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Spoilers: None really. one tiny, itsy-bitsy thing for "The Truth" but not overly noticeable and nothing that would give away the ep if you haven't seen it.

Dedication: To Robert Patrick - this is my take on the ending he said he wanted to see for John and Monica in an interview. Oh, I guess to Annabeth Gish too - without her there would be no ending to come up with for Monica and John hehehehehe.

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Into the Sunset

Monica Reyes opened the motel room door upon hearing the loud roar of a motorcycle. Her jaw dropped then she burst out laughing. "John Doggett, are you having a mid-life crisis?"

Grinning, he stepped off the Harley, leaving it running, and tossed a black helmet her way. "Nope. Figured no one would think to look for us on this."

She looked at the helmet in her hands. "No, I believe that is a safe assumption."

John stood before her and her eyes looked up to his.

"I was hoping you'd be my biker chick." His blue eyes danced.

Once again, Monica laughed. "How romantic, John. You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet."

"Just wait til Valentine's Day."

"Every now and then you do manage to surprise me," she told him shaking her head. Tossing a glance back into their room, she asked, "What about our stuff?"

"Monica, we showed up with only the clothes we were wearing. What stuff do you mean?"

Shrugging, Monica closed the door, slid the helmet on and followed him over to the bike. "Then I guess you have yourself a biker chick."

John got back on the bike and waited for her. "Good. It's always been a fantasy of mine you know."

She slid on behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Don't even think of getting me into a little leather outfit," she warned.

"In that case we have to make a stop so I can return it," he teased.

"John, John, John. What am I going to do with you?"

He looked back at her. His eyes sparkled with mischief.


Without a word, he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the Interstate as a brilliant red sun descended behind the mountains they were driving towards. Their future was uncertain but whatever it held they would face it together.

The End