Okay, so while reading to someone I care about who is in the hospital, we decided to amuse ourselves with Harry Potter FanFiction, there was a story challenge involving Harry dying for the umpteenth time and facing his Death Guardian. As I already write fan fiction, she asked me to create this story for her since we couldn't find any of the Harry meets Death Guardian that were finished.

Pairings are of course the Harry/Hermione one and a few that I think are different. I am not sure if I will be bashing the Weasleys as a family but I have to say that after reading a lot of fan fiction on this site, and reading the books to do this, I can't say that any of the red heads at school with Harry come out as particular winsome in hindsight. I don't know what JKR was thinking when it came to that Epilogue.

The One Appointment We all Must Keep

Chapter One

"Sir. Sir, it has happened again." The nervous assistant told his boss.

The dark-haired tall man removed his glasses, looked at him and asked his assistant "Could you please be a little more specific? We are rather busy at the moment due to the mess in the British magical world."

The twitchy six-foot rabbit nervously looked down at his large feet and simply said "Potter. It's Harry Potter, sir. He has died AGAIN."

The man across from him counted to ten in English, then French, Greek, Latin and even Aramaic before switching to his native Russian. Yes, he had been a bad man, he had made mistakes but did that mean he had to suffer for all of the eternity with this Potter kid. "Has SHE been notified?"

"Yes, sir." Then with his rabbit nose twitching, his rabbit ears wiggling and unable to look at his boss he held his breath, knowing that the next bit of news would create even more problems for himself when Rasputin found out, said "Sir, the younger Malfoy is coming in, and his guardian would like a word too."

"This is all I need." The man said leaning back into his office chair and staring out the window moodily. He couldn't help blaming his descendant who he had just sent through but unfortunately, Rasputin knew that nothing would ever change Severus Snape's attitude except for the man himself which was why he was on the fast track to the lower realms. The Rasputin bloodline was often too stubborn for its own good.

When Waldo was had reached the door, Rasputin gave a casual wave of his hand and smirked as his assistant's ears grew shorter and his nose grew longer until it was a snout. When the twitchy man turned into an anteater, he chuckled lowly and said: "That is for not listening to my suggestion."

"But sir, that is against the rule-" The anteater/rabbit saw his boss's hard black eyes boring into him and quickly fled. With a sigh, he sat down at his desk and sent out a message asking for help. Surely, surely they could find some loophole to let his suggestion through the safeguards...

Harry was seated in the rather large waiting room, looking around curious as to where he was. They didn't look like magical people, they didn't act like them either but it did seem like most of the people he thought were staff seemed to know his name and none seemed too happy to see him.

"Potter, what are you doing here?"

Turning to look at the blond ferret, Harry hid that he didn't know where he was but asked "Draco Malfoy in a muggle waiting room. What is the world coming to?"

The blond began to laugh caustically as he looked at the 'Savior' of the magical world. "You don't know where you are. Do you?"

Draco sat down wishing that he himself didn't know where he was, seeing the look of confusion on Potter's face, he said: "This is Death's great waiting room."

"Are you trying to say I am dead?" Harry asked doubting the blond, sure that it was some sort of stupid death eater game, after all, how would Malfoy know about a waiting room for after you were dead.

"Mr. Potter, I'm your guide to the other side. My name is Rasputin. Please follow me." Both young men turned, amazed at the strange resemblance to Severus Snape except for the bright colored robes and the washed and nicely trimmed hair. Harry couldn't help thinking that the personality matched Snape though.

"I'm dead? I'm really dead?" He asked the man once he had regained control of his shock.

"Not yet, but I might finish you off myself before this visit is through," Putin said in a droll tone as he turned to look at the seventeen-year-old he had sent back to earth several dozen times including three times this year alone. "You seem to be amazingly thickheaded for someone that isn't supposed to be here and has been sent back repeatedly to fix your mistakes. Now move it."

Draco was rolling around laughing at Harry then an invisible hand grabbed his ear and lifted him off the ground and ferried him away to the same office. Tossing him down into the empty chair next to Harry, the hand began to glow and then becoming visible, eventually, the man had a form as he glared at the blond then looking at the boy sitting in the chair next to him said.

"Raspy, I thought you had dealt with these two last time." Snarled the man wearing a toga.

"So had I, but Potter has been back here six times since that night," Rasputin said glaring at his own client who once again had that same bewildered expression on his face. "I have been written up nine times, I am done. This is his last chance. If he is so eager to die, next time I am just going to send him to purgatory to await his chance at heaven with that Granger girl who his soul mate. Maybe force him to spend time with the fangirl who has been slipping him potions."

Draco let loose a loud peal of laughter, "I knew it, I knew that the Weaselette was slipping him potions. Even tried to warn him but Harry Potter is too good to listen to the likes of me. Damn, Potter how stupid are you?"

The woman standing in the doorway glared at the two Death Guardians, then looking at the sweet innocent woman by her side clapped her hands together and in a sharp tone said "ENOUGH."

All four in the room turned to look at the diminutive redhead who glared at the two teenagers. "Why am I not surprised it is the two of you? You are supposed to be protecting my empire for the future, instead, you are too busy letting prejudice separate you and letting others manipulate you."

Harry began to speak, "I'm not prej-."

"Enough talking, Harry Potter." The red-headed woman said as she glared at the dark haired teenager. "Yes, you are. Mr. Malfoy was the one who held his hand out in friendship, but because you refused to see what was right before your eyes, you rejected his friendship and instead of looking beneath the outer shell, accepted the word of a young man who is led around by his mother's apron strings."

"You have no ability to make decisions for yourself, you let yourself be led by anyone who shows you a minimum of attention. What you don't seem to realize is that thanks to your rejection, Mr. Malfoy does the exact same thing."

When Harry's jaw clamped down and he seemed to reject her words, the woman said: "Both of you have suffered from each of these symptoms, well thanks to this stupidity and how often the two of you have ended up here, I have decided to tie your next return to a simple threat."

Elizabeth looked at the two Guardians, then the girl next to her. "You know what to do next while I speak to these two. Oh, and Jane dear, while you are at it, please return Waldo to his natural form."

Jane smiled at her great-aunt then looking at the two boys gestured for them to follow her. On their way to the Diagnostic Center, she smiled at Waldo, ran her hands across his back and soon had changed him back into his human form. His naked human form. "Oops, sorry forgot to give you clothes."

With that, she dressed him in what she felt was the perfect outfit for a man named Waldo and then floated towards the white double doors at the opposite end of the corridor.

Inside the very bright room, she called for two beds and they quickly appeared. Before either of the Hogwarts students could say a word, she lifted them with a gesture of her hand then looking at the machine said: "Run all available tests on the subjects, her highness wants a thorough report regarding what is going on."

With that, Draco and Harry fell asleep, neither knowing that it would be twenty calendar days before the tests were finished and healing potions fed to them. When they were led back through the corridor with healed minds and bodies, they were both ordered to sit down.

"Mr. Malfoy, we are sending you back right away. However, before we do so, you must agree to let us send compulsion charms your way to keep you on the right track If you do not, you will more than likely end up back here with only yourself to blame. Punishment will be severe for your failure. So that you may understand what we are talking about..."

Draco flinched when he saw himself a muggle, an ugly muggle begging for bread crumbs who looked as if he hadn't showered in years. When he came back to a state of consciousness, he looked at his death guardian and begged: "Please, I agree, anything, anything but that."

Watching Draco shuddering in fear, his death guardian nodded at the woman in the doorway who handed him the paperwork then removed his memories of current events. With a swipe of her hand, put him in stasis to await the decision regarding Potter.

Nodding, Draco's guide left and Putin looked at Harry then silently handed him the information his diagnostic testing had shown.

Harry's eyes went wide as he read what was on the paper. Looking up at the man behind the desk he asked "Who would do this? Did Snape do this under...?"

With a sigh, the man leaned back and looked at the man, boy really and said "We have gone through this every single time you had arrived. No, while my descendant was not exactly a fan of yours, he wasn't responsible for this. No, that is someone of a much high authority in your life."

"Tom Ri-."

"Oh, for the love of all that is holy, it was Albus Dumbledore you thick witted pain in my ass." Snarled the man. "You are so blind to those around you that it is no wonder you keep screwing this up. I swear to god, if you don't get your act together, instead of the red-headed Cyprian who wants to trap you so badly she is using love potions, I will make you service that toad Umbridge."

The idea of working for Umbridge, her giving him orders was playing out in his head when Putin screamed that he was an idiot.

A very different scene was played out in his head and Harry was looking for something to throw up into when Rasputin's black eyes bored into him. "Don't you dare throw up. After all the trouble you have given me over the last several years, yes, you get a pass for everything that happened up to age eleven, but I have tried repeatedly to send others to guide you but you keep ignoring them or willfully taking their advice and doing the exact opposite."

While Harry worked on getting control of his need to puke, Putin shouted out Waldo's name. The nervous man hid in the doorway and said "Sir?"

"Did you get what I requested?" He asked in almost an even tone as he glared at his assistant back in human form.

"Uh, I am sorry..."

Rasputin stood from behind his desk, his robes billowing in anger as he rushed to the doorway and then snapped at Waldo, "Stay with the idiot. I will go speak to those in death contracts. I swear I am done playing around. Just how hard is it to find a loophole to fix this mess? Binns had better have a damn good excuse for me."

With that, the man strode off down the hallway and Harry couldn't help being reminded of how Snape's robes billowed when he had walked and chuckling. "I wonder if he found some sort of charm for his robes like Rasputin."

The twitchy man wearing the black striped shirt and glasses looked at the boy and then got what he was talking about. "I do believe that might be a possibility. It might have been passed down like an heirloom, he is related to that git after all. When your own great-great uncle doesn't like the dead version of you, you have problems."

"So you work for Death?"Harry asked looking around. "Don't suppose you can tell me what happened?"

"No." He said with a sigh. "I do know that it was the final battle with Tom Riddle and that this isn't your first visit in the two years I have been working here."

Five minutes later a smug looking Rasputin entered his office, glared at his assistant and then ordered him to bring Potter a nonmagical pen. When he had left, Rasputin looked at the boy across from him and said: "You have some choices to make."

Swallowing his fear at the thick pile of paperwork on the desk, Harry said as he took the now offered ink pen "What choices?"

"Do you Harry James Potter age seventeen agree that you died during the final battle at Hogwarts with one Tom Marvolo Riddle?" Rasputin left out that it had been a needless death, he had already argued this with the boy at least one time before.

"Yes, at least that is what you told me," Harry said and was told to read and initial that he agreed.

"Do you Harry James Potter understand that this is the seventy-fourth time you have visited my office?" Harry's jaw dropped at that information. Seventy-four? He thought to himself. How was that possible?

"Why don't I remember?" Harry asked.

Putin glared at the papers on his desk then said "I was unaware until today that your good pal Dumbledore had planted a spy here through his ghost that teaches at Hogwarts and that he had control of the Elder Wand as well as the Resurrection Stone. The spy worked in death contracts and was trying to block you going back with your memories. I had known that he had had your invisibility cloak. Do me a favor, stop lending it out once you get it back, will you kid?"

Harry nodded while frowning, not getting why this guy was so down on Dumbledore, yes he had made mistakes, but they had not been done maliciously.

"Now, sign here please." The man said in a calm tone. Once Harry had done so, he explained "You were supposed to die of an extremely old age with some girl named Hermoine. Try not to return to me again, if I get fired and am forced to return to earth as a rejuvenate soul, I swear I will haunt you in my next death. Now, as to Tom Marvolo Riddle, all that you need to know to defeat him already belongs to you if you get off your lazy ass and find it."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked bewildered by the information he had been given.

Looking up at the ceiling, Rasputin began to mutter and Harry found himself wondering what the heck he was talking about "Blocked cores and soul mates, selfish women and fangirls. Thick-sighted and myopic idiots. Damn attention seeking single-minded goats."

Harry could hear him counting to ten then looking at him. "Sir?"

Writing an addendum, he tossed the next document at Harry. "This allows me to send you messages until you obey my suggestions. Clearly, you are too addle-pated to be trusted to do any of this without my guidance."

Hesitating for a moment, Harry picked the pen back up and reading what was in the paperwork, signed it.

"Now, this is what all of this means. You will remember the past, but not your visit to my office. I will guide you with signs, for your sake you had better pay damn good attention. If not, kissing a toad is all that is in your future. You may only tell your soul mate when the Goblins declare you as such, until then, you will keep your trap shut about this."

Harry gulped as he sat there staring at the man. "Good, now, you have to decide when."

"Which summer Mr. Potter? You must go back on the day of your birthday." He was told rather impatiently.

Harry couldn't make up his mind, trying to figure out when to go back. After almost an hour of internally debating the choices, Rasputin finally snapped and said "Okay it's like this, which year? Make a decision now or I send you back to when you were a kid at the Dursleys."

Now worried and fearing he might forget something, Harry quickly said: "First year, before the first year."

"Good." Shouting for Waldo, Putin said to his assistant "Tell them to send Malfoy back to July 31, 1991.

Gulping then taking the offered paperwork, Waldo ran to the retrieval experts and said: "Two to go down to this date."

The group of six looked at the date and the names of the two to go back before they all groaned "Not these two again?"

"Last chance." They were told.

Harry followed Rasputin to the gates, then was told "Remember, to look, listen and think. Trust only those who aren't envious or overly familiar with you too quickly. And for goodness sake, kiss the girl the minute you see her. Don't hesitate. You have thrown away chance after chance. The way forward is through her in more ways than one."

Harry woke up in Dudley's old bedroom, hearing nothing but noticing it was almost nine, he got up and looked around the house, surprised to see that it was a Sunday and that there was no one around.

Looking around outside, he saw that the Dursley's car was missing and checking inside found a note in the bathroom. Reading it and recalling how in the first go-round, they had been running around the countryside trying to escape the delivery owls, Harry went to sit on the sofa, astounded and worried about the changes.

Or had they even been changes, maybe all of this had been a really strange nightmare? After all, how could so much happen to one person? Hearing a knock on the door, he opened and didn't even react to the large man standing in the doorway. "Hello, Hagrid."

Seeing the large man's shock, Harry cursed himself then played it up like he was shocked himself. "Wait, how do I know your name?"

"Maybe you should le' me in 'arry." The man nervously said looking around the neighborhood.

Harry let in the Keeper of Keys from Hogwarts and looked at him still pretending to not understand. "Only if you tell me how I know your name."

Getting a line about knowing his parents and hating to do it but not sure what the heck was going on, Harry listened to the story and then found himself agreeing to go to Diagon Alley with Hagrid.

Once there, he saw Professor Spout with students and then looking at Hagrid saw a sign in the window that said: "Ask Hagrid for your key BEFORE YOU GO TO THE BANK."

When the man suggested lunch first, Harry found himself agreeing and they were soon seated at the Leaky Cauldron. Handing Harry a menu, the older man behind the counter spoke to Hagrid about Hogwarts but the preteen once again saw "Ask Hagrid for your key BEFORE YOU GO TO THE BANK."

After two more instances on the way to the bank, Harry looked at his friend and said: "Hagrid, if I have money here, how do I access it?"

"Why the great man himself sent your key along with me," Hagrid said with a huge smile on his face. "Dumbledore has had this key since the night your mom and dad died, 'Arry."

Harry couldn't help thinking why, but let it go for a moment when yet another sign rearranged its letters to say "Ask Hagrid for your key BEFORE YOU GO TO THE BANK."

"Really my key? May I hand it over?" Harry asked surprised at how much he found himself wanting to do just that unaware that after giving up on Harry listening to his message, Rasputin had sent him a mild compulsion charm to force him to obey.

"I am not so sure, the great man said for me to 'and over your key to the teller, 'Arry. He specifically mentioned that." Hagrid said feeling a bit uneasy but looking at the disappointment on his young friend's face, he sighed, messed up his unruly hair and then pulled the key out from the chain around his neck. "'ere you go, youngster. I am sure that Dumbledore will understand, after all what 'Arm could it do for you to be the one 'anding it over to the teller, but we must keep that secret betweens us."

In the bank, Harry stepped up to the teller window and smiled at Griphook, recalling the first time he had met this particular Goblin and said: "Hello, I am here to visit my vault."

"Key please?"

When Harry's key glowed, Harry looked at Hagrid who was busy talking to another teller, wishing he could explain what was going on. Maybe Goblins had some form of time travel that told them he had or would break into Gringotts in seven years?

"Follow me, Mr. Potter." The teller said with what Harry was sure wasn't a frown but it wasn't exactly a smile either. Arriving at a large black wood door, the teller stuck a key into the lock mechanism and then the door opened with a loud groan. "You may enter."

Harry didn't know what was going on as he entered the large ornate room with a goblin behind a desk looking at him over a large pile of paperwork. "Are you Harry Jame Potter, son of James and Lily Potter, born July 31st, 1980?"

"Yes." Harry couldn't help wondering what was going on, this wasn't how his first visit had gone last time.

"Griphook, you may return to your window." The Goblin said effectively dismissing the Goblin. "Mr. Potter have a seat, we have much to go through today."

Harry was soon astounded at the depth and breadth of his family's holdings and was growing upset as he began to realize that no one had ever told him about any of this in his previous life. Oh, he had learned about the magical holdings or at least some of them during his desperate search for the last pieces of Moldymort's soul but the non-magical ones were the ones that had him furious.

He personally OWNED the company that kept his UNCLE employed, he OWNED the house that they lived in as well as having other muggle assets. If he didn't want to, he need not return to the Magical world for anything other than school.

With a weak smile at the unidentified Goblin, he said: "I am sorry but I was never told your name."

There was a fierce frown growing on his face then the Goblin said: "I am Montooth, your family's personal banker here at Gringotts going back six generations with you now head of the account."

Harry went to apologize only for the Goblin to give him an assessing glance then snap "Have you not heard your parent's will?"

"I didn't know that they had a will," Harry admitted.

With a sniff of what sounded like disgust, the man stood and said "Let's go to your school vault, Mr. Potter. Clearly, I must look into a few things for you. For now, until you are seventeen, I am in charge of your assets, or at least until I find out who your magical guardian was supposed to be. You only need to ask and anything you will wish for will be arranged on your behalf."

Harry was silent as they went to his vault, grabbing the bag and the knuts, sickles, and galleons like he had done on his last visit, he looked around and saw a faint door on the side of his vault that he had never seen before in his previous life. "What is that door?"

"Your parents and when you get married, your marriage vault. You may take a look but certain books are forbidden and all money must remain inside of it."

Harry looked at the Goblin and asked: "How do I access it?"

"Place your hand on the doorknob, Mr. Potter. It will only open to you."

Harry placed his hand on the very cold doorknob and when it warmed to his touch then slide open, he looked inside. There were beautiful glittering objects and jewels of all sorts in labeled clear boxes in some sort of unknown order. Books with locks on them, on upper shelves, with vast amounts of magical funds stacked in the middle of the room the size of the Dursley's attached home.

On the wall over Montooth's large head flashed letters and Harry wanted to ask what books only to have random books flying out at him and one, a particularly heavy book that looked vaguely familiar smacked hard on the head. Bending to pick it up, he chuckled softly when he saw that it was Hogwarts a History.

"May I take these books?" He asked the Goblin whose lips had thinned at what he clearly felt was a stupid question. Gathering them up, he found a bottomless and weightless bag on a chair and put them inside before following the Goblin to the miner's car.

Back in the lobby of the bank, Harry was delighted to see that Hagrid had just returned and greeted his friend acting as if this was no different than his last first visit to Gringotts.

The bookstore for his books, Ollivanders to get his wand, he considered getting a second wand but decided to wait, maybe ordering one at a later date saying he had broken his. Hearing Malfoy in Madam Malkins had him wanting to curse the ferret into a million pieces but before he could even approach the blond, something kept him from doing so.

He had been having weird moments all day. The words that had been popping up over people's heads, the way he seemed to almost distrust those around him and even some sort of pity for Draco in spite of his bad behavior had Harry feeling exhausted. He knew he had come back from death, he could recall his past life but he didn't get why he was here and what he was supposed to be doing, I mean how was this to help him defeat Voldemort?

The rest of the trip to Diagon Alley was the same as last time, including receiving Hedwig as a present. Hiding his tears at the sight of his still alive familiar, made Harry's thanks to Hagrid even more emotional as the large man guided them out of Diagon Alley.

When Hagrid put him on the train for Little Whinging later that afternoon, Harry waved goodbye to his friend and sat back, knowing that this time, things were going to be different or else.

Arriving at his aunt's place to find the car back in the garage, Harry just took his trunk to his room and then came down to dinner. When his aunt silently sat the food down in front of his Uncle and Dudley, Harry saw she had only one plate left.

"I am sure that those freaks fed you, so you can just watch us eat." She sneered.

Harry didn't say a word, he had very carefully removed the tracking charm on his wand during the trip home and removed the one in the house because there was no way in heck he was going to let them get away with their abuse any longer.

When they had begun to eat, Harry looked at Petunia and said "I saw a photo of my mother today. Are you sure that you two were sisters? I have to doubt it. She was rather beautiful wasn't she?"

Watching Petunia turn white then red and Vernon getting ready to explode, he calmly said "Oh, and I was given a list of my assets today. Oddly enough, in the magical world, I don't have to wait until I am an adult to claim them. Something to think about there, Vernon."

With that, Harry stood, went back to his room and shut the door. He could hear the sharp and shrill tone of his aunt's voice and the booming anger in his uncle's and then the sound of his aunt telling Dudley to go visit with his friend Piers.

When he heard their footsteps coming up the stairs, Harry laid his wand across his lap and waited. Sure enough, when the door slammed open, he saw what he expected to. "Let's get one thing straight, boy, You are never to speak to me like that again."

"Vernon, let's be honest with each other. You don't want me here, I don't want to be here. I have every single intention of never returning after I leave on September first, however, if you don't leave me alone, your very nosy neighbors are going to sit in their front gardens and watch as you are evicted by the constables unless we come to an agreement." Harry said. "We both know that I own this house that you abused me in."

Petunia looked nervously at Harry and said: "I was told you would never find out."

"Who told you that?" He asked feeling sick because he was almost certain of the answer.

"Dumbledore. That bastard who forced us to take you in." She said almost spitting the name out.

"Do you expect me to believe you without any proof?" Harry asked. When Petunia snapped she would be right back, Harry looked at Vernon who trying to enter the room as inconspicuously as a walrus could and said: "You will drive me to King's Cross station on the first and we will never have to see each other again."

Petunia entered the room and threw a note and a bag at Harry. Looking at the bag which contained a blanket with his initials on it and a basket, he had an odd memory from his childhood and turned on the horsey faced woman. "Where is the dog?"

Looking like she wanted to deny him an answer at first, Petunia saw the sparks on the end of his wand and nervously said: "Dudley wanted it."

"Of course he did. Something you might find interesting, that dog was given to me by a Werewolf." Harry said with a sneer on his face while he picked up the note.

Reading the note with one eye while the other cautiously watched Vernon, he said "Well unfortunately for you, Dumbledore lied to you. He had no legal right to give you this property and I still own it according to magical law. However, if you stay out of my life until I graduate from Hogwarts, I will turn it over to you at no cost."

"At no cost, I have feed and clothed you for ten fricken years, had you in the same house as my son. You are nothing but a freak and your parents, how they had the money to..." Vernon went silent when Harry pressed his wand into his fat neck.

"Listen here, both of you." He said taking in the twosome. "Stay out of way for the next thirty days, keep that fat slob of a son of yours out of my way and you won't find out how much of a freak I am. If you don't keep your side of the deal, well I am sure you get the picture."

With that, Harry looked at the two of them and said: "Oh, and I would let Dudley know that the lawn needs cut, it is getting a bit tall."

The Dursleys both began to speak then went silent when Harry made all of Dudley's junk in that room disappear then the bed transfigure into something a bit more comfortable.

Seeing them still standing there, watching with horrified expressions on their faces, he said "I expect Dudley to cut the lawn at least once every single week until I leave and I do believe that your car needs washed Vernon. Plus I am sure that I saw a streak on the window when I came into the house tonight, be sure to have him clean out the gutters as well."

His jaw clenched tight, Vernon was heading towards the door when Petunia seemed to be waiting for something. "Was there something you needed?"

Looking out the window, not seeing any owls except the one in the cage, she said "How are you not in trouble with that freak school of yours, Lily got in trouble for accidentally doing a spell and I thought..."

Harry looked at his aunt and with a cool expression on his face said "It's simple, unlike my mom, I am half-blood, not a muggle-born witch. Oddly enough, this makes this a magical household since I own it, Aunt Petunia. Those wards that Dumbledore put around the house, they keep that school from knowing."

Petunia looked like she had eaten a rotten lemon whole as she followed her husband from the room. Meanwhile, Harry had laid down on the bed as he looked at his wand. He had once asked about how the Weasley household stayed out of trouble regarding accidental magic and Bill had told him it was because of the wards.

He had long known about the wards around Privet Drive. Yes, there had been a tracking signal on his wand then but how had the Ministry known about Dobby's magic if these wards that Dumbledore had put around it had been as good as he claimed?

Drifting off to sleep after securing the door to his room, Harry missed the sound of the argument between his so-called family when Dudley was informed of the changes when he got home.

He also missed the whining complaints of Vernon Dursley when the news mentioned that there had been a wild and unplanned fireworks demonstration over the skies of England that evening.

However it hadn't been missed by the man in the Death Guidance Office, he was grinning excitedly as his thickheaded charge for once got the first part of his introduction to magic.

Oh, there had been mistakes but Potter wasn't exactly noted for subtlety and his threats against the Dursleys while entertaining did have the ability to expose that he knew more than he should but Putin couldn't help thinking that at least there was a good chance he would make it to the Hogwarts Express without any more visits to the waiting room.

To Be Continued

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