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I sighed softly turning over in the bed pushing myself into the pillows. My head felt fuzzier than usual and my mouth felt like I had been eating cotton. Something was wrong but I couldn't tell what it was. Maybe it was the insistent beeping or the fact that I didn't remember going to bed.

"Hermione? Can you hear me ma'am?" I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. I wanted to let them know that I could hear them but my body just wouldn't respond. Someone sighed and scratched at something. She must have been writing something down.

"Still no reaction. Her husband will be so disappointed when he finds out. He was hoping she would wake up today." A woman said her voice soft.

"Being put into a potion induced coma isn't a science. We can't tell him when she'll wake up exactly. We don't even know what the damage is for being hit by a wall. I think she needs more time to heal. Make another batch of the potion." A second woman said. Oh Godric, what? I wasn't married! I couldn't be married! I had only just finished my fourth year at Hogwarts there was no way I was married. No they must have been talking about someone else in the room. Of course that's what it must have been someone else.

The darkness that had been surrounding me pulled me back into its embrace. I tried to force myself to stay awake but it wasn't working. All I wanted to know was what was going on. Why was I in St. Mungos? Because that was the only possible place I could be where they could heal me.

The next time I came to there were voices from every side talking quickly. It was hard to discern anything. I think I heard my name in there but it was too hard to tell. Someone mentioned using legilimency on me. The voice sounded familiar but I couldn't tell from where. I tried to make myself more comfortable but my body didn't want to respond.

"Healer Stromwell!" Someone yelled loudly. "I think she's coming to."

"Alright everyone out you will all be able to see her in time." She said her voice authoritative. "Yes you too now scoot!"

There were a lot of grumbles but a moment later it was silent except for the beeping of the machine. Oh how I wanted to Avada that machine. It was so annoying. I enjoyed the peace and quiet. That's one of the reasons I loved the library so much. So calming and relaxing.

"Hermione can you hear me?" The healer asked placing her hand in mine. "If you can hear me please squeeze my hand." I tried with everything in me to squeeze it but my body seemed sluggish and slow. My fingers twitched infinitesimally and the healer let out a relieved breath.

"Good. Now Hermione I know you can hear me but you can't respond. You were hit by a falling wall during the final battle. Do you remember that? One squeeze for yes two for no." I twitched my fingers twice. It was the best I could do I was feeling tired again. The darkness I had been living in was pulling me back. The healer's words were fading in and out I was missing some of the words.

"Mrs... can... hear... me?" Her words were slurring together making alphabet soup in my head. Why couldn't I stay awake? It was like they were drugging me. Maybe they were for all I knew. I couldn't stay awake long enough to ask them even if I wanted to.

The darkness surrounded me again. I never liked the darkness. Whenever I went there I could hear horrible tortured screams. It was agonizing to hear them over and over again. I knew the voice too, it was a man's, but I had no idea how I knew the voice. What he was yelling made no sense. The man was screaming... my name? His voice was fading in and out. As if he was begging to see me? To get to me? To save me? It made no sense.

"Let me see my wife!" A deep voice yelled loudly. I was partially coherent but I was slipping back into the darkness.

"Sir you have to leave... who let him in here?" There was a scuffle then a grunt of pain. "Get him out of here!" A woman yelled loudly.

"HERMIONE!" The man sobbed brokenly and then the door slammed and it was quiet again except for the infernal beeping machine.

"He's becoming desperate Heather." A soft female voice said.

"I know its hard to watch him. He loves her so much." Heather said her voice hushed. "The good news is we can pull her off the potion soon and let her gradually wake up."

"Thank Merlin I don't know how much more I can stand. His pain is so evident whenever he sits by her side."

"Lets give her the last dose." Their words were becoming faint again. I tried to fight to stay conscience but it wasn't working. The darkness pulled me into its depths once again. I was quickly learning to hate the darkness and the screaming that always accompanied it. The sounds of people being tortured by the Cruciatus curse. Someone was screaming for help and I could barely stand the tortured screams.

Its just a dream! Was that it? Was all this a dream my mind created to torture me?

Just a dream! A voice yelled surrounding me. No this was not a dream it was a nightmare.

Sweetheart its just a dream! The voice yelled again. Sobbing. Someone was crying heart wrenching sobs. Another tortured scream ripped through the air.

"GIVE HER SOMETHING PLEASE!" The same man from before yelled. Another scream rang through the room and I realized with a shock that it was me. "I'm here Sweetheart I'm never leaving you I promise." And then I was slipping away again. The darkness pulled me back into its clutches and I found myself swimming through it as if I had always been there.

Something was different the next time I came around. My head no longer hurt but my mouth still felt cottony. When I went to turn over my body didn't resist. I pushed myself further into the pillows and gave a breathy sigh.

When I fell asleep it was deep and restful. I didn't dream or go to the darkness my mind had created. There were no tortured screams but there were flashes of light. It was nice and relaxing the way sleep should be. The lights swirling around were comforting. They were my usual dreams.

"She should be waking up soon." A soft voice said.

"How soon do you think?" A motherly voice asked.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she could hear us now. Hermione can you hear us?" The soft voice asked again.

"Yes." My voice was faint. Soft. Broken. The word barely slipped past my lips and broke halfway through.

"Hermione I am Healer Stromwell and you are in St. Mungos after being hit by a wall in the Battle of Hogwarts do you remember that?"

"No." I whispered my voice soft. Why couldn't I remember?

"She doesn't remember?" That motherly voice asked. "Why wouldn't she remember?"

"Head injuries are very complicated Molly. I can only do so much. Hermione what is your last memory?" Healer Stromwell asked her voice authoritative.

"Hog-arts ex-pess fo-rth y-r." My voice sounded off and my words were clipped and short.

"Did she just say fourth year?!"

"Molly if you can't calm down I'll have to ask you to leave. Hermione can you open your eyes for me. The lights are low so they won't hurt your eyes." I slowly forced my eyes open. It felt as if they were made of lead. Standing in front of me was a tall thin woman wearing healer clothes with messy black hair. She had a clipboard in her hand and was writing something down on it. Next to her was a woman who looked so beautifully familiar tears sprung to my eyes. Bright red hair, a pleasantly plump figure and a simple dress that looked just right on her.

"M-s We-sly?" I asked my voice breaking again.

She smiled at me tears in her eyes. "Yes Sweetheart its me."

For the next few hours I was being supplied with different potions. The fuzziness from my head started to go away and so did my cotton mouth. Between being given different potions and tonics I was asked questions. They were trying to figure out how much of my memory was gone. I knew I had lost a large amount because I'm fairly sure somewhere in my delirium someone said I was married. Everyone seemed shocked that the last thing I remembered was finishing my fourth year. They weren't letting in any friends or family. The healers had rushed Mrs Weasley out of there faster than I would have thought possible.

"When am I going to get some answers?" I asked as I was given yet another phial this one bright purple.

"Soon. Now drink it, it should help with the headache." A young blonde healer said a small smile on her face. I drank the phial down and noticed something sparkling on my left hand. My pulse quickened as I set the phial on the bed so I could take a closer look at what caught my eye. Sparkling brightly on the third finger of my left was a large diamond set into a shiny gold ring.

"Oh Merlin." I whispered looking at the ring.

"Hermione we are going to let in Molly and Arthur Weasley. If it becomes too much for you to handle they will have to leave. Do you understand?" Healer Stromwell asked looking me over.

"Yes." What else could I say? Healer Stromwell walked over to the door on the side of the room and opened it slowly. She stuck her head out the door and called for Mr and Mrs Weasley.

"I'm sorry the rest of you can't come in yet." Healer Stromwell said to the others waiting outside my door.

Mr and Mrs Weasley darted around the healer and came rushing over to my bed. "Hermione!"

"I'll be out in the hallway if you need me." Healer Stromwell said before ducking out into the hall.

"Oh thank Merlin your all right." Mrs Weasley said pulling me against her side.

"We were so worried." Mr Weasley said placing a kiss against my forehead.

"What all happened? I know I lost my memory but no one will tell me how much I lost." I said looking between them. Mr Weasley shifted uncomfortably and exchanged a look with Mrs Weasley.

"Oh Sweetheart you lost -" Mrs Weasley paused and swallowed thickly dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief. "- you lost three years."

I closed my eyes tightly and bit my lip hard. Three years. So much could happen in three years and apparently I got married somewhere in there. "And to whom am I married?"

Mr and Mrs Weasley gave each other another look and stood up slowly. "He would like to tell you himself."

They backed away towards the door and opened it before darting out. A moment later a tall muscular man with vivid red hair walked into the room with his head down. He was one of the Weasleys but I couldn't tell which one though. When he lifted his head I stared into the bright caramel brown eyes of Fred Weasley.

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