She cautiously opened the door to the room, and quietly stepped in. She covered her mouth at the sight on the bed: Oscar was so pale and still. It took several minutes before Jamie could bring herself to walk further into the room. And instead of moving right to the hospital bed, she walked toward the man asleep in the chair.

He was slumped down, obviously exhausted from lack of sleep and worry. Jamie could tell from the eye movements beneath his closed lids that he was in a light sleep, but he looked uncomfortable. She set her bag down on the floor, placed her hands gently on his shoulders, and began to knead the taunt muscles. Rudy moaned in pain, so she lightened her touch slightly and the crinkles in his face began to relax a little. After a few minutes, he began to stir.

Jamie leaned in toward his ear, Relax, it's just me.

His eyes opened and he turned to look at her,

Rudy stood up and pulled Jamie into a tight hug, I'm so glad to see you.

She kissed Rudy on the lips, Me too. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Any luck with an antidote?

Wells shrugged slightly, I don't know. I created something that I think might work. I mixed a radioactive isotope with the antibiotic ciproflaxin hydrochloride. Then I made a serum using Oscar's original DNA markers. I injected him with it, but so far.....

Jamie moved closer to the bed, and tenderly took Oscar's hand into hers, What can we do, Rudy?

Rudy stepped in close to her, Keep him comfortable. She looked at him sharply, so he continued, At this point, Jamie, I've done everything I can think of to do; whether he lives or dies is up to him now. The only thing I can do is make sure he isn't suffering. Which reminds me, I should give him something for the pain. I'll be right back.

Jamie sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her hand along the side of his face, Oscar? It's Jamie. I'm here, babe. Jamie rubbed her hand on his chest for a moment before laying her head there, Rudy says it's up to you now. And I know you're tired, Oscar, but you have to fight. I want you to come back to me. Please....

The tears began running hot and fast down her face. She tried to stifle the sobs, but it was a losing battle. Then she felt it. She felt a hand on her back. She sat up and looked at the dark brown eyes staring at her. He looked exhausted, but he was awake.

Jamie held his hand tightly, Looks like Rudy's radioactive whatsit worked a little magic.

Wells entered the room and his face dissolved into a big smile,'re awake.

Rudy set the syringe he was carrying on the table, and did a quick examination of Oscar.

Vitals are much better. He gently felt Oscar's throat, Swelling's down, think you can breath on your own? There was a slight nod, so Rudy reached for the respirator tube, Then let's get rid of this thing.

He pulled the tube out, then grabbed a kleenex, placing it at Oscar's mouth.

He pressed gently but firmly on Oscar's chest, Let's have a big cough, Oscar, come on, that's it...

Wells tossed the kleenex in the trash, and pulled out a stethoscope from his lab coat to listen to Goldman's chest. When he was satisfied that Oscar was breathing fairly normally, he put an arm around Jamie, who was still sitting on the bed, holding Goldman's hand.

He kissed Jamie's head, Thanks to you, we had an isotope to try. He smiled at Oscar, How do you feel?

His voice was weak, and his eyes held pain behind them, Hung over, like you shot me up with a tranquilizer for a gorilla.

Rudy studied the distress in his friend's eyes, and laid a gentle hand on Oscar's arm, You still in pain?

A little.

It's probably going to persist for a little while before it goes away. You need to rest.

Rudy picked up the syringe, gently lifted the blanket, swabbed his hip and shot the morphine into him. As the narcotic washed through him, Oscar's muscles began to relax, and his eyes fluttered heavily with sleep.

Jamie rubbed his hand softly, Get some rest. She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, You're gonna be okay, Oscar. She stood, placed another kiss on his forehead and whispered, I love you.

He was barely awake, but his lips formed the words, Love you...

Rudy put his arm around Jamie, and together they quietly exited the room, leaving Oscar in the stillness of unfolding dreams.

The End