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Chapter 1

Harry hadnt slept through the night since the battle at the department of mysteries. He saw the clock on the opposite wall showing 2 AM. He couldnt bring himself to go back to sleep as he had just had a nightmare of Sirius falling through the veil. It had been exactly 30 days after Sirius had died.

He went to the bathroom and washed his face. Now fully awake he looked in to the mirror. His dripping wet hair stood on end allowing him to view the cursed lightning bolt scar in the centre of his forehead.

He knew Dumbledore was coming to pick him up today. He knew he should have packed but he just couldnt bring himself to do it. He had waited years and years for someone to rescue him from the dursleys but no one had ever come so he had stopped hoping. He just couldnt bring himself to believe it.

He was turning his face from the mirror when he saw his scar flash green from the corner of his eye. He turned back to the mirror and saw his face in the mirror moving independently

"Hi Harry, I have been trying to talk to you for a long time" said the mirror

"Who are you?" whispered Harry. He had experienced talking mirrors before, there was one at the Leaky Cauldron and one at the Burrow as well. He also remembered the Mirror of Erised from his first year.

"I am Tom"

Harry was horrified. He immediately tried to twist away from the mirror. The name Tom meant that nothing good was in store. Ever since Voldemort has tried possessing him in the Department of Mysteries. He hadnt had another it seemed Voldemort was trying to mess with his mind again.

He found he couldnt move. His whole body was paralysed. He tried closing his eyes but found himself unable to do even that.

"Please Harry! Please listen to me" pleaded Voldemort

'Huh? Voldemort did not plead'

"I am not Voldemort. You need to trust me. I want to help you defeat Voldemort."

"How can you help me?" Harry demanded. He knew about the Prophecy now. Kill or be killed. Riddle had always been arrogant. In the Chamber of Secrets, in the Graveyard and even in the Ministry, Riddle had always talked on and on. He would just keep Riddle talking. In the meanwhile, he would continue trying to escape.

"I can tell you how Voldemort survived that night he attacked you in the nursery. I can tell you how to kill him. I can also tell you what the prophecy means."

Harry stopped struggling against the magic holding him. He had a way out. He might be able to have a life

"Tell me"

"Voldemort managed to survive that night because he had performed a dark ritual granting him immortality. He split apart his soul and stored part of it into various objects anchoring him to the mortal world."

"Split apart his soul?" Harry was confused.

"Haven't you wondered why Voldemort's current body looks so inhuman, it is because he is less than human without his soul. Because he lacks a complete soul, he has become an unstable psychotic monster."

Harry was not surprised by this information. He had always known that Voldemort was not human. He had fought him and he knew Voldemort was a monster.

"Do you remember the diary in the chamber of secrets? That was one of Voldemort's Soul Anchors. You destroyed that Diary and the soul fragment in it."

Harry remembered the Tom from the chamber. 'She poured her soul into the Diary, I fed on it and grew stronger, Strong enough that I was able to pour a little of my Soul back into her'

Harry felt his horror grow inside. Harry whispered "You are another soul fragment arent you? Except you are located in my scar. You are the reason I have been having visions of Voldemort."

He remembered the mangled diary and the unerathly scream that escaped as he destroyed it. "I will need to kill myself to destroy you, wont I? That is the only way to get rid of you" He heard the whisper of the Prophecy 'Neither can live while the other survives.'

His world shattered as he took in this news. He suddenly found sitting on his bed. He thought that this was all a dream until he heard a voice whisper in his head.

"I am sorry Harry that it has to be like this, that your life was like this and that you suffered through so much for nothing. I want you to trust me Harry so that I can make it up to you even just a little"

Harry's rage erupted at the apology. This was all Voldemorts fault. It was his fault that his parents died. his fault that he ended up with the Dursleys, his fault that he now had a death sentence hanging over his head. Harry hissed "Why should I trust you? You are a soul fragment of Voldemort, the same as the diary. You probably want me to join him right? Make things easier for the dark side. You are probably just as evil as Voldemort."

"No, I have changed Harry, You changed me. I am no longer evil. Let me prove that you can trust me, Harry."


"I will show you a memory Harry."

Harry suddenly found himself sitting in darkness. Suddenly without warning a bright light entered the darkness blind him for a moment. It was then he realised where he was. He was 6 years old and Uncle Vernon had come home drunk that night. Vernon pulled open the cupboard doors before dragging him out by his hair and throwing him on the carpet floor.

"Filthy no good freak" screamed Vernon "You embarrassed us today when you turned your teacher's hair blue. What will the other parents think of us for having a freak like you in the house?"

Vernon took his belt and began whipping Harry all the while screaming expletives "You devil spawn, You worthless piece of garbage. You filthy no good freak.". Petunia watched with satisfaction from the steps while Harry bled on the carpet. Suddenly he could take it no more. There was a flash of light and Vernon was thrown against the wall before falling on the floor unconscious.

Harry heard a hissing sound and felt a sudden heat spread through his body. He look at the cuts on his arms and legs and saw they were healing rapidly with blood inside steaming. He looked around and saw that Petunia had fainted in a pool of her own urine while Vernon was lying on the floor bleeding from his scalp.

Harry ran out of the house. He was determined to escape from that hell. When he ran a few blocks, he paused to catch his breath. His feet were aching because he had run barefoot through the snowy streets. He was freezing now.

That was when Dumbledore appeared. This was no twinkle eyed Headmaster. No this man had a hardness in face and body. The last thing Harry remembered was jet of red light heading towards him before he lost consciousness.

Harry found himself back in his body. He was stunned speechless. That memory could not possibly be real. The Dursleys were awful yes but they had never beaten or abused Harry. No matter how he felt about them, he was grateful to them for that except that it had now turned out that they had abused him.

And Dumbledore. Harry clearly remembered the first time he had heard about Dumbledore was after he turned eleven and the first time he had seen Dumbledore in person was at Hogwarts.

What then was Dumbledore doing in Surrey when he was six years old and that spell at the end, That was surely a stunner. Did this mean that Dumbledore had stunned him and taken him back to the Dursleys?

Harry tried clearing his head. He tried to stay calm and remember that he was dealing with Voldemort here. A Voldemort inside his head. Voldemort could send him terrifyingly real visions like the one of Sirius in the Department of Mysteries. There was no reason to believe this memory.

"I am sorry Harry but that was a true memory. Dumbledore obliviated you but he could never get rid of the copies of the memory I hold. That's the reason I remember while you dont.

I always made sure to help you heal while giving you as much of my energy as possible. I also tried to help you with your malnourishment so you wouldn't be as bad as you might have been when you finally entered Hogwarts.

So Please believe me, Harry. I saw you grow up. I practically lived your life along side you and have grown to care for you. Please trust me."

Harry could not bring himself to believe ill about the headmaster, the man he had come to see as a grandfather figure and mentor. This all had to be a lie. There was no way this could be the truth.

"You don't have to believe me. You can use me instead. Even if you want nothing to do with me, you can still use my power and knowledge I posses to help you in defeating Voldemort."

He couldn't understand what fragment in his head was gaining out of this offer. Riddle was a Slytherin after all. This offer was something that would definitely appeal to anyone but no Slytherin ever gave up something with getting something in return.

The voice in his head slowly chuckled "I see. You don't believe what I am saying because I am offering to help you for nothing in return. By trying to consider what I am gaining out this arrangement, you are trying to work out my motives from there. That's very Slytherin of you, Harry. I am truly and deeply impressed."

Voldemort's praise made Harry feel sick to his stomach. He wished the voice in his head would shut up and leave him alone.

"I can see that you are not ready to believe what I have to say. So I wont speak to you for now. Instead why don't you test if what I have told you so far is true or not with a simple experiment?"

"How?" asked Harry in head.

"Go to Gringotts first today and ask the goblins about Sirius's will. You will see what happens after that."