immediately disappeared as he fell to the ground. The snake like being moved towards the man and coiled around him, giggling excitedly as I heard the sickening sounds of bones crushing as the man gasped for breath underneath his helmet.

"You still think you can defeat us? " the snake asked in a taunt before she grabbed the man's head and twisted it in a complete circle, ending his life right then.

The lone survivor clenched his fists before looking at his blue wristband that was filled with black jewels.

"You killed everyone…" he said bitterly. "My friends are all dead because of you."

"Would you please calm down?" the "angel" asked. "You have my sincere gratitude for allowing the others to bring my sister to her senses, as well as removing the competition. "

"Do you know that you've doomed all of humanity?!" the man countered. "I wanted to stop this cycle, not continue it!"

"Listen well, because I'm only telling you this once. We exist because we still hold our resentment, but are blinded by our rage." the angel explained calmly as she approached the man. "The reason why I'm allowing you to live is because of my feelings for you. I want you to be the forefather of a new race, one that thrives in despair. You have lost so much, yet you still hang onto life. I love that most about you."

She stopped and wrapped her arms around his body in a loving embrace before doing the same with her wings.

"I love you, even though I still despise you for what happened." she confessed softly.

"You're not the same person I remembered." the man said solemnly.

"Wh-What are you talking about?"


With that, an explosion went off between the two, engulfing them in fire. The flames spread out faster than I could react, incinerating me in the process before I could even scream.

The train announced my destination as I awoke from my dream. Guess I must have fell asleep a while back.

What the hell was that dream about?

~Welkin - Chief~

The doors opened for me as I left the dark chamber, pausing briefly to allow my eyes to adjust to the blinding light. Once the eyes were comfortable, I was met with the image of a pleasant surprise.

Standing before me was a Praedari who wore a peculiar uniform that was silver with a mirror like visor. His armband was a glistening gold while his gauntlets had clawed fingers that were covered in chrome.

"How did the meeting go?" he asked me.

"It had a few surprises." I replied calmly. "We started things off with pairing up those who were solo. Then came the surprise that was really caught me off guard. They are aware of more Praedari who're working with Puella Magi in some manner than I knew about. Pi, Alpha, and Epsilon are the ones I knew about. But to think there were more…"

"What are your orders then?" the silver Praedari asked me.

"Send Nu and Mu to back up Alpha." I ordered. " Remember this Xi, out of the three known cases, Alpha has the most control over Puella Magi. That makes him top priority to control. "

"Are you sure about that?" Xi questioned. "You know how those three are together."

"Pi will keep them in line in the field." I countered with a glare. "You of all people should know how your comrades behave."

The silver Xi chuckled as he nodded.

"Good point, I am one of the Eligere candidates, after all." he admitted. " There are twenty four Praedari stationed in each branch, but then there are the eight Eligere over all, in which you are one of, despite your age, Digamma."

"Of course, keep in mind that Eligere are those who proven themselves as more than just being good on the field." I chuckled softly before walking past the Praedari. "As for Epsilon, he will be partnered with one of the newer members, Sigma."

"I personally don't like that one." Xi said in disgust as he followed close behind. "He takes pleasure in killing others, especially teenage girls."

"All the more reason why he's partnered up with Epsilon." I said. "We are an organization that is tasked to eliminate the threat witches and Puella Magi possess by any means necessary. I don't care about the ideal method. All I want are results."

Xi fell silent for a moment to take in what I said. Knowing he was deep in thought I stopped for a moment to continue. We both stopped at an elevator before speaking up.

"Listen. You are one of my hand picked exterminators for Renegers, Xi." I stated while putting the hands behind my back while turning around to face the Praedari. "You have proven that you are worthy to be my successor. I am only an old man that is still useful because of how he manages the soldiers."

"Thank you, Chief." Xi said humbly as he bowed his head out of respect. "I may be speaking out of line, but what is the plan with Pi and his…partner?"

"Oh, you're talking about the nymphomaniac Puella Magi?" I asked before a smirk formed on my face. "She may be a loose cannon, but with Pi, I think they will work very well as a team with Alpha, his pets, Delta and the twins."

"That is going to be chaos twenty four-seven with those five Praedari together." Xi said dryly.

I couldn't help but laugh at his remark. I didn't realize till now just how disorganized that group will be. They were chosen because they would've complimented one another, and the others would keep an eye on Alpha's Puella Magi. Plus Alpha could be the only one who can put a damn leash on that Jeri.


~Praedari Mu~

My sister screamed as she was clinging onto me for dear life. I held up my rifle and opened fire upon the familiar that was coming our way. It resembled a simple plush rabbit, but with rows of shark teeth. The monster took a few shots to its left ear before leaping into the air. It flew towards us with its mouth widening, revealing its teeth at us in all its glory. I smirked while holding my left arm up as my black armband began to vibrate. The familiar stopped midair as it struck the invisible barrier that I created.

My sister peeked over my shoulder as I raised my rifle once again at the monster and opened fire as soon as I dispelled the barrier. The rabbit didn't have time to recover before I filled its belly with lead. The creature screeched before collapsing to the ground, its corpse dissolving into a black miasma.

"What's with you, Usagi?" I asked my sister while backing away from her.

"Sorry, Sekai-nee." Usagi said apologetically. She raised both her hands up to her helmet to remove it.

Her long light blue hair spilled out as soon as the helmet was off. She turned to look at me with her large sapphire blue eyes.

"You shouldn't be afraid of rabbits." I said while shaking my head. It's quite ironic that she was afraid of the very things she was named after. I followed suite and took off my helmet, allowing my own light blue hair to fall freely. To think that we looked so much alike yet acted so differently. That's identical twins for you.

"Sekai-nee, where are we going to sleep tonight?" my sister asked.

I sighed as I shrugged.

"I don't want to sleep under a bridge again." I admitted. "Sucks that we are vagabonds."

Here we were, two busty sixteen year old twins who are homeless. We only have been fighting for about a year and a half now, since it was either that or rot in prison for us accidentally killing someone.

"Umm… if I remember this correctly, This town is where Alpha-sensei's safe house is." Usagi recalled.

I immediately grinned upon hearing that. Praedari Alpha, our beloved Shotaro-sensei. Neither of us seen him after he trained us. Unlike most of the other Praedari we've met, he was the only one that cared for us as more than mere comrades.

What forced us apart was when we accidentally consumed some sake and not the sweet kind. I don't remember the details afterwards, but I do remember that the three of us woke in the very same bed naked. Shotaro never was one to think things through entirely. But still, until we both were found negative, he took responsibility. The Chief separated us for some unexplained reason soon after. I'm guessing it's to keep him from knocking me and Usagi up. I wouldn't complain if that happened.

I swear. If I was a magical girl, I'd give him my soul gem in a heartbeat. I know Usagi would do the very same thing. If it wasn't for Izumi interfering, the two of us would've tried to seduce him into making us his.

"What do we have here?" I heard a voice ask in curiosity.

Usagi and I turned around to face a girl that wore an over sized black sweatshirt with a skull and crossbones on the front. The jacket went past the waist, stopping midthigh while her legs were donning black stockings that went up to her knees with purple tennis shoes. Her hair was black and short in length. While her silver eyes focused upon us.

"Who are you?" I asked while aiming my rifle at the girl.

"I take it from those outfits you're those Praedari I've been hearing about." the girl of presumably fifteen years said. "Damn, you two could be gravure models with tits that big."

"Who are you?" I repeated while glaring at the girl.

"Oh, sorry, I guess you can call me Jyo. That's what everyone else is calling me on the news." she replied with a smirk.

"What are you talking about?" Usagi asked in confusion.

"Oh, guess you're not from around here. There's been a serial killer running around town, killing people left and right and dismembering their corpses. Police has no lead on who the killer looks like, so they're calling him, or rather her, Cutter Jyo."

"You…are a serial killer?" I asked cautiously while tightening my grip on my gun.

"Not just any serial killer, but a magical girl to boot." the girl who called herself Cutter Jyo announced.

Both Usagi and I tensed up in fear. My sister wrapped her arms around me again and held on. Damn, if only her knives weren't broken when we fought that rabbit.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you right here." I demanded while keeping myself calm.

Jyo smirked in a seductive manner and undid her sweatshirt revealing that she was wearing only a black bikini top underneath it with a pair of purple hot pants.

"I'm offering myself for someone, both body and services." she offered while letting her discarded piece of clothing fall to the ground. "You see, I am looking for someone of the Praedari that could make me their bitch."

I gawked at the shamelessness Jyo had. Usagi however was blushing furiously while hiding behind me. I collected myself and cleared my throat before speaking again.

"Why?" I asked. "Are you planning to kill us?"

"Normally, I would, but I was to be a good girl. If I did, I get to fight one of the most dangerous witches to exist. And I love nothing more than to kill something challenging." Jyo replied casually. "Plus it'd be a fun change of pace to belong to someone."

For some reason, I felt a twinge of jealously. The way she was talking reminded me a lot of Shotaro-sensei.

"Think about it this way, you remove a killer from the streets, and get an ally, or prisoner at the same time." the girl said with a smirk.

I took a moment to contemplate Jyo's offer. I was skeptical of a killer magical girl willing to put herself at the mercy of those who'd kill her easily.

"If you truly mean what you just said, give me your soul gem." I stated while locking my eyes with the girl's own.

The girl grinned and shook her head.

"Sorry, but how can I be certain that you won't destroy it?" she asked before holding up her right hand, revealing a silver ring with a completely clear gem embedded. "You Praedari are known to kill magical girls on sight usually."

"You're more informed than I realized." I said with a sigh. "Fine, but you're to stay by my side at all times."

Jyo only smirked upon hearing that before nodding in acknowledgement.

"So, you're into girls huh?" she asked. "Just so you know, I'm older than I look. I'm actually seventeen."

I growled at the girl before looking at Usagi. My sister was more composed now as she stepped out from behind me and her eyes focused upon the self-proclaimed serial killer.

"Well Usagi, is she speaking the truth?" I asked my sister.

"My armband didn't vibrate the whole time, so she's telling the truth, Sekai-nee." Usagi said calmly.

My blood went cold upon hearing that. I never thought I'd ever encounter a magical girl who was also a murderer. I was never told how to deal with someone like that during orientation. What the hell am I going to do about this?

~Witch - Sentire Valere ~

I opened up my eyes as I sensed a presence enter my wards. The air was filled of screeching of anticipation of a meal, however, they fell silent the moment I growled.

This has been a routine for me. Intruders come in, intending to slay me, and I am forced to fight them in order to survive. I formed wards to keep people out, as I had no intention of eating humans, preferring to devour those like myself instead. The only ones who could enter were what I once was and am now.

The memories of my past were fragmented and few. I don't remember my name, what I looked like, or how I became what I am now. But I do remember that I wasn't always like this. That and something I once said.

"I wish I would protect others and not bring harm to the innocent and peaceful, no matter what I become."

I feel like that is related to what I am, but had no clue to what the connection was.

I shook my head before extending my wings. I had to confront this intruder, hopefully I can scare her off without any fear.

~Puella Magi - Kyouko Sakura ~

The sound of snow crunching underfoot echoed with every step I took into the witch's wards. I tightened my grip on my spear as I walked on, all the while munching on the stick of pocky that dangled from the corner of my mouth.

The way the landscape was inside the labyrinth was quite unusual. There was absolutely nothing that would disorientate someone. It was rather spacious and large, though the "sky" was white with black stars and the ground was blanketed in what I had to guess was black snow. Grey trees were the only things that was present, though were few and far between. The weird winter scenery never felt cold at all as well.

Damn…this was so unusual compared to the other wards I've entered before. What made me be alert was the lack of familiars attacking me. By now the little bastards would be on me in a swarm. Now where the hell was that witch?

Just when I asked myself that, I ducked just in time to narrowly avoid a projectile from behind. I quickly stuffed what was left of the pocky into my mouth while turning towards the direction that the projectile came from. It was about damn time.

Flying towards me was what had to be the witch. It looked a lot like a tyrannosaurus with large bat wings for arms and a longer neck. Its skin was smooth and ebony while the teeth were snow white with some protruding upwards from the lower jaw, like a pair of tusks. Its eyes however were a contrast to the otherwise sinister demeanor it had, they were a soft blue in coloration, and were lively and brilliant.

The dragon like behemoth landed not far from me, growling softly while folding its wings against its body. It stared at me, as if it was examining me. I felt its eyes focused upon my own as it growled softly.

I hastily got up and got ready, pointing my spear at the witch. I didn't know what it was doing, but rushing in blindly was asking for death. It was obvious this beast could fly and attack from a distance.

The witch then craned its head back while extending its wings once again before it roared loudly. The skin of the wings turned from a dark black to a brilliant red.

Was it trying to scare me? It was doing a poor job if that's the case. The roar was giving me an earache though.

"Stop with the theatrics and let me kill you." I said in annoyance before charging forward. I aimed my spear towards the chest and ran as fast as I could.

The witch stopped its roaring and moved faster than it looked, positioning its wings in front of its chest to protect it. The moment the tip of my spear touched the membrane, a loud clink rang as my weapon bounced off like it hit something harder than steel. The giant newt was obviously twice the size of me, and now I learned that those wings were more than just flight. However, the chest had to be its weak point if it guarded it like that.

However, before I could make my next move, green ribbons erupted from the black snow faster than the eye could move, coiling around my arms and legs. The same kind of restraints also ensnared the witch. Once they got a good hold on us both, we were pulled down on to the ground despite how hard we pulled at them to break free.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I have important business with Sentire Valere." a new voice said in a casual manner.

I stopped resisting upon seeing the witch turn its head in the direction the voice came from, and I followed suit. My eyes widened in disbelief immediately.

"Who or what the hell are you?" I cried out, unable to make out what I was seeing.

Standing to my left was a weird girl. And by weird, I mean not normal. The upper part of the body was human, but from the waist down was that of a snake. Her human half looked like that of a seventeen year old girl wearing a sleeveless Gothic Lolita dress that was a dark green in coloration. Her medium length lime green hair was held up in a single ponytail from the right side by a ribbon that matched the clothes' color. Her skin was a deathly white with a scar running down the length of her left arm. However, besides the dark green snake half with a yellow belly, she had ebony eyes with light green irises and slit pupils.

"I am not sure myself." the freak, who was owner of the voice, said with uncertainty. "Although I do know is that I am one born from despair."

Shit… How come I didn't notice her until now?

Without another word, she slithered over towards me before caressing my cheek with the tip of her tail. I involuntarily shivered at how cold it was against my skin. She lowered the tail in a teasing manner against my body, causing me to shiver more as I felt the coldness through my clothes. I glared into her eyes defiantly despite how my body reacted.

"Humans are as amusing as they are delicious." the snake freak said in amusement. "However, I definitely enjoy playing with magical girls even more."

As the snake lowered her upper body towards me, she paused when a threatening growl echoed through the air before turning her attention towards the witch.

"Oh? You don't want me to hurt her?" the freak asked, as if she understood the witch.

She then smirked menacingly before looking back towards me.

"Don't worry, I won't leave a single bruise, I just wanted to copulate with this magical girl." she addressed the witch in a reassuring tone. "I only want to see if I can have children after all."

I began pull at my restraints once again, this time as hard as I could. I was in no fucking way going to be raped by some half human monster. The witch too began to shake violently at the restraints as it opened up its mouth to roar defiantly. The snake's eyes widened in shock as her mouth opened, meanwhile revealing two fangs protruding from where her canines would be.

"Why are you against that? She will kill you the first chance she gets." she protested. "Your kind preys upon humans, and the magical girls are your predators!"

What the hell is going on here? Was that witch…against what the freak wanted to do to me? This has officially became the weirdest day of my life.

The dragon shook its head violently before roaring once again. The snake bitch frowned as she moved towards the witch.

"Perhaps once I make you one of us, you'll understand." she said coldly. Once she got close, she opened up her mouth lunged forward, sinking her fangs into the skin of the dragon. It roared in agony while flailing as much as possible, obviously trying to get free. After several minutes, the giant gave a guttural cry before its entire body went limp.

Once it became still, the freak raised her head to remove her fangs. As she slithered away from the witch, its body began to dissolve.

"Damn you, that was my kill!" I snapped in anger.

"You magical girls always see witches as either monsters to kill or cattle to slaughter. However, have you ever considered that some of them could retain their individuality from those who were once magical girls? " the freak asked coldly. "I don't know my origins, but I do know I can reawaken those who fell into despair, but only if very specific conditions are met. This witch, Sentire Valere, may have met them all. "

"What kind of crap are you talking about?" was the only thing I could say in response.

"Sentire Valere is a witch that still has fragments of her memory that are strong enough to override her instincts as a witch to devour humans. Obviously you must have noticed the lack of familiars attacking you." the snake woman explained. "If she has the potential to reawaken, it will because she had a wish that would retain her individuality in some manner upon becoming a witch."

As she spoke, my eyes wandered over towards the body of the witch as it kept on dissolving. About half of it was gone now as the green ribbons disappeared into thin air. The corpse began to dissolve even faster before revealing a human lying in the black snow, or rather, something that was human like.

The snake must have also saw the body, as she clapped her hands while laughing in joy.

"She did reawaken." she said giddily before leaving me once again to approach the body.

The body that was there in place of the witch stirred as a soft groan filled the air.

A pair of reptilian wings extended up into the air as the figure sat upright, revealing to be a nude teenage girl when I saw her breasts. Besides her wings, the rest of her body was completely human from what I could see, but with the same deathly pale skin color as the freak. Her eyes were closed, leaving them a mystery to me at the moment. Her long silver hair reached her waist.

Once again, what the hell is going on here?

"I am glad you were able to come back, Sentire Valere." the snake said in a friendly demeanor.

The winged girl opened her eyes, revealing them to be ebony with blue irises. She looked down to examine her arms before turning to face the other freak while her face contorted to one of confusion.

"What happened to me?" she asked.

"Good, you still remember how to talk." the snake said in relief. "I reawakened your complete consciousness with my magic, which in turn caused your body to transform to what it is now."

The former witch blinked in confusion before looking down. She gasped in shock upon realizing she was nude and blushed deeply. Her wings then wrapped around her body, preserving her modesty. At the same time, I saw a black tail curve upwards briefly before falling back down.

I know I am repeating myself now, but seriously… What the fucking hell is going on here?!

"You're no longer a monster, but at the same time, it's impossible for you to become human again." the snake said. "Anyway, I call myself Lamia. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"I see…" the winged girl said with a from. She slowly turned her attention towards me and looked into my eyes with concern.

"What are you going to do with her?" she asked that snake bitch, Lamia.

"If you don't mind, how about we make her our toy?" she suggested. "I honestly am curious to see if I can have her carry my egg."

"You're sick…" the winged girl said in disgust before rising to her feet. As she rose, I saw that her legs transitioned from the deathly white to dark black scales from the knees downwards. She staggered for a moment but regained her balance before she extended her wings to grasp at Lamia's throat with her right hand. "I won't let you do that to a helpless girl, even if she wanted to kill me before you showed up."

"Even after I reawakened you out of the kindness of my heart, Sentire Valere, you still want to defy me by protecting your predator?" she asked while glaring at the draconic girl.

"I remember very little still." she said before tightening her grip on the freak's throat. " However, I can't allow you to bring any harm to her."

"What are you thinking?!" Lamia gasped in shock. "Are you willing to protect your mortal enemies?"

"If you put it that way, then yes." the silver haired girl admitted with a smirk that vanished as quickly as it appeared. "Now let the girl go."

The snake fell silent before raising a hand to snap her fingers. The ribbons that held me in place vanished, allowing me to immediately get to my feet. I felt my body ache from where the restraints were a moment ago. I grabbed my spear and pointed it at the two half human monsters.

"If you leave now, I assure you that your life will be spared." the former witch addressed to me firmly while glaring over her shoulder. " But if you come towards me, or return with the intent to kill, I will see you as an enemy and crush you."

Damn… I had no idea what either of these freaks could do in a battle. Hell, I don't even know if that winged one would drop a grief seed now if I kill her, let alone the snake. Are they witches or something else? Regardless, while I may need a grief seed, I wasn't desperate for it right now. Besides, this has became way too weird for me to handle.

I frowned and nodded, not wanting to take any chances. With that, I stepped back a few times to make sure either of the freaks made a move towards me before turning around and run from the direction I came from.

That damn Kyubey has some explaining to do about this.


The van came to a complete stop as I looked out the window at the destination.

What I saw was a church that was left abandoned and in disrepair after its pastor killed his family before committing suicide. From what I had heard, the church's pastor preached things not of the teachings of the faith, resulting in the congregation to stop coming to worship, and the pastor to become excommunicated. Then all of a sudden, many people began to flock to the church again at an absurd rate. Just when it looked like the ousted pastor was rebounding, tragedy struck.

Why would a pastor who was successful just kill his own family and take his own life like he had nothing left to live for?

Things didn't add up. It was like with my parents turning from selfish bastards to perfect parents overnight, as well as my sister disappearing.

I remember reading that there was a single survivor of that travesty. She was an orphan who would be in her teens. I couldn't remember her name exactly, but was it Sasame Kyonko or something like that? God, it was like three in the morning when I read that article online.

I want to talk to that girl. There were some eerie parallels between what happened to both of us that I felt were not just sheer coincidences. Both of us had experienced tough times, then something very unusual happening at an insane speed to us, and finally losing our families not long after the weird event…

Those three things stood out the most to me.

I was brought back to reality upon feeling a hand gently shaking my shoulder. I turned my attention towards the driver who brought me here.

"Are you alright?" he asked me.

"Sorry, I got lost in thought." I replied with a smile.

"Alright." the old man said with a smile.

~Puella Magi -Katsura Misaka ~

"I won't deny that it's not all that glamorous as it is in anime at times." I said with a smile. I focused my eyes upon the young girl before me as Kyubey remained perched upon my shoulder. "But there are so many things that you can do."

"A-Are you telling me the truth?" the girl looked at me with uncertainty, but was almost fully convinced.

I chortled a little before I offered my hand.

"Yeah, I assure you, it's worth it. Plus there's also your wish, remember." I reassured her as Kyubey jumped off my shoulder. "You can ask just about anything you want. Sky's the limit."

I held out my soul gem and tossed it into the air as I closed my eyes. My clothes vanished to be replaced by my magical girl outfit. Replacing the black tank top and denim miniskirt I wore is now a magenta tube top and miniskirt. A red collar appeared across my neck. My arms and legs also brandished scarlet shackles that each had matching chains dangling from the side. My feet were encased in a pair of heeled boots that were a glistening pink. I grabbed my soul gem and held it to my collar while turning it into a pendant that hung from a loop in the front.

The girl looked at me with a mix of shock and awe.

"If you're wondering, the outfits are as diverse as there are wishes." I explained. "You can't really decide what it looks like exactly, but a general idea can influence it."

"Why do you have a collar?" the girl asked.

I smirked a bit and looked in her in the eye.

"I think it was because it was influenced by my wish." I replied. "I broke free from some bad men who were using me to their own ends after I made a contract with Kyubey. The collar and shackles represent what I was before."

"I see…What was your wish?" the girl asked me out of curiosity.

"Some things are better off unsaid." I replied bluntly while frowning a bit. "So, have you made up your mind?"

"I have." she said with a nod. "I...I want to become a magical girl."

"Alright, Kyubey, you can take it from here." I said before turning to leave. "I got something personal to take care of."

"Very well," Kyubey said before turning his attention to the girl. " Now then, what is your wish?"

I walked out of the alleyway and swung my left arm up, causing the chain to stretch up and attach itself to the building's side before pulling me up towards the roof. Once close enough, I leaped up onto the roof as the chain detached itself and returned to its original length.

"Sorry, but I can't let you ruin everything. " I said to the unexpected guest.

A man dressed completely in black stood in front of me with what looked to be some kind of sniper rifle in hand. Holstered on both sides were a pair of handguns and a shotgun was strapped to his back. He remained completely silent as he lowered the gun to the ground. I swung one of my chains as a whip, forcing the man to jump away from the gun and my attack.

"Sorry, but I can't let you be near that. Now slowly remove those guns and toss them over the side. " I demanded as I had the chains straighten out forward , turning them into makeshift rods. "Now, which letter are you, Praedari?"

"Epsilon." the man said bluntly before slowly lowering both hands to the guns at the sides. My chains stretched forward, stopping between Epsilon's hands and his guns.

"One at a time, and slowly." I instructed.

Just before the Praedari complied, a green blur leaped up from my left and fell towards me, forcing me to leap back just before a spiked battle hammer struck the spot where I stood. As I expected, the attacker was a magical girl.

She had light green hair, slightly wavy I might add, was kept in a low ponytail that went past her shoulders just a little. Holding the ponytail up was a white ribbon. Her emerald eyes were cold and focused solely upon me through her thin-framed glasses.

Her outfit was a green tailcoat that was buttoned up with a white collared shirt underneath it. In addition was a knee length pleated skirt that matched the tailcoat in coloration while her feet were covered in white tights and short green boots. Completing the outfit were a pair of white gloves, a white ascot tie and a green star-shaped gem brooch fastened to the right side of her tailcoat.

"What do you have against me?" I asked the magical girl.

The green girl raised her weapon and charged towards me once again.

"What are you doing?!" she screamed in fury as her hammer's spike began to glow while starting to enlarge in size. She then swung the hammer spike first in an obvious attempt to impale me.

I retaliated by making my chains go slack before swinging one of them to entangle the hammer with it while leaping up into the air. As I descended, I saw Epsilon slowly vanish into thin air as I saw his white armband glow briefly. I quickly turned my attention back towards the magical girl and pulled on my chain, prying the hammer out of her grasp. The weapon landed before my feet landed on the roof once again near it.

" Okay, just who do you think you are, trying to attack me like that? I don't have any grief seeds." I said in annoyance before glaring at the girl who was fourteen years of age now that I got a good look at her.

"I saw you with Kyubey trying to make a contract." the girl said in anger. "If I didn't move the moment you left, I wouldn't have saved her."

I froze in place in shock. She prevented Kyubey from making a contract?

"Damn you…" I cursed before I swung my arms downwards, causing the chains to pierce into the rooftop. "Do you understand that Kyubey's trying to help us survive?"

The magical girl's eyes narrowed in fury as she clenched her fists. The hammer I removed from her vanished in a green light before reappearing in front of her before she quickly grasped it with both hands.

"Why? Why do you embrace the bastard's methods?!" she demanded while the head of the hammer began to grow in size.

"He saved my life." I said firmly while stepping forward with the chains still imbedded in the roof. "I don't fully understand his reasons, but I truly get that everything is for the greater good of the universe."

The girl froze in place as her eyes widened in shock.

"Do you care about how much magical girls suffer after forming a contract?" she asked.

"You only call it suffering if you let it get to you." I retorted callously before stomping my foot twice.

Before she could react, multiple chains erupted from the ceiling underneath her, ensnaring her and her weapon.

"I can tell your strength comes through your emotions, but you let them cloud your judgment." I pointed out before grabbing the chains attached to my shackles before pulling on them, forcing my opponent to her knees, despite her resisting. I charged forward before driving my right knee into the girl's face, knocking her head backwards as she gritted her teeth in pain. I then lifted my leg up into the air as the chain attached to the shackle began to wrap around my foot.

"You're not weak, just outclassed." I said before bringing the chain covered heel down onto the girl's head, forcing her face into the roof with enough force to have cracks form as it gave in a little. The green girl's outfit glowed before turning into a school uniform.

I undid my chains and carefully rolled her onto her back to see if her face was crushed inwards. I heard her groan weakly, indicating she was very much alive still, just out cold with a broken nose. It was then I saw Epsilon reappearing on my right with the shotgun pointed at my head.

"Relax, she's alive." I said while raising my hands up to show I meant no harm. I began walking back as the gun followed me.

The Praedari remained silent before walking towards the unconscious teen. He knelt beside her and placed the shotgun to a holster that was strapped to his back.

"So, what are you going to do to us?" I asked out of curiosity.

Epsilon looked over his shoulder but remained silent. I frowned in annoyance when I didn't get a reply.

"Are you going to kill me? Make us your playthings?" I pressed, raising my voice a bit.

"…Neither…" the Praedari replied briefly before scooping up the girl and held her bridal style.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't try killing you." I said threateningly.

Epsilon remained quiet for a moment before turning his helmeted head towards me.

"Ero dopo questo." he replied before turning his back to me before he and the girl disappeared into thin air.

"I see now, that's invisibility." I mused with a smirk. "Just because you're invisible doesn't mean you can escape me."

I didn't hear Epsilon make a response. Then again, he could be gone already. Regardless, it would be pointless to pursuit them right now. My primary objective is to help make as many magical girls as possible.

I have been a magical girl for over four years, and things have always been interesting ever since I started. I have devoted myself in furthering Kyubey's goals. He showed me that Humanity advanced so far due to Kyubey's intervention throughout history. Sacrifice was necessary for progress.

I smirked a bit as I recalled my wish.

I wished for the despair of magical girls to evolve, to become something that surpasses even the knowledge that we become witches. Something that makes death look innocent and peaceful.

I believe my price is to become the very thing I wished for, but I'll gladly pay any price if it means helping my savior's ambitions.

~Praedari Alpha~

I heard my cellphone ring loudly as I came out of the shower. I grumbled under my breath before wrapping the belt of my bathrobe around my waist before walking out. It has been a long day, and I just wanted to go to sleep now.

I opened the door and walked down the hallway towards my room. I picked up the pace and went to the door and grabbed the doorknob and twisted it, only to frown when it refused to move. I cursed before I started to slam myself against the door, attempting to open the door. My cellphone rarely rang, and the only time when it does is when I am to be given orders.

"DAMMIT!" I screamed while applying more force. "NOW'S NOT THE TIME FOR THIS SHIT!"

"Having some door trouble, hentai?" I heard Nozomi asked in an amused tone from behind me.

"I swear to god, if you're keeping me out on purpose, it'll be your fault that we are killed!" I said in a panic.

The magical girl frowned in annoyance while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"What do you mean exactly?" she asked.

"If I don't answer, my boss might send someone to kill us!" I replied while trying to turn the doorknob once again.

"Really?" Nozomi pressed, still skeptical about what I was saying. She snapped her fingers and the fucking doorknob finally turned. "Rather not risk it then, regardless of it being true or not."

I immediately swung the door open and bolted inside to grab the cell phone from my bed stand. I pressed the button and held it to my ear before speaking into it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"It's about time you picked up, Alpha." I heard the Chief said in relief. "You were starting to worry me."

"My apologies, Chief." I said apologetically. I was a bit weary of him since the meeting, but I acted like nothing changed between us. "I was in the shower."

"Ah, I see. Anyway, I am calling in regards to a transfer." the old man said casually.

My eyes immediately widened upon hearing the word "transfer." I was told that I was to remain in the sector I am assigned with Delta until we were no longer capable of fulfilling our duty.

"I'm getting transferred?" I asked, trying my hardest to remain calm.

The Chief laughed in response before he replied.

"No, I am not transferring you. I am letting you know that you and Delta are getting some back up from the Saitama Prefecture. His real name is Tenkimaru Sakurai, but he's known as Praedari Pi. Perhaps you heard about him or the Puella Magi that works with him, Jeri Mandeni."

My mind went blank. There wasn't a single Praedari in Japan who hasn't heard the story about those two. Pi was the first Praedari to officially work alongside a magical girl openly in the field after striking some kind of deal with the Chief. Jeri was infamous by herself. Rumors circulated that she'd sex anything that moved, leading to many of the male Praedari to guess what she'd most likely go for. That and she was a murderous psychopath.

"Alpha, are you there?" the Chief's voice snapped me out of my stupor.

"Sorry, I was kinda surprised you chose those two. Is there a reason why?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Two actually, the first is to have Pi keep tabs on your pets, while the second is for you to attempt putting a 'leash' on that nympho of a Puella Magi." the old man answered without hesitation.

I frowned as I listened to the Chief's reply.

"When should I expect them to arrive?" I asked.

"I'll send you the coordinates of the rendezvous point when the earliest opportunity arises." was the old man's response.

"Anything else I should be aware of regarding Pi or the magical- I mean Puella Magi?"

"Don't let the Puella Magi be bored for long periods of time."

I raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Okay… I won't ask for details right now, sir. " I said in acknowledgement. "Is that all?"

"Ah, almost forgot. I'm also sending Nu and Mu as insurance since you're going to be dealing with a loose cannon."

My eyes once again widened, only this time to be followed by an excited grin forming on my face.

"Arigato, Chief. That's reassuring to hear." I said, unable to contain my excitement. This is probably the best thing I've heard all day.

It's been a long time since I've seen the twins. I may had help them learn the ropes a few times, but we all shared the same goals, though through different methods. The twins sought to prevent girls from becoming magical girls through nonviolent methods, while I hoped to understand the Incubator's system in every way possible in order to find something that can be exploited or stopped.

They were the only ones of the Preadari I could truly trust my life with. To be honest, I actually held crushes on them both. I don't understand exactly why others say that's wrong to have feelings for more than one person? Still, that was in the past.

"That's all for now. You have a nice evening, Alpha." the Chief said before hanging up, bringing me out of thought.

Turning off the cell phone and placing it back onto the bed stand before turning around to see my roommates poking their heads out of curiosity.

"What's going on Sho-kun?" Izumi asked first. "Are we moving?"

I shook my head as my smile was replaced with a frown.

"The opposite, we're having people moving in with us. Praedari Pi and a magical girl." I announced.

" Seriously? One of your friends is named after a dessert?" I heard Nozomi deadpan.

"Actually, Praedari are addressed by a letter of the Greek Alphabet." Izumi explained for me. "Pi is the sixteenth letter if you're wondering."

" Also, Sekai and Usagi are coming." I said as my smile reappeared.

Izumi's face immediately turned sour for some reason upon my mentioning of the twin's names.

"Who are they?" I heard Fuuko ask as she walked into the bedroom.

"They're Praedari as well, but they're close friends of mine." I replied.

"A little too close in my opinion." Izumi muttered bitterly.

I laughed nervously as tension formed in the air.

Fuuko and Nozomi both looked from their fellow magical girl over towards me and back to Izumi. They both repeated this action for a few moments before the brunette shook her head in disappointment.

"I can't believe this." she muttered softly before her head vanished from view as she walked off.

I turned my attention towards Fuuko, who only looked at me with a concerned look.

"Something wrong, Enoshima-san?" I asked.

She shook her head and smiled a little.

"It's nothing, Sakamichi-kun." she replied, only furthering my growing confusion.

~Praedari- Phi~

I groaned as I came to my senses. The sight that I saw upon opening my eyes was of a lightened ceiling of an enclosed bus shelter.

I sat upright, seeing a face with her medium teal hair disheveled, with bangs covering the left blue eye while the right red eye stared back. Her outfit was of a ruined tank top that was scarlet from being drenched in blood while the pants had various rips and tears in various places. I remembered fleeing on a motorcycle I stole before getting hit by a car from my side, causing me to get into an accident.

I turned my attention from my reflection down towards the ground, noticing both the damaged motorcycle helmet and the teal soul gem that I reluctantly came back to collect next to my feet. I didn't understand why, but I had this odd feeling that I was to keep it with me at all times.

"Oh, you're finally awake." I heard a kind voice said in relief from my left when I came around. I turned my attention towards to see a teen girl with golden hair with spiraling twin tails. Her outfit was of a middle school uniform. My eye involuntarily twitched when I noticed her rack. Dammit, she was obviously larger than me.

"How are you feeling?" the blonde asked while looking into my eyes. "That was quite the accident you were in a moment ago.

"I'm fine…" I said with a frown. I reached down to pick up my helmet when I saw a familiar white creature sitting next to it. Memories flooded my mind as well as a sudden surge of rage.

"YOU AGAIN!" I screamed before grabbing the damn creature by the throat and lifted it up into the air with one hand. "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU WANT NOW, YOU SHITBAG?!"

"Calm down, Kyubey's not here to cause trouble." the blonde said in an effort to diffuse my anger. I darted my eyes over towards the girl while tightening my grip on the bastard's throat. The fact that she knew this creature meant that she was most likely a magical girl.

"Answer me, are you a magical girl?" I demanded in a low voice.

"My name is Tomoe Mami." the blonde introduced herself. "And I am indeed a magical girl. "

I immediately dropped the psychic cat and hastily grabbed my helmet before putting it back on. I reached and pulled out a small switchblade from my pants pocket.

"What do you want from me?" I asked while pressing the button to have the blade come out.

"Please, calm down. I have not intentions to harm you in any way." Mami pleaded while holding up her hands to show she wasn't a threat.

I glared at the girl before charging forward, not wanting to take any chances. The girl immediately held out her hand as several yellow ribbons materialized and wrapped themselves around me just before my blade could pierce her chest. The ribbons held me in place, no matter how hard I struggled.

"Damn it…Let me go!" I yelled while glaring at the magical girl.

"Why do you see me as an enemy?" Mami asked me, her eyes showing a mix of confusion and slight fear.


The blonde took a step back while looking at me with a look of bewilderment. I took a moment to collect myself before continuing.

"You are a threat to humanity." I added curtly. "You and witches alike."

The magical girl came to her senses after hearing what I said before sighing.

"You're wrong, I am nothing like witches." Mami said with a hurt look. "I fight witches to protect people."

"Not the first time I heard that bullshit." I retorted. " I've heard that same line many times from magical girls that I've been forced to kill."

I saw Mami's eyes widened in shock before taking a step back.

"What do you mean by that?" she asked me.

I couldn't help but laugh a bit, though it was bitterly.

"I'm a Praedari. Have you ever heard of them?" I asked solemnly.

Mami shook her head, silently telling me she had no idea of what they were.

"Praedari are killers hired to eliminate witches and magical girls alike." I explained. "No matter if we are convicted serial killers or mercenaries, all that matters is that we kill."

The magical girl stared at me in disbelief.

""We all have taken a life with our own hands one way or another. That is the first step in being selected to become a Praedari." I continued.

"Why would you do such a thing?" the schoolgirl pressed.

I fell silent while clenching my teeth.

"To survive." I said softly before glaring down towards the damned Kyubey. "But thanks to the fucking cat, I'm marked for death myself!"

"Because you're a magical girl?" Mami asked.

"I DIDN'T WANT THIS!" I screamed once more as tears started to form in my eyes.

"Please, calm down. I want to help you." Mami pleaded.

I stopped and began laughing dryly.

"You want to help someone that will kill you first chance she gets?" I asked.

"You don't sound like someone who enjoys killing others." the blonde said, not showing any fear.

I sighed and relented. This girl was able to see right through me. Or was it just that obvious?

"You're right." I admitted before letting go of the knife, allowing it to fall to the ground. "I hate this life… For everyday, for years, I have lived so close to death's clutches, where refusing to obey or the simplest mistake will result in death. Now, I can only run escape. It's the only way I can live. Standing still or fighting back only guarantee my death, all because I became a fucking magical girl."

Mami fell silent, unable to come up with anything in response. I felt my restraints loosen up allowing me to move again. However, I stood still, uncertain of what to do now.

The two of us stood in silence, looking into each other's eyes, trying to figure out what to do next.


I heard the car drive off, leaving me alone at the abandoned church. I tried to open the door to the abandoned church, only for it to fall down after I tried to push against it with all my strength. I couldn't help but shake my head in slight disappointment.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?" I heard the voice of a young girl said from behind me.

I immediately turned around to see a young girl with red hair taking a bite out of an apple she held in one hand while carrying a paper bag filled with more in the other.

"What do you want here? " the girl asked while narrowing her eyes a little. "If you're here to loot the place, you're not going to find anything here."

"I'm here looking for somebody." I replied calmly while crossing my arms in front of my chest. "There was a pastor who preached at this very church, but his teachings were seen as radical."

The girl took another bite of her apple while listening to me. After chewing in silence, she swallowed before speaking up.

"So, you know what happened to the pastor?" she asked, her voice relaying a hint of weariness towards me."

"He was excommunicated from the church, and for a long period of time, nobody came to listen to his sermons." I continued while lowering my arms. "As a result, the pastor, his wife and two daughters struggled to survive. However, there was something that happened afterwards that caught my attention."

The girl remained silent as she took a deep bite into the apple, her eyes focused completely upon me as her body tensed up slightly. I turned my back to the girl and began walking down the aisle, heading towards the pedestal.

" Literally overnight, the ousted pastor suddenly had people coming in droves to listen to his sermons, and more kept on coming." I said as I walked behind the stand, gently brushing my fingertips against the spot reserved for only the church's bible.

"That is the first thing that doesn't make sense. It's also what the pastor did that makes things so unusual."

I looked at the girl who became really tense while glaring daggers towards me.

" Why would a pastor who finally found those who will listen to him just-"

"Kill his family and commit suicide?" The girl interjected firmly while walking towards me. "Why are you interested in that exactly?"

"I want to speak to the only survivor of that unusual tragedy." I replied calmly. "It's obvious that you know exactly what I'm talking about."

The redhead finished her apple and set the bag down with the apple core next to it.

"What do you want to know exactly?" she asked me.

I began to feel like that if I say the wrong thing, this girl would kill me without a second thought. Taking a moment to collect my thoughts, I carefully chose my words. I inhaled slowly before opening my mouth to speak.

"I experienced something just as unusual. My experience had similar oddities that I can't just accept as mere coincidence."

The redhead fell silent before reaching for an apple from the bag and tossing it towards me. I clumsily reached out to grasp the fruit. I examined it briefly before noticing a really bad bruise. I casually tossed over my shoulder.

"I don't like eating bad food." I said.

The redhead immediately stormed right up to my face and grasped me by my shirt.

"DON'T WASTE FOOD!" she yelled right into my face. "I'LL KILL YOU IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN!"

I involuntarily flinched before realizing who this girl was. Only someone who had lived through poverty would value food like the girl just did.

"You must be that girl who survived." I said in realization. "Sakurai Kyonko, right?"

"It's Sakura Kyoko." the redhead corrected me while deadpanning a little.

"My bad, Sakura-san." I apologized before the girl let go of me as she went over towards the apple I tossed.

"It's fine…" she said flatly before picking up the fruit. "So, what's your story? You know mine already, but I don't have a single clue about yours."

"Fair enough, I'll start from the beginning." I said while nodding.

~Praedari - Sigma~

"Why won't you die?!" the magical girl cried as she crawled backwards, or rather attempted to since I had cut off bother her legs from the knees down.

"Why? Because I am tasked by God to eliminate demons like you." I said calmly while pointing my bloodied katana towards her.

"But I am not a demon. I want to help cure everyone's curses." the girl said as tears streamed down her face.

I stopped as a smile formed on my face before snorting slightly.

" You want to cure their 'curses' ? AHAHAHA! OH THAT'S JUST RICH!" I laughed uncontrollably.

The magical girl whimpered as she looked at me in fear. I calmed down while smiling at the young girl of presumably thirteen years of age.

"You demons say the most ridiculous lies. Whether you can use magic or not, you're the same." I said before spinning my body to slash my katana horizontally.

The demon never had the chance to scream before I sliced her jaw clean off before bisecting the rest of her head vertically in one fluid movement. I swung my blade at my side, causing the blood to fly off the metal and splatter across the ground.

I reached down and tore off the soul gem from the corpse and brought it to my mouth. I bit down hard on the egg like jewel before it shattered easily. I spat out the fragments that were within my mouth before tossing the rest down towards the demon's corpse.

Women are all demons. They seduce men's hearts for their own whims, and then discard them like garbage once they grow tired of them.

God tasked me with the extermination of these demons, for the sake of humanity. The police failed to understand the threat women pose against us, branding me as a mere killer and threw me into prison.

Just when I thought I was to fall into despair, salvation came to me in the offer to become a Praedari. While I was forbidden to kill every wretched woman I encounter, I was informed about ones that are even more dangerous than the everyday demon. The ones called magical girls.

For the sake of my holy crusade, I must eliminate the demons that pose the biggest threat to men.

I remembered the call I received earlier regarding my new partner, Epsilon. To think so many demons are residing in his very home…

"I shall free you from those demons, my dear Epsilon." I vowed while clutching my sword.

"What do you want with me?"

"I am the perfect hunter."

"The pleasure is all mine."

"Y-Y-You're a magical girl too?!"

"Despair brings evolution."

"What is wrong with sharing?"

"You are stupid to think that your magic can stop me."

"What am I exactly?!"

"I want you to join my cause."

"We must protect Walpurgis Nacht at all cost."

"Let's form a band!"

Morality is something that is never consistent, as it's different to both each individual person and the location they live in. It changes as society progresses. What can be seen as good one day can become taboo easily the next. In that regard, the definition of good and evil is never the same to everyone as well. Change occurs to even hope and despair. To endure, one must change as well.

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