Takes place after Cage realizes the omega isn't in the dam.

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This time was going to be different. He knew where the alpha mimic was and he knew where he was when he died. He could get it to bleed on Rita too! And then maybe, just maybe she would wake up remembering him finally. He was so tired of forming a relationship with her and then have to watch her die in that stupid god damn farm house. Have her finally open up to him, kill him and then wake up and have her forget everything! It was the loneliest feeling in the world.

It was the the millionth time being on the damn plane and once again it got hit. He watched people drop and he dropped with them soon after then he once again landed on the desolate beach. As always it looked like a waist land war zone with bodies and suits mangled on top of each other or under sand or ship. As always Rita came out of her separate ship with her special team but unlike the original times she came to him. This was the time it would change. He had tried this idea with her three times before but she always died just before they got to the alpha. He mapped it out this time, this time a ship wouldn't land on them, a mimic wouldn't bite their faces, a mimic wouldn't beat the crap out of them, they wouldn't be accidentally shot. This time an alpha would come out of the dune and he would shoot it and it would bleed on her. It had to. He was getting tired.

They met in one of the broken ships laying in the sand. Cage took Ritas hand and led her through the madness her armor blazing and firing at everything in sight. She didn't care if she hit a soldier, they were going to reset after Cages next death. He told her to duck and she ducked just as a piece of shrapnel came flying at her head. A mimic appeared from the sand and he shot it without blinking. They continued on heading in the opposite direction of the town.

"Where are we going?!" Rita yelled. Cage didn't let go of her hand and continued toward the dune. To the left he shot two more mimics. Rita shot one to the right.

"Trust me I know what I'm doing. We have to take this way to get past a herd of mimics. This way, come on!" He called out. This was a lie, there were mimics in that direction but not as many than there were in the direction they were going. He shot two more mimic but then both lost their balance and slid into a sand dune. There were two other soldiers but they were already dead. Cage counted down the seconds but of course Rita lost her patients after three. She pulled away but Cage grabbed her arm tighter and pulled her close to him. Their chests were against each other's and their noses nearly touched.

"What are you doing?" She demanded trying to release her arm but Cages grip held strong.

"Just wait. You have to wait." He said calmly.

"We're wasting time!" She yelled.

"Ha, luckily time is one thing I have on our side." He laughed at the irony.

Just a moment later from under the dune less than five meters from them an alpha mimic exploded out of the sand. It kicked two men that were on top of it its tentacles flaring every which way. "Shit!" Rita exclaimed. Without waiting another minute Cage picked them both up from the sand and readied his weapon. They moved closer, Rita struggled. "What the hell are you doing?" She a asked him.

"Giving us a double advantage." He yelled to her. He activated his back rifles which extended from his pack and aimed for the mimic. It immediately saw him and hurled itself at them with every tentacle it had. No matter how many times he stared at one of those things he never got used to it. Their eyes were as black as space itself. Staring into the eyes of one was like staring into a bottomless pit. It was always so unnerving being so close to one of the killer creatures but this time it was absolutely necessary, if he wanted Rita to remember him he needed this to happen. What was one more death? It was getting pretty meaningless to him anyway.

Rita continued to free herself from his grip but by the time she felt him loosen it he had fired.

The beast exploded right in front of them. They watched as the light blue creature blew spreading its body parts all over the dune, the shrapnel, and themselves. Cage looked to Rita who was staring back at him in disbelief. The next second Cage felt the blue oozing molten hot blood hit his body. It burned like lava, disintegrating any skin it touched. It caused a piercing loud scream to come from his lungs. The light faded away and the strangest feeling came over him, he was quickly dying, then all was dark.

"On your feet maggot!" A voice jolted him awake. A man was standing over him with a uniform and a uniform in hand. Cage quickly rose to his feet. Had it worked? He was still going back in time but did Rita reset too? He needed to find her, but first he had to go through the same annoying routine with the general, j quad, and push ups.

That as usual happened. Cage did the push ups he was told to do, rolled under the truck and made a break for Rita and the training facility where she graciously killed him 40 times. He walked into the facility getting dirty looks from all of the other recruits walking by. The only thing going through his mind was worry. He was so tiered of seeing her die just after they were making progress on a decent relationship. He just wanted her to remember, it would make everything so less lonely and he wouldn't have to start over with every one every time. If this hadn't worked for some reason, than there was no other option that to go back to the old way where he had to convince her he wasn't lying, fill her in on everything and then die twelve seconds later.

His heart sank when he saw her in the center of the training field doing no leg push ups. They were incredibly attractive every time he saw her doing them, it always turned him on but not this time. She was doing what she did every time. He started walking towards her and as she always did she turned to him, set herself down and stood from the ground not even needing to look for the robots. He didn't either but it was still impressive. They stood eye level to each other staring at each other. Cage had a smile on his face as he waited for her to speak. Was she going to say something new, or the same damn thing she said every time they were here. He always thought that somehow she would retain some memory of the previous reality, he hoped, he prayed but she never did. But this time there was a chance, this time there was science on his side. Crazy, nonsensical, alien science. It was an eternity but finally her mouth began to move but no words came out, instead a fist came hurling at him hitting his jaw and knocking him to the floor. It hurt like hell. But he couldn't help but smile.

"You led me into a slaughter you ass!" She yelled proud of her punch.

Cage scurried to his feet still with the his stupid smile on his face. "You remember! You reset too!"

"Yes, and thank you for that." She said landing another punch on his cheek. "You could have warned me."

Cage gathered himself, "I could say the same to you with your punches."

Rita lost her tough exterior and did crack a smile, his plan was ingenious. Now once again she could reset after a death, remember all the things she did wrong so she could do better the next time and remember Cage as a bonus. It would be a lot easier to kill the omega with another person who knew what was going on. Cage was a smart guy and from the short time that she knew him she sensed he was a good guy.

On the other hand Cage had met Rita nearly a hundred times by then. He knew her like he knew his own sister by now. They had shared the same stories so many times, he knew her better than she knew him but now that could change. Now she could get to know him and not forget at the next reset. It was a knew perspective on their situation. It was only the beginning.

to be continued