A brown paw reached for the wires leading to a car battery in the garage when a sudden arc of electricity flashed right to it, causing the paw to quickly reach back. "GOD-FUCKING DAMN-IT!" James McClaw yelled at the top of his lungs in anger, fighting back to urge to pull out his pistol and put bullet holes in the car. James, now living with Jake and Chance, was helping them out in the garage that day. Not being used to the hot coveralls was especially infuriating for the CIA agent now living with the SWAT Kats.

"Where the hell are those two jackasses?!" James asked, as neither Jake nor Chance were anywhere to be found.

Meanwhile up in the sky, T-Bone and Razor were testing out their new jet that they had received from the CIA a few months ago, it was repainted jet black with red and blue stripes. And featured all of Razors latest gadgets that he had been wanting to try, as well as top-of-the line ant-radar detection equipment, which also included a camera where they could see an individual from over ten miles away with sound and even identification of the individual. Razor was watching James struggle with the car that they had given James to work on, and hearing him swear and yell all in the process.

"Should we help James out yet?" T-Bone asked Razor from the cockpit of the jet, T-Bone was enjoying the mechanics of the new jet as well, the TurboKat 2.0, he had twice the speed as the original and much better banking capabilities. Literally being able to turn around at a 90 degree angle and being capable of vertical takeoff, something that T-Bone especially liked doing.

"No way!" Razor said laughing, "this is just starting to get good!".

Meanwhile back on the ground, James finally got some of the mechanics out of the car and threw them on the ground, "son of a bitch." James said to the inanimate objects as more wind blew into the garage. It was now officially autumn in MegaKat City, with a dark overcast sky and the air with a slight chill to it, James, feeling the chill went to grab a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile back in the jet, Razor spotted a black car driving towards the garage, "looks like James is getting a visitor." Razor said to T-Bone.

"Can you try and figure out who it is?" T-Bone said to Razor before making another circle around the junkyard.

"Give me second." Razor said zooming in on the car and scanning all of its information, another toy Jake made in their secret base. "Bingo." Razor said, "Well, looks like one of James' CIA buddies, their official United States Government plates." Razor said, "Let try and get a listen."

Meanwhile back on the ground James noticed the black car coming up to him.

"Great," James said wiping his oily hands with a rag.

The car stopped and out stepped two agents with the traditional suits and shades, and leading the two was a female wolf, with a fitted black suit and tied back hair. "Agent McClaw?" She said to James.

"Yes?" James said to the she-wolf.

The she-wolf pulled out a manila folder and handed them to James, who took it but not opening it as it had a stamp that said CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on the front of it. She also handed James another envelope, "This one's for the SWAT Kats". She said before abruptly turning around and getting back in the car with the other two agents and doing a U-turn and leaving the junkyard.

"Well, looks like we got some work to do." T-Bone said.