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Chapter 2

Diana felt a sense of nervous anticipation suddenly sweep over her as Bruce climbed into the back of the luxurious limo with her. She tried to calm the hammering of her heart, thankful that the Dark Knight didn't have Meta hearing.

She absentmindedly picked at an invincible piece of lint on her dress, not quite sure what to say or do now as an unexpected sense of awkwardness settled between them. Had he suddenly changed his mind in the few minutes that it had taken to exit the bathroom where they had kissed to enter the waiting limousine outside?

They had played this game for nearly two years now; this flirtatious little dance around something both knew could grow to become something so much deeper…so passionate and very real. She had beyond ready to sprint headlong across that line, he so afraid to cross it.

Bruce had fallen into the pattern of flirting and tiptoeing along that fine line, dancing as close as he possibly could to it without actually taking that vulnerable step to cross it. He'd flirt and smirk and dip his toe in the proverbial water, but never fully taking the plunge with her.

Then, he'd suddenly draw away from her, pulling into himself as if he'd been burned by her, avoiding her at all cost and missing founder's meetings so he wouldn't see her. And just when she was about to give up, ready to force her heart to finally let him go, he'd suddenly appear – their duties on the Watchtower mysteriously coinciding again, being paired on missions and attending League meetings where his chair had subtly inched closer to hers.

And the teasing dance would begin all over again…sparring sessions that grew a little more heated, a touch lingering longer than necessary, a superhero remaining exceptionally close in the heat of a fierce battle and the line was pushed a little further once more.

But that line had definitely been crossed tonight, a confession of mutual love and desire, a want so fierce that both knew they'd be fully consumed by it once consummated. Neither would come out of this the same ever again as teammates…friends…became lovers as well as hopefully so much more.

For some reason, this Dark Knight sitting beside her had been written on her heart, imprinted in her soul long before she'd ever met him or knew of his existence halfway across the globe. This would be the greatest love of her life or the deepest pain she'd ever experience if he decided to turn her away.

A sudden hand on hers, larger but in some ways no less powerful despite being human, drew her from her tormented reverie. His fingers interlaced with hers, not wanting to push her into something she wasn't ready for and yet neither could ignore the fierce desire that permeated the back of the limo.

The sexual tension was intense and electric, the air fairly crackling with the heated longing radiating from their bodies as they both tried so valiantly to rein-in something that had been simmering between them for far too long, set to explode with something so little as the brush of the lips or stroke of a finger.

"Diana," he murmured.

The sound of her name spoken by the voice that caused uncontrollable flutters in the pit of her stomach unexpectedly cut through the apprehension she was feeling. She slowly turned, lifting her eyes to meet his piercing blue gaze that was filled with such intensity it nearly stole her breath.

He was turned towards her, his free hand coming to rest against her face as his thumb lightly grazed her cheekbone with a reverence that stunned her. He spoke then as if he had sensed her fears, reading her mind and making her suddenly wonder if he truly could.

"This is real, Princess," he gently said, his gaze seemingly peeling back all the layers to see into her soul. "I want you more than anything I've ever wanted in my life."

Diana felt a shiver race through her as his thumb lightly trailed down her cheek before brushing softly against her lips. "You are so incredibly beautiful," he whispered in absolute wonder as he slowly leaned in closer.

His hand slipped into her braided hair as he memorized her every exquisite feature, his breath growing warmer against her face the closer he drew. It felt like an agonizing eternity as she waited for the sweet moment when his lips would touch hers once more, claiming her mouth all over again.

Her heart began to pound again despite the reassurance and peace that his touch brought her, knowing that this was where she belonged. She had never felt more certain, nothing had ever felt more right than this, being here with him.

"I just want you to be sure about us," she softly said as she pulled back, her cobalt blue eyes boring into him with rapidly heating lust that was on the verge of erupting. "I don't want to be just some fling because you already own my heart, Bruce. I'm not the…"

His lips swiftly silenced her as his arms quickly wrapped around her, pulling her body into him. Her words had caused the fire in his belly to become an inferno, searing through his veins as the kiss grew more passionate.

He often forgot that beneath the sexy exterior and Meta strength that could destroy a building singlehandedly beat a heart that could be crushed. He felt overwhelming guilt for the countless times that he had shoved her away, the snarls and cold shoulders given to her in an effort to keep her at bay, knowing that deep down he'd hurt the woman that he had come to love.

Knowing that her heart belonged to him had eradicated whatever misgivings that had been lurking in the back of his mind, threatening to inflame his fears and doubts. Why this incredible goddess would ever want or fall in love with him was beyond anything he could ever begin to comprehend.

His analytical mind demanded he break this down and tear it apart, to dissect it and determine all the reasons how she could possibly love someone as dark and damaged as he was. His heart, however, just wanted to accept it, grabbing onto her with all he had for fear she'd disappear from his life.

Diana could hardly believe that she was here in the back of a limo kissing Bruce, her fingers threading through his short black hair, grasping it tightly and pulling him closer. She had ached for this for two long years, dreamt of being with him for so very long.

She was still worried that he would suddenly push her away, forcing her out of his life; telling her this was a huge mistake. But it definitely didn't feel like a mistake to her as a moan escaped her parted lips only to be swallowed up by the handsome man kissing her breathless, his tongue repeatedly creating a sensual slide against hers.

It felt utterly amazing and she wanted more.

His hand slid up her thigh and snaked beneath the slit in her dress, settling on her backside. Surprised to find warm soft skin beneath his touch, he gripped her firmly, pulling her into him as he ground his hips into hers.

"No panties, Princess?" he breathlessly smirked, nuzzling his nose with hers.

"Never…why?" she tilted her head in curiosity, her brow furrowing in confusion as her hand slipped from his hair to caress his cheek.

Bruce's lips crashed against hers in response to her sweet naiveté, desire pounding wildly through his body. He was desperate for her to finally know just what she did to him, how he made her feel and how his body always reacted against his iron will to her. He groaned at the feel of her in his arms and against his body, pure feminine perfection wanting him as desperately as he wanted her.

For once in his life, he had made no plans past winning the bidding war on the beautiful Amazon tonight; making sure that no other man took her away from him. The thought of another man doing to her what he was doing now suddenly made him seethe inside with a white-hot jealousy that was nearly blinding.

She belonged to no other but him and he was never going to let her go.

Bruce finally broke the kiss, panting heavily as he began a slow delicious assault with his lips along her jaw towards her ear, his hands continuing their frantic exploration. He knew he should stop and wait until they were in his bedroom at the Manor to make love to her, but he couldn't find the will power to let go of her.

He was completely defenseless against this woman, so tired of fighting his intense feelings for her. He had tried so hard to ignore the fire that she ignited in his heart and in his belly, the passion that flared in his core every time he was near her. He didn't want to push her away any longer, desperate instead to pull her closer, wanting to drink her in and bathe his dark soul in her radiance.

"Bruce…" Diana softly gasped as she tilted her head, offering her neck for him to devour as she slid her leg up, hooking it over his.

Bruce was rapidly hurtling past the point of no return, knowing that he was on the verge of losing control to this woman. He was growing desperate to give himself fully to her, to make her feel how much he truly loved her, to know once and for all what he truly felt for her.

Breaking the kiss, he forced himself to stop, pausing to catch his breath. Diana immediately captured his lips with hers, hungry for so much more. She shifted to sit on his lap, straddling his thighs as she pressed him back into the seat.

His hands frantically began roaming over her body, his fingers playing with the two thin straps on each shoulder, pushing them down her arms. He was growing anxious to get her out of this dress, to feel the caress of her soft skin against his.

She began making movements with her hips, rubbing against his groin and driving him absolutely crazy. He knew he needed to stop this now, wanting to wait until he could get her into his bed, but he didn't think either of them was going to be able to hold on much longer.

"Princess…" he gasped as she nipped along his chiseled jaw, her hands ripping his bowtie free before beginning to work the buttons on his shirt.

His head tilted back, his head spinning with the way her hands erotically traced over his now exposed chest, her mouth creating a hot wet trail over every single scar he'd received in battle as if trying to erase them just for him.

His hands tightly gripped her backside as she kissed him, kneading her flesh as he teetered on the verge of ripping the dress right off of her incredible body so he could fondle and stroke the amazing bounty beneath that awaited him.

"Wait…" he panted heavily, fighting to hold on to that very last thread of control that was on the verge of snapping.

"Why?" she murmured as she raked her teeth against his collarbone sending an intense shiver up his spine. "Don't you want this? Want me?"

Groaning, Bruce moved his hands to grasp hold of her upper arms, forcing her to look at him. "I have wanted this…wanted you…more than anything for so long now, Diana. Never doubt that," he firmly replied, his voice filled with the intensity of his feelings for her as well as the desire that coursed through his veins. "I just don't want your first time…our first time together…to be in the back of limo. You mean too much to me for that. I want it to be perfect…just like you are."

Diana's hand found the side of his face with a gentle caress, the corners of her lips curling softly as they met his ear in a throaty whisper. "Then I suggest you tell Alfred to drive faster, Mr. Wayne, because I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to control myself. Two years is a very…very…long time to wait for you…especially for an Amazon virgin."

Bruce's eyes fell closed with the feel of her hot breath against his ear, her words as well as the feel of her mouth latching onto his pulse point setting every nerve ending on fire with a need so overwhelming it made him question the logic of his decision.

"I think…this is the opposite…of waiting…Princess," he gasped, forcing himself to push the straps of her dress back onto her shoulders.

"Do you really want me stop?"

Her breath whispered like fire across his skin, creating gooseflesh in its wake. He didn't have another attempt in him to stop her again, but thankfully it turned out to be unnecessary as he felt the car pulling to a stop. She felt too damn amazing; better than even his most erotic fantasies that he'd had about her.

Bruce froze with the sound of Alfred's door opening. "We're here, Princess," he murmured, pulling her in for another passionate kiss before attempting to extricate himself from her embrace.

Shifting off of his painfully aroused lap, Diana knelt down to retrieve her high heels that she had discarded in her attempt for more of him as Bruce quickly buttoned up his shirt. The limo door suddenly opened, Alfred standing at the ready to escort them both inside.

"Thank you, Alfred," Bruce smiled up at his long time friend as he exited the limo before turning to offer his hand to the Amazon Princess he'd won.

She happily took it, her free hand holding onto her high heels as she stepped out into the fresh evening air. The smile that curled her lips lit his heart as he tightened his hold on her hand, escorting her inside the Manor.

"Can I get the two of you anything?" Alfred asked as he turned to face them, doing his best to keep his face impassive but was failing miserably. "I just so happen to have Miss Diana's favorite chocolate raspberry cheesecake that I made this afternoon just waiting for someone to appreciate it."

Bruce watched as Diana's eyes lit up with delight at the mention of cheesecake, a chuckle rising in his chest. "I believe we'll have to take you up on your offer, Alfred," he replied. "I'll just have coffee, though."

A quirked raven eyebrow told him she was stunned by his refusal of the decadent cheesecake as he led her down the hall towards the kitchen. "What?" he smiled. "I don't really like sweets."

"Hera, Bruce!" she rolled her eyes. "I may have to seriously rethink pursuing a relationship with you now."

Before she could take her next step, Bruce suddenly had her pinned against the wall with his large muscular frame, his mouth crashing into hers in a heated kiss that stole her breath. "Don't…you…dare," he growled every word.

The corners of Diana's lips curved slowly. "I don't know, Mister Wayne," she whispered. "I think I may need a little more convincing."

"Dessert first…then more convincing," he smirked wickedly, causing a shiver to race up her spine.

Reluctantly pulling away from her, Bruce took her hand and led her to the kitchen where Alfred was placing a large piece of cheesecake on a plate for Diana. Sitting down on the barstools at the counter, Diana quickly picked up her fork to dig into the sweet treat.

"Will there be anything else I can get for either of you," Alfred asked as he finished pouring two cups of coffee.

"No, thank you, Alfred," Diana smiled brightly. "This is wonderful."

"That will be all for tonight, Alfred," Bruce told him, his attention solely on the Amazon Princess sitting close beside him. "Sleep well."

Alfred gave the both of them a perceptive smile, more than pleased with how the evening had turned out. "As you wish, Master Bruce," he tipped his head. "Have a good evening, Princess."

Diana could feel her cheeks growing warm with the knowing look that Alfred gave them as he left the kitchen to retire for the night and yet at the same time she couldn't contain the fierce excitement that had taken flight in the pit of her stomach.

Bruce smiled to himself as he watched Diana take a bite of the chocolate cheesecake, her eyelids falling closed as she savored the sweet taste that filled her mouth. Her smile broadened as she relished the combined flavor of the dark chocolate and fresh raspberries, thoroughly enjoying this moment of indulgence.

Her eyelids slowly fluttered open as the tines of her fork quickly sunk into the cake for another bite, anxious for more and yet she couldn't help but feel the heated gaze coming from the man sitting next to her.

She tilted her head, turning slightly to look at him out of the corner of her eye, her teeth raking over her bottom lip in embarrassment at having been caught enjoying the dessert so much. She shyly dipped her head, the intensity of his desire for her blazing so clearly in his eyes.

"Are you sure you don't want some?" she asked, holding a forkful of cheesecake before him.

"No, I'm good…thank you," he huskily replied, his hand sneaking over to caress her exposed thigh that the long slit in her dress allowed him to enjoy.

"It's delicious," she teased him, her sultry voice heating his blood once more.

"I guess if you insist," he replied, opening his mouth for her to feed him.

Diana leaned in, pretending to accidently get raspberry sauce on his lips before finally putting the end of the fork in his mouth. The wicked grin on her face as she pulled the fork back was nearly his undoing, his lips quickly finding hers, her lips parting and enjoying the taste of him as well as the dessert.

They continued to kiss, the feel of his fingers on her skin more than enough to drive her to distraction, a low moan escaping her throat. His fingers slowly skated along her skin, desperate to explore and yet content with this little bit of connection with her for the moment.

Retreating for air, he slowly leaned in, his mouth finding the shell of her ear as she took another bite, his fingers not ceasing in their tender caress. "We don't have to do this tonight if you're not ready, Princess," he whispered in her ear. "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you right now, to feel you surrounding me, but only when you're ready."

He smiled to himself as she shivered beneath his touch, noting and taking pleasure in every reaction that he was able to elicit in her. He was mentally cataloguing every single gasp, noticing each moan and flutter of her eyes that his touch or kiss induced, wanting to remember what brought her pleasure and what heated her blood.

"Why would you think I wouldn't want to be with you tonight?" she softly asked, her eyes falling closed as he began to kiss along her neck.

"I just don't want to push you into something you're not ready for," he said, his hand snaking beneath the slit in her dress to caress her inner thigh.

Diana turned and dipped her head, her lips capturing his in a passionate kiss. "I've waited for two years for you…for this," she admitted, her nose nuzzling his cheek as he breathed in her scent. "I don't want to wait any longer."

Kissing her again, it was Bruce's turn to moan as their tongues met, the flavor of chocolate cheesecake mingling with her own taste and further heating his arousal. His other hand gripped her hair, unable to hold back any longer. If he didn't have this woman soon, he was going to lose his mind, this teasing and flirting going on for far too long enough now.

"Do you want to finish your dessert first?" he rasped.

"I think I want you for dessert instead," she replied, turning to face him fully, her cobalt eyes slowly roaming over him.

She took his face firmly in her hands, kissing him hard as their tongues clashed. Each battled for control, neither willing to surrender just yet as they continued to test each other's limits, exploring and silently pleading for more as gasps and moans were equally exchanged.

"Bruce…please…" Diana breathed heavily, her head falling back with his vicious assault on her throat. "I want you…now…"

The throaty sound of his name on her beautiful lips as well as her plea for him caused Bruce to growl in response, further stirring his insatiable need for this gorgeous woman in his arms, a need that he had been aching to satisfy for so very long now.

And now, the time had finally come. He didn't plan on wasting it, more than determined to make her first time…their first time together…something that neither of them would ever forget.

He knew there would be no going back after this, but in his heart he also knew that this was what he wanted more than in anything in this world – her. His teammate, the closest thing he had to a best friend, his warrior, his Amazon Princess…his Diana.

He felt his heart begin to hammer harder, hot arousal thrumming through him with the knowledge that no other man had ever touched or kissed her like this as his lips glided along her delicate collarbone, his hand gripping her hip.

And if he had his way, no other man ever would.

Standing to his feet, Bruce pulled her up with him, reluctantly breaking the kiss before taking her hand to lead her upstairs. Staring into her eyes clouded with desire for him, he suddenly found he couldn't get there fast enough.

They walked up the stairs hand in hand, sharing soft kisses and nuzzling noses while both fighting to control the overwhelming need for so much more. The desire to touch, to feel, to be connected in the most intimate way was rapidly becoming too hard to fight.

Bruce didn't want to fight his feelings for her anymore, was sick of running from her because of his fears that had seemed so rational at the time, but now he knew had been anything but. Denying what he wanted most, what his heart and body wanted more than anything was only serving to seal the fate he never wanted.

The darkness needed the light in order to survive, in order for there to be balance. Without the light, it was only a constant downward spiral of hopelessness and solitude until there was nothing left. He didn't want that, didn't want to be that bitter old man that he had met in the future.

Reaching his bedroom, he watched her she entered the room, closing the door behind him as she began to explore her surroundings. Taking his jacket off, he stood by the closed door just watching her, his hands in his pants pockets as his eyes followed her every graceful movement.

Diana was so incredibly breathtaking as she paused to look at an antique sculpture that sat on the beside table, shafts of moonlight filtering through the balcony doors and creating a golden halo around her. His eyes wandered over her feminine curves, drinking in her soft skin, the muscular definition of her back and arms.

She was all warrior and all woman in every way imaginable…and she was all his.

Diana suddenly felt that pesky sense of nervousness well up inside of her, knowing how right this was and yet worried that she would somehow be disappointing to him. She'd never been with a man before, the things she'd done so far with Bruce tonight the furthest she'd ever gone.

He was so experienced, had been with several beautiful women including the sultry and sensual Selina Kyle. How in Tartarus was she going to be able to compete with that?

She scowled to herself as she lightly ran a finger over the beautiful statue on the bedside table. She was an Amazon for Hera's sake, a warrior blessed by the gods who was not afraid of anything and yet she found herself suddenly feeling so incredibly inadequate and awkward.

The unexpected feel of hands on her shoulders, warm lips on the back of her neck caused sparks to race through her body. Her eyes fell closed as a soft moan filled the bedroom, her head dipping as Bruce continued to kiss along her neck, as his fingers worked her hair free of the intricate braid.

She felt the straps of her dress slide down her arms, his fingers easing the zipper of her dress down. She shivered as his hands slipped inside of her dress, snaking around her waist. One hand sought out her breast while the other caressed the smooth expanse of her abdomen.

Diana leaned back against the large muscular frame behind her, gasping with the feel of his touch on her body as his lips sucked on her pulse point. Her hand slipped up behind her to grip his hair, wanting to touch him as well as her dress began to fall away.

Her breathing was rapidly growing ragged with the immense pleasure thrumming through her as he fondled and caressed her, teased and fueled her desire. Unable to bear it a moment longer, she turned in his arms, her dress pooling at her feet as she quickly began to remove his clothes.

His shirt swiftly joined her dress as she began to remove his belt, their mouths devouring one another as they finally gave themselves over to the desire that had been threatening to explode for so very long now.

His hands roamed over her body as she unfastened his pants, her hand slipping inside the waistband of his boxer briefs to find what she wanted. Bruce groaned, breaking the kiss and pressing his forehead against her shoulder as she began to stroke him.

His breath was like hot blasts against her skin as she continued to stroke him, her face nuzzling the crook of his neck, brushing her cheek against his. His hands settled on her backside, squeezing her and kneading her flesh as pleasure pounding mercilessly through his veins.

"Princess…" he gasped, suddenly pulling her hand free from his pants before she pushed him over the edge.

Picking her up, he carried her to the bed, laying her down and admiring the goddess that lay before him. Removing the rest of his clothes, he climbed in bed with her, kissing along the inside of her long leg and worshiping her like he had done in his dreams since he'd met her.

Diana moaned something throaty and sinful, the feel of Bruce's mouth on her body already beginning to drive her towards the edge. His mouth suddenly found her breast, his hand finding the other one as he began to make love to her.

"Bruce…" she moaned as he set her body on fire with a fierce pleasure she'd never knew existed before him.

She gripped his hair, holding him to her as she continually arched her back, her body demanding more of him. She wanted to feel him inside of her, filling her with himself and fully taking what she was aching to give him.

Her head suddenly whipped back as his hand found her wet heat, caressing her and making her head spin with the erotic feel of his fingers moving inside of her. Her body grew taut, his name being torn from her lips as she suddenly came, leaving her trembling and panting for more of him.

Bruce's lips quickly found hers, kissing her hard as his hand stroked her thigh, gripping it firmly as he pulled her leg further up. Sensing her sudden appreciation, he paused to caress her face as he lined himself up with her, wanting her to know how he truly felt about her.

"I love you, Princess…more than you know," he murmured between passionate kisses, his hand threading through her hair as he pushed himself into her.

"I…I love you…more…" she breathed.

He felt her body grow tense with his sudden intrusion, her fingers curling into the sheets and gripping them tightly as he took her virginity. She cried his name, her head tilting back with the pleasure mingled with pain that lanced through her body.

"I'm so sorry, Princess," he whispered, knowing he had hurt her as he pressed butterfly kisses to her face, waiting for her to grow accustomed to the feel of him inside of her.

Diana suddenly released the death-grip she had on the sheets as the pain quickly subsided, grabbing hold of his face and pulling him in for a crushing kiss. She raised her hips, desperate for him to being moving within her.

Bruce began to move his hips, setting a slow rhythm and praying that he would be able to hold out. She felt positively amazing to him, better than his most erotic fantasies of her. The feel of her heat surrounding his hardened length nearly pushed him right over the edge, the feel of her beneath him incredible in every way imaginable.

Diana suddenly tightened her grip on him, rolling him over onto his back as she began to move over him. The feeling of her riding him, the sight of her hovering over him was almost too much to bear. It was his turn to grip at the sheets beneath him as he lifted his hips to meet her, his body strung tight as a bow with the rapture pumping wildly through him.

"Diana…" he panted her name, his head pressed back into the pillows as he fought to hold on for just a little longer.

He finally forced himself to release his grip on the sheets, his hands finding her body. She gasped at the feel of his hands on her, her head whipping back as he squeezed and caressed her breasts. She began to move faster, desperation for release rising within her.

Bruce suddenly sat up, gripping her waist and rolling her back under him as he took control once more. He pressed his forehead into the crook of her neck, his mouth finding her pulse point as he thrust into her with wild abandon.

Diana ran her hands over his back, her fingernails raking over his muscles and eliciting a fierce growl that caused him to thrust even harder. She began to writhe with the ecstasy building to almost unbearable levels within her, Bruce's name a chanting breathless manta on her lips as she suddenly came.

The feel of her release pushed him over the edge as he emptied himself deep within her, his mouth marking her as his before he finally collapsed on top of her. He held her trembling form close, placing soft kisses along her collarbone as they both fought to catch their breath.

Pulling back, Bruce kissed her slowly, passionately before finally rolling off of her. Pulling her close against him, he held her in his arms, his fingers gently caressing her skin. "You have to admit," he breathed heavily. "This was definitely better than the chocolate cheesecake."

Diana chuckled softly as she hooked her leg over his, relishing the feel of being pressed fully against his rugged muscular body moist with sweat from their lovemaking. She lightly ran her fingers over his scar-riddled chest, tracing each mark and secretly memorizing it because it was what made him Bruce.

"Way better," she murmured, tilting her head to press her lips against his chest.

"So have I convinced you enough to stay with me?" he asked.

"I'm still not sure," she teased. "I think I may need some more convincing."

Bruce suddenly rolled her over onto her back, using his body to press her deep into the mattress again, a smirk on his lips. "Then, I'll just spend the rest of our lives trying to convince you if I have to."

Smiling up at him, she pulled him in for a kiss, her fingers playing with the short damp strands of hair that lay against the back of his neck. "I think I'd like that," she softly said, her expression growing somber.

"What is it?" he asked, concerned he had done something wrong.

"When I left the Watchtower tonight, I had no idea how amazing my night would end up being," she admitted, her eyes dancing with love for him. "I thought I was going out for just one night and instead I got much more than that. I got you."

"I didn't want to go one more night without you, Princess," he told her before pressing his lips to hers, relishing the taste of her on his tongue once more.

"And now you won't have to go another night without me," she smiled brightly as she rolled him over onto his back, kissing him deeply as she laced her fingers with his and pinning him to the mattress.

"Thank Hera for that," he smirked as she began to make love to him all over again.